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2012 South Atlantic League (A)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2012 South Atlantic League Awards
    South Atlantic League All-Star TeamAustin Barnes C, Harold Riggins 1B, Delino Deshields 2B, Matt Skole 3B, Alen Hanson SS, Brent Keys OF, Gregory Polanco OF, Keury De la cruz OF, Zach Johnson DH, Shawn Payne UT, Trevor Story UT, Mike Foltynewicz RHP, Tyler Anderson LHP
    South Atlantic League All-Star Game MVPNicky Delmonico
    South Atlantic League Coach of the YearJosh Bonifay
    South Atlantic League Manager of the YearJoe Mikulik
    South Atlantic League Most Valuable PlayerMatt Skole
    South Atlantic League Most Outstanding PitcherMike Foltynewicz
    South Atlantic League Most Outstanding ProspectGregory Polanco
    2012 Batting Leaders
    1Matt Duffy134
    2Zach Johnson134
    3Maikel Franco132
    4Dustin Lawley129
    5Kyle Kubitza128
    6Caleb Ramsey127
    7Josh Adams127
    8Jose Osuna126
    9Dan Gamache125
    10Alen Hanson124
    At Bats
    1Zach Johnson508
    2Maikel Franco503
    3Matt Duffy492
    4Alen Hanson489
    5Josh Adams489
    6Dustin Lawley482
    7Jose Osuna482
    8Austin Barnes478
    9Trevor Story477
    10Keury De la cruz474
    1Alen Hanson99
    2Delino Deshields96
    3Trevor Story96
    4Garin Cecchini84
    5Gregory Polanco84
    6Billy Burns83
    7Kelly Dugan83
    8Brian Humphries79
    9Caleb Ramsey78
    10Dustin Lawley77
    1Austin Barnes152
    2Alen Hanson151
    3Keury De la cruz146
    4Gregory Polanco142
    5Maikel Franco141
    6Garin Cecchini139
    7Matt Duffy138
    8Ben Gamel136
    9Caleb Ramsey136
    10Jose Osuna135
    1Trevor Story43
    2Dan Gamache40
    3Garin Cecchini38
    4Sam Mende38
    5Zach Johnson38
    6Austin Barnes36
    7Jose Osuna36
    8Dustin Lawley35
    9Keury De la cruz35
    10Alen Hanson33
    1Alen Hanson13
    2Caleb Ramsey10
    3Kyle Kubitza9
    4Keury De la cruz8
    5Joey Demichele7
    6Aaron Altherr6
    7Brian Humphries6
    8Christopher Grayson6
    9Cito Culver6
    10Elmer Reyes6
    Home Runs
    1Matt Skole27
    2Matt Smith20
    3Harold Riggins19
    4Keury De la cruz19
    5Trevor Story18
    6Willy Garcia18
    7Steven Souza17
    8Zach Cone17
    9Aderlin Rodriguez16
    10Alen Hanson16
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Zach Johnson108
    2Matt Skole92
    3Gregory Polanco85
    4Josh Adams84
    5Maikel Franco84
    6Keury De la cruz81
    7William Beckwith78
    8Willy Garcia77
    9Harold Riggins76
    10Matt Smith74
    Stolen Bases
    1Delino Deshields83
    2Rashawn Payne53
    3Shawn Payne53
    4Garin Cecchini51
    5Gregory Polanco40
    6Jesus Galindo40
    7Keenyn Walker39
    8Billy Burns38
    9Kelby Tomlinson36
    10Alen Hanson35
    Caught Stealing
    1Alen Hanson19
    2Gregory Polanco15
    3Delino Deshields14
    4Ali Castillo13
    5Tony Mueller11
    6Cito Culver11
