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2008 Midwest League (A)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2008 Midwest League Awards
    Midwest League All-Star TeamSean Coughlin C, Mitch Moreland 1B, Larry Cobb 2B, Brandon Waring 3B, Zack Cozart SS, Andrew Lambo OF, Evan Frey OF, Ben Revere OF, Ian Gac DH, Jackson Quezada RP, Edgar Estanga RP, Jon Kibler LHP, Alfredo Figaro RHP
    Midwest League All-Star game MVPTim Smith
    Midwest League Manager of the YearMark Haley
    Midwest League Most Valuable PlayerBen Revere
    Midwest League Prospect of the YearBen Revere
    2008 Batting Leaders
    1Taylor Harbin133
    2Greg Dowling132
    3Engel Beltre130
    4Moises Sierra130
    5Jonathan Greene128
    6Jovan Rosa128
    7Nate Samson128
    8Jason Taylor127
    9Jay Brossman127
    10Jovanny Rosario127
    At Bats
    1Engel Beltre566
    2Taylor Harbin548
    3Greg Dowling510
    4Mike Moustakas496
    5David Lough488
    6Jovanny Rosario482
    7Jovan Rosa481
    8Nate Samson481
    9Tim Smith480
    10Justin Henry475
    1Engel Beltre87
    2Andrew Romine79
    3Jason Taylor79
    4Clay Fuller77
    5Mark Dolenc77
    6Mike Moustakas77
    7David Lough76
    8Justin Baum76
    9Justin Henry74
    10Justin Jackson74
    1Engel Beltre160
    2Mitch Moreland151
    3Taylor Harbin151
    4Tim Smith144
    5Jovan Rosa141
    6Nate Samson141
    7Justin Henry140
    8Greg Dowling137
    9Andrew Lambo136
    10Mike Moustakas135
    1Jovan Rosa43
    2Taylor Harbin40
    3Mitch Moreland37
    4Jay Brossman36
    5Andrew Lambo33
    6Greg Dowling33
    7Manuel Rodriguez33
    8Joe Dunigan31
    9Brandon Guyer27
    10Julio Perez27
    1Clay Fuller13
    2Jeremy Moore12
    3David Lough11
    4Ben Revere10
    5Jordan Newton10
    6Jovanny Rosario10
    7Engel Beltre9
    8John Tolisano8
    9Mark Dolenc8
    10Adrian Ortiz7
    Home Runs
    1Mike Moustakas22
    2Jonathan Greene21
    3Brandon Waring20
    4Ian Gac19
    5Mitch Moreland18
    6Clint Robinson17
    7Jason Taylor17
    8Jeremy Moore17
    9Tommy Pham17
    10David Lough16
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Mitch Moreland99
    2Taylor Harbin85
    3Jonathan Greene84
    4Jovan Rosa81
    5Sean Coughlin81
    6Andrew Lambo79
    7Julio Perez75
    8Toddric Johnson74
    9Brandon Waring71
    10Greg Dowling71
    Stolen Bases
    1Andrew Romine62
    2Ben Revere44
    3Kyle Peter42
    4Jason Taylor40
    5Jovanny Rosario39
    6Clay Fuller36
    7Michael Richard35
    8Danny Carroll31
    9Engel Beltre31
    10Mark Dolenc31
    Caught Stealing
    1Erik Kanaby19
    2Andrew Romine18
    3Adrian Ortiz15
    4Jason Taylor14
    5Jovanny Rosario14
    6Ben Revere13
    7Elvis Lara13
    8Kyle Peter12
    9David Lough11
    10Engel Beltre11
    1Jason Taylor81
    2Andy Parrino71
    3Adam Klein68
    4Clay Fuller68
    5Ronnie Bourquin66
    6Justin Jackson62
    7Mitch Moreland60
    8Felix Carrasco59
    9Mike Mee58
    10Kyle Peter57
    1Felix Carrasco162
    2Brandon Waring156
    3Justin Jackson154
    4Denny Almonte149
    5Joe Dunigan142
    6Maximo Mendez142
    7Justin Reed137
    8Kevin Ahrens135
    9Jonathan Greene134
    10Johermyn Chavez128
    Hit by Pitch
    1Jonathan Greene36
    2Derrick Walker23
    3Clay Fuller18
    4Eli Rumler18
    5Ryan Eigsti18
    6Nate Samson16
    7Tim Smith15
    8Brandon Guyer13
    9Joe Tucker13
    10Brandon Waring12
    Intentional Walks
    1Evan Frey4
    2Jason Taylor4
    3Julio Perez4
    4Manuel Rodriguez4
    5Mike Moustakas4
    6Alex Liddi3
    7Erik Kanaby3
    8Felix Carrasco3
    9Hector Estrella3
    10Larry Cobb3
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Nate Samson22
    2Chris Cates18
    3Mark Dolenc13
    4Andrew Romine12
    5Matt Lawson11
    6Andres James10
    7Engel Beltre10
    8Jovanny Rosario9
    9Juan Diaz9
    10Estarlin De Los Santos9
