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2010 Texas League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2010 Texas League Awards
    Texas League All-StarSteven Hill C, Clint Robinson 1B, Johnny Giavotella 2B, Mike Moustakas 3B, Andrew Romine SS, Paulo Orlando OF, Jeremy Moore OF, Corey Brown OF, Matt Carpenter DH, Josh Horton UT, Ryan Tatusko SP, Jordan Lyles SP, David Kopp SP, Jeremy Hefner SP, Simon Castro SP, Blake Beavan SP, Douglas Arguello SP
    Texas League Coach of the YearWebster Garrison
    Texas League Manager of the YearBrian Poldberg
    Texas Rangers Minor League Player of the YearMichael Kirkman
    Texas League Pitcher of the YearBlake Beavan
    Texas League Player of the YearMike Moustakas
    Texas Rangers Player of the YearJosh Hamilton
    2010 Batting Leaders
    1Alexander Valdez134
    2Johnny Giavotella134
    3Joey Butler132
    4Jon Gaston132
    5Pete Kozma132
    6Clint Robinson129
    7Matt Clark129
    8Efren Navarro128
    9Jeremy Moore128
    10Sawyer Carroll128
    At Bats
    1Alexander Valdez526
    2Johnny Giavotella522
    3Joey Butler516
    4Derrick Robinson511
    5Pete Kozma503
    6Matt Clark499
    7Clint Robinson477
    8Marcus Lemon468
    9Jon Gaston461
    10Shane Peterson460
    1Johnny Giavotella92
    2Clint Robinson90
    3Paulo Orlando84
    4Alexander Valdez82
    5Matt Carpenter76
    6Koby Clemens75
    7Derrick Robinson74
    8Jeremy Moore72
    9Andy Parrino70
    10Jason Van Kooten70
    1Johnny Giavotella168
    2Clint Robinson160
    3Derrick Robinson146
    4Joey Butler143
    5Alexander Valdez138
    6Jeremy Moore138
    7Matt Clark134
    8Renny Osuna132
    9Paulo Orlando128
    10Marcus Lemon127
    1Clint Robinson41
    2Johnny Giavotella35
    3Archie Gilbert31
    4Jason Van Kooten31
    5Alexander Valdez29
    6Andy Parrino28
    7Pete Kozma28
    8Steven Hill27
    9Derrick Robinson26
    10Joey Butler26
    1Jeremy Moore10
    2Alexander Valdez8
    3Corey Brown8
    4Derrick Robinson8
    5Jon Gaston8
    6Anthony Jackson7
    7Blake Tekotte7
    8Jemile Weeks7
    9Daryl Jones6
    10Joey Butler6
    Home Runs
    1Clint Robinson29
    2Matt Clark28
    3Koby Clemens26
    4Andrew Brown22
    5Steven Hill22
    6Mike Moustakas21
    7Wilin Rosario19
    8Jason Van Kooten17
    9Aaron Luna15
    10Paul McAnulty14
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Clint Robinson98
    2Matt Clark97
    3Steven Hill86
    4Koby Clemens85
    5Mike Moustakas76
    6Alexander Valdez74
    7Pete Kozma72
    8Johnny Giavotella65
    9Paulo Orlando64
    10Andrew Brown63
    Stolen Bases
    1Derrick Robinson50
    2Anthony Jackson33
    3Archie Gilbert28
    4Paulo Orlando25
    5Jeremy Moore24
    6Andrew Romine21
    7Renny Osuna20
    8Charlie Blackmon19
    9Corey Brown19
    10Logan Forsythe17
    Caught Stealing
    1Derrick Robinson17
    2Anthony Jackson12
    3Archie Gilbert11
    4Jeremy Moore10
    5Paulo Orlando10
    6Renny Osuna10
