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2008 Florida State League (A+)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2008 Florida State League Awards
    Florida State League All-Star TeamWilson Ramos C, Josh Thole C, Logan Morrison 1B, Brad Emaus 2B, Juan Francisco 3B, Cale Iorg SS, Cory Patton OF, James Adduci OF, Chris Heisey OF, Quintin Berry OF, Brian Dopirak DH, Taylor Green UT, Graham Taylor SP, Dylan Owen SP, Rick Porcello SP, Reidier Gonzalez SP, Francisco Samuel RP, Anthony Slama RP
    Florida State League All-Star Game MVPDrew Stubbs
    Florida State League Manager of the YearOmar Malave
    Florida State League Most Valuable PlayerLogan Morrison
    Florida State League Pitcher of the YearDylan Owen
    2008 Batting Leaders
    1Quintin Berry134
    2Lucas Duda133
    3Gus Milner132
    4Matt Fields132
    5Ruben Tejada131
    6Logan Morrison130
    7Jeramy Laster129
    8Edward Ovalle127
    9Juan Francisco127
    10Wilson Ramos126
    At Bats
    1Juan Francisco516
    2Quintin Berry511
    3Ruben Tejada497
    4Logan Morrison488
    5Lucas Duda483
    6Matt Fields482
    7Jeramy Laster481
    8Cesar Suarez480
    9Gus Milner479
    10Brad Emaus473
    1Brad Emaus87
    2James Adduci81
    3Brian Dopirak77
    4Chris Heisey77
    5Gus Milner74
    6Chris Emanuele73
    7Juan Francisco71
    8Logan Morrison71
    9Cory Patton70
    10Jeramy Laster68
    1Logan Morrison162
    2Brad Emaus143
    3Juan Francisco143
    4Quintin Berry139
    5James Adduci133
    6D.J. Wabick131
    7Wilson Ramos130
    8Kevin Smith129
    9Ty Wright128
    10Edward Ovalle127
    1Logan Morrison38
    2Kevin Smith35
    3Brad Emaus34
    4Juan Francisco34
    5John Urick32
    6Chris Heisey31
    7Cory Patton30
    8Tony Thomas30
    9Blake Lalli29
    10D.J. Wabick27
    1Ezequiel Carrera12
    2Edward Ovalle11
    3Brennan Boesch8
    4Tim Battle8
    5Adam Calderone7
    6Cale Iorg7
    7Chris Heisey7
    8Daryl Jones7
    9Gus Milner7
    10Ryan Strieby7
    Home Runs
    1Ryan Strieby29
    2Brian Dopirak27
    3Jeramy Laster24
    4Juan Francisco23
    5Matt Fields18
    6Kevin Randel15
    7Taylor Green15
    8Cory Patton13
    9J.P. Arencibia13
    10Logan Morrison13
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Ryan Strieby94
    2Juan Francisco92
    3Brian Dopirak88
    4Wilson Ramos78
    5John Urick77
    6Logan Morrison74
    7Taylor Green73
    8Ty Wright72
    9Brad Emaus71
    10Cory Patton70
    Stolen Bases
    1Quintin Berry51
    2Darren Ford48
    3Greg Burns34
    4Ezequiel Carrera28
    5Charlie Fermaint27
    6Chris Heisey27
    7Drew Stubbs27
    8James Adduci26
    9Pedro Powell23
    10Cale Iorg22
    Caught Stealing
    1Quintin Berry14
    2Greg Burns12
    3Cale Iorg11
    4Darren Ford11
    5Charlie Fermaint10
    6Eduardo Nunez10
    7Jeramy Laster10
    8Tony Thomas10
    9Edward Ovalle9
    10Ezequiel Carrera9
    1Lucas Duda66
    2Quintin Berry65
    3James Skelton64
    4Seth Fortenberry64
    5James Adduci63
    6Greg Burns61
    7Taylor Green61
    8Brad Emaus60
    9Chris Heisey57
    10Logan Morrison57
    1Jeramy Laster200
    2Greg Burns143
    3Matt Fields134
    4Lucas Duda129
    5Seth Fortenberry125
    6Juan Francisco123
    7Tim Battle118
    8Spike McDougall117
    9Tony Thomas113
    10Edward Ovalle112
    Hit by Pitch
    1Edward Ovalle16
    2Chris Emanuele15
    3James Cooper15
    4Matt Fields15
    5Vasili Spanos12
    6Cale Iorg11
    7Chris Heisey11
    8Daniel Descalso10
    9Kenny Holmberg10
    10Antone Dejesus9
    Intentional Walks
    1Michael Bertram8
    2Taylor Green7
    3Brennan Boesch6
    4Cale Iorg6
    5Logan Morrison6
    6James Adduci5
    7Juan Francisco5
    8Brian Dinkelman4
    9Gus Milner4
    10J.T. Hall4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Yancarlos Ortiz13
    2John Matulia12
    3James Adduci10
    4Jon Mota9
    5Tony Thomas9
