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2013 Carolina League (A+)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2013 Carolina League Awards
    Carolina League All-Star TeamMike Ohlman C, Trever Adams 1B, Rougned Odor 2B, Chris Curley 3B, Francisco Lindor SS, Joey Wendle UT-IF, Billy Burns OF, Keury De la cruz OF, Michael Taylor OF, David Rohm UT-OF, Robby Hefflinger DH, Cody Anderson SP, Robert Benincasa RP
    Carolina League Manager of the YearJason Wood
    Carolina League Most Valuable PlayerChris Curley
    Carolina League Pitcher of the YearCody Anderson
    2013 Batting Leaders
    1Chris Curley136
    2Trever Adams135
    3Joey Demichele134
    4Jordan Smith134
    5Keury De la cruz133
    6Michael Taylor133
    7Kyle Kubitza132
    8Matt Lipka131
    9David Rohm130
    10Henry Ramos129
    At Bats
    1Joey Demichele541
    2Keury De la cruz535
    3Chris Curley533
    4Matt Lipka525
    5Jordan Smith518
    6Michael Taylor509
    7Trever Adams506
    8David Rohm496
    9Justin Trapp487
    10Caleb Ramsey483
    1Chris Curley90
    2Joey Demichele87
    3Caleb Ramsey81
    4Michael Taylor79
    5David Rohm77
    6Matt Lipka76
    7Kyle Kubitza75
    8Joey Wendle73
    9Jordan Smith71
    10Billy Burns70
    1Jordan Smith151
    2David Rohm150
    3Chris Curley149
    4Caleb Ramsey140
    5Keury De la cruz138
    6Michael Taylor134
    7Joey Demichele133
    8Matt Lipka132
    9Trever Adams130
    10Elmer Reyes125
    1Michael Taylor41
    2Joey Demichele37
    3Keury De la cruz36
    4Jeremy Farrell35
    5David Rohm33
    6Rougned Odor33
    7Joey Wendle32
    8Elmer Reyes30
    9Adrian Nieto29
    10Blake Swihart29
    1Billy Burns9
    2David Rohm8
    3Blake Swihart7
    4Drew Robinson7
    5Henry Ramos7
    6Matt Lipka7
    7Adam Heisler6
    8Francisco Lindor6
    9Francisco Soriano6
    10Jack Lopez6
    Home Runs
    1Chris Curley24
    2Robby Hefflinger21
    3Courtney Hawkins19
    4Joey Wendle16
    5Will Skinner16
    6Sean Coyle14
    7Kevin Keyes13
    8Mike Ohlman13
    9Nicky Delmonico13
    10Dennis Raben12
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Chris Curley92
    2Keury De la cruz89
    3Michael Taylor87
    4Trever Adams82
    5Kevin Keyes79
    6Jeremy Farrell74
    7Kevan Smith73
    8Drew Robinson70
    9Joey Wendle64
    10Courtney Hawkins62
    Stolen Bases
    1Billy Burns54
    2Michael Taylor51
    3John Ruettiger43
    4Matt Lipka37
    5Jack Lopez27
    6Luis Sardinas27
    7Rougned Odor27
    8Justin Trapp25
    9Lane Adams23
    10Micah Johnson22
    Caught Stealing
    1Kyle Kubitza16
    2Matt Lipka14
    3Henry Ramos12
    4Jack Lopez11
    5Ethan Chapman10
    6Christopher Grayson9
    7David Rohm9
    8Jordan Smith9
    9Justin Trapp9
    10Keury De la cruz9
    1Kyle Kubitza80
    2Cutter Dykstra77
    3Drew Robinson72
    4Jake Skole69
    5Jerome Pena66
    6Joey Demichele62
    7Jordan Smith62
    8Jerrud Sabourin56
    9Mike Ohlman56
    10Henry Ramos55
    1Courtney Hawkins160
    2Kevin Keyes132
    3Kyle Kubitza132
    4Michael Taylor131
    5Keury De la cruz130
    6Joey Demichele126
    7Drew Robinson124
    8Jerome Pena123
    9Justin Trapp118
    10Trever Adams118
    Hit by Pitch
    1Paddy Matera18
    2Jeremy Farrell17
    3Kevan Smith15
    4Rougned Odor15
    5Kellin Deglan14
    6Sammie Starr13
    7Billy Burns12
    8Justin Trapp12
    9Matt Lipka12
    10Bryson Myles11
    Intentional Walks
    1Jerome Pena4
    2Henry Ramos3
    3Jared Schlehuber3
    4Michael Gilmartin3
    5Billy Burns2
    6Blake Swihart2
    7Chris Curley2
    8Christopher Grayson2
    9David Rohm2
    10Drew Robinson2
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Justin Trapp13
    2Jack Lopez11
    3Matty Johnson11
    4Adrian Sanchez10
    5Ethan Chapman10