    7Andrew Romine9
    8Blake Tekotte9
    9Daryl Jones9
    10J.B. Shuck9
    1Logan Forsythe75
    2Koby Clemens69
    3Andy Parrino68
    4Matt Carpenter64
    5Aaron Luna63
    6Johnny Giavotella61
    7Anthony Jackson60
    8Clint Robinson58
    9Shane Peterson57
    10Pete Kozma56
    1Matt Clark146
    2Koby Clemens143
    3Alexander Valdez123
    4Sawyer Carroll123
    5Jeremy Moore122
    6Joey Butler120
    7Andy Parrino115
    8Pete Kozma111
    9Matthew Sulentic109
    10Shane Peterson108
    Hit by Pitch
    1Aaron Luna25
    2Paulo Orlando18
    3Tony DeJesus12
    4Daryl Jones11
    5Shane Peterson11
    6Anthony Jackson9
    7Koby Clemens9
    8Roberto Lopez9
    9Andy Parrino8
    10Archie Gilbert8
    Intentional Walks
    1Mike Moustakas9
    2Andy Parrino8
    3Cedric Hunter6
    4Emerson Frostad6
    5Sawyer Carroll6
    6Jeff Kindel5
    7Tim Smith5
    8Alexander Valdez4
    9Clint Robinson4
    10Matt Carpenter4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Guilder Rodriguez14
    2Andrew Romine13
    3Renny Osuna13
    4Chris McConnell10
    5Anthony Jackson8
    6Brad Chalk8
    7Abel Nieves7
    8Clay Fuller7
    9Cory Riordan7
    10Johnny Giavotella7
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Shane Peterson8
    2Roberto Lopez7
    3Adrian Cardenas6
    4James Tomlin6
    5Jemile Weeks6
    6Manuel Pina6
    7Mike Moustakas6
    8Alexi Amarista5
    9Cedric Hunter5
    10Charlie Blackmon5
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Joey Butler21
    2Johnny Giavotella17
    3Jimmy Van Ostrand14
    4Matt Clark14
    5Warren Schaeffer14
    6Jhon Florentino13
    7Wes Bankston13
    8Curt Smith12
    9Matt Carpenter12
    10Andrew Brown11
    Total Bases
    1Clint Robinson298
    2Matt Clark242
    3Johnny Giavotella240
    4Alexander Valdez222
    5Koby Clemens215
    6Jeremy Moore211
    7Joey Butler211
    8Paulo Orlando201
    9Jason Van Kooten198
    10Steven Hill196
    Plate Appearances
    1Johnny Giavotella597
    2Alexander Valdez574
    3Joey Butler573
    4Derrick Robinson570
    5Pete Kozma570
    6Matt Clark558
    7Clint Robinson548
    8Shane Peterson536
    9Koby Clemens535
    10Sawyer Carroll522
    Batting Average
    1Clint Robinson.335
    2Johnny Giavotella.322
    3Corey Brown.320
    4Matt Carpenter.316
    5Cedric Hunter.308
    6Tim Smith.306
    7Paulo Orlando.305
    8Jeremy Moore.303
    9Bronson Sardinha.299
    10J.B. Shuck.298
    On-Base Percentage
    1Aaron Luna.426
    2Bronson Sardinha.415
    3Corey Brown.415
    4Matt Carpenter.412
    5Clint Robinson.410
    6Johnny Giavotella.395
    7Logan Forsythe.377
    8Cedric Hunter.375
    9J.B. Shuck.372
    10Tim Smith.372
    Slugging Percentage
    1Clint Robinson.625
    2Steven Hill.543
    3Andrew Brown.526
    4Bronson Sardinha.526
    5Corey Brown.502
    6Jason Van Kooten.497
    7Matt Carpenter.487
    8Matt Clark.485
    9Charlie Blackmon.484
    10Paulo Orlando.480