    6Chris Heisey8
    7Ruben Tejada8
    8Darren Ford7
    9Josh Lansford7
    10Louis Ott7
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Juan Portes11
    2Brandon Buckman7
    3Cesar Suarez7
    4Edward Ovalle7
    5Fidel Hernandez7
    6Charlie Fermaint6
    7Clay Harris6
    8Jonathan Lucroy6
    9Logan Morrison6
    10Tony Cruz5
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Mitch Hilligoss30
    2Wilson Ramos23
    3Fidel Hernandez19
    4Tony Cruz17
    5Chuckie Caufield16
    6Ryan Strieby16
    7D.J. Wabick15
    8Gus Milner15
    9Jose Castro15
    10Lucas Duda15
    Total Bases
    1Juan Francisco256
    2Logan Morrison241
    3Ryan Strieby237
    4Brian Dopirak236
    5Brad Emaus219
    6Jeramy Laster200
    7Cory Patton197
    8Wilson Ramos196
    9Matt Fields193
    10Lucas Duda192
    Plate Appearances
    1Quintin Berry590
    2Lucas Duda559
    3Logan Morrison555
    4Ruben Tejada555
    5Gus Milner549
    6Brad Emaus543
    7Juan Francisco541
    8James Adduci539
    9Jeramy Laster531
    10Matt Fields531
    Batting Average
    1Blake Lalli.343
    2Logan Morrison.332
    3Daryl Jones.326
    4Steve Clevenger.313
    5Brian Dopirak.308
    6Cory Patton.305
    7Brad Emaus.302
    8Josh Thole.300
    9Ty Wright.300
    10Justin Justice.298
    On-Base Percentage
    1Daryl Jones.406
    2Antone Dejesus.405
    3Logan Morrison.402
    4Steve Clevenger.393
    5Kevin Randel.392
    6Blake Lalli.386
    7Whit Robbins.383
    8Brian Dopirak.382
    9Josh Thole.382
    10Taylor Green.382
    Slugging Percentage
    1Brian Dopirak.577
    2Ryan Strieby.563
    3Kevin Randel.531
    4Blake Lalli.519
    5Justin Justice.504
    6Juan Francisco.496
    7Logan Morrison.494
    8Cory Patton.484
    9Adam Calderone.483
    10Daryl Jones.476
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Brian Dopirak959
    2Kevin Randel923
    3Ryan Strieby915
    4Blake Lalli905
    5Logan Morrison896
    6Daryl Jones882
    7Justin Justice868
    8Cory Patton854
    9Brad Emaus843
    10Adam Calderone829
    1Josh Thole1.184
    2Brad Emaus1.071
    3Taylor Green1.034
    4Steve Clevenger0.951
    5Whit Robbins0.945
    6Kenny Holmberg0.911
    7Antone Dejesus0.865
    8Chris Heisey0.826
    9Logan Morrison0.713
    10Tuffy Gosewisch0.705
    2008 Pitching Leaders
    1Dylan Owen12
    2Jonah Nickerson12
    3Reidier Gonzalez12
    4Deolis Guerra11
    5Graham Taylor11
    6Cole Devries10
    7Alexandre Periard9
    8Jeff Allison9
    9Joe Savery9
    10Alex Burnett8
    1Ivan Nova13
    2Brandon Mann12
    3Eric Niesen12
    4Rafael Gonzalez12
    5Heath Rollins11
    6Ryan Morse11
    7Joe Savery10
    8John Axford10
    9Nick Carr10
    10Andrew Cruse9
    1Adalberto Mendez57
    2Chris Leroux57
    3Francisco Samuel54
    4Connor Falkenbach52
    5Anthony Slama51
    6Jose Lugo51
    7Celson Polanco50
    8Edward Rodriguez49
    9Casey Baron47
    10Michael McClendon47
    Games Started
    1Duane Below26
    2Jonah Nickerson26
    3Alex Burnett25
    4Deolis Guerra25
    5Jeff Allison25
    6Dylan Owen24
    7Eric Niesen24
    8Ivan Nova24
    9Joe Savery24
    10Rick Porcello24
    Complete Games
    1Drew Carpenter2
    2Darren Byrd2
    3Dylan Owen2
    4Kenny Rodriguez2
    5Alexandre Periard1
    6Alfredo Figaro1
    7Bobby Livingston1
    8Brad Furnish1
    9Brandon Dickson1
    10Brett Myers1
    1Drew Carpenter1
    2Brad Furnish1
    3Chris Cody1
    4Deolis Guerra1
    5Dylan Owen1
    6Graham Taylor1
    7Jeff Manship1
    8Jeremy Jeffress1
    9Jonah Nickerson1
    10Kenny Rodriguez1
    Games Finished
    1Adalberto Mendez53
    2Francisco Samuel48
    3Connor Falkenbach45
    4Anthony Slama39
    5Neal Frontz36
    6Michael McClendon30
    7Ramon Geronimo29
    8Casey Lambert25
    9Josh Schmidt24
    10German Marte21
    1Adalberto Mendez29
    2Francisco Samuel29
    3Connor Falkenbach28
    4Anthony Slama25