    7Jesus Galindo11
    8Jordan Scott11
    9Jose Vinicio11
    10Keenyn Walker11
    1Matt Skole94
    2Brenden Webb87
    3Drew Robinson86
    4Boss Moanaroa77
    5Zach Johnson75
    6Kyle Kubitza73
    7Cito Culver71
    8Delino Deshields70
    9Ryan Rieger67
    10Billy Burns65
    1Jordan Akins162
    2Willy Garcia131
    3Kyle Kubitza127
    4Leighton Pangilinan127
    5Drew Robinson123
    6Dustin Lawley122
    7Kelly Dugan122
    8Trevor Story121
    9Matt Skole116
    10Boss Moanaroa113
    Hit by Pitch
    1Matt Duffy41
    2Jared Simon15
    3Kelly Dugan15
    4Sammie Starr14
    5Billy Burns13
    6Ross Wilson13
    7Brett Krill12
    8Rashawn Payne12
    9Sam Mende12
    10Shawn Payne12
    Intentional Walks
    1Delino Deshields5
    2Garin Cecchini5
    3William Beckwith4
    4Zach Johnson4
    5Ben Thomas3
    6Dan Gamache3
    7Mark Haddow3
    8Matt Skole3
    9Rangel Ravelo3
    10Steven Souza3
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Tony Mueller17
    2Austin Barnes17
    3Carlos Willoughby13
    4Jordan Scott12
    5Brent Keys11
    6Elmer Reyes10
    7Jesus Galindo9
    8Mike Planeta9
    9Billy Burns8
    10Brian Humphries8
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Zach Johnson14
    2Blake Swihart8
    3Boss Moanaroa8
    4Justin Miller8
    5Brian Humphries7
    6Jose Osuna7
    7Rangel Ravelo7
    8Aaron Altherr6
    9Dustin Lawley6
    10Elias Diaz6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Maikel Franco24
    2Dante Bichette20
    3Henry Ramos17
    4Sam Mende17
    5Elias Diaz15
    6Austin Barnes14
    7Brandon Drury14
    8Chris Lashmet14
    9Sammie Starr14
    10Wilfredo Gimenez14
    Total Bases
    1Alen Hanson258
    2Keury De la cruz254
    3Trevor Story241
    4Austin Barnes230
    5Gregory Polanco228
    6Maikel Franco221
    7Matt Duffy220
    8Jose Osuna219
    9Dustin Lawley209
    10Zach Johnson206
    Plate Appearances
    1Zach Johnson607
    2Matt Duffy587
    3Austin Barnes566
    4Alen Hanson558
    5Maikel Franco554
    6Cito Culver550
    7Trevor Story548
    8Josh Adams546
    9Dustin Lawley543
    10Kyle Kubitza531
    Batting Average
    1Brent Keys.335
    2Gregory Polanco.325
    3Billy Burns.322
    4Tyler Austin.320
    5Austin Barnes.318
    6Alen Hanson.309
    7Rashawn Payne.309
    8Shawn Payne.309
    9Keury De la cruz.308
    10Ali Castillo.307
    On-Base Percentage
    1Matt Skole.438
    2Billy Burns.432
    3Brenden Webb.422
    4Rashawn Payne.413
    5Shawn Payne.413
    6Drew Robinson.409
    7Tyler Austin.405
    8Camden Maron.403
    9Austin Barnes.401
    10Delino Deshields.401
    Slugging Percentage
    1Tyler Austin.598
    2Matt Skole.574
    3Harold Riggins.546
    4Keury De la cruz.536
    5William Swanner.529
    6Alen Hanson.528
    7Gregory Polanco.522
    8Brandon Meredith.506
    9Matt Smith.506
    10Trevor Story.505
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Matt Skole1012