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Clint Robinson1035
    2Bronson Sardinha941
    3Corey Brown917
    4Matt Carpenter899
    5Andrew Brown897
    6Aaron Luna896
    7Steven Hill895
    8Johnny Giavotella855
    9Paulo Orlando846
    10Charlie Blackmon844
    1Cedric Hunter1.409
    2Bronson Sardinha1.040
    3Johnny Giavotella0.910
    4Aaron Luna0.863
    5Luis Martinez0.831
    6Anthony Jackson0.822
    7J.B. Shuck0.821
    8Josh Horton0.820
    9Logan Forsythe0.789
    10Tim Smith0.786
    2010 Pitching Leaders
    1Everett Teaford14
    2David Kopp12
    3Brian Broderick11
    4Bruce Billings11
    5Jeremy Hefner11
    6Blake Beavan10
    7Keith Weiser10
    8Ryan Edell10
    9Tanner Roark10
    10Carlos Hernandez9
    1Anthony Capra13
    2Mike Anton12
    3Ryan Brasier12
    4Brandon Durden11
    5Gary Daley11
    6Richard Bleier11
    7Jeremy Johnson10
    8Tim Kiely10
    9Jordan Lyles9
    10Wynn Pelzer9
    1Evan Scribner57
    2Thomas Eager54
    3Blake King53
    4Adam Reifer51
    5Brandon Gomes51
    6Stuart Pomeranz51
    7Craig Italiano47
    8Alexis Lara44
    9Chris Malone44
    10Mickey Storey43
    Games Started
    1Anthony Capra28
    2Jeremy Hefner28
    3Richard Bleier28
    4Nicholas Additon27
    5Keith Weiser26
    6Carlos Hernandez25
    7Cory Riordan24
    8Mike Anton24
    9Martin Perez23
    10Ryan Brasier23
    Complete Games
    1Brian Broderick2
    2Douglas Arguello2
    3Jeremy Hefner2
    4Richard Bleier2
    5Scott McGregor2
    6Tim Kiely2
    7Brandon Durden1
    8Cory Luebke1
    9Danny Duffy1
    10David Kopp1
    1Richard Bleier2
    2Brian Broderick1
    3Danny Duffy1
    4Ryan Brasier1
    5Ryan Tatusko1
    6Tyler Chatwood1
    Games Finished
    1Evan Scribner36
    2Stuart Pomeranz35
    3Craig Italiano34
    4Adam Reifer33
    5Jordan Walden30
    6Brandon Sisk25
    7Jared Lansford24
    8Chris Malone23
    9Danny Meszaros23
    10Mickey Storey23
    1Stuart Pomeranz18
    2Adam Reifer17
    3Craig Italiano17
    4Evan Scribner16
    5Ismael Carmona12
    6Jared Lansford12
    7Eduardo Sanchez11
    8Danny Meszaros10
    9Patrick Keating10
    10Brandon Sisk9
    Innings Pitched
    1Jeremy Hefner167.2
    2Richard Bleier164.1
    3Cory Riordan161.2
    4Keith Weiser157
    5Nicholas Additon150.1
    6Ryan Brasier142
    7Mike Anton138.1
    8Brandon Durden134.2
    9Anthony Capra130.2
    10Carlos Hernandez129.2
    1Richard Bleier191
    2Keith Weiser182
    3Cory Riordan168
    4Brandon Durden161
    5Jeremy Hefner156
    6Nicholas Additon155
    7Tim Kiely155
    8Carlos Hernandez145
    9Mike Anton141
    10Nathan Culp139
    1Richard Bleier98
    2Ryan Brasier89
    3Keith Weiser88
    4Aaron Crow86
    5Tim Kiely83
    6Mike Anton82
    7Gary Daley81
    8Cory Riordan75
    9Nicholas Additon75
    10Brandon Durden73
    Earned Runs
    1Richard Bleier92
    2Ryan Brasier80
    3Mike Anton77
    4Aaron Crow75
    5Nicholas Additon74
    6Keith Weiser73
