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2006 Southern League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2006 Southern League Awards
    Southern League All-StarMiguel Montero C, Joey Votto 1B, Danny Richar 2B, Scott Moore 3B, Chin-lung Hu SS, Jerry Gil OF, Ricardo Nanita OF, Chris Walker OF, Craig Brazell DH, Jamie D'Antona UT, Andy Sonnanstine RHP, Tyler Lumsden LHP, David Shafer RP
    Southern League All-Star Game MVPScott Moore
    Southern League Best HustlerEric Patterson
    Southern League Manager of the YearJohn Shoemaker
    Southern League Most Valuable PlayerJoey Votto
    Southern League Most Outstanding PitcherSpike Lundberg
    2006 Batting Leaders
    1Joey Votto136
    2Drew Macias134
    3Noochie Varner133
    4Ryan Bear133
    5Jason Pridie132
    6Scott Moore132
    7Chris Walker131
    8Lee Mitchell131
    9Micah Schnurstein131
    10Steve Moss131
    At Bats
    1Chris Walker513
    2Chris Getz508
    3Joey Votto508
    4Luis Cruz499
    5Elliot Johnson494
    6Chin-lung Hu488
    7Steve Moss484
    8Danny Richar480
    9Micah Schnurstein480
    10Ryan Bear477
    1Joey Votto85
    2Danny Richar79
    3Jamie D'Antona72
    4Chin-lung Hu71
    5Jerry Gil71
    6Chris Walker70
    7Elliot Johnson69
    8Steve Moss68
    9Alberto Gonzalez67
    10Chris Getz67
    1Joey Votto162
    2Chris Walker150
    3Jamie D'Antona143
    4Danny Richar140
    5Elliot Johnson139
    6Noochie Varner131
    7Tony Abreu131
    8Chris Getz130
    9Luis Cruz130
    10Scott Moore128
    1Joey Votto46
    2Lee Mitchell37
    3Luis Cruz35
    4Noochie Varner33
    5Vince Sinisi33
    6Jamie D'Antona29
    7Scott Moore28
    8Jerry Gil27
    9Steve Moss27
    10Craig Brazell26
    1Chris Walker11
    2Elliot Johnson10
    3Eric Patterson9
    4Chris Dickerson7
    5Chris Getz6
    6Jerry Gil6
    7Danny Richar5
    8John Raburn5
    9Nic Jackson5
    10Cory Aldridge4
    Home Runs
    1Jerry Gil26
    2Joey Votto22
    3Scott Moore22
    4Craig Brazell21
    5Steve Smitherman19
    6Jamie D'Antona17
    7Michael Coleman17
    8Elliot Johnson15
    9Jesus Cota15
    10Mike Rosamond15
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Craig Brazell91
    2Jerry Gil86
    3Joey Votto77
    4Scott Moore75
    5Noochie Varner73
    6Jamie D'Antona67
    7Luis Cruz65
    8Michael Coleman61
    9Ryan Bear59
    10Steve Smitherman58
    Stolen Bases
    1Chris Walker50
    2Eric Patterson38
    3Jose Campusano37
    4Callix Crabbe32
    5Alejandro De Aza27
    6Jeremy Owens24
    7Joey Votto24
    8Chris Dickerson21
    9Elliot Johnson20
    10John Raburn20
    Caught Stealing
    1Chris Walker23
    2Elliot Johnson18
    3Callix Crabbe13
    4Drew Macias12
    5Eric Patterson12
    6Jose Campusano12
    7Steve Moss12
    8Alejandro De Aza10
    9Mike Myers10
    10Yunel Escobar9
    1Joey Votto78
    2Callix Crabbe71
    3Steve Moss71
    4Chris Dickerson65
    5Gabriel Martinez65
    6Tydus Meadows64
    7Brad Nelson63
    8Corey Smith62
    9Ryan Bear60
    10Yunel Escobar59
    1Jeremy Owens142
    2Lee Mitchell139
    3Steve Moss136
    4Chris Dickerson129
    5Thomas Collaro128
    6Gabriel Martinez126
    7Scott Moore126
    8Elliot Johnson122
    9Mike Rosamond117
    10Corey Smith112
    Hit by Pitch
    1Agustin Murillo12
    2Miguel Perez10
    3Tony Abreu9
    4Alberto Gonzalez8
    5Brett Carroll8
    6Drew Macias8
    7Jose Campusano8
    8Lee Mitchell8
    9Noochie Varner8
    10Scott Moore8
    Intentional Walks
    1Scott Moore7
    2Alberto Gonzalez6
    3Anderson Machado6
    4Ricardo Nanita6
    5Jason Pridie5
    6Jesus Cota5
    7Joey Votto5
    8Michael Coleman5
    9Ozzie Chavez5
    10Brad Nelson4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Callix Crabbe16
    2Alberto Gonzalez13
    3Chin-lung Hu13
    4Mike Myers13
    5Carlos Rojas12
    6Rex Rundgren12
    7Anderson Machado11
