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2013 South Atlantic League (A)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2013 South Atlantic League Awards
    South Atlantic League All-Star TeamTom Murphy C, Greg Bird 1B, Micah Johnson 2B, Joey Gallo 3B, Rosell Herrera SS, Tony Renda UT-IF, Josh Bell OF, Francisco Sosa OF, Nick Williams OF, Cameron Flynn UT-OF, Ryan Rua DH, Tyler Glasnow RHP, Daniel Stumpf LHP, Shae Simmons RP
    South Atlantic League All-Star Game MVPMicah Johnson
    South Atlantic League Manager of the YearTripp Keister
    South Atlantic League Most Valuable PlayerWilliam Pierson
    South Atlantic League Most Outstanding PitcherGabriel Ynoa
    South Atlantic League Most Outstanding ProspectRosell Herrera
    2013 Batting Leaders
    1Tony Renda135
    2Jason Coats133
    3Viosergy Rosa133
    4Greg Bird130
    5Jesus Solorzano129
    6Carlos Franco128
    7Charles Jones128
    8Stephen Perez128
    9Terrance Gore128
    10Francisco Sosa127
    At Bats
    1Tony Renda521
    2Jason Coats516
    3Gregory Lorenzo489
    4Jesus Solorzano484
    5Raul Mondesi482
    6Aneury Tavarez479
    7Mitch Delfino477
    8Rosell Herrera472
    9Viosergy Rosa465
    10Jake Cave464
    1Tony Renda99
    2Francisco Sosa85
    3Greg Bird84
    4Rosell Herrera83
    5Joey Gallo82
    6Micah Johnson76
    7Terrance Gore76
    8Walker Gourley75
    9Josh Bell75
    10Max Moroff75
    1Rosell Herrera162
    2Tony Renda153
    3Francisco Sosa145
    4Jason Coats140
    5William Carmona140
    6Jesus Solorzano138
    7Walker Gourley135
    8Greg Bird132
    9Jake Cave131
    10Jose Peraza129
    1Tony Renda43
    2Jason Coats38
    3Jake Cave37
    4Josh Bell37
    5Greg Bird36
    6Francisco Sosa35
    7Art Charles34
    8William Carmona34
    9Rosell Herrera33
    10Derek Jones29
    1Nick Williams12
    2Micah Johnson11
    3Felix Marte9
    4Andrew Cain8
    5Eudy Pina8
    6Gregory Lorenzo8
    7Jose Peraza8
    8Aneury Tavarez7
    9Raul Mondesi7
    10Brandon Nimmo6
    Home Runs
    1Joey Gallo38
    2Ryan Rua29
    3Viosergy Rosa23
    4Lewis Brinson21
    5Francisco Sosa20
    6Greg Bird20
    7Derek Jones19
    8Tom Murphy19
    9Brandon Miller18
    10Nick Williams17
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Francisco Sosa89
    2Greg Bird84
    3Jason Coats84
    4Ryan Rua82
    5Joey Gallo78
    6Josh Bell76
    7Mitch Delfino76
    8Rosell Herrera76
    9Tom Murphy74
    10Art Charles72
    Stolen Bases
    1Terrance Gore68
    2Jose Peraza64
    3Micah Johnson61
    4Juan Ciriaco50
    5Jesus Galindo48
    6Gregory Lorenzo40
    7Walker Gourley36
    8Jesus Solorzano33
    9Kyle Wren32
    10Roman Quinn32
    Caught Stealing
    1Micah Johnson19
    2Aneury Tavarez15
    3Jose Peraza15
    4Juan Ciriaco15
    5Dillon Thomas12
    6Francisco Sosa10
    7Walker Gourley10
    8Lucas Herbst10
    9Matt Wessinger10
    10Raul Mondesi10