    6Geulin Beltre8
    7Matthew Weaver7
    8Billy Burns6
    9Francisco Lindor6
    10Henry Ramos6
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Bryson Myles9
    2Chris Curley8
    3Jerrud Sabourin8
    4Parker Morin8
    5Trever Adams8
    6Henry Ramos7
    7Keury De la cruz7
    8Michael Taylor7
    9Sammie Starr7
    10Caleb Ramsey6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Jordan Smith17
    2Jerrud Sabourin16
    3Jared Schlehuber15
    4Kevin Keyes15
    5Caleb Ramsey13
    6Glynn Davis13
    7Kevan Smith13
    8Sammie Starr12
    9Trever Adams12
    10Adrian Sanchez11
    Total Bases
    1Chris Curley251
    2Michael Taylor217
    3Keury De la cruz213
    4Joey Wendle212
    5Jordan Smith207
    6David Rohm205
    7Joey Demichele198
    8Henry Ramos195
    9Trever Adams195
    10Justin Trapp190
    Plate Appearances
    1Joey Demichele615
    2Chris Curley604
    3Jordan Smith586
    4Michael Taylor581
    5Trever Adams577
    6Keury De la cruz575
    7Matt Lipka571
    8Justin Trapp566
    9Henry Ramos540
    10David Rohm536
    Batting Average
    1Mike Ohlman.313
    2Billy Burns.312
    3Rangel Ravelo.312
    4Francisco Lindor.306
    5Rougned Odor.305
    6David Rohm.302
    7Jared Schlehuber.299
    8Blake Swihart.298
    9Luis Sardinas.298
    10Joey Wendle.295
    On-Base Percentage
    1Billy Burns.422
    2Cutter Dykstra.413
    3Mike Ohlman.410
    4Stefan Welch.409
    5Rangel Ravelo.393
    6Zane Chavez.390
    7Jared Schlehuber.388
    8Kyle Kubitza.380
    9Mark Haddow.376
    10Adrian Nieto.373
    Slugging Percentage
    1Robby Hefflinger.579
    2Mike Ohlman.524
    3Joey Wendle.513
    4Stefan Welch.476
    5Jared Schlehuber.475
    6Chris Curley.471
    7Kevan Smith.464
    8Rangel Ravelo.455
    9Rougned Odor.454
    10Adrian Nieto.449
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Mike Ohlman934
    2Robby Hefflinger918
    3Joey Wendle885
    4Stefan Welch885
    5Jared Schlehuber863
    6Rangel Ravelo848
    7Kevan Smith834
    8Zane Chavez829
    9Rougned Odor823
    10Adrian Nieto822
    1Billy Burns1.405
    2Cutter Dykstra1.069
    3Francisco Lindor0.897
    4Jerrud Sabourin0.875
    5Rangel Ravelo0.870
    6Jordan Smith0.861
    7Zane Chavez0.821
    8Preston Beck0.758
    9Jared Schlehuber0.745
    10Jake Skole0.734
    2013 Pitching Leaders
    1Blake Schwartz11
    2Bryan Blough11
    3Christopher Beck11
    4Sam Selman11
    5Tim Berry11
    6Nick Martinez10
    7Alec Asher9
    8Cody Anderson9
    9Greg Holt9
    10Greg Ross9
    1Shawn Morimando13
    2John Lamb12
    3Bryan Blough11
    4Brady Wager10
    5A.J. Holland9
    6Cody Fassold9
    7Kyle Stroup9
    8Sam Selman9
    9William Cuevas9
    10Zach Davies9
    1Nate Hyatt43
    2Rob Nixon43
    3Greg Holt42
    4John Cornely42
    5Ryan Harvey42
    6Gene Escat41
    7J.D. Reichenbach41
    8Jesse Beal40
    9Wilson Rivera40
    10Andrew Triggs39
    Games Started
    1Bryan Blough28
    2Sam Selman27
    3Shawn Morimando27
    4Tim Berry27
    5Mike Augliera26
    6William Cuevas26
    7Zach Davies26
    8Alec Asher25
    9Jarrett Miller25
    10A.J. Holland23
    Complete Games
    1Bryan Blough3
    2Robbie Ray3
    3Taylor Hill2
    4Blake Schwartz1
    5Brady Wager1
    6Christopher Beck1
    7Greg Ross1
    8Jake Cose1
    9Kyle Stroup1
    10Kyle Zimmer1
    1Taylor Hill2
    2Brady Wager1
    3Bryan Blough1
    4Christopher Beck1
    5Kyle Zimmer1
    6Leonel Santiago1
    7Myles Jaye1
    Games Finished
    1Andrew Triggs37
    2John Cornely34
    3Nate Hyatt33
    4Cody Winiarski32
    5Ryan Harvey30
    6Mathew Price27
    7Gene Escat26
    8Nate Striz26
    9J.D. Reichenbach23
    10Jeff Johnson23
    1Robert Benincasa17
    2Nate Hyatt12
    3John Cornely11
    4Cody Winiarski10
    5Andrew Triggs9
