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1Rafael BautistaOF WAN   in minors Hagerstown [A]GCL Nationals5220244657212726718349512.322.400.391791
2Yonathan Mejia1B HOU   in minors Tri City [A-]GCL Astros5922227721902326212281140.324.356.437793
3Gosuke Katoh2B NYY   in minors Charleston (Sc) [A]GCL Yankees5018428571156254227442112.310.402.522924
4Wilmer Oberto1B PHI   in minors Lakewood [A]GCL Phillies5118731591046450016377023.316.387.508895
5Thomas CollinsOF TOR   in minors Gulf Coast Blue Jays [Rk]GCL Blue Jays5218736571332256023294015.305.391.439830
6Nathan MikolasOF NYY   in minors Gulf Coast Yankees [Rk]GCL Yankees 25619527501215356225507042.256.355.405760
7Javier BetancourtSS-3B DET   in minors West Michigan [A]GCL Tigers501772859922225312144753.333.379.441820
8Franklin BarretoSS TOR   in minors Bluefield [Rk]GCL Blue Jays44174305216641910413426101.299.368.529897
9Reed HarperSS-2B ATL   in minors Rome [A]GCL Braves5418926561311164322185113.296.382.392774
10Austin MeadowsOF PIT   in minors Jamestown [A-]GCL Pirates4316029471155203224424103.294.399.519918
11Tyler WadeSS NYY   in minors Charleston (Sc) [A]GCL Yankees46162375010001211132422203.309.429.370799
12Reese McGuireC PIT   in minors West Virginia [A]GCL Pirates4617630581100215115183225.330.388.392780
13Alexander Simon1B TB   in minors Bowling Green [A]GCL Devil Rays5820825616502212819501013.293.354.370724
14Justin VieleSS BAL   in minors Delmarva [A]GCL Orioles491612944702149431285602.273.406.354760
15Jason MartinOF HOU   in minors Gulf Coast Astros [Rk]GCL Astros5017935458401711729311411.251.357.341698
16Christopher Breen1B NYY   in minors Gulf Coast Yankees [Rk]GCL Yankees5320131431035343019564024.214.292.368660
17Ronarsy Ledesma3B BAL   in minors Aberdeen [A-]GCL Orioles5319023491532287410358124.258.319.400719
18Daniel Arribas1B-C PIT   in minors Gulf Coast Pirates [Rk]GCL Pirates501663251820195323363715.307.399.380779
19Thairo EstradaSS NYY   in minors Gulf Coast Yankees [Rk]GCL Yankees 25017628491152177512308213.278.350.432782
20Drew Ward3B WAN   in minors Hagerstown [A]GCL Nationals4916824491301282425446006.292.402.387789
21Rafael Medina3B STL   in minors Gulf Coast Cardinals [Rk]GCL Cardinals5117729501012242219201047.282.348.384732
22Renzo Martini1B-3B NYY   in minors Gulf Coast Yankees [Rk]GCL Yankees 22593132990111118151025.312.365.441806
  1B-3B NYY   in minors Gulf Coast Yankees [Rk]GCL Yankees2898112250213009172011.224.300.337637
23Dominic Smith1B NYM   in minors Savannah [A]GCL Mets481672348913222424374034.287.384.407791
24Riley UnroeSS TB   in minors Gulf Coast Rays [Rk]GCL Devil Rays461673441731157233432001.246.376.341717
25Wuilmer BecerraRF-OF NYM   MinorsGCL Mets5217321426012556206010121.243.351.295646
26Kean Wong2B TB   in minors Bowling Green [A]GCL Devil Rays461772758720227111223303.328.377.390767
27Wendell Rijo2B BOS   in minors Greenville [A]GCL Red Sox49170284615002015522296235.271.368.359727
28Andrickson ZorrillaOF BAL   in minors Gulf Coast Orioles [Rk]GCL Orioles491692334813188130601010.201.323.314637
29Ulises Montilla2B PIT   in minors Gulf Coast Pirates [Rk]GCL Pirates4315518451621330016253521.290.364.439803
30Abiatal AvelinoSS NYY   in minors Charleston (Sc) [A]GCL Yankees 21770212854013171942002.400.481.5861067
  SS NYY   in minors Charleston (Sc) [A]GCL Yankees17581415210493771102.259.348.328676
