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2016 Southern League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2016 Southern League Awards
    Southern League All-StarVictor Caratini C, Jake Bauers 1B, Timmy Lopes 2B, Willy Adames SS, J.T. Riddle 3B, Zack Granite OF, Tyler O'Neill OF, Daniel Palka OF, Dustin Peterson OF, Kevin Cron DH, Ryan Yarbrough LHP, Chih-Wei Hu RHP, Alejandro Chacin RP, Chesny Young UT
    Southern League Best HustlerCade Gotta
    Southern League Manager of the YearDaren Brown
    Southern League Most Valuable PlayerTyler O'Neill
    Southern League Most Outstanding PitcherRyan Yarbrough
    2016 Batting Leaders
    1Jake Bauers135
    2Trey Michalczewski134
    3Tyrone Taylor134
    4Dustin Peterson132
    5Willy Adames132
    6Timmy Lopes131
    7Austin Dean130
    8Tyler O'Neill130
    9Bengie Gonzalez129
    10Joey Demichele128
    At Bats
    1Zack Granite526
    2Dustin Peterson524
    3Timmy Lopes510
    4Bengie Gonzalez502
    5Jake Bauers493
    6Tyler O'Neill492
    7Chesny Young491
    8Trey Michalczewski487
    9Willy Adames486
    10Austin Dean480
    1Willy Adames89
    2Zack Granite86
    3Jake Bauers79
    4Bengie Gonzalez78
    5Timmy Lopes74
    6Joey Demichele73
    7Phil Ervin71
    8Tyler O'Neill68
    9Dustin Peterson65
    10Ian Miller64
    1Zack Granite155
    2Chesny Young149
    3Dustin Peterson148
    4Timmy Lopes145
    5Tyler O'Neill144
    6Bengie Gonzalez136
    7Jake Bauers135
    8Willy Adames133
    9Kean Wong123
    10Sebastian Elizalde121
    1Dustin Peterson38
    2Bengie Gonzalez33
    3Willy Adames31
    4Jake Bauers28
    5D.J. Hicks27
    6Johan Camargo26
    7Mike Marjama26
    8Tyler O'Neill26
    9Chesny Young25
    10Courtney Hawkins25
    1Adam Engel9
    2Leon Landry9
    3Zack Granite8
    4Connor Lien7
    5Ian Miller7
    6Joey Demichele7
    7Levi Michael7
    8Ozzie Albies7
    9Brett Phillips6
    10Edgar Corcino6
    Home Runs
    1Kevin Cron26
    2Tyler O'Neill24
    3Daniel Palka21
    4Brandon Dixon16
    5Brett Phillips16
    6Jake Bauers14
    7Nick Ramirez14
    8Kelly Dugan13
    9Phil Ervin13
    10Travis Denker13
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Tyler O'Neill102
    2Dustin Peterson88
    3Kevin Cron88
    4Jake Bauers78
    5Austin Dean67
    6Mitch Garver66
    7Brandon Dixon65
    8Daniel Palka65
    9Brett Phillips62
    10Eddy Alvarez62
    Stolen Bases
    1Zack Granite56
    2Ian Miller49
    3Yefri Perez39
    4Phil Ervin36
    5Adam Engel31
    6Jacob Hannemann26
    7Timmy Lopes26
    8Granden Goetzman24
    9Cade Gotta22
    10Keenyn Walker21
    Caught Stealing
    1Chesny Young14
    2Zack Granite14
    3Travis Harrison11
    4Yefri Perez11
    5Braxton Lee10
    6Kean Wong10
    7Phil Ervin10
    8Adam Engel9
    9Granden Goetzman9
    10Ozzie Albies9
    1Willy Adames74
    2Jake Bauers73
    3Brett Phillips67
    4Phil Ervin65
    5Tyler O'Neill62
    6Travis Harrison61
    7Casey Gillaspie58
