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2009 Eastern League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2009 Eastern League Awards
    Eastern League All-Star TeamCarlos Santana C, Brett Pill 1B, Brock Bond 2B, Neil Sellers 3B, Eduardo Nunez SS, Brennan Boesch OF, Michael Taylor OF, Quintin Berry OF, Brian Dinkelman UT, Jeanmar Gomez RHP, Joe Savery LHP, Anthony Slama RP
    Eastern League All-Star Game MVPMiguel Abreu
    Eastern League Manager of the YearMike Sarbaugh
    Eastern League Most Valuable PlayerCarlos Santana
    Eastern League Pitcher of the YearJeanmar Gomez
    Eastern League Rookie of the YearMichael Taylor
    2009 Batting Leaders
    1Brett Pill139
    2Neil Sellers139
    3Brad Emaus137
    4Quintin Berry135
    5Beau Mills134
    6Jon Still134
    7Ruben Tejada134
    8Jorge Jimenez133
    9Carlos Rivero132
    10Brennan Boesch131
    At Bats
    1Brennan Boesch527
    2Brett Pill527
    3Neil Sellers518
    4Beau Mills516
    5Quintin Berry516
    6Jon Still507
    7Brad Emaus505
    8Jorge Jimenez498
    9Eduardo Nunez497
    10Cale Iorg491
    1Jose Constanza98
    2Brock Bond93
    3Carlos Santana91
    4Brennan Boesch89
    5Quintin Berry89
    6Deik Scram75
    7Brett Pill71
    8Jonathan Tucker71
    9Neil Sellers71
    10Eduardo Nunez70
    1Neil Sellers164
    2Eduardo Nunez160
    3Brett Pill157
    4Brock Bond150
    5Brennan Boesch145
    6Jorge Jimenez144
    7Miguel Abreu142
    8Ruben Tejada141
    9Beau Mills138
    10Jose Constanza137
    1Jon Still40
    2Brian Dinkelman38
    3Brett Pill37
    4Beau Mills33
    5Neil Sellers33
    6Brian Stavisky32
    7David Cooper32
    8D.J. Wabick31
    9Eddy Martinez-Estevez31
    10Miguel Abreu31
    1Brad Boyer10
    2Deik Scram8
    3Brennan Boesch7
    4Jose Constanza7
    5Mike Daniel6
    6Mike Mooney6
    7Paco Figueroa6
    8Robert Valido6
    9Adam Calderone5
    10Austin Krum5
    Home Runs
    1Brennan Boesch28
    2Carlos Santana23
    3Deik Scram20
    4Brett Pill19
    5Brian Dopirak19
    6Ryan Strieby19
    7Erik Lis17
    8Jon Still17
    9Neil Sellers17
    10Nick Weglarz16
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Brett Pill109
    2Carlos Santana97
    3Brennan Boesch93
    4Jon Still89
    5Jorge Jimenez87
    6Neil Sellers86
    7Beau Mills83
    8Rene Tosoni71
    9Deik Scram70
    10Erik Lis69
    Stolen Bases
    1Jose Constanza49
    2Quintin Berry48
    3Darin Mastroianni38
    4Todd Donovan37
    5Jonathan Tucker31
    6Miguel Abreu25
    7Brandon Roberts21
    8Eduardo Nunez19
    9Emmanuel Garcia19
    10Ruben Tejada19
    Caught Stealing
    1Brock Bond15
    2Jose Constanza14
    3Quintin Berry14
    4Jonathan Tucker12
    5Jonel Pacheco12
    6Edgardo Baez10
    7Emmanuel Garcia10
    8Mike McBryde10
    9Todd Donovan9
    10Carl Loadenthal8
    1Carlos Santana90
    2Jose Constanza75
    3Nick Weglarz75
    4Todd Donovan74
    5Brock Bond67
    6Deik Scram63
    7Lars Anderson63
    8Quintin Berry63
    9Ryan Khoury63
    10Brian Jeroloman62
    1Cale Iorg149
    2Jon Still148
    3Brennan Boesch127
    4Deik Scram121
    5Brian Jeroloman120
    6Brad Harman119
    7Quintin Berry118
    8Lars Anderson114
    9Nick Gorneault114
    10Emmanuel Garcia113
    Hit by Pitch
    1Daniel Figueroa16
    2Rene Tosoni16
    3Matt McBride14
    4Brian Dinkelman13
    5Brandon Roberts12
    6Jerad Head12
    7Neil Sellers12
    8Brian Friday11
    9Casper Wells11
    10James Cooper11
    Intentional Walks
    1Brett Pill7
    2Carlos Santana7
    3Michael Taylor7
    4Brennan Boesch6
    5Marvin Lowrance6
    6Brock Bond5
    7Pedro Alvarez5
    8Beau Mills4
    9Brad Boyer4
    10Brad Emaus4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Ruben Tejada15
    2Cristo Arnal13
    3Yancarlos Ortiz13
    4Mike McBryde12
    5Emmanuel Garcia11