    8John Raburn10
    9Jose Campusano10
    10Ricardo Nanita10
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Noochie Varner11
    2Danny Richar7
    3Gabriel Martinez7
    4Vince Sinisi7
    5Eric Patterson6
    6Javier Colina6
    7Tony Abreu6
    8Alex Frazier5
    9Callix Crabbe5
    10Corey Smith5
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Yunel Escobar20
    2Craig Brazell19
    3Noochie Varner15
    4Ryan Bear15
    5Barbaro Canizares14
    6Jesus Cota14
    7Micah Schnurstein14
    8Tony Abreu14
    9Joey Votto13
    10John Raburn13
    Total Bases
    1Joey Votto278
    2Jerry Gil237
    3Elliot Johnson225
    4Jamie D'Antona223
    5Scott Moore222
    6Luis Cruz207
    7Chris Walker200
    8Danny Richar199
    9Noochie Varner198
    10Craig Brazell195
    Plate Appearances
    1Joey Votto590
    2Chris Getz573
    3Callix Crabbe571
    4Chris Walker566
    5Steve Moss564
    6Chin-lung Hu556
    7Danny Richar548
    8Ryan Bear544
    9Elliot Johnson542
    10Luis Cruz539
    Batting Average
    1Joey Votto.319
    2Jamie D'Antona.310
    3Barbaro Canizares.301
    4John Raburn.295
    5Chris Walker.292
    6Danny Richar.292
    7Drew Anderson.291
    8Alberto Gonzalez.290
    9Aaron Herr.287
    10Cory Aldridge.287
    On-Base Percentage
    1Joey Votto.408
    2Brad Nelson.401
    3George Kottaras.394
    4John Raburn.387
    5A.J. Ellis.383
    6Jamie D'Antona.382
    7Kevin Randel.376
    8Phil Avlas.373
    9Ricardo Nanita.372
    10Callix Crabbe.368
    Slugging Percentage
    1Joey Votto.547
    2Jerry Gil.531
    3Steve Smitherman.498
    4Jamie D'Antona.484
    5Kevin Randel.483
    6Scott Moore.479
    7Craig Brazell.463
    8Aaron Herr.462
    9Elliot Johnson.455
    10George Kottaras.451
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Joey Votto955
    2Jamie D'Antona866
    3Kevin Randel859
    4George Kottaras845
    5Scott Moore839
    6Jerry Gil833
    7Steve Smitherman821
    8Aaron Herr801
    9Miguel Montero798
    10Brad Nelson793
    1Callix Crabbe1.145
    2Chris Getz1.106
    3Brad Nelson1.016
    4A.J. Ellis1.000
    5John Raburn1.000
    6Phil Avlas0.920
    7Ricardo Nanita0.911
    8Miguel Montero0.886
    9Alberto Gonzalez0.881
    10Chin-lung Hu0.778
    2006 Pitching Leaders
    1Andy Sonnanstine15
    2Spike Lundberg15
    3Jim Magrane11
    4J.R. Mathes10
    5Paul Mildren10
    6Ross Ohlendorf10
    7T.J. Nall10
    8Tim Dillard10
    9Tony Peguero10
    10Corwin Malone9
    1Chris Waters14
    2Jose Oyervidez12
    3Tony Peguero12
    4Bobby Brownlie11
    5Corwin Malone11
    6Steven Jackson11
    7Chris Shaver10
    8Edward Valdez10
    9James Russ10
    10Paul Mildren10
    1Ehren Wassermann61
    2Dale Thayer57
    3Bill White54
    4Dwayne Pollok54
    5Geoffrey Jones53
    6Leo Rosales53
    7Brian West52
    8Bubba Nelson52
    9Casey Hoorelbeke52
    10Chris Mobley52
    Games Started
    1Andy Sonnanstine28
    2Jose Oyervidez28
    3Paul Mildren28
    4Tyler Pelland28
    5Chris Waters27
    6Corwin Malone27
    7J.R. Mathes27
    8James Russ27
    9Ross Ohlendorf27
    10Sean Thompson27
    Complete Games
    1Andy Sonnanstine4
    2Ross Ohlendorf4
    3J.R. Mathes3
    4Mike Ekstrom3
    5Anibal Sanchez2
    6Lance Broadway2
    7Paul Mildren2
    8Sean Thompson2
    9T.J. Nall2
    10Adam Bass1
    1Andy Sonnanstine4
    2Ross Ohlendorf2
    3Adam Bass1
    4Anibal Sanchez1
    5Carlos Villanueva1
    6Chris Shaver1
    7Francisley Bueno1
    8Heath Totten1
    9J.R. Mathes1
    10James Russ1
    Games Finished
    1Ehren Wassermann54
    2Dale Thayer51
    3Mark Alexander37
    4David Shafer36
    5Jean Machi32
    6Zach Schreiber30
    7Clay Rapada28
    8Jon Coutlangus27
    9Casey Hoorelbeke25
    10Doug Slaten24
    1Dale Thayer27
    2David Shafer26
    3Mark Alexander26
    4Ehren Wassermann22
    5Clay Rapada21
    6Zach Schreiber21