    1Greg Bird107
    2Viosergy Rosa74
    3Brandon Nimmo71
    4Tony Renda68
    5Max Moroff65
    6Terrance Gore62
    7Rosell Herrera61
    8Shawn Pleffner59
    9Art Charles58
    10Brian Pointer58
    1Lewis Brinson191
    2Fred Ford166
    3Joey Gallo165
    4Larry Greene163
    5Gregory Lorenzo152
    6Aneury Tavarez140
    7Charles Jones140
    8Brandon Miller135
    9Greg Bird132
    10Brandon Nimmo131
    Hit by Pitch
    1Brian Pointer19
    2Terrance Gore19
    3Jorge Alfaro18
    4Shayne Houck15
    5Eric Sim14
    6Joey Rapp14
    7Cole Frenzel13
    8Danny Oh13
    9Eudy Pina12
    10Ryan Rua12
    Intentional Walks
    1Greg Bird4
    2Rosell Herrera3
    3Carlos Franco2
    4Cody Keefer2
    5Cole Frenzel2
    6Eudy Pina2
    7Kevin Plawecki2
    8Micah Johnson2
    9Mike McQuillan2
    10Ryan Rua2
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Juan Ciriaco18
    2Anthony Gomez15
    3Raul Mondesi15
    4Luis Marte14
    5Matt Wessinger12
    6Michael Ramirez10
    7Jose Peraza9
    8Jose Rosario9
    9Jose Vinicio9
    10Matt Argyropoulos8
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Art Charles8
    2Brandon Miller7
    3Casey Kalenkosky7
    4Jose Peraza7
    5Anthony Gomez6
    6Ben Turner6
    7Charles Jones6
    8Joel Hutter6
    9Kale Kiser6
    10Peter O'Brien6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Jason Coats18
    2Raul Fortunato18
    3Reymond Nunez17
    4Carlos Franco15
    5Anthony Gomez14
    6Mitch Delfino14
    7Phillip Evans14
    8Estarlin Martinez13
    9Joel Hutter13
    10Chace Numata12
    Total Bases
    1Francisco Sosa244
    2Rosell Herrera243
    3Joey Gallo239
    4Greg Bird234
    5Jason Coats220
    6Jesus Solorzano218
    7Tony Renda211
    8Viosergy Rosa210
    9Josh Bell208
    10Ryan Rua205
    Plate Appearances
    1Tony Renda606
    2Greg Bird573
    3Jason Coats563
    4Viosergy Rosa549
    5Rosell Herrera546
    6Terrance Gore541
    7Raul Mondesi536
    8Francisco Sosa530
    9Gregory Lorenzo526
    10Eudy Pina523
    Batting Average
    1Rosell Herrera.343
    2Micah Johnson.342
    3Josh Elander.318
    4Francisco Sosa.315
    5Cameron Flynn.308
    6Matt Duffy.307
    7Walker Gourley.304
    8William Carmona.303
    9Drew Turocy.297
    10Mookie Betts.296
    On-Base Percentage
    1Greg Bird.428
    2Micah Johnson.422
    3Rosell Herrera.419
    4Mookie Betts.418
    5Matt Duffy.405
    6Brandon Nimmo.397
    7Francisco Sosa.397
    8Shawn Pleffner.386
    9Tom Murphy.385
    10Will Piwnica-Worms.385
    Slugging Percentage
    1Joey Gallo.610
    2Tom Murphy.590
    3Ryan Rua.559
    4Nick Williams.543
    5Josh Elander.536
    6Micah Johnson.530
    7Francisco Sosa.529
    8Rosell Herrera.515
    9Greg Bird.511
    10Mookie Betts.477
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Tom Murphy975
    2Micah Johnson952
    3Joey Gallo944
    4Greg Bird939
    5Rosell Herrera934