    5Neal Frontz19
    6Josh Schmidt16
    7Omar Aguilar13
    8Rob Delaney13
    9Casey Lambert11
    10Ramon Geronimo11
    Innings Pitched
    1Joe Savery150.1
    2Ivan Nova148.2
    3Jonah Nickerson146.2
    4Alex Burnett143.2
    5Graham Taylor140.1
    6Reidier Gonzalez137.2
    7Heath Rollins136.1
    8Cole Devries135.1
    9Dylan Owen133.2
    10Duane Below133.1
    1Joe Savery171
    2Ivan Nova168
    3Reidier Gonzalez155
    4Alex Burnett151
    5Graham Taylor147
    6Ryan Morse146
    7Brandon Mann144
    8Duane Below144
    9Cole Devries138
    10Deolis Guerra138
    1Brandon Mann88
    2Rafael Gonzalez86
    3Deolis Guerra85
    4Jeff Allison85
    5Joe Savery84
    6Jonah Nickerson82
    7Ivan Nova81
    8Ryan Morse76
    9Duane Below75
    10Eric Niesen75
    Earned Runs
    1Deolis Guerra79
    2Rafael Gonzalez73
    3Ivan Nova72
    4Brandon Mann70
    5Jeff Allison70
    6Joe Savery69
    7Brad Furnish66
    8Duane Below66
    9Jonah Nickerson65
    10Michael Dunn63
    Home Runs
    1Carlos Monasterios19
    2Rafael Gonzalez19
    3Brandon Mann18
    4Daniel Guerrero17
    5Heath Rollins15
    6Brad Furnish14
    7Kenny Rodriguez14
    8Jonah Nickerson13
    9Alex Burnett12
    10Deolis Guerra12
    1John Axford73
    2Deolis Guerra71
    3Duane Below70
    4Joe Savery60
    5Sean West60
    6Michael Dunn58
    7Jeff Allison57
    8Adam Harben56
    9Alex Smit56
    10Shaun Garceau55
    1Duane Below126
    2Joe Savery122
    3Michael Dunn118
    4Dylan Owen116
    5Heath Rollins115
    6Jonah Nickerson114
    7Anthony Slama110
    8Misael DeJesus110
    9Ivan Nova109
    10Bobby Bramhall106
    Wild Pitches
    1Eddie Degerman21
    2Matt Walker13
    3Sean West13
    4Ivan Nova12
    5John Axford12
    6Adam Harben11
    7Jeff Allison11
    8Rafael Gonzalez11
    9Deolis Guerra10
    10Edward Rodriguez10
    1Zach Braddock3
    2Duane Below2
    3Francisco Samuel2
    4Marcos Mateo2
    5Philippe Valiquette2
    6Adalberto Mendez1
    7Alex Maestri1
    8Alex Smit1
    9Andrew Cashner1
    10Angel Castro1
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Bobby Bramhall2.51
    2Rick Porcello2.66
    3Marco Carrillo2.87
    4Cole Devries2.93
    5Kenny Rodriguez3.13
    6Reidier Gonzalez3.13
    7Dillon Gee3.26
    8Heath Rollins3.31
    9Matt Fox3.36
    10Dylan Owen3.43
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Marco Carrillo0.99
    2Dillon Gee1.07
    3Heath Rollins1.07
    4Bobby Bramhall1.11
    5Kenny Rodriguez1.15
    6Rick Porcello1.19
    7Cristhian Martinez1.22
    8Graham Taylor1.23
    9Jonah Nickerson1.23
    10Dylan Owen1.25
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Marco Carrillo6.36
    2Bobby Bramhall7.38
    3Heath Rollins7.81
    4Alex Smit7.88
    5Kyle Winters8.18
    6Dillon Gee8.29
    7Rick Porcello8.35
    8Kenny Rodriguez8.44
    9Brad Furnish8.45
    10Jonah Nickerson8.45
    HR per 9 IP
    1Ivan Nova0.36
    2Reidier Gonzalez0.39
    3Bobby Bramhall0.41
    4Dillon Gee0.43
    5Graham Taylor0.45
    6Alexandre Periard0.48
    7Kyle Winters0.49
    8Rick Porcello0.50
    9Cole Devries0.53
    10Brandon Dickson0.55
    BB per 9 IP
    1Cristhian Martinez1.32
    2Dillon Gee1.35
    3Graham Taylor1.61
    4Heath Rollins1.79
    5Matt O'Brien1.85
    6Ryan Pope1.90
    7Kenny Rodriguez1.93
    8Reidier Gonzalez1.96
    9Dylan Owen2.22
    10Alex Burnett2.25
    SO per 9 IP
    1Bobby Bramhall8.59
    2Duane Below8.53
    3Michael Dunn8.50
    4Kenny Rodriguez8.36
    5Dylan Owen7.79
    6Heath Rollins7.61
    7Alex Smit7.55
    8Matt Fox7.55
    9Joe Savery7.32
    10Brandon Mann7.08
    1Dillon Gee4.947
    2Cristhian Martinez4.875
    3Kenny Rodriguez4.333
    4Heath Rollins4.259
    5Graham Taylor3.800
    6Dylan Owen3.515
    7Bobby Bramhall3.313
    8Ryan Pope3.273
    9Matt Fox3.000
    10Cole Devries2.763

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