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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  95-59   .617
Result:   2nd in American League
Manager(s):  Red Rolfe
General Manager:   Billy Evans
Stadium:  Briggs Stadium
Attendance:  1,951,474
Playoffs:  -

Detroit Tigers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bob Swift (35)
Youngest Player:  Frank House (20)
Longest Tenure:  Hal Newhouser, Dizzy Trout (12)
Top Hitter:  George Kell (1)
Top Pitcher:  Art Houtteman (2)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  86.99%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9856.636--
Chi White Sox6094.39038.0
St. Louis5896.37740.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-04-18@ CLE1W  7-6-65,744Fred HutchinsonBob LemonArt HouttemanJesse FloresPaul Calvert761
1950-04-20@ CLE2W  5-4-4,964Ted GrayEarly WynnTed GrayEarly Wynn 12102
1950-04-21vs CHA3W  4-1-44,642 Virgil TrucksMickey HaefnerVirgil TrucksMickey Haefner 16115
1950-04-22vs CHA4W  5-0-15,548 Art HouttemanBill WightArt HouttemanBill Wight 211110
1950-04-23vs CHA5L  4-5-29,289 Fred HutchinsonBob KuzavaBilly PierceFred Hutchinson 25169
1950-04-25@ SLA6W  5-2-2,458Virgil TrucksDick StarrVirgil TrucksDick StarrArt Houtteman301812
1950-04-26@ SLA7W  8-6-1,802Saul RogovinCliff FanninPaul CalvertEd Albrecht 382414
1950-04-28vs CLE8L  1-6-15,155 Ted GrayBob FellerBob FellerTed Gray 39309
1950-04-30@ CHA9L  0-5-0Art HouttemanBill WightBill WightArt Houtteman 39354
1950-04-30@ CHA10L  7-7-8,175Virgil TrucksMickey Haefner 46424
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-05-04@ PHA11W  8-5-1,901Art HouttemanLou BrissieArt HouttemanLou Brissie 54477
1950-05-05@ WS112W  9-6-16,338Virgil TrucksSteve NagyDizzy TroutSteve NagyPaul Calvert635310
1950-05-06@ WS113W  8-6-8,362Fred HutchinsonRay ScarboroughFred HutchinsonRay ScarboroughDizzy Trout715912
1950-05-07@ NYA14L  3-6-54,027Ted GrayTommy ByrneTommy ByrnePaul Calvert 74659
1950-05-08@ NYA15W  7-1-15,969Art HouttemanVic RaschiArt HouttemanVic Raschi 816615
1950-05-09@ BOS16L  1-6-15,291Virgil TrucksMel ParnellMel ParnellVirgil Trucks 827210
1950-05-11@ BOS17W  13-4-0Fred HutchinsonJoe DobsonFred HutchinsonJoe Dobson 957619
1950-05-11@ BOS18W  5-3-27,758Ted GrayEllis KinderTed GrayEllis KinderArt Houtteman1007921
1950-05-13vs SLA19W  1-0-16,002 Virgil TrucksNed GarverVirgil TrucksNed Garver 1017922
1950-05-14vs SLA20L  3-7-30,794 Hal NewhouserCliff FanninCliff FanninHal NewhouserTom Ferrick1048618
1950-05-16vs BOS21L  1-6-20,369 Art HouttemanJoe DobsonJoe DobsonArt Houtteman 1059213
1950-05-17vs BOS22W  6-3-11,963 Ted GrayEllis KinderTed GrayEllis Kinder 1119516
1950-05-18vs BOS23L  12-13-16,110 Fred HutchinsonMickey McDermottAl PapaiFred HutchinsonJoe Dobson12310815
1950-05-19vs PHA24W  14-8-3,855 Virgil TrucksHank WyseFred HutchinsonHank Wyse 13711621
1950-05-20vs PHA25W  5-3-20,296 Art HouttemanBobby ShantzArt HouttemanBobby Shantz 14211923
1950-05-21vs WS126L  2-6-33,320 Ted GrayConnie MarreroConnie MarreroTed Gray 14412519