31Jose Zambrano2B DET   in minors West Michigan [A]GCL Tigers431542135513323614101466.227.286.331617
32Jose PaezOF TB   in minors Gulf Coast Rays [Rk]GCL Devil Rays45182204366114969483101.236.284.352636
33Jorge AlcantaraOF Free AgentGCL Yankees 247135202914022815522382123.215.329.363692
34Bryan Cuevas2B NYY   in minors Gulf Coast Yankees [Rk]GCL Yankees 2218617263214236221002.302.355.419774
  2B NYY   in minors Gulf Coast Yankees [Rk]GCL Yankees26100162441213409200125.240.297.360657
35Jason KanzlerOF MIN   in minors Cedar Rapids [A]GCL Twins4415919356631513113502113.220.286.390676
36Jose PujolsRF-OF PHI   in minors Gulf Coast Phillies [Rk]GCL Phillies451602730726181319561105.187.278.369647
37Jose Solano3B-2B HOU   in minors Greeneville [Rk]GCL Astros411402742916289311300010.300.349.507856
38Ivan WilsonOF Recently ActiveGCL Mets4716016354311513222652003.219.321.300621
39Bryan Mejia2B WAN   in minors Gulf Coast Nationals [Rk]GCL Nationals441683044670201023255213.262.294.381675
40Austin AuneRF-OF NYY   in minors Gulf Coast Yankees [Rk]GCL Yankees41156133091012028720014.192.230.263493
41Javaris ReynoldsOF Free AgentGCL Astros491522230021159514535700.197.287.243530
42Nick BucknerOF PIT   in minors Gulf Coast Pirates [Rk]GCL Pirates40147113682131438413243.245.290.347637
43Miles WilliamsOF MIA   in minors Gulf Coast Marlins [Rk]GCL Marlins4213413217011202125111002.157.280.231511
44Jose FigueroaOF NYY   in minors Gulf Coast Yankees [Rk]GCL Yankees 25115925405211713323311231.252.344.327671
45Osvaldo AbreuSS WAN   in minors Gulf Coast Nationals [Rk]GCL Nationals44147244212102416619241311.286.369.381750
46Gabriel Cenas1B TOR   in minors Gulf Coast Blue Jays [Rk]GCL Blue Jays441391636923320217324041.259.348.417765
47Luis TorrensC NYY   in minors Charleston (Sc) [A]GCL Yankees 2481741742701142027402018.241.348.299647
48Jose Javier2B NYY   in minors Gulf Coast Yankees [Rk]GCL Yankees 245158223910322111110290345.247.285.386671
49Jordon AustinOF BOS   in minors Gulf Coast Red Sox [Rk]GCL Red Sox401161523710612021551010.198.324.276600
50Leobaldo PinaSS STL   in minors Gulf Coast Cardinals [Rk]GCL Cardinals481762948350138212302003.273.326.347673
51Zach LarsonOF MIN   in minors Cedar Rapids [A]GCL Twins351202538604199010234122.317.382.467849
52Fernelys SanchezOF ATL   in minors Gulf Coast Braves [Rk]GCL Braves461622038722188418731102.235.315.340655
53Hayden JenningsOF WAN   in minors Gulf Coast Nationals [Rk]GCL Nationals4413722347301712311482400.248.313.343656
54Cord SandbergOF PHI   in minors Gulf Coast Phillies [Rk]GCL Phillies481692335312144324362107.207.313.272585
55Miguel Andujar3B NYY   in minors Charleston (Sc) [A]GCL Yankees 2341331843110425417213015.323.368.496864
56Amaurys Minier3B MIN   in minors Gulf Coast Twins [Rk]GCL Twins31112102452617116290013.214.252.455707
57Alex SwimC-1B MIN   in minors Gulf Coast Twins [Rk]GCL Twins371221635700120014141230.287.357.344701
58J.P. CrawfordSS PHI   in minors Lakewood [A]GCL Phillies3914224498311912525250100.345.443.465908
59Cody LivesayOF ATL   in minors Rome [A]GCL Braves4115725455001318214251113.287.347.318665
60Carlos OzunaSS-2B PIT   in minors Gulf Coast Pirates [Rk]GCL Pirates391421629420202310361722.204.258.261519
61Jesus Ustariz1B STL   MinorsGCL Tigers4212926391104215319166124.302.410.481891
62Jimmy FallaOF Free AgentGCL Yankees351211626700170110323015.215.289.273562
