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2014 Midwest League (A)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2014 Midwest League Awards
    Midwest League All-Star TeamMitch Garver C, Jake Bauers 1B, Kean Wong 2B, Mitch Nay 3B, Andrew Velazquez SS, Wynton Bernard OF, Joey Curletta OF, Brett Phillips OF, Clint Coulter DH, Buck Farmer RHSP, Kevin Ziomek LHSP, Silvino Bracho RHRP, Will Locante LHRP
    Midwest League All-Star game MVPBoog Powell
    Midwest League Manager of the YearMark Johnson
    Midwest League Most Valuable PlayerWynton Bernard
    Midwest League Prospect of the YearAndrew Velazquez
    2014 Batting Leaders
    1Andrew Velazquez134
    2Dominic Ficociello134
    3Javier Betancourt134
    4Raph Rhymes134
    5Joey Curletta133
    6Phil Ervin132
    7Jamie Westbrook131
    8Wynton Bernard131
    9C.J. McElroy130
    10Kody Eaves130
    At Bats
    1Javier Betancourt558
    2Kody Eaves549
    3Andrew Velazquez544
    4Dominic Ficociello530
    5Dustin Peterson527
    6Raph Rhymes527
    7Joey Curletta516
    8Jamie Westbrook509
    9Franmil Reyes508
    10Wynton Bernard507
    1Andrew Velazquez94
    2Michael Ratterree91
    3Wynton Bernard91
    4Chad Christensen84
    5Clint Coulter84
    6Jacob Rogers76
    7C.J. McElroy74
    8Kody Eaves74
    9Jesmuel Valentin73
    10Raph Rhymes72
    1Wynton Bernard164
    2Andrew Velazquez158
    3Javier Betancourt150
    4Kody Eaves147
    5Dominic Ficociello146
    6Joey Curletta143
    7Eric Aguilera137
    8Mitch Nay135
    9Raph Rhymes135
    10Chad Christensen134
    1Kody Eaves37
    2Paul Hoenecke37
    3Raph Rhymes35
    4Mitch Nay34
    5Phil Ervin34
    6Michael Ratterree33
    7Nellie Rodriguez32
    8Dustin Peterson31
    9Joey Curletta30
    10Wynton Bernard30
    1Andrew Velazquez15
    2Brett Phillips12
    3Willy Adames12
    4James Ramsay10
    5Derrick Loveless9
    6Jesmuel Valentin9
    7Vaughn Bryan9
    8Jason Kanzler8
    9Ty Young8
    10Chad Christensen7
    Home Runs
    1Clint Coulter22
    2Daniel Palka22
    3Nellie Rodriguez22
    4Fernando Perez18
    5Michael Ratterree18
    6Chase McDonald16
    7Eric Haase16
    8Jacob Rogers16
    9Mitch Garver16
    10Taylor Brennan16
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Fernando Perez95
    2Clint Coulter89
    3Nellie Rodriguez88
    4Daniel Palka82
    5Dustin Peterson79
    6Mitch Garver79
    7Taylor Brennan76
    8Chad Christensen73
    9Eric Aguilera71
    10Michael Ratterree71
    Stolen Bases
    1Andrew Velazquez50
    2Mallex Smith48
    3Wynton Bernard45
    4Omar Garcia44
    5Aaron Barbosa42
    6Malcolm Holland42
    7C.J. McElroy41
    8Jack Reinheimer34
    9James Ramsay33
    10Jacob Hannemann32
    Caught Stealing
    1Johnny Davis21
    2Omar Garcia21
    3D.J. Davis20
    4Wynton Bernard19
    5C.J. McElroy18
    6Mallex Smith16
    7Andrew Velazquez15
    8Boog Powell13
    9Juan Herrera13
    10Malcolm Holland11
    1Taylor Brennan87