    8Bengie Gonzalez57
    9Chesny Young57
    10Evan Marzilli56
    1Brett Phillips154
    2Trey Michalczewski153
    3Tyler O'Neill150
    4Jacob Nottingham138
    5Brandon Dixon137
    6Courtney Hawkins137
    7Carlos Franco134
    8Kevin Cron134
    9Eric Jagielo128
    10Travis Harrison126
    Hit by Pitch
    1Phil Ervin18
    2Levi Michael12
    3Kelly Dugan11
    4Travis Harrison11
    5Eric Jagielo9
    6Guillermo Heredia9
    7Jacob Hannemann9
    8Tyler O'Neill9
    9Tyrone Taylor9
    10Willians Astudillo9
    Intentional Walks
    1Johan Camargo17
    2Eddy Alvarez15
    3Engelb Vielma13
    4Marcus Lemon12
    5Braxton Lee11
    6Kean Wong10
    7Ian Miller8
    8Jackson Stephens8
    9Zack Granite8
    10Sal Romano7
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Tyler O'Neill12
    2Guillermo Heredia9
    3Leon Landry9
    4Victor Caratini8
    5Bengie Gonzalez7
    6Jake Bauers7
    7Sebastian Elizalde7
    8Brandon Dixon6
    9Courtney Hawkins6
    10Daniel Palka6
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Tyler O'Neill4
    2Ozzie Albies3
    3Billy McKinney2
    4Brandon Dixon2
    5Brett Phillips2
    6Niko Goodrum2
    7Casey Gillaspie2
    8Chad Wallach2
    9Dansby Swanson2
    10Francisco Arcia2
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Timmy Lopes20
    2Jamie Westbrook18
    3Carlos Franco16
    4Victor Caratini15
    5Tyrone Taylor14
    6D.J. Hicks13
    7Gabriel Noriega13
    8Leonardo Reginatto13
    9Garrett Weber12
    10Mike Marjama12
    Total Bases
    1Tyler O'Neill250
    2Dustin Peterson226
    3Willy Adames209
    4Jake Bauers207
    5Kevin Cron203
    6Zack Granite201
    7Bengie Gonzalez194
    8Chesny Young190
    9Brandon Dixon182
    10Timmy Lopes181
    Plate Appearances
    1Jake Bauers580
    2Dustin Peterson579
    3Tyler O'Neill579
    4Timmy Lopes576
    5Zack Granite576
    6Bengie Gonzalez568
    7Willy Adames568
    8Trey Michalczewski555
    9Chesny Young553
    10Austin Dean536
    Batting Average
    1Moises Sierra.336
    2Ozzie Albies.321
    3Chesny Young.303
    4Garrett Cooper.299
    5Sebastian Elizalde.297
    6Zack Granite.295
    7Tyler O'Neill.293
    8Victor Caratini.291
    9Timmy Lopes.284
    10Dustin Peterson.282
    On-Base Percentage
    1Moises Sierra.414
    2Casey Gillaspie.390
    3Ozzie Albies.390
    4Victor Caratini.381
    5Tyler O'Neill.379
    6Chesny Young.378
    7Jake Bauers.373
    8Willy Adames.373
    9Phil Ervin.365
    10Timmy Lopes.361
    Slugging Percentage
    1Daniel Palka.547
    2Moises Sierra.519
    3Tyler O'Neill.508
    4Kelly Dugan.471
    5Ozzie Albies.467
    6D.J. Peterson.466
    7Casey Gillaspie.454
    8Kevin Cron.437
    9Brandon Dixon.434
    10Dustin Peterson.431
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Moises Sierra933
    2Daniel Palka901
    3Tyler O'Neill887
    4Ozzie Albies857
    5Casey Gillaspie844
    6Kelly Dugan831
    7D.J. Peterson810
    8Willy Adames803
    9Jake Bauers793
