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2007 International League (AAA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2007 International League Awards
    International League All-Star TeamJose Morales C, Joey Votto 1B, Martin Prado 2B, Mike Hessman 3B, Brian Bixler SS, Justin Ruggiano OF, Ben Francisco OF, Timo Perez OF, Shelley Duncan DH, Aaron Herr UT, Kevin Slowey SP, Cory Doyne RP
    International League Manager of the YearDave Miley
    International League Most Valuable PlayerMike Hessman
    International League Most Valuable PitcherKevin Slowey
    International League Rookie of the YearJoey Votto
    2007 Batting Leaders
    1Mike Cervenak140
    2Chris Shelton139
    3Denard Span139
    4Casey Rogowski137
    5Gary Burnham137
    6Doug Clark134
    7Brandon Moss133
    8Joey Votto133
    9John-Ford Griffin133
    10Aaron Herr132
    At Bats
    1Mike Cervenak554
    2Aaron Herr507
    3Chris Shelton498
    4Joe Thurston496
    5Joey Votto496
    6Brandon Moss493
    7Gary Burnham493
    8Wayne Lydon493
    9Timo Perez489
    10Denard Span487
    1Gregor Blanco81
    2Wayne Lydon80
    3Justin Ruggiano78
    4Brian Bixler77
    5Timo Perez76
    6Aaron Herr75
    7Chris Shelton75
    8Doug Clark75
    9Joey Votto74
    10Chad Mottola71
    1Mike Cervenak157
    2Timo Perez151
    3Joe Thurston149
    4Justin Ruggiano149
    5Joey Votto146
    6Gary Burnham144
    7Aaron Herr139
    8Brandon Moss139
    9Ryan Mulhern138
    10Chris Shelton134
    1Brandon Moss41
    2Timo Perez39
    3Ryan Mulhern36
    4Gary Burnham35
    5Garrett Jones32
    6J.R. House32
    7Aaron Herr31
    8Chris Shelton31
    9Joe Thurston29
    10Justin Ruggiano29
    1Alberto Gonzalez10
    2Brian Bixler10
    3Andres Torres9
    4Joe Inglett9
    5Joe Thurston9
    6Bobby Scales8
    7Brandon Fahey8
    8Jason Cooper8
    9Denard Span7
    10Dewayne Wise7
    Home Runs
    1Mike Hessman31
    2John-Ford Griffin26
    3Shelley Duncan25
    4Joey Votto22
    5Justin Ruggiano20
    6Michael Restovich20
    7Aaron Herr19
    8Kevin Barker18
    9Abraham Nunez17
    10Chad Mottola17
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Mike Hessman101
    2Joey Votto92
    3Gary Burnham84
    4Aaron Herr83
    5John-Ford Griffin83
    6Shelley Duncan79
    7Brandon Moss78
    8Mike Cervenak78
    9Kevin Barker76
    10Ryan Mulhern76
    Stolen Bases
    1Bernie Castro34
    2Jacoby Ellsbury33
    3Brent Lillibridge28
    4Brian Bixler28
    5Rajai Davis27
    6Justin Ruggiano26
    7Nyjer Morgan26
    8Wayne Lydon26
    9Denard Span25
    10Tike Redman25
    Caught Stealing
    1Gregor Blanco18
    2Denard Span14
    3Joe Thurston14
    4Alexi Casilla12
    5Joe Inglett12
    6Eider Torres11
    7Justin Ruggiano11
    8Mike Hessman11
    9Henry Mateo10
    10Joey Votto10
    1Chris Shelton83
    2Jack Hannahan76
    3Kevin Barker74
    4Gary Burnham70
    5Joey Votto70
    6Mike Hessman64
    7Gregor Blanco63
    8Keith Ginter63
    9Mark Bellhorn63
    10Brandon Moss61
    1Mike Hessman153
    2Justin Ruggiano151
    3Brandon Moss148
    4Aaron Herr144
    5John-Ford Griffin144
    6Chris Shelton141
    7Elliot Johnson139
    8Ryan Mulhern133
    9Brian Bixler131
    10Chris Dickerson131
    Hit by Pitch
    1Wes Timmons19
    2Luis Matos18
    3Brian Bixler17
    4Chris Richard16
    5Corky Miller13
    6Gary Burnham13
    7Jeff Bailey13
    8Trent Oeltjen13
    9Dusty Wathan12
    10Joe Thurston11
    Intentional Walks
    1Gary Burnham9
    2Chris Shelton6
    3Jason Cooper5
    4Joey Votto5
    5Jose Morales5
    6Michael Ryan5
    7Bobby Scales4
    8Brennan King4
    9Chris Dickerson4
    10Chris Richard4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Denard Span21
    2Joe Thurston16
    3Brandon Watson14
    4Gregor Blanco14
    5Ray Olmedo14
    6Eider Torres12
    7Matt Tolbert12
    8Wayne Lydon12