    6Francisco Sosa926
    7Josh Elander917
    8Ryan Rua915
    9Mookie Betts895
    10Nick Williams880
    1Mookie Betts1.450
    2Matt Duffy1.098
    3Tony Renda1.046
    4Will Piwnica-Worms0.859
    5Ben Turner0.833
    6Greg Bird0.811
    7Wes Schill0.789
    8Shawn Pleffner0.776
    9Eric Garcia0.773
    10Nick Vickerson0.754
    2013 Pitching Leaders
    1Gabriel Ynoa15
    2Connor Sadzeck12
    3Lucas Sims12
    4Brett Mooneyham10
    5Daniel Stumpf10
    6Evan Rutckyj10
    7Kendry Flores10
    8Miguel Nunez10
    9Pedro Encarnacion10
    10Chris Stratton9
    1Cody Kukuk13
    2Euclides Leyer13
    3Francois Lafreniere13
    4Matthew Taylor13
    5Austin Brice11
    6Benjamin Hughes11
    7Jefferson Olacio11
    8Justin Haley11
    9Daniel Stumpf10
    10Matt Carasiti10
    1Mason McVay51
    2Rayan Gonzalez49
    3Tyler Mizenko48
    4Delvi Francisco46
    5Stephen Johnson45
    6Hunter Carnevale44
    7Ian Gardeck44
    8Steven Okert44
    9Beck Wheeler43
    10Brook Hart43
    Games Started
    1Parker Bridwell26
    2Benjamin Hughes25
    3Clay Holmes25
    4Daniel Stumpf25
    5Jefferson Olacio25
    6Matthew Taylor25
    7Miguel Almonte25
    8T.J. Oakes25
    9Cody Kukuk24
    10Connor Sadzeck24
    Complete Games
    1Daniel Stumpf4
    2Jefferson Olacio3
    3Benjamin Hughes2
    4Brady Wager1
    5Carl Edwards1
    6Cesar Vargas1
    7Chris Stratton1
    8Gabriel Ynoa1
    9Jacob Dahlstrand1
    10Kendry Flores1
    1Daniel Stumpf1
    2Steven Matz1
    3Wes Parsons1
    Games Finished
    1Tyler Mizenko44
    2Beck Wheeler35
    3Shae Simmons34
    4Delvi Francisco33
    5Mark Peterson33
    6Rayan Gonzalez30
    7Frankie Reed28
    8Kyle Haynes28
    9Raul Fernandez27
    10Blake Logan26
    1Tyler Mizenko25
    2Shae Simmons24
    3Beck Wheeler19
    4Mark Peterson18
    5Raul Fernandez16
    6Jhondaniel Medina13
    7Frankie Reed12
    8Rayan Gonzalez12
    9Alex Claudio11
    10Blake Logan11
    Innings Pitched
    1Parker Bridwell142.2
    2Kendry Flores141.2
    3T.J. Oakes139
    4Matthew Taylor138.1
    5Daniel Stumpf137.2
    6Jefferson Olacio136.2
    7Benjamin Hughes136
    8Francois Lafreniere136
    9Gabriel Ynoa135.2
    10Christian Binford135
    1Benjamin Hughes177
    2Francois Lafreniere159
    3T.J. Oakes153
    4Parker Bridwell141
    5Ramon Del Orbe139
    6Jefferson Olacio136
    7Luis Cessa136
    8Matt Carasiti136
    9Miguel Nunez136
    10Matthew Taylor134
    1Benjamin Hughes103
    2Matt Carasiti93
    3Francois Lafreniere91
    4Jefferson Olacio88
    5Parker Bridwell86
    6Austin Brice84
    7T.J. Oakes83
    8Matthew Taylor78
    9Euclides Leyer76
    10Evan Rutckyj76
    Earned Runs
    1Benjamin Hughes89
    2Matt Carasiti82
    3Francois Lafreniere81
    4Parker Bridwell75
    5Austin Brice72
    6Euclides Leyer71
    7Jefferson Olacio69
    8Evan Rutckyj66
    9T.J. Oakes66
    10Rafael Briceno62
    Home Runs
    1Benjamin Hughes16
