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2014 Florida State League (A+)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2014 Florida State League Awards
    Florida State League All-Star TeamCamden Maron C, Justin O'Conner C, Viosergy Rosa 1B, Gioskar Amaya 2B, Leonardo Reginatto SS, Colin Moran 3B, Nathan Orf UT IF, Jake Cave LF, Charlie Tilson CF, Josh Bell RF, Dwight Smith UT OF, Adam Walker DH, Jose Berrios SP, Taylor Cole SP, Tyler Glasnow SP, Tyler Wagner SP, Angel Nesbitt RP, Arik Sikula RP
    Florida State League All-Star Game MVPAdam Walker
    Florida State League Manager of the YearOmar Malave
    Florida State League Most Valuable PlayerJosh Bell
    Florida State League Pitcher of the YearTyler Glasnow
    2014 Batting Leaders
    1Adam Walker132
    2Cito Culver132
    3Dan Vogelbach132
    4Jeff McVaney132
    5Matt Juengel132
    6Connor Harrell131
    7Max Moroff130
    8Tyrone Taylor130
    9Travis Harrison129
    10Art Charles127
    At Bats
    1Matt Juengel511
    2Cito Culver508
    3Tyrone Taylor507
    4Adam Walker505
    5Orlando Arcia498
    6Jeff McVaney494
    7Adam Frazier492
    8Connor Harrell485
    9Dan Vogelbach482
    10Dwight Smith472
    1Dwight Smith83
    2Matt Juengel80
    3Travis Harrison80
    4Patrick Leonard79
    5Adam Walker78
    6Tommy Coyle72
    7Dan Vogelbach71
    8Maikis De La Cruz70
    9D.J. Hicks69
    10Tyrone Taylor69
    1Orlando Arcia144
    2Tyrone Taylor141
    3Matt Juengel139
    4Jeff McVaney135
    5Dwight Smith134
    6Connor Harrell131
    7Nathan Orf130
    8Viosergy Rosa130
    9Dan Vogelbach129
    10Patrick Leonard129
    1Tyrone Taylor36
    2Travis Harrison33
    3Matt Juengel32
    4Justin O'Conner31
    5Max Moroff30
    6Nathan Orf30
    7Jeff McVaney29
    8Orlando Arcia29
    9Dwight Smith28
    10Dan Vogelbach28
    1Dwight Smith8
    2Charlie Tilson8
    3Tommy Coyle8
    4Tyler Goeddel8
    5Bruce Caldwell7
    6Marco Hernandez7
    7Tyler Hanover7
    8Bijan Rademacher6
    9Curt Powell6
    10Dalton Pompey6
    Home Runs
    1Adam Walker25
    2Art Charles19
    3Victor Roache18
    4James Robbins17
    5Dan Vogelbach16
    6Eric Jagielo16
    7Austin Green15
    8Brian Pointer15
    9David Washington15
    10Connor Harrell14
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Adam Walker94
    2Viosergy Rosa78
    3D.J. Hicks76
    4Dan Vogelbach76
    5Jeff McVaney74
    6Tyrone Taylor68
    7Connor Harrell66
    8Matt Juengel65
    9Dante Bichette64
    10Tyler Goeddel61
    Stolen Bases
    1Niko Goodrum35
    2Michael Reed33
    3Roman Quinn32
    4Orlando Arcia31
    5Tommy Coyle30
    6Dalton Pompey29
    7Aderlin Mejia23
    8Walker Gourley23
    9Matt Juengel23
    10Marco Hernandez22
    Caught Stealing
    1Max Moroff15
    2Michael Reed13
    3Jeff Roy12
    4Roman Quinn12
    5Orlando Arcia11
    6Andrew Toles10
    7Breyvic Valera10
    8Tyler Goeddel9