    9Paul Janish11
    10Ramon Santiago11
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Garrett Jones9
    2Joey Votto9
    3Wes Bankston9
    4Kevin Reese8
    5Joe Inglett7
    6John-Ford Griffin7
    7Keith Ginter7
    8Kevin Barker7
    9Luis Ordaz7
    10Michael Ryan7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Terry Tiffee23
    2Gary Burnham21
    3Jason Jaramillo18
    4Jim Rushford18
    5Dusty Wathan17
    6Jose Hernandez17
    7Aaron Herr16
    8Angel Chavez16
    9Kevin Barker15
    10Luis Rivas15
    Total Bases
    1Justin Ruggiano242
    2Aaron Herr237
    3Joey Votto237
    4John-Ford Griffin236
    5Mike Cervenak235
    6Brandon Moss232
    7Timo Perez231
    8Mike Hessman228
    9Ryan Mulhern226
    10Gary Burnham215
    Plate Appearances
    1Chris Shelton594
    2Mike Cervenak589
    3Gary Burnham581
    4Joey Votto580
    5Joe Thurston572
    6Brandon Moss559
    7Wayne Lydon558
    8Brian Bixler556
    9Aaron Herr555
    10Kevin Barker553
    Batting Average
    1Ben Francisco.318
    2Martin Prado.316
    3Brandon Watson.313
    4Jason Bourgeois.311
    5Jose Morales.311
    6Justin Ruggiano.309
    7Timo Perez.309
    8Tike Redman.304
    9Luis Ordaz.302
    10Brayan Pena.301
    On-Base Percentage
    1Jack Hannahan.422
    2Ryan Raburn.394
    3Gary Burnham.391
    4Justin Ruggiano.386
    5Chris Richard.384
    6Ben Francisco.382
    7Kevin Thompson.382
    8Mark Bellhorn.382
    9Chris Shelton.381
    10Joey Votto.381
    Slugging Percentage
    1Shelley Duncan.577
    2Mike Hessman.540
    3Ryan Raburn.540
    4Michael Restovich.503
    5Justin Ruggiano.502
    6Ben Francisco.496
    7Chris Richard.488
    8John-Ford Griffin.488
    9Joey Votto.478
    10Jack Hannahan.476
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Shelley Duncan957
    2Ryan Raburn934
    3Jack Hannahan898
    4Mike Hessman896
    5Justin Ruggiano888
    6Ben Francisco878
    7Chris Richard872
    8Joey Votto859
    9Bobby Scales845
    10Michael Restovich835
    1Tike Redman1.333
    2Russ Johnson1.258
    3Jim Rushford0.968
    4Gary Burnham0.959
    5Keith Ginter0.926
    6Wes Timmons0.862
    7Martin Prado0.829
    8Jack Hannahan0.826
    9Joe Thurston0.800
    10Kevin Thompson0.750
    2007 Pitching Leaders
    1Heath Phillips13
    2Mitch Talbot13
    3Jeff Niemann12
    4Josh Banks12
    5Julio DePaula12
    6Virgil Vasquez12
    7Ron Chiavacci12
    8Brian Duensing11
    9Bryan Bullington11
    10Dennis Tankersley10
    1Charlie Haeger16
    2Dave Gassner12
    3Jim Johnson12
    4Josh Banks10
    5Tom Shearn10
    6Vladimir Nunez10
    7Bryan Bullington9
    8Emiliano Fruto9
    9Francis Beltran9
    10Jeff Harris9
    1Bobby Korecky66
    2Ricky Stone59
    3Bryan Corey58
    4Travis Hughes57
    5Chris Booker55
    6Arnaldo Munoz54
    7Jeff Ridgway54
    8Juan Lara52
    9Steve Green52
    10Mike Koplove51
    Games Started
    1Mitch Talbot29
    2Heath Phillips28
    3Josh Banks27
    4Lance Broadway27
    5Bryan Bullington26
    6Dave Gassner26
    7David Pauley26
    8Jim Johnson25
    9Jeff Niemann25
    10Virgil Vasquez25
    Complete Games
    1Kevin Slowey5
    2Brian Duensing3
    3Charlie Haeger3
    4Josh Banks3
    5Nick Blackburn3
    6Aaron Laffey2
    7Dave Gassner2
    8Gary Knotts2
    9Jim Johnson2
    10Jason Hammel2
    1Virgil Vasquez2
    2Nick Blackburn2
    3Aaron Laffey1
    4Bobby Livingston1
    5Brian Bass1
    6Brian Duensing1
    7Buddy Carlyle1
    8Dave Gassner1
    9Gary Knotts1
    10Jason Hammel1
    Games Finished
    1Bobby Korecky59
    2Chris Booker51
    3Travis Hughes51
    4Aquilino Lopez45
    5Blaine Neal39
    6Ricky Stone37
    7Cory Doyne36
    8Jim Brower34
    9Chad Orvella32
    10Manny Acosta30
    1Bobby Korecky35
    2Chris Booker30
    3Cory Doyne29
    4Aquilino Lopez26
    5Travis Hughes24
    6Jim Brower21
    7Chad Orvella20