63Chad Christensen3B MIN   in minors Cedar Rapids [A]GCL Twins471622338733214213214243.235.301.370671
64Jean BatistaOF HOU   in minors Gulf Coast Astros [Rk]GCL Astros2493172636315101161002.280.295.538833
65Steve Fuentes3B DET   in minors Gulf Coast Tigers [Rk]GCL Tigers4615126411022245012418121.272.353.404757
66Rashad BrownOF DET   in minors Gulf Coast Tigers [Rk]GCL Tigers421441645120136212258310.312.394.347741
67Brady Steiger1B NYY   in minors Gulf Coast Yankees [Rk]GCL Yankees 218608144005121494001.233.410.300710
68Branden Kaupe2B NYM   in minors Kingsport [Rk]GCL Mets41131202800038129330111.214.354.214568
69Jonatan Hinojosa2B MIN   in minors Gulf Coast Twins [Rk]GCL Twins4814024334501510214281300.236.310.336646
70Josh AlmonteOF TOR   in minors Gulf Coast Blue Jays [Rk]GCL Blue Jays48144162460110538584212.167.229.229458
71Ydarqui MarteOF HOU   in minors Tri City [A-]GCL Astros491461736902153114302525.247.317.349666
72K.J. WoodsOF MIA   in minors Gulf Coast Marlins [Rk]GCL Marlins43144152940163117536013.201.310.250560
73Ricardo BautistaOF STL   in minors Gulf Coast Cardinals [Rk]GCL Cardinals341021426700130215282143.255.350.324674
74Daniel Arcila1B Free AgentGCL Blue Jays1612100211120000.333.429.500929
75Aaron BlantonSS MIA   in minors Batavia [A-]GCL Marlins47136133450062227352023.250.377.287664
76Jose MorelOF ATL   in minors Rome [A]GCL Braves4013220376002113113191022.280.345.326671
77Trae ArbetSS PIT   in minors Gulf Coast Pirates [Rk]GCL Pirates42144162573010424437300.174.232.264496
78Tim RemesC DET   in minors West Michigan [A]GCL Tigers25811522405190013203012.272.388.506894
79Chris Rivera2B STL   in minors Gulf Coast Cardinals [Rk]GCL Cardinals39133182660519119332011.195.255.353608
80Victor CastroOF MIA   in minors Greensboro [A]GCL Marlins351191234110420019273012.286.348.479827
81Oswald CaraballoOF Recently ActiveGCL Mets44123132493012129193048.195.259.317576
82Luis De La RosaOF Free AgentGCL Astros28828112118323288103.134.237.220457
83Tyler White3B HOU   in minors Quad Cities [A]GCL Astros186311239011502777010.365.474.5561030
84Mike MeyersOF BOS   in minors Lowell [A-]GCL Red Sox268610226006338240411.256.316.326642
85Luis GuillormeSS Recently ActiveGCL Mets411592241400116417172402.258.337.283620
86Oscar MercadoSS STL   in minors Gulf Coast Cardinals [Rk]GCL Cardinals4216318345411412417393030.209.290.307597
87Nick FerdinandOF PHI   in minors Clearwater [A+]GCL Phillies391421437915222110263105.261.323.444767
88Will Dupont2B TOR   in minors Gulf Coast Blue Jays [Rk]GCL Blue Jays2661131630010326131001.262.338.311649
89Leon Canelon2B Recently ActiveGCL Mets471512542621217111322245.278.327.364691
90Sandy BritoOF TB   MinorsGCL Yankees 21849101011132010240000.204.339.327666
  OF TB   MinorsGCL Yankees22757105013207300201.133.207.240447
91Carlos TorresOF STL   in minors Gulf Coast Cardinals [Rk]GCL Cardinals451471433314226310351134.224.273.340613
92Carlos Duran1B MIA   in minors Gulf Coast Marlins [Rk]GCL Marlins451711344121220008132006.257.298.374672
93DeAndre AsburyOF-RF STL   in minors Gulf Coast Cardinals [Rk]GCL Cardinals431174215107329366302.179.273.239512
94Nathan Minnich1B BOS   in minors Lowell [A-]GCL Red Sox2160516101070110174012.267.400.467867
95Aneudis Peralta3B BOS   in minors Gulf Coast Red Sox [Rk]GCL Red Sox4415320441200201211222020.288.339.366705
96Omar ObregonSS ATL   in minors Gulf Coast Braves [Rk]GCL Braves331101125010115113133401.227.325.245570
