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2013 International League (AAA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2013 International League Awards
    International League All-Star TeamTony Sanchez C, Chris Colabello 1B, Cesar Hernandez 2B, Cody Asche 3B, Zach Walters SS, Nick Castellanos OF, Billy Hamilton OF, Joey Terdoslavich OF, Mauro Gomez DH, Vince Belnome UT, J.D. Martin SP, Jairo Asencio RP
    International League Manager of the YearCharlie Montoyo
    International League Most Valuable PlayerChris Colabello
    International League Most Valuable PitcherJ.D. Martin
    International League Rookie of the YearChris Colabello
    2013 Batting Leaders
    1Matt Hague142
    2Jordan Lennerton139
    3Danny Dorn137
    4Tim Fedroff136
    5Ernesto Mejia134
    6Nick Castellanos134
    7Zach Walters134
    8Dan Johnson133
    9Will Rhymes133
    10Jeremy Hermida132
    At Bats
    1Matt Hague536
    2Nick Castellanos533
    3Jordan Lennerton514
    4Tim Fedroff513
    5Billy Hamilton504
    6Danny Dorn496
    7Ernesto Mejia489
    8Zach Walters487
    9Jason Pridie479
    10Henry Rodriguez478
    1Nick Castellanos81
    2Vince Belnome77
    3Billy Hamilton75
    4Brandon Guyer73
    5Tim Beckham71
    6Jason Pridie69
    7Zach Walters69
    8Jordan Lennerton68
    9Danny Dorn67
    10Matt Hague67
    1Matt Hague153
    2Nick Castellanos147
    3Jordan Lennerton143
    4Vince Belnome133
    5Cole Figueroa132
    6Henry Rodriguez131
    7Billy Hamilton129
    8Jason Pridie129
    9Danny Dorn128
    10Tim Beckham127
    1Matt Hague37
    2Nick Castellanos37
    3Ernesto Mejia35
    4Vince Belnome35
    5Jared Goedert32
    6Mike Fontenot32
    7Mike Hessman32
    8Zach Walters32
    9Argenis Diaz30
    10Brent Morel30
    1Cesar Hernandez9
    2Antoan Richardson7
    3Tim Beckham7
    4Alex Presley6
    5Anthony Gose6
    6Brandon Guyer6
    7Kevin Kiermaier6
    8Pete Orr6
    9Chris Rahl5
    10Doug Bernier5
    Home Runs
    1Mauro Gomez29
    2Zach Walters29
    3Ernesto Mejia28
    4Danny Dorn25
    5Mike Hessman25
    6Chris Colabello24
    7Dan Johnson21
    8Cody Overbeck19
    9Corey Brown19
    10Andrew Lambo18
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Ernesto Mejia83
    2Danny Dorn82
    3Zach Walters77
    4Chris Colabello76
    5Nick Castellanos76
    6Leslie Anderson74
    7Luis Jimenez73
    8Mauro Gomez73
    9Jeff Clement70
    10Dan Johnson69
    Stolen Bases
    1Billy Hamilton75
    2Ezequiel Carrera43
    3Jeff Kobernus42
    4Felix Pie38
    5Jeremy Hazelbaker37
    6Cesar Hernandez32
    7Darren Ford29
    8Mike McCoy29
    9Antoan Richardson25
    10Eric Farris23
    Caught Stealing
    1Billy Hamilton15
    2Anthony Gose13
    3Ezequiel Carrera12
    4Darren Ford11
    5Tim Fedroff11
    6Felix Pie9
    7Jeff Kobernus9
    8Jose Constanza9
    9Cesar Hernandez8
    10Emmanuel Burriss8
    1Dan Johnson93