1950-05-22vs WS127W  5-1-5,132 Hal NewhouserRay ScarboroughHal NewhouserRay Scarborough 14912623
1950-05-23vs WS128L  2-8-4,521 Fred HutchinsonSid HudsonSid HudsonFred Hutchinson 15113417
1950-05-25vs NYA29L  4-6-20,531 Art HouttemanTommy ByrneTommy ByrneArt HouttemanJoe Page15514015
1950-05-26@ SLA30W  11-2-3,854Hal NewhouserCliff FanninHal NewhouserCliff Fannin 16614224
1950-05-27@ SLA31W  8-6-1,305Ted GrayJoe OstrowskiTed GrayJoe OstrowskiArt Houtteman17414826
1950-05-28@ SLA32W  6-2-0Fred HutchinsonAl WidmarFred HutchinsonAl Widmar 18015030
1950-05-28@ SLA33W  2-1-6,059Dizzy TroutFritz DorishDizzy TroutFritz Dorish 18215131
1950-05-30vs CLE34L  0-4-0 Art HouttemanBob LemonBob LemonArt Houtteman 18215527
1950-05-30vs CLE35W  5-2-55,537 Hal NewhouserGene BeardenHal NewhouserGene Bearden 18715730
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-06-02@ PHA36W  8-2-0Ted GrayLou BrissieTed GrayLou Brissie 19515936
1950-06-02@ PHA37W  16-5-17,449Fred HutchinsonAlex KellnerFred HutchinsonAlex Kellner 21116447
1950-06-03@ PHA38W  6-1-2,714Hal NewhouserBobby ShantzHal NewhouserBobby Shantz 21716552
1950-06-04@ WS139W  3-0-8,451Art HouttemanBob KuzavaArt HouttemanBob Kuzava 22016555
1950-06-05@ WS140W  7-4-12,530Dizzy TroutSteve NagyDizzy TroutSteve Nagy 22716958
1950-06-06@ WS141W  11-8-3,679Fred HutchinsonJoe HaynesFred HutchinsonJoe HaynesPaul Calvert23817761
1950-06-07@ NYA42L  4-5-29,534Hal NewhouserVic RaschiVic RaschiHal Newhouser 24218260
1950-06-08@ NYA43L  4-11-62,264Art HouttemanTommy ByrneTommy ByrneArt Houtteman 24619353
1950-06-09@ NYA44W  13-7-1,857Ted GrayEddie LopatPaul CalvertEddie Lopat 25920059
1950-06-10@ BOS45W  18-8-25,851Dizzy TroutEllis KinderDizzy TroutEllis KinderArt Houtteman27720869
1950-06-11@ BOS46W  6-2-0Hal NewhouserJoe DobsonHal NewhouserJoe Dobson 28321073
1950-06-11@ BOS47W  9-6-34,906Fred HutchinsonMel ParnellTed GrayMel Parnell 29221676
1950-06-13vs PHA48W  6-5-31,894 Art HouttemanBob HooperArt HouttemanHank Wyse 29822177
1950-06-14vs PHA49L  2-8-9,190 Dizzy TroutLou BrissieLou BrissieDizzy Trout 30022971
1950-06-15vs PHA50W  7-3-8,105 Fred HutchinsonBobby ShantzFred HutchinsonBobby Shantz 30723275
1950-06-16vs BOS51W  4-1-54,086 Hal NewhouserJoe DobsonHal NewhouserJoe Dobson 31123378
1950-06-17vs BOS52W  2-1-29,124 Ted GrayMel ParnellTed GrayMel Parnell 31323479
1950-06-18vs BOS53W  10-2-36,714 Art HouttemanChuck StobbsArt HouttemanChuck Stobbs 32323687
1950-06-20vs WS154L  2-4-32,400 Fred HutchinsonConnie MarreroConnie MarreroFred Hutchinson 32524085
1950-06-21vs WS155L  4-12-9,477 Hal NewhouserSandy ConsuegraSandy ConsuegraHal Newhouser 32925277
1950-06-22vs WS156L  2-5-9,310 Dizzy TroutBob KuzavaBob KuzavaDizzy Trout 33125774
1950-06-23vs NYA57W  10-9-51,400 Ted GrayTommy ByrneFred HutchinsonJoe Page 34126675
1950-06-24vs NYA58W  4-1-32,665 Art HouttemanAllie ReynoldsArt HouttemanAllie Reynolds 34526778
1950-06-25vs NYA59L  2-8-0 Hal NewhouserEddie LopatEddie LopatHal Newhouser 34727572