    9Adam Frazier8
    10Angelo Mora8
    1Michael Reed78
    2Dan Vogelbach66
    3Gilbert Gomez65
    4Travis Harrison64
    5Camden Maron61
    6Dwight Smith58
    7Niko Goodrum58
    8Cito Culver57
    9D.J. Hicks57
    10Nathan Orf55
    1Adam Walker156
    2Art Charles156
    3James Robbins154
    4Cito Culver141
    5Victor Roache138
    6Connor Harrell135
    7Max Moroff129
    8Brian Pointer128
    9Lance Durham126
    10Curt Powell113
    Hit by Pitch
    1Nathan Orf22
    2Connor Harrell19
    3Jeff McVaney12
    4Matt Juengel10
    5Anthony Garcia9
    6Bijan Rademacher9
    7Eric Jagielo9
    8Gioskar Amaya9
    9Michael Reed9
    10Nick Martini9
    Intentional Walks
    1Greg Bird3
    2Aderlin Mejia2
    3David Washington2
    4Eric Jagielo2
    5Marco Hernandez2
    6Roderick Shoulders2
    7Trent Garrison2
    8Victor Roache2
    9Aaron Judge1
    10Albert Almora1
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Ildemaro Vargas20
    2Walker Gourley15
    3Tyler Hanover10
    4Harold Castro8
    5Jeff Roy8
    6Ryan Goetz8
    7Alex Mejia7
    8Bruce Caldwell7
    9Cito Culver7
    10Claudio Custodio7
    Sacrifice Flies
    1D.J. Hicks10
    2Travis Harrison8
    3Dan Vogelbach7
    4Jose Osuna7
    5Ildemaro Vargas6
    6Jorge Polanco6
    7K.C. Hobson6
    8Marco Hernandez6
    9Maxx Tissenbaum6
    10Nathan Orf6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Tyrone Taylor20
    2Orlando Arcia17
    3Dante Bichette16
    4Ildemaro Vargas16
    5Nick Baligod16
    6Adam Walker15
    7Albert Almora15
    8Dan Vogelbach15
    9Phillip Evans15
    10Cito Culver14
    Total Bases
    1Adam Walker220
    2Dwight Smith214
    3Jeff McVaney209
    4Dan Vogelbach207
    5Connor Harrell205
    6Patrick Leonard204
    7Matt Juengel201
    8Tyrone Taylor201
    9Viosergy Rosa196
    10Orlando Arcia195
    Plate Appearances
    1Cito Culver578
    2Matt Juengel562
    3Dan Vogelbach560
    4Tyrone Taylor559
    5Jeff McVaney556
    6Adam Walker554
    7Orlando Arcia546
    8Connor Harrell544
    9Adam Frazier540
    10Nathan Orf538
    Batting Average
    1Josh Bell.335
    2Breyvic Valera.333
    3Dalton Pompey.319
    4Leonardo Reginatto.316
    5Charlie Tilson.308
    6Dilson Herrera.307
    7Jake Cave.304
    8Jose Osuna.296
    9Colin Moran.294
    10Jorge Polanco.291
    On-Base Percentage
    1Dalton Pompey.397
    2Michael Reed.396
    3Nathan Orf.388
    4Camden Maron.387
    5Breyvic Valera.385
    6Josh Bell.384
    7Leonardo Reginatto.384
    8Gioskar Amaya.379
    9Greg Bird.375
    10Jorge Polanco.364
    Slugging Percentage
    1Josh Bell.502
    2Justin O'Conner.486
    3Dalton Pompey.471
    4Eric Jagielo.460
    5Jose Osuna.458
    6Dwight Smith.453
    7Bijan Rademacher.448
    8Mike Gonzales.448
    9Patrick Leonard.448
    10Greg Bird.442
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Josh Bell886
    2Dalton Pompey868