    2Jeremy Hermida88
    3Jordan Lennerton84
    4Vince Belnome84
    5Tim Fedroff72
    6Matt Hague71
    7Will Rhymes65
    8Ben Guez62
    9Mike McCoy59
    10Steven Tolleson59
    1Ernesto Mejia152
    2Jeremy Hermida149
    3Cody Overbeck140
    4Ben Guez136
    5Mike Hessman134
    6Zach Walters134
    7Jordan Lennerton133
    8Corey Brown132
    9Danny Dorn131
    10Jeremy Hazelbaker131
    Hit by Pitch
    1Seth Loman15
    2Brandon Guyer14
    3Moises Sierra12
    4Matt Hague11
    5Jackie Bradley10
    6Todd Cunningham10
    7Eury Perez9
    8Kristopher Negron9
    9Mike Fontenot9
    10Ben Guez8
    Intentional Walks
    1Jordan Lennerton6
    2Andrew Lambo4
    3Dan Johnson4
    4Danny Dorn4
    5Jeremy Hermida4
    6Russ Canzler4
    7Vince Belnome4
    8Chris Colabello3
    9Corey Brown3
    10Ernesto Mejia3
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Mike McCoy13
    2Carlos Sanchez11
    3Drew Sutton11
    4Jonathan Diaz11
    5Doug Bernier10
    6Jeremy Hazelbaker10
    7Antoan Richardson9
    8Ryan Goins9
    9Steven Tolleson9
    10Eury Perez8
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Kevin Russo9
    2Cole Figueroa8
    3Luis Jimenez8
    4Steven Tolleson8
    5Andy LaRoche7
    6Danny Dorn7
    7Mike Cervenak7
    8Will Rhymes7
    9Chris Rahl6
    10Cody Overbeck6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Henry Rodriguez20
    2Neftali Soto20
    3Zelous Wheeler18
    4Tim Beckham17
    5Jordan Lennerton16
    6Argenis Diaz15
    7Chris Marrero15
    8Juan Diaz15
    9Luis Jimenez14
    10Mike Cervenak14
    Total Bases
    1Zach Walters252
    2Ernesto Mejia243
    3Nick Castellanos240
    4Danny Dorn228
    5Jordan Lennerton221
    6Matt Hague218
    7Chris Colabello216
    8Mauro Gomez211
    9Jason Pridie208
    10Mike Hessman208
    Plate Appearances
    1Matt Hague622
    2Jordan Lennerton607
    3Nick Castellanos595
    4Tim Fedroff594
    5Jeremy Hermida567
    6Danny Dorn565
    7Dan Johnson559
    8Ernesto Mejia551
    9Billy Hamilton547
    10Cole Figueroa533
    Batting Average
    1Chris Colabello.352
    2Jeff Kobernus.318
    3Joey Terdoslavich.318
    4Steve Susdorf.313
    5Cesar Hernandez.309
    6L.J. Hoes.304
    7Brandon Guyer.301
    8Eury Perez.300
    9Vince Belnome.300
    10Alex Presley.298
    On-Base Percentage
    1Chris Colabello.427
    2Vince Belnome.408
    3L.J. Hoes.406
    4Steve Susdorf.390
    5Jordan Lennerton.382
    6Antoan Richardson.381
    7Steven Tolleson.381
    8Dan Johnson.379
    9Matt Hague.378
    10Alex Presley.376
    Slugging Percentage
    1Chris Colabello.639
    2Joey Terdoslavich.567
    3Mauro Gomez.521
    4Zach Walters.517
    5Ernesto Mejia.497
    6Mike Hessman.495
    7Luis Jimenez.494
    8Cody Asche.485
    9Daniel Butler.479
    10Bryce Brentz.475
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Chris Colabello1066
    2Joey Terdoslavich926
    3Vince Belnome854