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Sean Coughlin12
    2Larry Cobb11
    3Joe Tucker8
    4Juan Diaz8
    5Brandon Waring7
    6Greg Dowling7
    7Ronnie Bourquin7
    8Taylor Harbin7
    9Tim Smith7
    10Toddric Johnson7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Taylor Harbin20
    2Audy Ciriaco19
    3Greg Dowling18
    4Justin Baum17
    5Lance Zawadzki15
    6Mitch Moreland15
    7Ronnie Bourquin15
    8Chris Carlson14
    9Eli Rumler14
    10Justin Henry14
    Total Bases
    1Mitch Moreland250
    2Mike Moustakas232
    3Engel Beltre228
    4Taylor Harbin227
    5David Lough222
    6Andrew Lambo218
    7Tim Smith216
    8Greg Dowling215
    9Jovan Rosa213
    10Brandon Waring206
    Plate Appearances
    1Engel Beltre598
    2Taylor Harbin589
    3Nate Samson561
    4Greg Dowling558
    5Mike Moustakas549
    6Andrew Romine543
    7David Lough543
    8Tim Smith538
    9Jonathan Greene536
    10Jovan Rosa536
    Batting Average
    1Ben Revere.379
    2Renny Osuna.360
    3Evan Frey.327
    4Mitch Moreland.324
    5Luis Bautista.313
    6Adrian Ortiz.308
    7Luis Durango.305
    8Hector Estrella.302
    9Tim Smith.300
    10Johnny Giavotella.299
    On-Base Percentage
    1Ben Revere.433
    2Renny Osuna.425
    3Adam Klein.416
    4Mike Mee.406
    5Evan Frey.401
    6Mitch Moreland.400
    7Luis Durango.395
    8Clay Fuller.379
    9Jason Taylor.372
    10Marquez Smith.370
    Slugging Percentage
    1Mitch Moreland.536
    2Luis Bautista.515
    3Marquez Smith.508
    4Renny Osuna.502
    5Brandon Guyer.498
    6Ben Revere.497
    7Corey Brown.483
    8Jeremy Moore.478
    9Clint Robinson.472
    10Mike Moustakas.468
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Mitch Moreland936
    2Ben Revere930
    3Renny Osuna927
    4Marquez Smith878
    5Luis Bautista876
    6Corey Brown842
    7Brandon Guyer829
    8Evan Frey818
    9Brandon Waring813
    10Tim Smith809
    1Mike Mee1.487
    2Justin Henry1.222
    3Michael Richard1.171
    4Renny Osuna1.148
    5Luis Durango1.140
    6Adam Klein1.133
    7Chris Cates1.098
    8Erik Kanaby1.037
    9Evan Frey1.026
    10Mitch Moreland0.896
    2008 Pitching Leaders
    1Jon Kibler14
    2Cristian Beltre13
    3Alex Caldera12
    4Alfredo Figaro12
    5Jarrod Parker12
    6Josh Collmenter12
    7Luis Montano12
    8Blake Beavan10
    9Jeremy Hefner10
    10Robert Fish10
    1Luis Perez12
    2Curtis Partch11
    3Daigoro Rondon11
    4Edward Paredes11
    5Jamie Richmond11
    6Justin Miller11
    7Mike Tarsi11
    8Ryan Tatusko11
    9David Bromberg10
    10Kevin Kreier10
    1Jackson Quezada59
    2Eddie McKiernan50
    3Adalberto Flores48
    4Steve Vento48
    5Matt Spade47
    6Noah Krol47
    7Wilton Garcia47
    8Edgar Estanga45
    9Billy Spottiswood44
    10Bryan Oland44
    Games Started
    1Jamie Richmond28
    2Robert Fish28
    3David Bromberg27
    4Josh Collmenter27
    5Cristian Beltre26
    6Jeremy McBryde26
    7Luis Montano26
    8Trevor Reckling26
    9Alex Caldera25
    10Justin Miller25
    Complete Games
    1Cristian Beltre3
    2Mike Anton3
    3Mike Tarsi3
    4Alfredo Figaro2
    5Jon Kibler2
    6Manny Miguelez2
    7Brian Letko1
    8Bryan Morris1
    9Dallas Buck1
    10Eduardo Paulino1
    1Alfredo Figaro2
    2Mike Anton2
    3Bryan Morris1
    4Enerio Del Rosario1
    5Jon Kibler1
    6Mason Tobin1
    7Michael Pineda1
    8Ramon Garcia1
    9Randy Boone1
    10Santos Arias1
    Games Finished
    1Jackson Quezada49
    2Miguel Ramirez42
    3Steve Vento41
    4Noah Krol40
    5Adalberto Flores37
    6Eddie McKiernan36
    7Billy Spottiswood35
    8Leonardo Espinal29
    9Tim Collins28
    10Justin Friend27
    1Jackson Quezada27
    2Eddie McKiernan22
    3Miguel Ramirez20
    4Noah Krol15
    5Steve Vento14
    6Tim Collins14
    7Billy Spottiswood13
    8Peter Parise13
    9Adalberto Flores12