    6Jose Constanza11
    7Jose Coronado11
    8Brian Dinkelman10
    9Carlos Leon10
    10Ozzie Chavez10
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Beau Mills11
    2Carlos Rivero10
    3Carlos Santana10
    4Brad Emaus9
    5Brett Pill9
    6Josh Thole9
    7Matt McBride9
    8Brennan Boesch7
    9Brian Stavisky7
    10Neil Sellers7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Eddy Martinez-Estevez21
    2Eduardo Nunez19
    3Carlos Rivero18
    4Edwar Gonzalez18
    5David Cooper17
    6Jason Delaney17
    7Neil Sellers17
    8Nick Gorneault17
    9Jose Coronado16
    10Ambiorix Concepcion15
    Total Bases
    1Brennan Boesch269
    2Brett Pill253
    3Neil Sellers252
    4Carlos Santana227
    5Beau Mills215
    6Eduardo Nunez215
    7Erik Lis212
    8Jon Still211
    9Deik Scram210
    10Jorge Jimenez210
    Plate Appearances
    1Quintin Berry598
    2Neil Sellers586
    3Brad Emaus581
    4Brett Pill581
    5Jose Constanza575
    6Brennan Boesch571
    7Jorge Jimenez566
    8Beau Mills564
    9Jon Still564
    10Ruben Tejada553
    Batting Average
    1Brock Bond.333
    2Michael Taylor.333
    3Josh Thole.328
    4Eduardo Nunez.322
    5Neil Sellers.317
    6Kevin Mahar.314
    7Brian Dopirak.308
    8Mike McBryde.308
    9Ryan Strieby.303
    10Brett Pill.298
    On-Base Percentage
    1Brock Bond.429
    2Ryan Strieby.427
    3Carlos Santana.413
    4Michael Taylor.408
    5Reegie Corona.397
    6Josh Thole.395
    7Brian Dinkelman.383
    8Neil Sellers.383
    9Lucas Duda.380
    10Todd Donovan.380
    Slugging Percentage
    1Brian Dopirak.576
    2Michael Taylor.569
    3Ryan Strieby.565
    4Carlos Santana.530
    5Brennan Boesch.510
    6Casper Wells.489
    7Neil Sellers.486
    8Brett Pill.480
    9Deik Scram.476
    10Erik Lis.462
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Ryan Strieby992
    2Michael Taylor977
    3Brian Dopirak950
    4Carlos Santana943
    5Neil Sellers869
    6Casper Wells858
    7Brock Bond838
    8Brian Stavisky831
    9Brennan Boesch828
    10Brett Pill828
    1Jeff Corsaletti1.515
    2Josh Thole1.235
    3Jim Negrych1.216
    4Jose Constanza1.154
    5Reegie Corona1.120
    6Carlos Santana1.084
    7Todd Donovan0.987
    8Brock Bond0.971
    9Nick Weglarz0.962
    10Jonathan Tucker0.891
    2009 Pitching Leaders
    1Josh Tomlin14
    2Joe Savery12
    3Daniel Moskos11
    4Ryan Mullins11
    5Yoslan Herrera11
    6Adam Mills10
    7Jeanmar Gomez10
    8Steven Wright10
    9Junichi Tazawa9
    10Kanekoa Texeira9
    1Cole Devries14
    2Eric Brown14
    3Justin Jones13
    4Ryne Lawson12
    5Jonah Nickerson12
    6Ryan Pope12
    7Vance Worley12
    8Luis Perez11
    9Ryan Mullins11
    10Daniel Moskos10
    1Chad Rhoades56
    2Roydrick Merritt56
    3Joe Paterson55
    4Chad Thall52
    5Frank Mata52
    6Anthony Slama51
    7Jose Lugo50
    8Matt Yourkin50
    9Edgar Alfonzo49
    10Wilkins Arias48
    Games Started
    1Jon Kibler27
    2Jonah Nickerson27
    3Luis Perez27
    4Michael Crotta27
    5Mike Stutes27
    6Ryan Mullins27
    7Vance Worley27
    8Cole Devries26
    9Felix Doubront26
    10Matt Fox26
    Complete Games
    1Jon Kibler3
    2Brandon Erbe2
    3Jake Arrieta2
    4Luis Perez2
    5Ben Snyder1
    6Brad Lincoln1
    7Brad Meyers1
    8Brian Matusz1
    9Cole Devries1
    10Daniel Moskos1
    1Jake Arrieta2
    2Brad Lincoln1
    3Brian Matusz1
    4Deolis Guerra1
    5Felix Doubront1
    6Jeanmar Gomez1
    7Jesse English1
    8Madison Bumgarner1
    9Marty McLeary1
    10Thad Weber1
    Games Finished
    1Anthony Slama43
    2Bryce Cox38
    3Brett Jensen35
    4Roydrick Merritt33
    5Danny Otero32
    6Vinnie Pestano31
    7Danny Farquhar27
    8Joe Paterson26
    9Jose Valdez26
    10Cody Satterwhite24
    1Anthony Slama25
    2Vinnie Pestano24
    3Danny Otero19