    2Tyler Austin1003
    3Harold Riggins934
    4William Swanner914
    5Gregory Polanco910
    6Alen Hanson909
    7Keury De la cruz888
    8Taylor Featherston888
    9Brandon Meredith883
    10Austin Barnes882
    1Brent Keys1.133
    2Austin Barnes0.967
    3Billy Burns0.956
    4Rashawn Payne0.859
    5Shawn Payne0.859
    6Ali Castillo0.818
    7Zach Johnson0.815
    8Matt Skole0.810
    9Brenden Webb0.806
    10Caleb Ramsey0.804
    2012 Pitching Leaders
    1Ben Alsup14
    2Mike Foltynewicz14
    3Jerad Eickhoff13
    4Chris Jensen12
    5Henry Owens12
    6Tyler Anderson12
    7Danny Winkler11
    8Adalberto Mejia10
    9Kevin Cravey10
    10Taylor Hill10
    1Bryan Mitchell11
    2Danny Winkler10
    3Josh Hodges10
    4Santo Perez10
    5A.J. Holland9
    6Christopher Marlowe9
    7Dave Filak9
    8Ethan Stewart9
    9Gabriel Arias9
    10Greg Ross9
    1Jefri Hernandez53
    2Nelson Gonzalez51
    3Ken Roberts50
    4Murilo Gouvea50
    5Russell Brewer47
    6Brad Mincey45
    7Steven Neff45
    8T.J. Chism45
    9Tyler Lockwood44
    10Robert Kilcrease43
    Games Started
    1Colin Kleven27
    2Mike Foltynewicz27
    3Nick Kingham27
    4Bryan Mitchell26
    5Josh Hodges26
    6Chris Jensen25
    7Danny Winkler25
    8Jerad Eickhoff25
    9Ben Alsup24
    10Jonas Dufek24
    Complete Games
    1Zack Von Rosenberg3
    2Matthew Taylor2
    3Tyler Anderson2
    4A.J. Holland1
    5Adalberto Mejia1
    6Alex Gillingham1
    7Alex Meyer1
    8Ben Alsup1
    9Dave Filak1
    10Eduardo Rodriguez1
    1Alex Meyer1
    2Ben Alsup1
    3Logan Verrett1
    4Tyler Anderson1
    5Vianney Mayo1
    6Victor Payano1
    Games Finished
    1Jefri Hernandez42
    2T.J. Chism38
    3Tyler Lockwood36
    4Nelson Gonzalez32
    5Cody Hall31
    6Dayan Diaz31
    7Brad Mincey30
    8Aaron Barrett28
    9Nathan Kilcrease28
    10John Cornely26
    1Jefri Hernandez21
    2Cody Hall20
    3Dayan Diaz19
    4T.J. Chism19
    5Aaron Barrett16
    6Nathan Kilcrease15
    7James Nygren10
    8Jason Chowning10
    9Kyle Vazquez9
    10Pedro Guerra9
    Innings Pitched
    1Ben Alsup156
    2Mike Foltynewicz152
    3Colin Kleven151
    4Josh Hodges148
    5Luis Cruz146.2
    6Danny Winkler145.1
    7Chris Jensen145
    8Jose Urena138.1
    9Clayton Blackburn131.1
    10Greg Ross131
    1Danny Winkler152
    2Luis Cruz152
    3Colin Kleven151
    4Ben Alsup150
    5Chris Jensen148
    6Jonas Dufek147
    7Josh Hodges147
    8Greg Ross146
    9Matt Lane145
    10Mike Foltynewicz145
    1Jonas Dufek89
    2Jason Garcia85
    3Colin Kleven82
    4Parker Bridwell82
    5Chris Jensen81
    6Matt Lane81
    7Danny Winkler80
    8Lino Martinez80
    9Taylor Hill80
    10Greg Ross78
    Earned Runs
    1Jason Garcia79
    2Jonas Dufek77
    3Parker Bridwell76
    4Lino Martinez75
    5Danny Winkler72
    6Chris Jensen69
    7Taylor Hill68
    8Colin Kleven67
    9Greg Ross67
    10Jerad Eickhoff66
    Home Runs
