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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  78-75   .510
Result:   5th in National League
Manager(s):  Eddie Dyer
General Manager:  
Stadium:  Sportsman's Park
Attendance:  1,093,411
Playoffs:  -

St. Louis Cardinals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Al Brazle (36)
Youngest Player:  Tom Poholsky (20)
Longest Tenure:  Marty Marion, Max Lanier (11)
Top Hitter:  Stan Musial (2)
Top Pitcher:  Howie Pollet (12)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  90.26%
National League Standings
NY Giants8668.5585.0
St. Louis7875.51012.5
Chi Cubs6489.41826.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-04-18vs PIT1W  4-2-20,871 Gerry StaleyBob ChesnesGerry StaleyBob Chesnes 422
1950-04-19vs PIT2L  3-4-5,648 Red MungerCliff ChambersCliff ChambersRed Munger 761
1950-04-20vs PIT3L  4-8-4,235 Howie PolletMurry DicksonMurry DicksonHowie Pollet 1114-3
1950-04-21@ CHN4L  0-2-22,137Harry BrecheenBob RushBob RushHarry Brecheen 1116-5
1950-04-22@ CHN5L  6-7-24,122Gerry StaleyBill VoiselleMonk DubielHowie Pollet 1723-6
1950-04-24@ CIN6W  1-0-10,540Max LanierKen RaffensbergerMax LanierKen Raffensberger 1823-5
1950-04-26@ CIN7W  3-2-2,797Howie PolletKent PetersonHowie PolletKent Peterson 2125-4
1950-04-27@ PIT8W  5-2-34,995Red MungerMurry DicksonRed MungerMurry Dickson 2627-1
1950-04-28@ PIT9L  3-4-10,102Gerry StaleyBill WerleBill WerleGerry StaleyWoody Main2931-2
1950-04-30vs CHN10W  1-0-9,645 Harry BrecheenJohnny SchmitzHarry BrecheenJohnny Schmitz 3031-1
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-05-01vs BRO11W  3-2-11,534 Max LanierJoe HattenCloyd BoyerJoe Hatten 33330
1950-05-02vs BRO12L  3-10-20,491 Howie PolletPreacher RoePreacher RoeHowie Pollet 3643-7
1950-05-03vs BRO13W  6-5-16,041 Red MungerBud PodbielanAl BrazleWillie Ramsdell 4248-6
1950-05-04vs PHI14L  6-9-9,871 Gerry StaleyCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsGerry StaleyJim Konstanty4857-9
1950-05-05vs PHI15W  3-2-12,302 Harry BrecheenRobin RobertsHarry BrecheenRobin Roberts 5159-8
1950-05-06vs PHI16L  7-11-9,730 Max LanierBob MillerBob MillerMax LanierJim Konstanty5870-12
1950-05-07vs BSN17W  15-0-22,676 Howie PolletJohnny SainHowie PolletJohnny Sain 73703
1950-05-08vs BSN18W  10-3-8,809 Gerry StaleyVern BickfordGerry StaleyVern Bickford 837310
1950-05-10vs NY119W  5-1-8,850 Max LanierMonty KennedyMax LanierMonty Kennedy 887414
1950-05-12vs CIN20L  1-3-11,873 Harry BrecheenEwell BlackwellEwell BlackwellHarry Brecheen 897712
1950-05-13vs CIN21W  6-3-14,019 Howie PolletHerm WehmeierHowie PolletKent Peterson 958015
1950-05-14vs CIN22W  8-7-9,852 Red MungerKen RaffensbergerRed MungerKen RaffensbergerAl Brazle1038716
1950-05-16@ BRO23L  1-3-10,516Gerry StaleyPreacher RoePreacher RoeGerry Staley 1049014
1950-05-17@ BRO24L  2-6-22,922Max LanierDon NewcombeDon NewcombeMax Lanier 1069610
1950-05-18@ BRO25L  8-9-7,510Howie PolletJoe HattenRalph BrancaAl Brazle 1141059