    3Greg Bird817
    4Dwight Smith816
    5Eric Jagielo814
    6Bijan Rademacher811
    7Justin O'Conner807
    8Patrick Leonard807
    9Jose Osuna805
    10Mike Gonzales799
    1Breyvic Valera1.923
    2Aderlin Mejia1.116
    3Michael Reed0.987
    4Alfredo Rodriguez0.939
    5Nick Baligod0.917
    6Camden Maron0.897
    7Dwight Smith0.841
    8Leonardo Reginatto0.826
    9Jorge Polanco0.767
    10Travis Harrison0.744
    2014 Pitching Leaders
    1Chad Kuhl13
    2Tyler Wagner13
    3Hobbs Johnson12
    4Tyler Glasnow12
    5Matt Tomshaw11
    6Brett Lee10
    7Jorge Lopez10
    8Matthew Koch10
    9Austin Pruitt9
    10Jose Berrios9
    1Jeb Stefan12
    2Yorfrank Lopez12
    3Jesse Hernandez11
    4Scott Lyman11
    5Colin Kleven10
    6Jorge Lopez10
    7Michael Fulmer10
    8Austin Brice9
    9Edgar De La Rosa9
    10Jason Creasy9
    1Chad Girodo47
    2Alex Smith46
    3Colby Suggs46
    4Arik Sikula44
    5Efrain Nieves44
    6Wil Browning43
    7Lee Ridenhour42
    8Steven Gruver42
    9Justin Jackson40
    10Madison Boer40
    Games Started
    1Chad Kuhl28
    2Jason Creasy27
    3Edgar De La Rosa26
    4John Kuchno26
    5Tayler Scott26
    6Yorfrank Lopez26
    7Austin Pruitt25
    8Jorge Lopez25
    9Reinaldo Lopez25
    10Tyler Wagner25
    Complete Games
    1Brett Lee2
    2Damien Magnifico2
    3Tanner Bailey2
    4Timothy Shibuya2
    5Austin Ross1
    6Blake Snell1
    7Colin Kleven1
    8David Hurlbut1
    9D.J. Baxendale1
    10Edgar De La Rosa1
    1Damien Magnifico2
    2Blake Snell1
    3Brett Lee1
    4Ethan Mildren1
    5Hobbs Johnson1
    6Jason Wheeler1
    7Jose Berrios1
    8Mark Leiter1
    9Matt Tomshaw1
    10Tanner Bailey1
    Games Finished
    1Arik Sikula42
    2Lee Ridenhour29
    3Paul Sewald28
    4Colby Suggs27
    5Alex Smith26
    6Tyler Jones26
    7Bryton Trepagnier25
    8Ryan Garton25
    9Reid Redman24
    10Stephen Peterson23
    1Arik Sikula31
    2Angel Nesbitt14
    3Tyler Jones13
    4Cesar Vargas11
    5Paul Sewald11
    6Yhonathan Barrios11
    7Mark Williams10
    8Randy Fontanez10
    9Beck Wheeler9
    10Bryton Trepagnier9
    Innings Pitched
    1Chad Kuhl153.1
    2Tyler Wagner150
    3Jason Creasy148.2
    4Hobbs Johnson147.2
    5Austin Pruitt147
    6John Kuchno144
    7Reinaldo Lopez142
    8Edgar De La Rosa139
    9Jorge Lopez137.2
    10Matt Tomshaw136.1
    1Jason Creasy165
    2Jesse Hernandez165
    3Ben White160
    4Colin Kleven155
    5Yorfrank Lopez153
    6Matt Tomshaw152
    7Jake Esch147
    8Austin Pruitt144
    9Jorge Lopez144
    10Tayler Scott142
    1Yorfrank Lopez90
    2Colin Kleven82
    3Jesse Hernandez82
    4Jeb Stefan80
    5Jorge Lopez80
    6Tayler Scott79
    7Jason Creasy75
    8Ben White73
    9Jake Esch73
    10Austin Pruitt70
    Earned Runs
    1Yorfrank Lopez75
    2Colin Kleven73
    3Jeb Stefan72
    4Ben White70
    5Jorge Lopez70
    6Jesse Hernandez67
    7Jason Creasy65
