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The Internet is a terrific medium to provide free information to the masses where in the past, they relied on printed materials which were either available at a cost or inconveniently located at a library. Now, we are able to access data at our whim and though it does not come at a cost to the consumer, it does come at a cost to the publisher. Costs include and are time, server costs and historical publications purchased. These days, we're used to getting most digital goods for free via download or free web sites but please remember that behind the scenes, though you may not see the work, it is there.

This is why I suggest supporting TBC and other sites that you visit frequently. It not only sends the message that you appreciate the work that has gone into the site but it motivates the people behind the scenes to continue to provide the free service. The Baseball Cube earns money through advertising and data sales but it doesn't come out to that much considering the countless hours that have gone into developing the site over the last ten years.

Please consider supporting the Cube in 1 of 2 ways.

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