1950-06-25vs NYA60W  6-3-55,628 Fred HutchinsonVic RaschiTed GrayVic Raschi 35327875
1950-06-26vs CHA61W  6-4-7,458 Hal WhiteBilly PierceHal WhiteBilly PierceDizzy Trout35928277
1950-06-27vs CHA62W  9-3-40,383 Ted GrayRay ScarboroughTed GrayRay Scarborough 36828583
1950-06-28vs CHA63W  6-2-9,684 Art HouttemanKen HolcombeArt HouttemanKen Holcombe 37428787
1950-06-29vs CHA64L  3-7-7,717 Fred HutchinsonBob CainBob CainFred Hutchinson 37729483
1950-06-30@ CLE65L  3-11-50,882Hal NewhouserMike GarciaMike GarciaHal Newhouser 38030575
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-07-01@ CLE66L  4-7-28,056Hal WhiteEarly WynnEarly WynnHal WhiteAl Benton38431272
1950-07-02@ CLE67W  8-5-0Art HouttemanBob LemonHal NewhouserDick Weik 39231775
1950-07-02@ CLE68L  3-5-78,187Ted GrayBob FellerBob FellerTed GrayAl Benton39532273
1950-07-03@ CHA69W  8-4-12,710Fred HutchinsonKen HolcombeFred HutchinsonKen HolcombeDizzy Trout40332677
1950-07-04@ CHA70L  1-4-0Hal WhiteBill WightBill WightHal White 40433074
1950-07-04@ CHA71W  10-9-35,998Hal NewhouserBob CainSaul RogovinBob Cain 41433975
1950-07-05vs SLA72W  6-1-30,450 Art HouttemanNed GarverArt HouttemanNed Garver 42034080
1950-07-07vs CLE73W  5-2-55,145 Ted GrayBob FellerTed GrayBob Feller 42534283
1950-07-08vs CLE74W  5-4-33,239 Hal NewhouserSteve GromekHal NewhouserSteve GromekDizzy Trout43034684
1950-07-09vs CLE75L  2-6-0 Art HouttemanBob LemonBob LemonArt Houtteman 43235280
1950-07-09vs CLE76L  2-5-54,299 Saul RogovinMike GarciaEarly WynnSaul Rogovin 43435777
1950-07-13@ WS177W  5-2-11,783Hal NewhouserSandy ConsuegraHal NewhouserSandy Consuegra 43935980
1950-07-14@ WS178W  2-0-13,394Fred HutchinsonConnie MarreroFred HutchinsonConnie Marrero 44135982
1950-07-16@ PHA79L  2-5-0Art HouttemanAlex KellnerAlex KellnerArt Houtteman 44336479
1950-07-16@ PHA80W  7-6-7,047Ted GrayBob HooperHal WhiteBob Hooper 45037080
1950-07-17@ PHA81W  8-6-0Hal NewhouserLou BrissieHal NewhouserCarl ScheibPaul Calvert45837682
1950-07-17@ PHA82W  3-1-8,145Saul RogovinHank WyseSaul RogovinHank Wyse 46137784
1950-07-18@ BOS83L  9-12-31,802Fred HutchinsonEllis KinderEllis KinderFred HutchinsonJoe Dobson47038981
1950-07-19@ BOS84W  9-5-20,778Dizzy TroutWillard NixonDizzy TroutWillard NixonHal White47939485
1950-07-20@ BOS85L  5-6-9,584Art HouttemanWalt MastersonEllis KinderArt Houtteman 48440084
1950-07-21@ NYA86L  5-14-62,823Ted GrayVic RaschiTom FerrickTed GrayJoe Page48941475
1950-07-22@ NYA87L  4-10-42,685Hal NewhouserTommy ByrneTommy ByrneHal Newhouser 49342469
1950-07-23@ NYA88W  6-5-59,760Saul RogovinEddie LopatArt HouttemanAllie Reynolds 49942970
1950-07-25vs BOS89L  6-7-54,194 Ted GrayWillard NixonChuck StobbsHal WhiteMickey McDermott50543669
1950-07-26vs BOS90L  0-1-21,792 Art HouttemanMel ParnellMel ParnellArt Houtteman 50543768
1950-07-27vs BOS91W  5-1-16,059 Dizzy TroutEllis KinderDizzy TroutEllis Kinder 51043872
1950-07-28vs PHA92L  6-7-37,324 Hal NewhouserHank WyseBob HooperHal White 51644571
1950-07-29vs PHA93W  8-5-12,836 Ted GrayBobby ShantzMarlin StuartHank Wyse 52445074