    2Michael Ratterree75
    3Clint Coulter73
    4Derrick Loveless66
    5Jacob Rogers64
    6Andrew Velazquez62
    7Malcolm Holland62
    8Michael Perez62
    9Grant Fink61
    10Mitch Garver61
    1Grant Fink174
    2D.J. Davis167
    3Clint Frazier161
    4Michael Ratterree154
    5Stryker Trahan146
    6Kody Eaves142
    7Nellie Rodriguez142
    8Alex Santana140
    9Paul Hendrix138
    10Dustin Peterson137
    Hit by Pitch
    1Clint Coulter21
    2Philip Pohl17
    3C.J. McElroy16
    4Ronnie Richardson16
    5Spencer Navin15
    6Chad Hinshaw14
    7Cael Brockmeyer13
    8Omar Garcia13
    9Mitch Garver12
    10Ty Young12
    Intentional Walks
    1Fernando Perez4
    2Daniel Lockhart3
    3Daniel Palka3
    4Ronnie Mitchell3
    5Jeff Holm3
    6Michael Ratterree3
    7Paul Hendrix3
    8Tanner Rahier3
    9Alex Santana2
    10Austin Wilson2
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Javier Betancourt15
    2Omar Garcia14
    3Johnny Davis13
    4Brett Phillips12
    5C.J. McElroy12
    6Wynton Bernard12
    7Tanner Vavra11
    8Angel Ortega10
    9Chan Moon10
    10Erick Salcedo10
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Eric Aguilera12
    2Phil Ervin10
    3Tyler Marincov8
    4Brett Phillips7
    5Fernando Perez7
    6Melvin Mercedes7
    7Michael Ratterree7
    8Shawon Dunston7
    9Alex Santana6
    10Angel Ortega6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Dorssys Paulino16
    2Erick Salcedo15
    3Nellie Rodriguez15
    4Angel Ortega14
    5Carson Kelly14
    6Claudio Bautista14
    7Dawel Lugo14
    8Dominic Ficociello13
    9Jose Ariza13
    10Jose Zambrano13
    Total Bases
    1Nellie Rodriguez234
    2Andrew Velazquez233
    3Kody Eaves228
    4Wynton Bernard224
    5Clint Coulter223
    6Fernando Perez213
    7Daniel Palka212
    8Eric Aguilera209
    9Mitch Garver207
    10Paul Hoenecke205
    Plate Appearances
    1Andrew Velazquez622
    2Javier Betancourt612
    3Raph Rhymes593
    4Kody Eaves587
    5Wynton Bernard583
    6Dominic Ficociello580
    7Joey Curletta568
    8Dustin Peterson563
    9Jamie Westbrook561
    10Phil Ervin561
    Batting Average
    1Boog Powell.335
    2Wynton Bernard.323
    3Kean Wong.306
    4Brett Phillips.302
    5Mitch Garver.298
    6Calten Daal.296
    7Jake Bauers.296
    8Justin Ringo.294
    9Aaron Barbosa.293
    10Eric Aguilera.292
    On-Base Percentage
    1Boog Powell.452
    2Clint Coulter.410
    3Ronnie Richardson.401
    4Mitch Garver.399
    5Wynton Bernard.394
    6Chuck Taylor.380
    7Aaron Barbosa.379
    8Jake Bauers.376
    9Andrew Velazquez.367
    10Breland Almadova.367
    Slugging Percentage
    1Brett Phillips.521
    2Clint Coulter.520
    3Eric Haase.514
    4Nellie Rodriguez.482
    5Chase McDonald.481
    6Mitch Garver.481
    7Tyler Marincov.479
    8Daniel Palka.466
    9Johnny Field.461
    10Fernando Perez.454
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Clint Coulter930