    8Tayler Scott65
    9Joey Cuda64
    10Matthew Koch62
    Home Runs
    1Jesse Hernandez20
    2Tayler Scott14
    3Colin Kleven13
    4Edgar De La Rosa13
    5Jason Creasy13
    6Austin Pruitt12
    7Ben White12
    8Jacob Lugo12
    9Jorge Lopez12
    10Jose Rosario12
    1Ethan Stewart58
    2John Kuchno58
    3Reinaldo Lopez58
    4Tyler Glasnow57
    5Austin Brice55
    6Edgar De La Rosa53
    7Lino Martinez53
    8Tayler Scott52
    9Yorfrank Lopez52
    10Domingo Tapia51
    1Taylor Cole171
    2Tyler Glasnow157
    3Jorge Lopez119
    4Tyler Wagner118
    5Jacob Lugo114
    6Seth Lugo114
    7Rob Zastryzny110
    8Austin Brice109
    9Jose Berrios109
    10Colin Kleven107
    Wild Pitches
    1Austin Brice17
    2Taylor Cole17
    3Jordan Guth15
    4Tayler Scott15
    5Calvin Drummond13
    6Ben White12
    7Damien Magnifico12
    8Ryan Hafner12
    9Jose Rosario11
    10Alex Smith10
    1Edgar De La Rosa4
    2Austin Kirk3
    3Daniel Camarena3
    4Jose Berrios3
    5Matthew Koch3
    6Tayler Scott3
    7Tyrell Jenkins3
    8Yorfrank Lopez3
    9Alex Wimmers2
    10C.J. Robinson2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Tyler Glasnow1.74
    2Tyler Wagner1.86
    3Nick Petree2.45
    4Brett Lee2.46
    5Trevor Williams2.79
    6Hobbs Johnson2.92
    7Taylor Cole3.07
    8Edgar De La Rosa3.30
    9Chad Kuhl3.47
    10Reinaldo Lopez3.49
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Tyler Glasnow1.06
    2Hobbs Johnson1.09
    3Tyler Wagner1.11
    4Taylor Cole1.16
    5Nick Petree1.17
    6Miguel Sulbaran1.18
    7Austin Pruitt1.19
    8Luis Cessa1.19
    9Chad Kuhl1.20
    10Edgar De La Rosa1.22
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Tyler Glasnow5.37
    2Tyler Wagner7.08
    3Hobbs Johnson7.18
    4Edgar De La Rosa7.51
    5Taylor Cole7.77
    6Austin Brice8.08
    7Damien Magnifico8.25
    8Chad Kuhl8.29
    9Miguel Sulbaran8.30
    10John Kuchno8.50
    HR per 9 IP
    1John Kuchno0.19
    2Tyler Glasnow0.22
    3Taylor Cole0.27
    4Austin Brice0.35
    5Trevor Williams0.35
    6Reinaldo Lopez0.38
    7Domingo Tapia0.41
    8Nick Petree0.44
    9Jake Esch0.46
    10Miguel Sulbaran0.47
    BB per 9 IP
    1Jason Creasy1.33
    2Matt Tomshaw1.85
    3Jesse Hernandez1.88
    4Austin Pruitt1.90
    5Nick Petree1.92
    6Trevor Williams2.02
    7Luis Cessa2.11
    8Colin Kleven2.18
    9Jake Esch2.25
    10Ben White2.30
    SO per 9 IP
    1Jacob Lugo9.77
    2Seth Lugo9.77
    3Rob Zastryzny9.00
    4Jorge Lopez7.76
    5Austin Brice7.72
    6Colin Kleven7.08
    7Tyler Wagner7.08
    8Miguel Nunez7.01
    9Nick Petree6.99
    10Jake Esch6.95
    1Jason Creasy4.545
    2Taylor Cole4.385
    3Nick Petree3.636
    4Austin Pruitt3.419
    5Rob Zastryzny3.333
    6Colin Kleven3.242
    7Trevor Williams3.103
    8Jake Esch3.088
    9Luis Cessa3.074
    10Jacob Lugo3.000

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