    10Victor Caratini786
    1Ildemaro Vargas1.000
    2Zack Granite0.977
    3Peter Mooney0.932
    4Chesny Young0.891
    5Ian Miller0.833
    6Jake Bauers0.820
    7Phil Ervin0.739
    8Casey Gillaspie0.734
    9Billy McKinney0.691
    10Bengie Gonzalez0.687
    2016 Pitching Leaders
    1Brett Ash12
    2Ryan Yarbrough12
    3Taylor Guerrieri12
    4Aaron Slegers10
    5Brandon Woodruff10
    6Jake Esch10
    7Rookie Davis10
    8Andrew Moore9
    9Barrett Astin9
    10Kohl Stewart9
    1Tyler Skulina12
    2Jackson Stephens11
    3Sal Romano11
    4Carson Fulmer9
    5Jake Esch9
    6James Dykstra9
    7Jorge Ortega9
    8Blair Walters8
    9Brandon Brennan8
    10Brandon Woodruff8
    1Alejandro Chacin52
    2Joey Krehbiel52
    3Stephen Peterson52
    4Stephen Kohlscheen50
    5Carlos Gonzalez49
    6Tristan Archer49
    7Jeff Ames48
    8Kyle McMyne46
    9Sean Donatello46
    10Tyler Higgins44
    Games Started
    1Sal Romano27
    2Sean Newcomb27
    3Tyler Skulina27
    4Jackson Stephens26
    5Taylor Guerrieri26
    6Aaron Slegers25
    7Christopher Kirsch25
    8Jordan Guerrero25
    9Ryan Yarbrough25
    10Brett Ash24
    Complete Games
    1Andrew Moore1
    2Billy Buckner1
    3Brad Markey1
    4Brandon Woodruff1
    5Brett Ash1
    6Christopher Kirsch1
    7Cole Johnson1
    8David Hurlbut1
    9D.J. Baxendale1
    10Duane Underwood1
    1Andrew Moore1
    2Christopher Kirsch1
    3Dylan Unsworth1
    4Edgar Garcia1
    5Jackson Stephens1
    6Josh Taylor1
    7Ryan Yarbrough1
    8Tyler Danish1
    Games Finished
    1Alejandro Chacin46
    2Stephen Kohlscheen42
    3Dan Altavilla35
    4Carlos Gonzalez29
    5Trevor Hildenberger29
    6Kyle McMyne27
    7Peter Tago27
    8Sean Donatello26
    9Matt Stites25
    10Madison Younginer24
    1Alejandro Chacin30
    2Stephen Kohlscheen23
    3Dan Altavilla16
    4Trevor Hildenberger16
    5Matt Stites15
    6Madison Younginer14
    7Jaye Chapman10
    8Jimmie Sherfy10
    9Emilio Pagan9
    10Carlos Gonzalez8
    Innings Pitched
    1Sal Romano156
    2Jackson Stephens151.1
    3Taylor Guerrieri146
    4Aaron Slegers145.1
    5Christopher Kirsch145.1
    6Chih-Wei Hu142.2
    7Sean Newcomb140
    8David Hurlbut136
    9Jordan Guerrero136
    10Brett Ash135.1
    1Brett Ash177
    2David Hurlbut161
    3Sal Romano157
    4Jackson Stephens148
    5Christopher Kirsch139
    6Jen-Ho Tseng138
    7Aaron Slegers137
    8Tyler Skulina136
    9Jordan Guerrero133
    10Taylor Guerrieri130
    1Tyler Skulina87
    2Brett Ash78
    3Jordan Guerrero76
    4Sal Romano71
    5David Hurlbut68
    6Jen-Ho Tseng67
    7Taylor Guerrieri67
    8James Dykstra64
    9Brandon Brennan63
    10Jackson Stephens63
    Earned Runs
    1Tyler Skulina74
    2Jordan Guerrero73
    3Brett Ash67
    4Sal Romano61
    5Taylor Guerrieri61
    6Sean Newcomb60
    7Brandon Brennan59
    8Ryan Eades58
    9Jackson Stephens56
    10James Dykstra56
    Home Runs
    1Tyler Skulina16
    2Patrick Johnson15