    4Luis Jimenez845
    5Jackie Bradley843
    6Mauro Gomez843
    7Cody Asche837
    8Brandon Guyer832
    9Leslie Anderson831
    10Daniel Butler829
    1Will Rhymes2.241
    2Cole Figueroa1.800
    3Dan Johnson1.134
    4L.J. Hoes1.036
    5Chris Gimenez0.905
    6Mike McCoy0.868
    7Leslie Anderson0.862
    8Jason Bourgeois0.816
    9Vince Belnome0.771
    10Ray Olmedo0.766
    2013 Pitching Leaders
    1J.D. Martin16
    2Greg Reynolds12
    3Jason Berken12
    4Andrew Albers11
    5Ethan Martin11
    6Chris Bootcheck10
    7Kris Johnson10
    8Jake Odorizzi9
    9Tanner Roark9
    10Yohan Flande9
    1Daniel Corcino14
    2Shawn Hill14
    3Zach Stewart14
    4Jason Berken12
    5Danny Rosenbaum11
    6Brett Marshall10
    7Chad Reineke10
    8T.J. House10
    9Chris Hernandez9
    10David Hale9
    1Wirfin Obispo54
    2Anthony Carter52
    3Kirby Yates51
    4Michael Crotta51
    5Ryan Buchter51
    6Nick Christiani49
    7Preston Guilmet49
    8Duke Welker48
    9Manny Delcarmen48
    10Kevin Whelan47
    Games Started
    1Danny Rosenbaum28
    2Zach Stewart28
    3J.D. Martin27
    4Jason Berken27
    5Shawn Hill26
    6Brett Marshall25
    7Omar Poveda25
    8Andy Oliver24
    9Justin Germano24
    10Steven Wright24
    Complete Games
    1Andre Rienzo3
    2Andrew Albers3
    3Greg Reynolds3
    4Steven Wright3
    5Vance Worley3
    6Chris Bootcheck2
    7Justin Germano2
    8Kyle Gibson2
    9Ross Ohlendorf2
    10T.J. House2
    1Steven Wright3
    2Kyle Gibson2
    3Andre Rienzo1
    4Andrew Albers1
    5Blaine Hardy1
    6Greg Reynolds1
    7Jake Arrieta1
    8P.J. Walters1
    9Scott Diamond1
    10Vance Worley1
    Games Finished
    1Anthony Carter40
    2Jairo Asencio40
    3Kirby Yates38
    4Preston Guilmet34
    5Erik Davis32
    6Cory Rasmus30
    7Duke Welker30
    8Vic Black30
    9Michael Crotta29
    10Jumbo Diaz27
    1Jairo Asencio28
    2Anthony Carter24
    3Kirby Yates20
    4Preston Guilmet20
    5Josh Lueke17
    6Vic Black17
    7Neil Wagner16
    8Erik Davis15
    9Bruce Rondon14
    10Cory Rasmus14
    Innings Pitched
    1Zach Stewart167.1
    2Omar Poveda164
    3Jason Berken161
    4J.D. Martin160.1
    5Danny Rosenbaum158.1
    6Greg Reynolds156.1
    7Justin Germano151
    8Shawn Hill150.1
    9Yunesky Maya146.1
    10T.J. House141.2
    1Shawn Hill191
    2Zach Stewart187
    3Justin Germano184
    4Jason Berken171
    5J.D. Martin168
    6Danny Rosenbaum167
    7Joe Martinez163
    8T.J. House163
    9Yunesky Maya157
    10Omar Poveda154
    1Shawn Hill105
    2Daniel Corcino95
    3Zach Stewart89
    4Brett Marshall88
    5Danny Rosenbaum84
    6Justin Germano84
    7Ricky Romero81
    8Joe Martinez80
    9Chris Hernandez76
    10T.J. House76
    Earned Runs
    1Shawn Hill92
    2Daniel Corcino84
    3Brett Marshall79
    4Zach Stewart79
    5Joe Martinez76
    6Justin Germano75
    7Ricky Romero73
    8Danny Rosenbaum68