1950-05-20@ BSN26W  7-4-9,576Harry BrecheenWarren SpahnFred MartinWarren SpahnCloyd Boyer12110912
1950-05-21@ PHI27W  6-5-0Al BrazleRobin RobertsGerry StaleyRobin RobertsHowie Pollet12711413
1950-05-21@ PHI28L  2-4-32,986Red MungerKen HeintzelmanCurt SimmonsCloyd Boyer 12911811
1950-05-24@ NY129W  2-0-2,990Max LanierMonty KennedyCloyd BoyerMonty Kennedy 13111813
1950-05-25@ NY130W  7-5-4,949Howie PolletDave KosloAl BrazleKirby Higbe 13812315
1950-05-26@ CIN31L  4-9-10,387Red MungerKen RaffensbergerKen RaffensbergerJim Hearn 14213210
1950-05-27@ CIN32W  9-1-4,876Harry BrecheenHerm WehmeierHarry BrecheenHerm Wehmeier 15113318
1950-05-28@ CIN33W  6-2-0Al BrazleWillie RamsdellAl BrazleWillie RamsdellHowie Pollet15713522
1950-05-28@ CIN34W  7-2-14,008Max LanierEwell BlackwellMax LanierEwell Blackwell 16413727
1950-05-30@ PIT35W  17-13-0Cloyd BoyerBill MacdonaldGerry StaleyBill WerleAl Brazle18115031
1950-05-30@ PIT36W  8-5-33,182Red MungerCliff ChambersGerry StaleyMurry Dickson 18915534
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-06-01vs BRO37W  5-2-32,180 Howie PolletPreacher RoeHowie PolletPreacher Roe 19415737
1950-06-02vs BRO38L  1-8-30,548 Harry BrecheenDon NewcombeDon NewcombeHarry Brecheen 19516530
1950-06-04vs PHI39W  6-2-30,956 Max LanierKen HeintzelmanMax LanierKen Heintzelman 20116734
1950-06-05vs PHI40L  5-6-15,604 Red MungerRobin RobertsRobin RobertsRed Munger 20617333
1950-06-06vs PHI41W  5-4-16,328 Howie PolletCurt SimmonsHowie PolletCurt Simmons 21117734
1950-06-07vs BSN42L  2-10-13,413 Gerry StaleyWarren SpahnWarren SpahnGerry Staley 21318726
1950-06-08vs BSN43W  18-6-11,417 Harry BrecheenJohnny SainFred MartinJohnny Sain 23119338
1950-06-09vs BSN44W  8-5-11,582 Max LanierBob HallMax LanierBob HallGerry Staley23919841
1950-06-10vs NY145W  6-2-10,601 Red MungerClint HartungRed MungerClint Hartung 24520045
1950-06-11vs NY146W  6-1-0 Howie PolletDave KosloHowie PolletDave Koslo 25120150
1950-06-11vs NY147W  5-2-33,853 Al BrazleJack KramerAl BrazleJack KramerGerry Staley25620353
1950-06-13@ PHI48W  6-3-28,587Harry BrecheenCurt SimmonsHarry BrecheenCurt Simmons 26220656
1950-06-14@ PHI49W  4-2-15,563Max LanierKen HeintzelmanMax LanierKen Heintzelman 26620858
1950-06-16@ BRO50L  3-7-30,143Red MungerPreacher RoePreacher RoeRed Munger 26921554
1950-06-17@ BRO51L  2-10-24,591Howie PolletDon NewcombeDon NewcombeHowie Pollet 27122546
1950-06-18@ BRO52L  0-9-33,639Gerry StaleyDan BankheadDan BankheadGerry Staley 27123437
1950-06-20@ NY153L  2-3-27,479Harry BrecheenSheldon JonesSheldon JonesHarry Brecheen 27323736
1950-06-21@ NY154W  14-6-8,715Max LanierKirby HigbeGerry StaleyKirby Higbe 28724344
1950-06-22@ NY155L  0-3-0Howie PolletLarry JansenLarry JansenHowie Pollet 28724641
1950-06-22@ NY156L  0-5-25,883Al BrazleDave KosloDave KosloAl Brazle 28725136
1950-06-23@ BSN57L  3-4-30,720Red MungerWarren SpahnWarren SpahnRed Munger 29025535