    3Brad Markey13
    4Jordan Guerrero13
    5Hunter Adkins12
    6Jen-Ho Tseng12
    7Tyler Mahle12
    8Aaron Slegers11
    9David Hurlbut11
    10Nick Travieso11
    1Jordan Guerrero73
    2Sean Newcomb71
    3Tyler Skulina71
    4Christopher Kirsch57
    5Jared Mortensen57
    6Lucas Sims55
    7Blair Walters54
    8Nick Travieso53
    9Carson Fulmer51
    10Andrew Thurman47
    1Sean Newcomb152
    2Sal Romano144
    3Jackson Stephens131
    4Brandon Woodruff124
    5Christopher Kirsch114
    6Patrick Johnson113
    7Jordan Guerrero108
    8Chih-Wei Hu107
    9Aaron Slegers104
    10Lucas Sims101
    Wild Pitches
    1Jared Mortensen38
    2Billy Buckner15
    3Taylor Guerrieri14
    4Christopher Kirsch13
    5Nick Travieso13
    6Brett Ash12
    7David Garner12
    8Tyler Skulina11
    9Andrew Thurman9
    10Jorge Lopez9
    1Andrew Kittredge3
    2Jordan Guerrero3
    3Yonny Chirinos2
    4Abel De Los Santos1
    5Austin Brice1
    6Brad Boxberger1
    7Carson Fulmer1
    8Chih-Wei Hu1
    9Christopher Kirsch1
    10Daniel Wright1
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Chih-Wei Hu2.58
    2Ryan Yarbrough2.95
    3Brandon Woodruff3.00
    4Brad Markey3.16
    5Andrew Moore3.17
    6Christopher Kirsch3.23
    7Jackson Stephens3.34
    8Patrick Johnson3.38
    9Aaron Slegers3.41
    10David Hurlbut3.51
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Brandon Woodruff1.04
    2Ryan Yarbrough1.12
    3Chih-Wei Hu1.15
    4Andrew Moore1.20
    5Patrick Johnson1.20
    6Taylor Guerrieri1.21
    7Sal Romano1.22
    8David Holmberg1.23
    9Jackson Stephens1.25
    10Aaron Slegers1.26
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Brandon Woodruff6.95
    2Sean Newcomb7.26
    3Ryan Yarbrough7.88
    4Taylor Guerrieri8.01
    5Chih-Wei Hu8.06
    6Nick Travieso8.38
    7Patrick Johnson8.44
    8Aaron Slegers8.50
    9Wei-Chung Wang8.58
    10Christopher Kirsch8.63
    HR per 9 IP
    1Sean Newcomb0.26
    2Brandon Woodruff0.32
    3Ryan Eades0.32
    4Jackson Stephens0.42
    5Chih-Wei Hu0.44
    6Ryan Yarbrough0.49
    7Christopher Kirsch0.50
    8David Holmberg0.55
    9Sal Romano0.58
    10Wei-Chung Wang0.59
    BB per 9 IP
    1Andrew Moore1.50
    2David Hurlbut1.72
    3Sal Romano1.96
    4Brett Ash2.07
    5Ryan Yarbrough2.18
    6David Holmberg2.21
    7Chih-Wei Hu2.27
    8Patrick Johnson2.32
    9Brandon Woodruff2.37
    10Jackson Stephens2.44
    SO per 9 IP
    1Brandon Woodruff9.79
    2Sean Newcomb9.77
    3Sal Romano8.31
    4Patrick Johnson7.95
    5Jackson Stephens7.81
    6Wei-Chung Wang7.65
    7Ryan Eades7.25
    8Andrew Moore7.17
    9Jordan Guerrero7.15
    10Christopher Kirsch7.08
    1Andrew Moore4.778
    2Sal Romano4.235
    3Brandon Woodruff4.133
    4David Hurlbut3.462
    5Patrick Johnson3.424
    6Jackson Stephens3.195
    7Ryan Yarbrough3.194
    8Chih-Wei Hu2.972
    9Wei-Chung Wang2.758
    10David Holmberg2.643

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