97Raymel FloresSS BOS   in minors Gulf Coast Red Sox [Rk]GCL Red Sox491351525540139622414130.185.311.281592
98Ismael SalgadoOF DET   in minors Gulf Coast Tigers [Rk]GCL Tigers4110711225009126250131.206.241.252493
99Vicente LupoOF Recently ActiveGCL Mets371091324414154313502023.220.310.385695
100Ron Miller1B MIA   in minors Gulf Coast Marlins [Rk]GCL Marlins44154122861281011525003.182.259.273532
101Eduardo de OleoC NYY   in minors Charleston (Sc) [A]GCL Yankees3713815391013261110254002.283.349.435784
102Edwin Fuentes3B TOR   in minors Gulf Coast Blue Jays [Rk]GCL Blue Jays51165243450097116294212.206.290.236526
103Iramis Olivencia2B MIA   in minors Gulf Coast Marlins [Rk]GCL Marlins44148132134214008472114.142.195.257452
104Samuel CrafortOF DET   in minors Gulf Coast Tigers [Rk]GCL Tigers1959142040412119200012.339.420.6101030
105Nick CiuffoC TB   in minors Gulf Coast Rays [Rk]GCL Devil Rays43159114161025009400015.258.296.308604
106Jean Rodriguez3B-SS Recently ActiveGCL Mets461551932610174213360423.206.265.258523
107Cory VaughnOF NYM   in minors Binghamton [AA]GCL Mets92945120120990110.172.359.345704
108Deiner Lopez2B-SS BOS   in minors Lowell [A-]GCL Red Sox258811254407854204100.284.344.420764
109Josh HartOF BAL   in minors Delmarva [A]GCL Orioles331231428520911313232104.228.312.301613
110Henrry RosarioOF PIT   in minors Gulf Coast Pirates [Rk]GCL Pirates1445680001215100400.178.260.178438
111Bryan HudsonOF BOS   in minors Gulf Coast Red Sox [Rk]GCL Red Sox431351841600156123391210.304.406.348754
112Rowdy Tellez1B TOR   in minors Gulf Coast Blue Jays [Rk]GCL Blue Jays341241029532201015261013.234.319.371690
113Thomas MiloneOF TB   in minors Hudson Valley [A-]GCL Devil Rays4014218272404517383103.190.243.261504
114Willie MedinaSS-2B WAN   in minors Hagerstown [A]GCL Nationals391142126100121049246014.228.315.237552
115Jhoan Urena3B Recently ActiveGCL Mets471571947630204113340014.299.351.376727
116Adonis PachecoOF MIN   in minors Gulf Coast Twins [Rk]GCL Twins461421632641125214190020.225.291.345636
117Jan Hernandez3B PHI   in minors Gulf Coast Phillies [Rk]GCL Phillies391241626613147212503022.210.291.347638
118Dustin FowlerOF NYY   in minors Gulf Coast Yankees [Rk]GCL Yankees301128278409314231001.241.274.384658
119Jacob StoneP STL   in minors Gulf Coast Cardinals [Rk]GCL Cardinals4113115391121200114223023.298.373.435808
120Orvin TovarOF DET   in minors Gulf Coast Tigers [Rk]GCL Tigers501562537801162115233212.237.314.308622
121Jose Marmolejos-Diaz1B WAN   in minors Gulf Coast Nationals [Rk]GCL Nationals4314127441102211114271021.312.373.433806
122Jacob NottinghamC HOU   in minors Gulf Coast Astros [Rk]GCL Astros4414623361021204221383032.247.347.363710
123Sean HurleyOF TOR   in minors Gulf Coast Blue Jays [Rk]GCL Blue Jays491392130722121023422104.216.335.338673
124Luis ReynosoSS HOU   in minors Greeneville [Rk]GCL Astros431462034331186618353131.233.324.315639
125Juan Avila3B MIA   in minors Greensboro [A]GCL Marlins42143122741111119235006.189.261.252513
126Jonathan Schoop2B BAL   40mGCL Orioles82599203900660012.360.469.8001269
127Ian Hagenmiller3B ATL   in minors Gulf Coast Braves [Rk]GCL Braves411331430510121313492003.226.304.278582
128Diomedes Eusebio1B WAN   in minors Gulf Coast Nationals [Rk]GCL Nationals36100173360216227182314.330.382.450832

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