1950-06-24@ BSN58W  7-6-20,826Gerry StaleyJohnny SainAl BrazleBob Chipman 29726136
1950-06-25@ BSN59L  0-4-17,434Fred MartinVern BickfordVern BickfordFred Martin 29726532
1950-06-27@ CHN60W  3-2-0Howie PolletJohnny Vander MeerHowie PolletJohnny Vander Meer 30026733
1950-06-27@ CHN61W  4-1-38,832Max LanierPaul MinnerMax LanierPaul Minner 30426836
1950-06-28@ CHN62L  3-15-12,109Red MungerDoyle LadeDoyle LadeRed Munger 30728324
1950-06-29@ CHN63L  1-6-13,931Al BrazleBob RushBob RushAl Brazle 30828919
1950-06-30vs PIT64W  9-4-12,631 Gerry StaleyCliff ChambersGerry StaleyCliff Chambers 31729324
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-07-01vs PIT65W  5-4-15,795 Howie PolletMel QueenHowie PolletMel QueenAl Brazle32229725
1950-07-02vs PIT66W  2-1-25,630 Red MungerBill WerleRed MungerBill WerleAl Brazle32429826
1950-07-04vs CHN67W  4-1-0 Max LanierJohnny SchmitzMax LanierJohnny Schmitz 32829929
1950-07-04vs CHN68W  4-3-31,445 Harry BrecheenBob RushHarry BrecheenBob Rush 33230230
1950-07-05vs CIN69W  5-3-13,667 Howie PolletKen RaffensbergerHowie PolletKen Raffensberger 33730532
1950-07-06vs CIN70W  13-1-14,729 Al BrazleEwell BlackwellAl BrazleEwell Blackwell 35030644
1950-07-07@ PIT71L  1-9-28,468Gerry StaleyVern LawVern LawGerry Staley 35131536
1950-07-08@ PIT72L  6-7-15,224Red MungerCliff ChambersMurry DicksonHarry Brecheen 35732235
1950-07-09@ PIT73L  2-3-21,431Max LanierMel QueenMel QueenMax LanierBill Werle35932534
1950-07-13vs PHI74L  2-3-24,471 Howie PolletCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsHowie Pollet 36132833
1950-07-14vs PHI75W  4-2-25,529 Harry BrecheenRobin RobertsGerry StaleyRobin Roberts 36533035
1950-07-15vs PHI76W  8-6-20,219 Max LanierKen HeintzelmanFred MartinJim KonstantyAl Brazle37333637
1950-07-16vs BRO77L  2-10-30,966 Red MungerChris Van CuykChris Van CuykRed Munger 37534629
1950-07-17vs BRO78L  3-6-19,341 Gerry StaleyDan BankheadDan BankheadGerry StaleyJoe Landrum37835226
1950-07-17vs BRO79L  1-7-28,799 Howie PolletPreacher RoePreacher RoeHowie Pollet 37935920
1950-07-18vs BRO80W  5-3-26,101 Al BrazleErv PalicaAl BrazleErv Palica 38436222
1950-07-19vs NY181W  18-4-6,690 Max LanierLarry JansenMax LanierLarry JansenErv Dusak40236636
1950-07-19vs NY182W  10-3-13,602 Harry BrecheenSheldon JonesHarry BrecheenSheldon Jones 41236943
1950-07-20vs NY183L  3-13-9,190 Red MungerDave KosloDave KosloRed Munger 41538233
1950-07-21vs NY184L  4-5-11,770 Cloyd BoyerSal MaglieSal MaglieCloyd Boyer 41938732
1950-07-22vs BSN85L  5-8-9,510 Gerry StaleyVern BickfordVern BickfordGerry StaleyBobby Hogue42439529
1950-07-22vs BSN86W  11-7-21,756 Howie PolletWarren SpahnHowie PolletWarren SpahnGerry Staley43540233
1950-07-23vs BSN87W  8-4-23,100 Al BrazleBob ChipmanAl BrazleBob ChipmanHarry Brecheen44340637
1950-07-25@ BRO88W  9-5-31,013Max LanierPreacher RoeGerry StaleyPreacher Roe 45241141
1950-07-26@ BRO89L  5-7-21,094Harry BrecheenDon NewcombeDon NewcombeHarry BrecheenRalph Branca45741839