    8Brian Sanches16
    9Ricky Stone16
    10David Aardsma15
    Innings Pitched
    1Heath Phillips173.2
    2Josh Banks169
    3Mitch Talbot161
    4Lance Broadway155
    5Virgil Vasquez155
    6David Pauley153.2
    7Ron Chiavacci151.1
    8Bryan Bullington150.2
    9Dave Gassner149
    10Jim Johnson148
    1Heath Phillips198
    2Josh Banks192
    3Mitch Talbot169
    4Dennis Tankersley167
    5David Pauley164
    6Jim Johnson164
    7Mike MacDonald161
    8Dave Gassner159
    9Lance Broadway155
    10Tom Shearn153
    1David Pauley90
    2Heath Phillips90
    3Josh Banks89
    4Mitch Talbot89
    5Lance Broadway86
    6Dave Gassner84
    7Mike MacDonald83
    8Charlie Haeger82
    9Jim Johnson79
    10Jeff Harris77
    Earned Runs
    1Josh Banks87
    2Heath Phillips83
    3Dave Gassner82
    4Mitch Talbot81
    5Lance Broadway80
    6David Pauley74
    7Mike MacDonald73
    8Jeff Harris72
    9Dennis Tankersley68
    10Tim Kester68
    Home Runs
    1Jeff Harris24
    2Heath Phillips23
    3Josh Banks22
    4David Pauley18
    5Virgil Vasquez18
    6Dave Gassner17
    7Lance Broadway17
    8Charlie Haeger16
    9Devern Hansack16
    10J.P. Howell16
    1Lance Broadway78
    2Charlie Haeger67
    3Trey Hodges63
    4J.A. Happ62
    5Bryan Bullington59
    6Emiliano Fruto59
    7Mitch Talbot59
    8Sean Smith58
    9Heath Phillips56
    10Matt DeSalvo56
    1J.P. Howell145
    2Devern Hansack131
    3Virgil Vasquez127
    4Charlie Haeger126
    5Ron Chiavacci126
    6Mitch Talbot124
    7Jeff Niemann123
    8Garrett Olson120
    9J.A. Happ117
    10David Pauley110
    Wild Pitches
    1Lance Broadway12
    2Preston Larrison12
    3Tom Shearn11
    4Blaine Neal9
    5Brian Rogers9
    6Dave Gassner9
    7Josh Sharpless9
    8Charlie Haeger8
    9Craig Breslow8
    10David Pauley8
    1Heath Phillips4
    2Clay Buchholz3
    3Elizardo Ramirez3
    4Manny Acosta3
    5Mitch Talbot3
    6Ben Kozlowski2
    7Bobby Livingston2
    8Chris Michalak2
    9Devern Hansack2
    10Jason Hammel2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Kevin Slowey1.88
    2Nick Blackburn2.11
    3John VanBenschoten2.56
    4Matt DeSalvo2.71
    5Gavin Floyd3.11
    6Garrett Olson3.16
    7Brian Duensing3.23
    8J.P. Howell3.38
    9Ron Chiavacci3.40
    10Virgil Vasquez3.48
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Kevin Slowey0.96
    2Nick Blackburn0.97
    3Garrett Olson1.05
    4Virgil Vasquez1.11
    5J.P. Howell1.13
    6Devern Hansack1.19
    7Gavin Floyd1.20
    8Brian Duensing1.24
    9Michael Tejera1.24
    10Ron Chiavacci1.26
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Garrett Olson6.68
    2Matt DeSalvo7.33
    3Kevin Slowey7.39
    4J.P. Howell7.73
    5Nick Blackburn7.78
    6Gavin Floyd7.82
    7Virgil Vasquez8.07
    8John VanBenschoten8.09
    9Devern Hansack8.10
    10Michael Tejera8.15
    HR per 9 IP
    1Kevin Slowey0.27
    2Matt DeSalvo0.32
    3Andy Mitchell0.47
    4Yorman Bazardo0.53
    5Tom Shearn0.56
    6Nick Blackburn0.57
    7Bryan Bullington0.60
    8John VanBenschoten0.66
    9Mike MacDonald0.67
    10Tim Kester0.71
    BB per 9 IP
    1Nick Blackburn0.97
    2Kevin Slowey1.21
    3Josh Banks1.28
    4Virgil Vasquez1.92
    5Tim Kester2.06
    6Mike MacDonald2.27
    7Brian Duensing2.31
    8Mike Burns2.33
    9Jeff Harris2.35
    10J.P. Howell2.39
    SO per 9 IP
    1J.A. Happ8.92
    2Jeff Niemann8.45
    3Garrett Olson8.44
    4Devern Hansack8.42
    5Matt DeSalvo8.12
    6Gavin Floyd8.07
    7Charlie Haeger7.66
    8Ron Chiavacci7.51
    9Virgil Vasquez7.37
    10Kevin Slowey7.19
    1Kevin Slowey5.944
    2Nick Blackburn4.750
    3J.P. Howell4.265
    4Josh Banks4.208
    5Virgil Vasquez3.848
    6Devern Hansack3.275
    7Garrett Olson3.077
    8Ron Chiavacci2.930
    9Brian Duensing2.867
    10Mike Burns2.759

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