    4Josh Perrault16
    5Danny Farquhar15
    6Roydrick Merritt14
    7Brett Jensen12
    8Bryce Cox12
    9Cody Satterwhite12
    10Sergio Escalona12
    Innings Pitched
    1Jonah Nickerson165.1
    2Luis Perez162.1
    3Jon Kibler161.2
    4Vance Worley153.1
    5Matt Fox151
    6Daniel Moskos149
    7Mike Stutes145.2
    8Josh Tomlin145
    9Ryan Mullins145
    10Michael Crotta143.2
    1Jonah Nickerson217
    2Michael Crotta181
    3Ryan Mullins175
    4Jon Kibler168
    5Vance Worley163
    6Cole Devries162
    7Daniel Moskos159
    8Ryan Pope155
    9Dylan Owen152
    10Daryl Maday149
    1Jonah Nickerson108
    2Vance Worley102
    3Ryan Pope91
    4Michael Crotta90
    5Cole Devries88
    6Dylan Owen88
    7Jon Kibler85
    8Eric Brown84
    9Ryne Lawson83
    10Josh Tomlin81
    Earned Runs
    1Jonah Nickerson98
    2Vance Worley91
    3Dylan Owen81
    4Ryne Lawson76
    5Eric Brown76
    6Michael Crotta76
    7Ryan Pope75
    8Cole Devries74
    9Jon Kibler73
    10Mike Stutes69
    Home Runs
    1Jonah Nickerson23
    2Josh Tomlin21
    3Luis Marte18
    4Vance Worley17
    5Cole Devries16
    6Mike Stutes15
    7Jon Kibler14
    8Patrick Stanley14
    9Cory Van Allen13
    10Dylan Owen13
    1Jon Kibler68
    2Luis Perez67
    3Daniel Moskos58
    4Mike Stutes58
    5Ryne Lawson57
    6Jesse English57
    7Kyle Bloom57
    8Matt Fox56
    9Dylan Owen53
    10Joe Savery53
    1Ryan Mullins133
    2Josh Tomlin125
    3Matt Fox120
    4Luis Perez112
    5Jeanmar Gomez109
    6Mike Stutes109
    7Ryan Pope106
    8Felix Doubront101
    9Vance Worley100
    10Michael Crotta97
    Wild Pitches
    1Jose Valdez13
    2Matt Fox13
    3Cody Satterwhite12
    4John Mariotti10
    5Matt Yourkin10
    6Carlos Martinez9
    7Daryl Maday9
    8Patrick Stanley9
    9Richie Lentz9
    10Eric Brown8
    1Eric Niesen3
    2Ivan Nova3
    3Joe Paterson3
    4Kyle Drabek3
    5Adam Bostick2
    6Christian Garcia2
    7Frank Mata2
    8Jon Kibler2
    9Jose Sanchez2
    10Junichi Tazawa2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Madison Bumgarner1.93
    2Zach McAllister2.23
    3Felix Doubront3.35
    4Jeanmar Gomez3.44
    5Luis Perez3.56
    6Matt Fox3.58
    7Randy Boone3.70
    8Daniel Moskos3.74
    9Erik Arnesen3.88
    10Jarod Plummer4.02
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Madison Bumgarner1.03
    2Zach McAllister1.08
    3Josh Tomlin1.21
    4Jeanmar Gomez1.28
    5Erik Arnesen1.29
    6Luis Perez1.31
    7Randy Boone1.31
    8Matt Fox1.32
    9Adam Mills1.34
    10Ryan Pope1.34
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Madison Bumgarner6.73
    2Zach McAllister7.29
    3Luis Perez8.06
    4Matt Fox8.52
    5Jeanmar Gomez8.56
    6Jarod Plummer8.84
    7Felix Doubront8.85
    8Randy Boone8.86
    9Joe Savery8.92
    10Mike Stutes9.06
    HR per 9 IP
    1Randy Boone0.28
    2Zach McAllister0.30
    3Michael Crotta0.44
    4Ryan Pope0.45
    5Jarod Plummer0.48
    6Madison Bumgarner0.50
    7Felix Doubront0.60
    8Luis Perez0.61
    9Daniel Moskos0.66
    10Daryl Maday0.66
    BB per 9 IP
    1Josh Tomlin1.68
    2Erik Arnesen1.90
    3Michael Crotta2.06
    4Luis Atilano2.11
    5Adam Mills2.13
    6Ryan Pope2.17
    7Ryan Mullins2.23
    8Jonah Nickerson2.40
    9Zach McAllister2.45
    10Madison Bumgarner2.52
    SO per 9 IP
    1Ryan Mullins8.26
    2Jeanmar Gomez7.98
    3Josh Tomlin7.76
    4Felix Doubront7.51
    5Jarod Plummer7.31
    6Justin Jones7.29
    7Matt Fox7.15
    8Zach McAllister7.14
    9Ryan Pope6.77
    10Michael Antonini6.73
    1Josh Tomlin4.630
    2Ryan Mullins3.694
    3Erik Arnesen3.500
    4Ryan Pope3.118
    5Michael Crotta2.939
    6Zach McAllister2.909
    7Adam Mills2.808
    8Jeanmar Gomez2.725
    9Michael Antonini2.529
    10Madison Bumgarner2.300

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