    7Cory Riordan72
    8Tim Kiely70
    9Brandon Durden69
    10Gary Daley66
    Home Runs
    1Ryan Brasier28
    2Brandon Durden23
    3Mike Anton22
    4Nicholas Additon22
    5Cory Riordan20
    6Keith Weiser17
    7Tim Kiely15
    8Aaron Crow13
    9Jeremy Johnson13
    10Richard Bleier13
    1Anthony Capra89
    2Ryan Brasier68
    3Eduardo Paulino63
    4Mike Anton63
    5Aaron Crow59
    6Wynn Pelzer56
    7Gary Daley53
    8Jeremy Haynes53
    9Nicholas Additon53
    10Jeremy Hefner51
    1Corey Kluber136
    2Cory Riordan135
    3Anthony Capra118
    4Jeremy Hefner115
    5Jordan Lyles115
    6Everett Teaford113
    7Nicholas Additon109
    8Mike Anton108
    9Simon Castro107
    10Bruce Billings101
    Wild Pitches
    1Anthony Capra15
    2Ryan Brasier11
    3Trevor Reckling11
    4Beau Jones10
    5Jason Ray10
    6Jeremy Haynes10
    7Nicholas Additon10
    8Douglas Arguello9
    9Jeff Lyman9
    10Mike Anton9
    1Pedro Figueroa5
    2Al Alburquerque4
    3Cory Riordan4
    4Blake Johnson3
    5Brandon Durden3
    6Simon Castro3
    7Blake King2
    8Brennan Garr2
    9Bubbie Buzachero2
    10Jailen Peguero2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Douglas Arguello2.55
    2Blake Beavan2.78
    3Simon Castro2.91
    4Jeremy Hefner2.95
    5David Kopp3.05
    6Jordan Lyles3.12
    7Ryan Edell3.17
    8Bruce Billings3.27
    9Corey Kluber3.44
    10Cory Riordan4.00
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Blake Beavan1.02
    2Simon Castro1.10
    3Bruce Billings1.18
    4Jeremy Hefner1.23
    5Ryan Edell1.25
    6Cory Riordan1.27
    7Corey Kluber1.31
    8Douglas Arguello1.31
    9Jordan Lyles1.32
    10Richard Bleier1.34
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Bruce Billings7.04
    2Simon Castro7.41
    3Ryan Brasier8.05
    4Blake Beavan8.18
    5Anthony Capra8.24
    6Jeremy Hefner8.36
    7Douglas Arguello8.50
    8Corey Kluber8.85
    9Mike Anton9.20
    10Nicholas Additon9.30
    HR per 9 IP
    1Douglas Arguello0.28
    2Carlos Hernandez0.42
    3Ryan Edell0.43
    4Blake Beavan0.49
    5Bruce Billings0.49
    6Corey Kluber0.51
    7Nathan Culp0.53
    8Eduardo Paulino0.55
    9Simon Castro0.55
    10Jeremy Hefner0.59
    BB per 9 IP
    1Blake Beavan0.98
    2Ryan Edell1.44
    3Richard Bleier1.54
    4Brandon Durden1.73
    5Keith Weiser1.89
    6Nathan Culp1.91
    7Tim Kiely2.03
    8Cory Riordan2.11
    9Jordan Lyles2.48
    10Simon Castro2.49
    SO per 9 IP
    1Corey Kluber9.95
    2Bruce Billings8.26
    3Jordan Lyles8.15
    4Anthony Capra8.11
    5Cory Riordan7.50
    6Simon Castro7.41
    7Douglas Arguello7.09
    8Mike Anton7.04
    9Aaron Crow6.81
    10Eduardo Paulino6.71
    1Blake Beavan5.667
    2Ryan Edell4.600
    3Cory Riordan3.553
    4Corey Kluber3.400
    5Jordan Lyles3.286
    6Simon Castro2.972
    7Richard Bleier2.929
    8Brandon Durden2.769
    9Nathan Culp2.760
    10Keith Weiser2.545

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