    10Justin Friend11
    Innings Pitched
    1Jamie Richmond163.1
    2Cristian Beltre155.1
    3Jon Kibler154.1
    4Trevor Reckling152.1
    5David Bromberg150
    6Alex Caldera149
    7Josh Collmenter145.1
    8Robert Fish143
    9Jeremy Hefner140.1
    10Justin Miller140
    1Jamie Richmond175
    2Mike Tarsi168
    3Cristian Beltre160
    4Jeremy McBryde151
    5David Bromberg149
    6Michael Davitt146
    7Alex Caldera141
    8Robert Fish138
    9Trevor Reckling137
    10Luis Montano136
    1Jamie Richmond99
    2Mike Tarsi89
    3Robert Fish87
    4David Bromberg81
    5Jeremy McBryde78
    6Luis Montano77
    7Curtis Partch76
    8Edward Paredes76
    9Justin Miller76
    10Michael Davitt75
    Earned Runs
    1Jamie Richmond87
    2Robert Fish77
    3Mike Tarsi75
    4David Bromberg74
    5Chris Siegfried67
    6Jeremy McBryde65
    7Michael Davitt65
    8Scott Deal64
    9Curtis Partch62
    10Justin Miller62
    Home Runs
    1Scott Deal19
    2Zach Ashwood18
    3Luis Montano17
    4Jamie Richmond16
    5Jordan Norberto15
    6Chris Siegfried14
    7Blake Beavan12
    8Jeremy Hefner12
    9Mike Tarsi12
    10Nicholas Additon12
    1Justin Miller74
    2Robert Fish68
    3Trevor Reckling59
    4Jordan Norberto56
    5Manny Miguelez55
    6Michael Davitt55
    7David Bromberg54
    8Mauricio Robles54
    9Edward Paredes52
    10Luis Perez51
    1David Bromberg177
    2Jeremy McBryde158
    3Jeremy Hefner144
    4Mike McCardell139
    5Robert Fish138
    6Luis Perez137
    7Michael Pineda128
    8Trevor Reckling128
    9Jon Kibler126
    10Marc Rzepczynski124
    Wild Pitches
    1David Bromberg16
    2Fabio Castillo16
    3Jorge Quintero14
    4Keith Meyer14
    5Rudy Darrow14
    6Curtis Partch13
    7Nate Adcock13
    8Craig Italiano12
    9Justin Miller12
    10Manny Miguelez12
    1Luis Perez7
    2Jordan Norberto6
    3Cristian Beltre5
    4Curtis Partch5
    5Eduardo Paulino5
    6Ramon Garcia5
    7Adalberto Flores4
    8Henry Reyes4
    9Jon Kibler4
    10Aguido Gonzalez3
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Jon Kibler1.75
    2Michael Pineda1.96
    3Alfredo Figaro2.05
    4Jordan Walden2.19
    5Blake Beavan2.36
    6Nicholas Additon2.50
    7Marc Rzepczynski2.83
    8Mike McCardell2.87
    9Alex Caldera2.90
    10Scott Hodsdon2.93
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Jon Kibler0.88
    2Mike McCardell1.00
    3Blake Beavan1.02
    4Michael Pineda1.04
    5Alfredo Figaro1.05
    6Jordan Walden1.05
    7Nicholas Additon1.07
    8Jeremy Hefner1.13
    9Marc Rzepczynski1.17
    10Alex Caldera1.19
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Jon Kibler6.02
    2Jordan Walden6.73
    3Nicholas Additon6.96
    4Michael Pineda7.11
    5Alfredo Figaro7.24
    6Mike McCardell7.33
    7Marc Rzepczynski7.44
    8Jeremy Hefner7.52
    9Blake Beavan7.75
    10Josh Collmenter7.82
    HR per 9 IP
    1Marc Rzepczynski0.15
    2Jon Kibler0.23
    3Tom Layne0.23
    4Jordan Walden0.25
    5Steven Hirschfeld0.25
    6Luis Perez0.26
    7Alex Caldera0.36
    8Justin Miller0.39
    9Matt Klinker0.43
    10Michael Pineda0.46
    BB per 9 IP
    1Cristian Beltre1.39
    2Blake Beavan1.48
    3Jamie Richmond1.49
    4Given Kutz1.53
    5Jeremy McBryde1.58
    6Mike McCardell1.67
    7Scott Hodsdon1.73
    8Jon Kibler1.87
    9Matt Mitchell1.92
    10Alex Caldera2.17
    SO per 9 IP
    1Mike McCardell9.27
    2Jeremy Hefner9.26
    3Marc Rzepczynski9.22
    4Luis Perez9.00
    5Jarrod Parker8.92
    6Robert Fish8.69
    7Michael Pineda8.35
    8J.C. Ramirez8.20
    9Nicholas Additon8.17
    10Mike Tarsi7.70
    1Jeremy McBryde6.583
    2Mike McCardell5.560
    3Cristian Beltre4.500
    4Given Kutz4.500
    5Jon Kibler3.938
    6Scott Hodsdon3.739
    7Michael Pineda3.657
    8Blake Beavan3.650
    9Jamie Richmond3.630
    10Jarrod Parker3.545

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