    1Jerad Eickhoff22
    2Colin Kleven16
    3Danny Winkler16
    4Jonas Dufek16
    5Nick Kingham15
    6Parker Bridwell15
    7Chris Jensen14
    8Josh Hodges14
    9Austin Brice13
    10Jose Urena13
    1Bryan Mitchell72
    2Austin Brice68
    3Ryan Hafner68
    4Jason Garcia67
    5Kyle Crick67
    6Ethan Stewart64
    7Kevin Matthews64
    8Parker Bridwell63
    9Williams Louico63
    10Mike Foltynewicz62
    1Clayton Blackburn143
    2Danny Winkler136
    3Luis Cruz135
    4Henry Owens130
    5Kyle Crick128
    6Mike Foltynewicz125
    7Austin Brice122
    8Edwin Escobar122
    9Bryan Mitchell121
    10Colin Kleven119
    Wild Pitches
    1Bryan Mitchell18
    2Robby Rowland18
    3Luis Cruz17
    4Christopher Marlowe16
    5Dave Filak16
    6Jeff Soptic16
    7Victor Payano16
    8Parker Bridwell15
    9Brett Gerritse14
    10Matthew Taylor14
    1Carlos Vazquez4
    2James Nygren4
    3Alex Panteliodis3
    4Jarrett Miller3
    5Jason Garcia3
    6Joel De La Cruz3
    7Jose Fernandez3
    8Miguel Pena3
    9Porfirio Lopez3
    10Ramon Oviedo3
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Tyler Anderson2.48
    2Kyle Crick2.51
    3Clayton Blackburn2.54
    4Michael Fulmer2.75
    5Edwin Escobar2.95
    6Mike Foltynewicz3.14
    7Robby Rowland3.31
    8Jose Urena3.39
    9Alex Panteliodis3.63
    10Ben Alsup3.63
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Clayton Blackburn1.02
    2Tyler Anderson1.08
    3Domingo Tapia1.14
    4Edwin Escobar1.17
    5Nick Kingham1.19
    6Michael Fulmer1.20
    7Alex Gillingham1.22
    8Eduardo Rodriguez1.24
    9Jose Urena1.25
    10Scottie Allen1.25
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Kyle Crick6.08
    2Charlie Lowell7.36
    3Domingo Tapia7.60
    4Tyler Anderson7.65
    5Michael Fulmer7.67
    6Ethan Stewart7.76
    7Austin Brice7.85
    8Will Lamb7.92
    9Clayton Blackburn7.97
    10Bryan Mitchell8.03
    HR per 9 IP
    1Kyle Crick0.08
    2Domingo Tapia0.17
    3Clayton Blackburn0.21
    4Adalberto Mejia0.34
    5Eduardo Rodriguez0.34
    6Alex Gillingham0.37
    7Tyler Anderson0.38
    8Paul Davis0.39
    9William Oliver0.41
    10Matt Lane0.45
    BB per 9 IP
    1Clayton Blackburn1.24
    2Paul Davis1.57
    3Adalberto Mejia1.77
    4Jose Urena1.89
    5Robby Rowland1.95
    6Alex Gillingham2.05
    7Tyler Anderson2.10
    8Scottie Allen2.16
    9Edwin Escobar2.20
    10Taylor Hill2.25
    SO per 9 IP
    1Austin Brice9.98
    2Clayton Blackburn9.82
    3Charlie Lowell9.57
    4Bryan Mitchell9.08
    5Danny Winkler8.44
    6Michael Fulmer8.42
    7Edwin Escobar8.38
    8Nick Martinez8.38
    9Domingo Tapia8.34
    10Victor Payano8.31
    1Clayton Blackburn7.944
    2Paul Davis4.350
    3Edwin Escobar3.813
    4Adalberto Mejia3.762
    5Jose Urena3.483
    6Nick Kingham3.250
    7Scottie Allen3.233
    8Jonas Dufek3.162
    9Domingo Tapia3.156
    10Alex Gillingham2.964

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