    2Brett Phillips883
    3Boog Powell881
    4Mitch Garver880
    5Eric Haase852
    6Chase McDonald844
    7Wynton Bernard836
    8Nellie Rodriguez831
    9Johnny Field828
    10Tyler Marincov822
    1Brandon Trinkwon1.385
    2Rafael Neda1.133
    3Boog Powell1.082
    4Chaz Frank0.975
    5Mitch Garver0.938
    6Ben Carhart0.925
    7Aaron Barbosa0.915
    8Ronnie Richardson0.818
    9Chuck Taylor0.811
    10Brian Holberton0.786
    2014 Pitching Leaders
    1Nick Travieso14
    2Daury Torrez11
    3Scott Silverstein11
    4Austin Kubitza10
    5Buck Farmer10
    6Kevin Ziomek10
    7Luis Lugo10
    8Ryan Eades10
    9Blake Perry9
    10Christopher Kirsch9
    1Zachary Bird17
    2Dace Kime14
    3Carlos Misell12
    4Jordan Milbrath12
    5Lou Trivino11
    6Ryan Eades11
    7Sal Romano11
    8Blake McKnight10
    9Andrew Thurman9
    10Caleb Hamrick9
    1Ben Carlson52
    2Jacob Rhame51
    3Michael Johnson50
    4Trevor Frank50
    5Alan Busenitz49
    6Mark Pope49
    7Alejandro Chacin48
    8Scott Silverstein47
    9Nick Mutz46
    10Joel Bender45
    Games Started
    1Dace Kime28
    2Sal Romano28
    3Amir Garrett27
    4Eddie Campbell27
    5Mitch Brown27
    6Carlos Misell26
    7Jeremy Gabryszwski26
    8Lou Trivino26
    9Nick Travieso26
    10Blake Perry25
    Complete Games
    1Amir Garrett2
    2Dylan Covey2
    3Evan Grills2
    4Markus Solbach2
    5Aaron Blair1
    6Aaron Slegers1
    7Alex Reyes1
    8Blayne Weller1
    9Brent Jones1
    10Daury Torrez1
    1Amir Garrett2
    2Brent Jones1
    3Daury Torrez1
    4Edwin Diaz1
    5Harrison Cooney1
    6Jake Faria1
    7Jordan Milbrath1
    8Kyle Finnegan1
    9Markus Solbach1
    10Matt Stalcup1
    Games Finished
    1Trevor Frank40
    2Silvino Bracho38
    3Alan Busenitz34
    4Emilio Pagan34
    5Jacob Rhame34
    6Nick Mutz33
    7Hudson Boyd32
    8Alejandro Chacin31
    9Ben Carlson31
    10Mark Pope29
    1Silvino Bracho26
    2Alejandro Chacin20
    3Trevor Frank18
    4Alan Busenitz17
    5Emilio Pagan16
    6Griffin Murphy16
    7Ben Carlson14
    8Julio Felix13
    9Tyler Bremer12
    10Zac Reininger11
    Innings Pitched
    1Sal Romano148.2
    2Nick Travieso142.2
    3Jeremy Gabryszwski141.1
    4Lou Trivino139.2
    5Mitch Brown138.2
    6Dace Kime136.1
    7Blake Perry134.2
    8Eddie Campbell134.2
    9Christopher Kirsch133.2
    10Amir Garrett133.1
    1Jeremy Gabryszwski176
    2Sal Romano169
    3Lou Trivino160
    4Carlos Misell149
    5Dace Kime148
    6Ryan Eades147
    7Sean Furney144
    8Eddie Campbell142
    9Jon Maciel138
    10Barrett Astin132
    1Lou Trivino93
    2Dace Kime90
    3Sal Romano87
    4Ryan Eades85
    5Eddie Campbell84
    6Carlos Misell82
    7Caleb Hamrick81
    8Jeremy Gabryszwski80
    9Luis Lugo79
    10Barrett Astin76
    Earned Runs
    1Lou Trivino82
    2Dace Kime79
    3Eddie Campbell77
    4Ryan Eades76
    5Caleb Hamrick73
    6Andrew Thurman69
    7Carlos Misell69
    8Luis Lugo69