1950-07-27@ BRO90W  13-3-16,607Cloyd BoyerChris Van CuykCloyd BoyerChris Van Cuyk 47042149
1950-07-28@ NY191L  3-8-12,927Al BrazleLarry JansenLarry JansenAl Brazle 47342944
1950-07-29@ NY192L  3-4-13,511Howie PolletJim HearnDave KosloHowie Pollet 47643343
1950-07-30@ NY193W  6-3-35,073Gerry StaleySheldon JonesGerry StaleySheldon Jones 48243646
1950-07-31@ BSN94L  3-4-16,104Max LanierWarren SpahnWarren SpahnMax Lanier 48544045
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-08-01@ BSN95W  6-1-14,522Cloyd BoyerBob ChipmanCloyd BoyerBob Chipman 49144150
1950-08-02@ BSN96L  3-4-21,365Harry BrecheenJohnny SainJohnny SainHarry Brecheen 49444549
1950-08-03@ BSN97L  1-5-19,325Al BrazleVern BickfordVern BickfordAl Brazle 49545045
1950-08-04@ PHI98L  2-4-27,691Howie PolletRobin RobertsRobin RobertsHowie Pollet 49745443
1950-08-05@ PHI99L  1-2-21,869Gerry StaleyRuss MeyerRuss MeyerGerry StaleyJim Konstanty49845642
1950-08-06@ PHI100W  7-1-0Cloyd BoyerBob MillerCloyd BoyerBob Miller 50545748
1950-08-06@ PHI101W  2-0-31,914Max LanierBubba ChurchMax LanierBubba Church 50745750
1950-08-07@ PHI102L  0-9-25,251Harry BrecheenKen JohnsonKen JohnsonHarry Brecheen 50746641
1950-08-08@ PIT103W  6-4-18,243Howie PolletCliff ChambersFred MartinCliff Chambers 51347043
1950-08-11@ CIN104L  2-5-12,654Cloyd BoyerEwell BlackwellEwell BlackwellCloyd Boyer 51547540
1950-08-12@ CIN105W  3-1-14,293Max LanierHerm WehmeierMax LanierHerm Wehmeier 51847642
1950-08-13@ CIN106L  2-3-13,824Al BrazleKen RaffensbergerKen RaffensbergerAl Brazle 52047941
1950-08-14@ CHN107L  6-7-14,646Harry BrecheenDoyle LadeJohnny Vander MeerHarry Brecheen 52648640
1950-08-15@ CHN108L  2-3-17,601Howie PolletPaul MinnerPaul MinnerHowie PolletDutch Leonard52848939
1950-08-16vs PIT109L  3-5-12,134 Cloyd BoyerVern LawVern LawCloyd BoyerMurry Dickson53149437
1950-08-18vs CIN110W  2-1-8,640 Max LanierWillie RamsdellHowie PolletWillie Ramsdell 53349538
1950-08-19vs CIN111W  3-2-11,248 Al BrazleEwell BlackwellAl BrazleEwell Blackwell 53649739
1950-08-20vs CIN112W  3-2-17,524 Howie PolletHerm WehmeierHowie PolletHerm Wehmeier 53949940
1950-08-21vs BSN113W  9-2-13,104 Harry BrecheenJohnny SainHarry BrecheenJohnny Sain 54850147
1950-08-22vs BSN114L  1-5-14,215 Cloyd BoyerVern BickfordVern BickfordCloyd Boyer 54950643
1950-08-23vs BSN115L  1-2-12,789 Gerry StaleyWarren SpahnWarren SpahnGerry Staley 55050842
1950-08-24vs NY1116L  2-3-12,812 Max LanierDave KosloDave KosloMax LanierSal Maglie55251141
1950-08-25vs NY1117W  7-4-13,335 Howie PolletLarry JansenAl BrazleLarry Jansen 55951544
1950-08-26vs NY1118L  0-3-15,598 Harry BrecheenSal MaglieSal MaglieHarry Brecheen 55951841
1950-08-27vs BRO119W  13-3-31,550 Cloyd BoyerCarl ErskineCloyd BoyerCarl Erskine 57252151
1950-08-28vs BRO120W  3-1-21,383 Gerry StaleyPreacher RoeGerry StaleyPreacher Roe 57552253
1950-08-29vs PHI121L  3-5-27,058 Howie PolletRobin RobertsRobin RobertsHowie PolletJim Konstanty57852751