1950-07-30vs PHA94W  12-10-23,146 Saul RogovinBob HooperFred HutchinsonAlex KellnerHal Newhouser53646076
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-08-01vs NYA95W  7-3-54,087 Dizzy TroutTommy ByrneDizzy TroutTommy Byrne 54346380
1950-08-02vs NYA96W  4-0-39,632 Hal WhiteAllie ReynoldsHal WhiteAllie Reynolds 54746384
1950-08-03vs NYA97W  5-2-31,713 Art HouttemanEddie LopatArt HouttemanEddie Lopat 55246587
1950-08-04vs WS198L  2-5-41,659 Ted GrayBob KuzavaBob KuzavaTed Gray 55447084
1950-08-05vs WS199W  9-8-16,143 Fred HutchinsonSandy ConsuegraFred HutchinsonSandy ConsuegraHal Newhouser56347885
1950-08-06vs WS1100W  4-0-31,414 Dizzy TroutGene BeardenDizzy TroutGene Bearden 56747889
1950-08-08@ CHA101L  6-9-21,065Hal WhiteBill WightLuis AlomaPaul Calvert 57348786
1950-08-09@ CHA102W  5-3-6,486Fred HutchinsonRay ScarboroughFred HutchinsonRay Scarborough 57849088
1950-08-10@ CHA103W  10-6-0Art HouttemanKen HolcombeArt HouttemanKen HolcombeMarlin Stuart58849692
1950-08-10@ CHA104L  1-1-11,684Hal NewhouserRandy Gumpert 58949792
1950-08-11@ SLA105W  4-3-0Dizzy TroutNed GarverDizzy TroutNed Garver 59350093
1950-08-11@ SLA106L  1-2-9,562Hank BorowyDon JohnsonDon JohnsonHank Borowy 59450292
1950-08-14@ CLE107L  2-3-60,120Hal NewhouserEarly WynnEarly WynnHal Newhouser 59650591
1950-08-15@ CLE108W  4-1-40,299Art HouttemanBob LemonArt HouttemanBob LemonMarlin Stuart60050694
1950-08-16vs CHA109W  6-2-50,262 Dizzy TroutBilly PierceDizzy TroutBilly Pierce 60650898
1950-08-17vs CHA110W  8-3-13,967 Hal WhiteRandy GumpertHal WhiteRandy Gumpert 614511103
1950-08-19vs SLA111W  6-0-17,704 Art HouttemanNed GarverArt HouttemanNed Garver 620511109
1950-08-20vs SLA112W  5-4-0 Fred HutchinsonDuane PilletteMarlin StuartCuddles Marshall 625515110
1950-08-20vs SLA113L  2-6-44,920 Hal NewhouserStubby OvermireStubby OvermireHal Newhouser 627521106
1950-08-21vs SLA114W  7-1-13,190 Dizzy TroutAl WidmarDizzy TroutAl Widmar 634522112
1950-08-22@ NYA115L  6-13-39,602Hal WhiteAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsHal White 640535105
1950-08-23@ NYA116L  5-7-44,196Art HouttemanVic RaschiVic RaschiArt HouttemanTom Ferrick645542103
1950-08-24@ NYA117W  6-3-38,929Hal NewhouserTommy ByrneHal NewhouserTommy Byrne 651545106
1950-08-25@ BOS118L  2-6-34,964Dizzy TroutMel ParnellMel ParnellDizzy Trout 653551102
1950-08-26@ BOS119W  8-6-29,992Hal WhiteJoe DobsonFred HutchinsonWalt MastersonHal Newhouser661557104
1950-08-27@ PHA120L  3-4-0Ray HerbertHank WyseBob HooperRay Herbert 664561103
1950-08-27@ PHA121W  8-1-8,884Art HouttemanLou BrissieArt HouttemanLou Brissie 672562110
1950-08-28@ PHA122L  3-4-1,372Hal NewhouserBobby ShantzBobby ShantzHal Newhouser 675566109
1950-08-29@ WS1123L  4-5-8,731Dizzy TroutSid HudsonSid HudsonDizzy Trout 679571108
1950-08-30@ WS1124L  2-3-0Fred HutchinsonSandy ConsuegraSandy ConsuegraFred Hutchinson 681574107
1950-08-30@ WS1125W  10-8-13,429Hank BorowyBob KuzavaRay HerbertJim Pearce 691582109