    2Dejai Oliver16
    3Francisco Taveras15
    4Yunior Ortega14
    5Austin Maddox13
    6Ramon Del Orbe13
    7Euclides Leyer12
    8Mason Hope12
    9Shane Watson12
    10Austin Brice11
    1Austin Brice82
    2Cody Kukuk81
    3Justin Haley74
    4Mauricio Cabrera71
    5Clay Holmes69
    6Matthew Taylor61
    7Tyler Glasnow61
    8Evan Rutckyj60
    9Parker Bridwell59
    10Jefferson Olacio57
    1Tyler Glasnow164
    2Parker Bridwell144
    3Kendry Flores137
    4Lucas Sims134
    5Miguel Almonte132
    6Christian Binford130
    7Adam Lopez129
    8Justin Haley124
    9Luis Cessa124
    10Chris Stratton123
    Wild Pitches
    1Connor Sadzeck23
    2Evan Rutckyj22
    3Cody Kukuk19
    4Jacob Dahlstrand18
    5Rafael Briceno18
    6Euclides Leyer17
    7Mauricio Cabrera16
    8Pedro Encarnacion16
    9Matthew Taylor15
    10Rayan Gonzalez15
    1Matt Carasiti9
    2Aroni Nina7
    3Mason Hope5
    4Rafael De Paula5
    5Ramon Del Orbe5
    6Mauricio Cabrera4
    7Andrew Brown3
    8Brook Hart3
    9Francois Lafreniere3
    10Justin Schumer3
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Tyler Glasnow2.19
    2Connor Sadzeck2.25
    3Lucas Sims2.62
    4Wes Parsons2.62
    5Steven Matz2.63
    6Christian Binford2.67
    7Gabriel Ynoa2.71
    8Kendry Flores2.73
    9Jason Creasy2.75
    10Daniel Stumpf3.07
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Kendry Flores0.92
    2Gabriel Ynoa1.02
    3Wes Parsons1.02
    4Tyler Glasnow1.04
    5Lucas Sims1.10
    6Daniel Stumpf1.11
    7Cesar Vargas1.12
    8Daniel Camarena1.14
    9Christian Binford1.14
    10Miguel Almonte1.15
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Tyler Glasnow4.38
    2Lucas Sims6.38
    3Cody Kukuk6.48
    4Daniel Stumpf6.72
    5Connor Sadzeck6.95
    6Justin Haley6.98
    7Kendry Flores7.16
    8Cesar Vargas7.17
    9Steven Matz7.30
    10Wes Parsons7.45
    HR per 9 IP
    1Mauricio Cabrera0.21
    2Lucas Sims0.23
    3Connor Sadzeck0.27
    4Matthew Taylor0.33
    5Chris Stratton0.34
    6Steven Matz0.34
    7Miguel Nunez0.35
    8Jefferson Olacio0.39
    9Miguel Almonte0.41
    10Wes Parsons0.41
    BB per 9 IP
    1Gabriel Ynoa1.06
    2Kendry Flores1.08
    3Luis Cessa1.32
    4Daniel Camarena1.53
    5Christian Binford1.67
    6Wes Parsons1.72
    7Jason Creasy2.00
    8T.J. Oakes2.46
    9Miguel Almonte2.47
    10Pedro Encarnacion2.60
    SO per 9 IP
    1Cody Kukuk9.50
    2Miguel Almonte9.07
    3Parker Bridwell9.06
    4Justin Haley8.93
    5Austin Brice8.84
    6Scott Lyman8.74
    7Kendry Flores8.68
    8Christian Binford8.67
    9Luis Cessa8.58
    10Chris Stratton8.39
    1Kendry Flores8.059
    2Gabriel Ynoa6.625
    3Luis Cessa6.526
    4Christian Binford5.200
    5Wes Parsons4.810
    6Daniel Camarena4.368
    7Jason Creasy4.000
    8Miguel Almonte3.667
    9Steven Matz3.184
    10Pedro Encarnacion3.054

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