    7Jean Machi16
    8Juan Salas14
    9Joe Valentine13
    10Bill White12
    Innings Pitched
    1Andy Sonnanstine185.2
    2Ross Ohlendorf177.2
    3Paul Mildren167.1
    4Tim Dillard163
    5J.R. Mathes159.2
    6James Russ156.1
    7Chris Waters155
    8Corwin Malone154.1
    9Lance Broadway154.1
    10Sean Thompson154
    1Ross Ohlendorf180
    2Tim Dillard167
    3J.R. Mathes165
    4Paul Mildren161
    5Lance Broadway160
    6James Russ154
    7Chris Waters152
    8Andy Sonnanstine151
    9Sean Thompson148
    10Chris Shaver146
    1Chris Waters90
    2Paul Mildren88
    3Corwin Malone83
    4Ryan Rodriguez82
    5Garrett Mock81
    6Jose Oyervidez79
    7Sean Thompson79
    8Tyler Pelland78
    9Tim Dillard76
    10James Russ74
    Earned Runs
    1Chris Waters83
    2Paul Mildren77
    3Corwin Malone76
    4Garrett Mock72
    5Ryan Rodriguez71
    6James Russ66
    7Sean Thompson66
    8Jose Oyervidez65
    9Ross Ohlendorf65
    10Tyler Pelland63
    Home Runs
    1Chris Waters24
    2Danny Muegge19
    3Paul Mildren19
    4Sean Thompson18
    5James Russ16
    6Andy Sonnanstine15
    7Garrett Mock14
    8Corwin Malone13
    9Eric Schmitt13
    10Ross Ohlendorf13
    1Corwin Malone94
    2Tyler Pelland89
    3Chris Waters79
    4Jose Oyervidez75
    5Adam Bostick67
    6James Russ63
    7Chris Shaver56
    8Sean Gallagher55
    9Paul Mildren54
    10Ryan Rodriguez51
    1T.J. Nall155
    2Andy Sonnanstine153
    3Paul Mildren150
    4Sean Thompson134
    5Jose Oyervidez131
    6James Russ125
    7Ross Ohlendorf125
    8Steven Jackson125
    9Corey Thurman124
    10Corwin Malone121
    Wild Pitches
    1Ross Ohlendorf15
    2Carlos Vasquez13
    3Edward Valdez13
    4Ray Liotta12
    5Tim Dillard12
    6Corwin Malone11
    7Tyler Pelland11
    8Adam Thomas10
    9Jose Oyervidez10
    10Lance Broadway10
    1Matt Harrison5
    2Arnaldo Munoz4
    3Greg Smith4
    4Sean Thompson3
    5Adam Bostick2
    6Carlos Alvarado2
    7Chris Waters2
    8Dan Smith2
    9Jim Magrane2
    10Travis Chick2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Spike Lundberg2.26
    2Steven Jackson2.64
    3Andy Sonnanstine2.66
    4Tyler Lumsden2.69
    5Lance Broadway2.75
    6T.J. Nall2.81
    7Corey Thurman2.96
    8Tony Peguero2.96
    9Jim Magrane2.98
    10Chris Shaver3.00
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Andy Sonnanstine0.99
    2T.J. Nall1.04
    3Spike Lundberg1.10
    4Tony Peguero1.13
    5Ross Ohlendorf1.17
    6Steven Jackson1.17
    7Jim Magrane1.18
    8Heath Totten1.19
    9Corey Thurman1.22
    10J.R. Mathes1.23
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Andy Sonnanstine7.31
    2Spike Lundberg7.39
    3T.J. Nall7.40
    4Jim Magrane7.62
    5Tony Peguero7.82
    6Adam Bostick7.83
    7Steven Jackson7.86
    8Corwin Malone8.24
    9Tyler Lumsden8.27
    10Corey Thurman8.29
    HR per 9 IP
    1Spike Lundberg0.18
    2Ryan Rodriguez0.31
    3Manuel Olivera0.33
    4Steven Jackson0.36
    5Chris Shaver0.42
    6Jim Magrane0.42
    7Corey Thurman0.51
    8Adam Bostick0.55
    9Tim Dillard0.55
    10J.R. Mathes0.56
    BB per 9 IP
    1Ross Ohlendorf1.47
    2Andy Sonnanstine1.65
    3J.R. Mathes1.74
    4T.J. Nall1.91
    5Heath Totten1.93
    6Tim Dillard1.99
    7Tony Peguero2.31
    8Lance Broadway2.34
    9Danny Muegge2.35
    10Edward Valdez2.50
    SO per 9 IP
    1T.J. Nall9.89
    2Adam Bostick8.53
    3Paul Mildren8.08
    4Garrett Mock8.04
    5Corey Thurman7.97
    6Jose Oyervidez7.91
    7Sean Thompson7.83
    8Steven Jackson7.50
    9Andy Sonnanstine7.40
    10Edward Valdez7.29
    1T.J. Nall5.167
    2Andy Sonnanstine4.500
    3Ross Ohlendorf4.310
    4J.R. Mathes3.677
    5Heath Totten3.000
    6Tim Dillard3.000
    7Corey Thurman2.952
    8Edward Valdez2.921
    9Sean Thompson2.913
    10Paul Mildren2.778

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