    6Jeff Johnson8
    7Nate Striz8
    8Ryan Harvey8
    9Francisco Mendoza7
    10Brandon Hardin6
    Innings Pitched
    1Bryan Blough172.2
    2Tim Berry152
    3Zach Davies148.2
    4Jarrett Miller147
    5Mike Augliera140.1
    6William Cuevas135.1
    7Shawn Morimando135
    8Alec Asher133.1
    9Blake Schwartz132.2
    10Sam Selman125.1
    1Bryan Blough184
    2Tim Berry156
    3Mike Augliera146
    4Zach Davies145
    5William Cuevas139
    6Jarrett Miller135
    7A.J. Holland130
    8Myles Jaye122
    9Alec Asher120
    10Greg Ross120
    1Bryan Blough90
    2William Cuevas82
    3Tim Berry80
    4A.J. Holland75
    5Mike Augliera74
    6Zach Davies72
    7Jarrett Miller69
    8Shawn Morimando68
    9Navery Moore64
    10Victor Payano64
    Earned Runs
    1William Cuevas76
    2Bryan Blough73
    3Mike Augliera66
    4Tim Berry65
    5A.J. Holland64
    6Jarrett Miller61
    7Victor Payano61
    8Zach Davies61
    9Navery Moore60
    10John Lamb58
    Home Runs
    1John Lamb13
    2Tim Berry13
    3William Cuevas13
    4A.J. Cole12
    5Christopher Beck11
    6Mike McCarthy11
    7Victor Payano11
    8Alec Asher10
    9Mike Augliera10
    10Zach Davies10
    1Sam Selman85
    2Shawn Morimando76
    3Jarrett Miller63
    4A.J. Holland59
    5Jake Cose57
    6Victor Payano57
    7Bryan Blough55
    8Henry Owens53
    9Heri Quevedo52
    10Tyler Sample49
    1Alec Asher139
    2Zach Davies132
    3Sam Selman128
    4Henry Owens123
    5Jarrett Miller122
    6Tim Berry119
    7Kyle Zimmer113
    8Cody Anderson112
    9William Cuevas109
    10Nick Martinez105
    Wild Pitches
    1Jarrett Miller16
    2A.J. Holland12
    3Malcolm Culver12
    4Sam Selman12
    5William Cuevas12
    6Cody Fassold11
    7Jake Cose11
    8Jerad Eickhoff11
    9Nate Striz11
    10Tyler Sample11
    1Nick Martinez3
    2Shawn Morimando3
    3A.J. Holland2
    4Alec Asher2
    5Andrew Triggs2
    6Brady Wager2
    7Braulio Ortiz2
    8Joseph Colon2
    9Robinson Yambati2
    10Sam Selman2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Cody Anderson2.34
    2Blake Schwartz2.64
    3Kyle Smith2.86
    4Nick Martinez2.87
    5Alec Asher2.91
    6Henry Owens2.91
    7Christopher Beck3.10
    8Greg Ross3.27
    9Sam Selman3.38
    10Jerad Eickhoff3.41
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Blake Schwartz1.08
    2Cody Anderson1.11
    3Henry Owens1.13
    4Jerad Eickhoff1.17
    5Kyle Smith1.17
    6Alec Asher1.20
    7Nick Martinez1.21
    8Zach Davies1.23
    9Greg Ross1.29
    10Tim Berry1.29
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Henry Owens5.66
    2Sam Selman6.34
    3Shawn Morimando7.67
    4Cody Anderson7.68
    5Blake Schwartz7.92
    6Nick Martinez8.02
    7Kyle Smith8.05
    8Alec Asher8.12
    9Jarrett Miller8.27
    10Jerad Eickhoff8.53
    HR per 9 IP
    1Greg Ross0.22
    2Sam Selman0.22
    3Nick Martinez0.38
    4Bryan Blough0.42
    5Jarrett Miller0.43
    6Cody Anderson0.44
    7Henry Owens0.51
    8A.J. Holland0.53
    9Shawn Morimando0.53
    10Blake Schwartz0.54
    BB per 9 IP
    1Blake Schwartz1.76
    2Jerad Eickhoff2.02
    3Cody Anderson2.27
    4Zach Davies2.30
    5Tim Berry2.37
    6Mike Augliera2.44
    7Kyle Smith2.51
    8William Cuevas2.67
    9Greg Ross2.68
    10Alec Asher2.71
    SO per 9 IP
    1Alec Asher9.41
    2Sam Selman9.22
    3Kyle Smith8.31
    4Cody Anderson8.20
    5Zach Davies7.97
    6Nick Martinez7.94
    7Jarrett Miller7.47
    8William Cuevas7.27
    9Tim Berry7.05
    10Shawn Morimando6.80
    1Cody Anderson3.613
    2Alec Asher3.475
    3Zach Davies3.474
    4Kyle Smith3.310
    5Blake Schwartz3.077
    6Jerad Eickhoff3.077
    7Tim Berry2.975
    8Nick Martinez2.763
    9William Cuevas2.725
    10Greg Ross2.528

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