    9Sal Romano68
    10Barrett Astin67
    Home Runs
    1Junior Mendez16
    2Luis Lugo16
    3Carlos Misell15
    4Brandon Martinez13
    5Clint Sharp13
    6Preston Gainey13
    7Barrett Astin12
    8Bruedlin Suero12
    9Chase De Jong12
    10Dace Kime12
    1Eddie Campbell74
    2Blake Perry66
    3Alex Reyes61
    4Victor Alcantara60
    5Dace Kime56
    6Mitch Brown55
    7Zachary Bird55
    8Kevin Ziomek53
    9Kyle Finnegan52
    10Amir Garrett51
    1Kyle Lloyd155
    2Kevin Ziomek152
    3Luis Lugo146
    4Austin Kubitza140
    5Alex Reyes137
    6Sal Romano128
    7Amir Garrett127
    8Mitch Brown127
    9Blake Perry126
    10Chad Green125
    Wild Pitches
    1Mitch Brown24
    2Dace Kime18
    3Victor Alcantara18
    4Brad Schreiber17
    5Erik Cabrera17
    6Wander Beras17
    7Stone Speer16
    8Alexis Paredes15
    9Austin Kubitza14
    10Jandel Gustave14
    1Alex Reyes3
    2Brent Powers3
    3Greg Harris3
    4Josue Montanez3
    5Victor Araujo3
    6Wander Beras3
    7Alan Busenitz2
    8Albert Minnis2
    9Alonzo Gonzalez2
    10Amir Garrett2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Kevin Ziomek2.27
    2Austin Kubitza2.34
    3Taylor Williams2.36
    4Jen-Ho Tseng2.40
    5Harrison Cooney2.65
    6Daury Torrez2.75
    7Christopher Kirsch2.82
    8Jonathon Crawford2.85
    9Nick Travieso3.02
    10Chad Green3.12
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Jen-Ho Tseng0.87
    2Taylor Williams0.94
    3Daury Torrez1.00
    4Austin Kubitza1.08
    5Chad Green1.15
    6Kevin Ziomek1.15
    7Jonathon Crawford1.16
    8Nick Travieso1.17
    9Edwin Diaz1.19
    10Paul Blackburn1.19
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Jen-Ho Tseng6.51
    2Kevin Ziomek6.51
    3Taylor Williams6.56
    4Austin Kubitza6.73
    5Alex Reyes6.77
    6Jonathon Crawford6.80
    7Victor Alcantara7.06
    8Mitch Brown7.32
    9Kyle Finnegan7.43
    10Edwin Diaz7.45
    HR per 9 IP
    1Jonathon Crawford0.22
    2Austin Kubitza0.34
    3Garrett Nuss0.34
    4Taylor Williams0.34
    5Harrison Cooney0.35
    6Kevin Ziomek0.37
    7Edwin Diaz0.39
    8Mitch Brown0.39
    9Adrian Houser0.41
    10Victor Alcantara0.43
    BB per 9 IP
    1Jen-Ho Tseng1.29
    2Jeremy Gabryszwski1.34
    3Daury Torrez1.44
    4Aaron Slegers1.59
    5Jonathan Martinez1.61
    6Sean Furney1.81
    7Jon Maciel1.83
    8Chase Brookshire1.90
    9Taylor Williams1.93
    10Chad Green1.94
    SO per 9 IP
    1Austin Kubitza9.62
    2Taylor Williams9.42
    3Scott Barlow8.83
    4Chad Green8.65
    5Edwin Diaz8.61
    6Amir Garrett8.59
    7Victor Alcantara8.42
    8Blake Perry8.40
    9Andrew Thurman8.37
    10Zachary Bird8.32
    1Jen-Ho Tseng5.667
    2Taylor Williams4.870
    3Jonathan Martinez4.789
    4Kyle Lloyd4.559
    5Aaron Slegers4.500
    6Chad Green4.464
    7Jeremy Gabryszwski4.333
    8Daury Torrez3.857
    9Luis Lugo3.650
    10Chase Brookshire3.565

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