1950-08-30vs PHI122L  8-9-17,232 Max LanierKen JohnsonJim KonstantyGerry StaleyCurt Simmons58653650
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-09-01@ PIT123L  4-10-12,589Cloyd BoyerBill WerleBill WerleCloyd Boyer 59054644
1950-09-02@ PIT124L  0-6-5,638Gerry StaleyVern LawVern LawGerry Staley 59055238
1950-09-03@ PIT125L  11-12-12,736Red MungerMurry DicksonBill WerleHarry Brecheen 60156437
1950-09-04@ CIN126L  4-5-0Max LanierWillie RamsdellWillie RamsdellMax Lanier 60556936
1950-09-04@ CIN127L  4-8-12,468Howie PolletHowie FoxHowie FoxHowie Pollet 60957732
1950-09-05vs CHN128W  4-2-5,503 Gerry StaleyJohnny SchmitzGerry StaleyJohnny Schmitz 61357934
1950-09-06vs CHN129W  5-4-2,464 Erv DusakPaul MinnerRed MungerPaul Minner 61858335
1950-09-06vs CHN130W  7-3-6,075 Harry BrecheenFrank HillerAl PapaiFrank Hiller 62558639
1950-09-07vs CHN131L  2-4-5,840 Cloyd BoyerBob RushBob RushCloyd Boyer 62759037
1950-09-09vs PIT132L  4-5-13,527 Howie PolletMurry DicksonMurry DicksonHowie Pollet 63159536
1950-09-10vs PIT133L  2-6-12,436 Erv DusakBill MacdonaldBill MacdonaldErv Dusak 63360132
1950-09-10vs PIT134W  6-5-0 Red MungerCliff ChambersTed WilksFrank Barrett 63960633
1950-09-12@ PHI135L  0-1-20,864Max LanierRobin RobertsRobin RobertsMax Lanier 63960732
1950-09-14@ PHI136L  2-3-17,142Harry BrecheenRuss MeyerJim KonstantyAl Brazle 64161031
1950-09-15@ BRO137W  6-2-6,329Cloyd BoyerDon NewcombeRed MungerDon Newcombe 64761235
1950-09-16@ BRO138W  4-3-12,486Gerry StaleyCarl ErskineTed WilksCarl ErskineAl Brazle65161536
1950-09-17@ NY1139L  6-7-21,892Howie PolletSal MaglieMonty KennedyAl Brazle 65762235
1950-09-18@ NY1140L  0-13-5,022Max LanierLarry JansenLarry JansenMax Lanier 65763522
1950-09-19@ BSN141L  7-8-7,233Harry BrecheenJohnny SainMax SurkontAl Brazle 66464321
1950-09-20@ BSN142W  1-0-5,199Cloyd BoyerVern BickfordCloyd BoyerVern Bickford 66564322
1950-09-21@ BSN143L  0-5-2,825Gerry StaleyWarren SpahnWarren SpahnGerry Staley 66564817
1950-09-23@ CHN144L  0-2-0Red MungerPaul MinnerPaul MinnerRed Munger 66565015
1950-09-23@ CHN145W  2-1-22,030Howie PolletBob RushHowie PolletBob Rush 66765116
1950-09-24@ CHN146L  3-8-16,595Fred MartinFrank HillerFrank HillerFred Martin 67065911
1950-09-26vs CIN147L  2-7-2,531 Max LanierHowie FoxHowie FoxMax Lanier 6726666
1950-09-27vs CIN148W  1-0-2,094 Harry BrecheenWillie RamsdellHarry BrecheenWillie Ramsdell 6736667
1950-09-28vs CIN149W  7-0-2,749 Howie PolletKen RaffensbergerHowie PolletKen Raffensberger 68066614
1950-09-29vs CHN150W  5-1-4,666 Cloyd BoyerPaul MinnerAl BrazlePaul Minner 68566718
1950-09-30vs CHN151W  2-0-0 Gerry StaleyJohnny SchmitzGerry StaleyJohnny Schmitz 68766720
1950-09-30vs CHN152W  4-0-10,194 Red MungerBob RushRed MungerBob Rush 69166724
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-10-01vs CHN153L  2-3-10,790 Tom PoholskyFrank HillerDutch LeonardErv DusakWarren Hacker69367023

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