    9Jason Berken68
    10T.J. House68
    Home Runs
    1Tyler Cloyd21
    2Chad Reineke19
    3Joe Martinez19
    4Brett Marshall17
    5Daniel Corcino17
    6Pedro Villarreal17
    7Shawn Hill17
    8David Bush16
    9Zach Stewart16
    10Chris Bootcheck15
    1Andy Oliver112
    2Ryan Tatusko77
    3Daniel Corcino73
    4Trevor Bauer73
    5Brett Marshall68
    6Danny Rosenbaum67
    7Ethan Martin67
    8Steven Wright65
    9Ricky Romero63
    10Omar Poveda59
    1Andy Oliver138
    2Omar Poveda133
    3Jake Odorizzi124
    4Zach Stewart122
    5Brett Marshall120
    6Jason Berken117
    7Andrew Albers116
    8Allen Webster116
    9J.D. Martin116
    10Jose Alvarez115
    Wild Pitches
    1Mike Montgomery15
    2Steven Wright14
    3Phillippe Aumont13
    4Brett Marshall12
    5Thad Weber12
    6Ricky Romero10
    7Allen Webster9
    8Ethan Martin9
    9Omar Poveda9
    10Ryan Tatusko9
    1Danny Rosenbaum4
    2Greg Smith4
    3Tony Pena4
    4Leyson Septimo3
    5Mike Stutes3
    6Yunesky Maya3
    7Adam Morgan2
    8Caleb Cotham2
    9Cesar Jimenez2
    10Ethan Martin2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Kris Johnson2.38
    2Greg Reynolds2.42
    3J.D. Martin2.76
    4Jose Alvarez2.79
    5Andrew Albers2.86
    6David Hale3.21
    7Yohan Pino3.27
    8Brandon Cumpton3.32
    9Jake Odorizzi3.34
    10Steven Wright3.47
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Greg Reynolds1.06
    2Jose Alvarez1.08
    3Jake Odorizzi1.14
    4Kris Johnson1.17
    5Andrew Albers1.18
    6Yohan Pino1.19
    7J.D. Martin1.21
    8Chris Bootcheck1.28
    9Yunesky Maya1.29
    10Brandon Cumpton1.30
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Andy Oliver7.19
    2Ethan Martin7.29
    3Jake Odorizzi7.33
    4Kris Johnson7.68
    5Jose Alvarez7.95
    6Greg Reynolds8.02
    7Andre Rienzo8.36
    8Andrew Albers8.45
    9Omar Poveda8.45
    10Brandon Cumpton8.48
    HR per 9 IP
    1Greg Reynolds0.35
    2Kris Johnson0.40
    3Andy Oliver0.44
    4Brandon Cumpton0.44
    5Ryan Tatusko0.52
    6Yohan Pino0.52
    7Andre Rienzo0.56
    8Danny Rosenbaum0.57
    9Yohan Flande0.62
    10Yunesky Maya0.62
    BB per 9 IP
    1J.D. Martin1.46
    2Greg Reynolds1.50
    3Justin Germano1.61
    4Jose Alvarez1.74
    5Joe Martinez1.87
    6Yunesky Maya1.91
    7Zach Stewart1.99
    8Tyler Cloyd2.07
    9Andrew Albers2.18
    10Yohan Pino2.23
    SO per 9 IP
    1Andre Rienzo9.00
    2Jake Odorizzi9.00
    3Ethan Martin8.30
    4Jose Alvarez8.02
    5Yohan Pino7.96
    6Andrew Albers7.91
    7Trevor Bauer7.88
    8Brett Marshall7.77
    9Ryan Tatusko7.44
    10Tyler Cloyd7.41
    1Jose Alvarez4.600
    2J.D. Martin4.462
    3Justin Germano3.815
    4Greg Reynolds3.731
    5Andrew Albers3.625
    6Tyler Cloyd3.577
    7Yohan Pino3.567
    8Joe Martinez3.333
    9Zach Stewart3.297
    10Yunesky Maya3.194

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