1950-08-31@ WS1126L  1-2-4,305Art HouttemanGene BeardenGene BeardenArt Houtteman 692584108
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-09-02vs CHA127W  8-2-16,815 Hal NewhouserRay ScarboroughHal NewhouserRay Scarborough 700586114
1950-09-03vs CHA128W  4-2-25,589 Fred HutchinsonBill WightFred HutchinsonBill Wight 704588116
1950-09-04vs SLA129L  4-5-37,515 Dizzy TroutAl WidmarAl WidmarHal WhiteDick Starr708593115
1950-09-04vs SLA130W  4-2-0 Art HouttemanNed GarverHal WhiteNed Garver 712595117
1950-09-05vs SLA131W  7-4-30,130 Ray HerbertDuane PilletteMarlin StuartDuane Pillette 719599120
1950-09-06vs CLE132W  5-3-52,555 Hal NewhouserEarly WynnHal NewhouserEarly Wynn 724602122
1950-09-07vs CLE133W  13-13-26,617 Art HouttemanBob Feller 737615122
1950-09-08@ CHA134W  3-2-17,742Dizzy TroutBob CainDizzy TroutBob Cain 740617123
1950-09-09@ CHA135W  7-0-4,529Art HouttemanBilly PierceArt HouttemanBilly Pierce 747617130
1950-09-10@ CHA136W  1-0-0Hal NewhouserRandy GumpertHal NewhouserRandy Gumpert 748617131
1950-09-10@ CHA137L  4-5-18,946Ray HerbertRay ScarboroughRay ScarboroughRay Herbert 752622130
1950-09-12vs WS1138W  3-2-5,092 Dizzy TroutGene BeardenDizzy TroutGene Bearden 755624131
1950-09-13vs WS1139W  6-1-5,634 Fred HutchinsonBob KuzavaFred HutchinsonBob KuzavaTed Gray761625136
1950-09-14vs NYA140L  5-7-20,853 Hal NewhouserVic RaschiVic RaschiHal Newhouser 766632134
1950-09-15vs NYA141W  9-7-23,900 Art HouttemanTommy ByrneHank BorowyAllie Reynolds 775639136
1950-09-16vs NYA142L  1-8-56,548 Dizzy TroutWhitey FordWhitey FordDizzy Trout 776647129
1950-09-17vs BOS143L  2-3-53,167 Fred HutchinsonMel ParnellMel ParnellFred HutchinsonEllis Kinder778650128
1950-09-18vs BOS144L  2-3-24,485 Hal NewhouserWillard NixonWillard NixonHal NewhouserEllis Kinder780653127
1950-09-19vs PHA145W  12-4-5,322 Art HouttemanHank WyseArt HouttemanHank Wyse 792657135
1950-09-20vs PHA146W  6-5-7,571 Dizzy TroutAlex KellnerHal WhiteBob Hooper 798662136
1950-09-21vs PHA147W  8-2-5,194 Fred HutchinsonJoe ColemanFred HutchinsonJoe Coleman 806664142
1950-09-22@ CLE148L  3-4-29,909Hal NewhouserBob FellerBob FellerHal Newhouser 809668141
1950-09-23@ CLE149L  2-10-17,315Art HouttemanMike GarciaMike GarciaArt Houtteman 811678133
1950-09-24@ CLE150L  1-2-35,092Ted GrayBob LemonBob LemonTed Gray 812680132
1950-09-26vs SLA151L  1-3-0 Hal NewhouserDon JohnsonDon JohnsonHal Newhouser 813683130
1950-09-26vs SLA152W  5-3-9,464 Dizzy TroutCliff FanninHal WhiteCliff FanninRay Herbert818686132
1950-09-27vs SLA153W  5-4-3,335 Art HouttemanDick StarrHal WhiteStubby Overmire 823690133
1950-09-28vs SLA154W  4-3-3,814 Fred HutchinsonDuane PilletteHal WhiteDuane Pillette 827693134
1950-09-29vs CLE155L  2-12-9,814 Ted GrayBob LemonBob LemonTed Gray 829705124
1950-09-30vs CLE156W  3-1-24,178 Hal NewhouserMike GarciaHal NewhouserMike Garcia 832706126
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-10-01vs CLE157L  5-7-49,110 Marlin StuartMarino PierettiSteve GromekMarlin Stuart 837713124

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