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2006 American League (MLB)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2006 American League Awards
    American League Cy Young AwardJohan Santana
    American League Gold GloveKenny Rogers Pitcher, Ivan Rodriguez Catcher, Mark Teixeira First Base, Mark Grudzielanek Second Base, Eric Chavez Third Base, Derek Jeter Shortstop, Vernon Wells Outfielder, Ichiro Suzuki Outfielder, Torii Hunter Outfielder
    American League Hank Aaron AwardDerek Jeter
    American League Manager of the YearJim Leyland
    American League Most Valuable PlayerJustin Morneau
    AL Player of the MonthJason Giambi April, Alex Rodriguez May, Joe Mauer June, David Ortiz July, Travis Hafner August, Robinson Cano September
    American League Player of the WeekChris Shelton April 3-April 9, Jason Giambi April 10-April 16, Miguel Tejada April 17-April 23, Ben Broussard April 24-April 30, Kevin Mench April 24-April 30, Joel Pineiro May 1-May 7, Roy Halladay May 8-May 14, Scott Kazmir May 15-May 21, Carl Crawford May 22-May 28, Justin Verlander May 22-May 28, Ichiro Suzuki May 29-June 4, Joe Mauer June 5-June 11, Paul Konerko June 12-June 18, Joe Crede June 19-June 25, Lyle Overbay June 26-July 2, Mark Kotsay July 10-July 16, Vernon Wells July 17-July 23, Mark Teahen July 24-July 30, David Ortiz July 31-August 6, Travis Hafner July 31-August 6, Mark DeRosa August 7-August 13, Johnny Damon August 14-August 20, Jermaine Dye August 21-August 27, Alex Rodriguez August 28-September 3, Frank Thomas September 4-September 10, Gary Matthews September 11-September 17, Torii Hunter September 18-September 24, Raul Ibanez September 18-September 24, Greg Norton September 25-October 1
    AL Rookie of the MonthJonathan Papelbon April, Justin Verlander May, Francisco Liriano June, Francisco Liriano July, Nick Markakis August, Boof Bonser September
    American League Rookie of the YearJustin Verlander
    AL Silver Slugger AwardJoe Mauer C, Justin Morneau 1B, Robinson Cano 2B, Joe Crede 3B, Derek Jeter SS, Manny Ramirez OF, Vladimir Guerrero OF, Jermaine Dye OF, David Ortiz DH
    AL Pitcher of the MonthJose Contreras April, C.C. Sabathia May, Johan Santana June, John Lackey July, Esteban Loaiza August, Johan Santana September
    2006 Batting Leaders
    1Grady Sizemore162
    2Mark Teixeira162
    3Michael Young162
    4Miguel Tejada162
    5Ichiro Suzuki161
    6Brandon Inge159
    7Curtis Granderson159
    8Raul Ibanez159
    9Richie Sexson158
    10Justin Morneau157
    At Bats
    1Ichiro Suzuki695
    2Michael Young691
    3Grady Sizemore655
    4Miguel Tejada648
    5Mark Loretta635
    6Mark Teixeira628
    7Raul Ibanez626
    8Melvin Mora624
    9Derek Jeter623
    10Adrian Beltre620
    1Grady Sizemore134
    2Derek Jeter118
    3David Ortiz115
    4Johnny Damon115
    5Alex Rodriguez113
    6Ichiro Suzuki110
    7Jim Thome108
    8Nick Swisher106
    9Troy Glaus105
    10Jermaine Dye103
    1Ichiro Suzuki224
    2Michael Young217
    3Derek Jeter214
    4Miguel Tejada214
    5Vladimir Guerrero200
    6Gary Matthews194
    7Grady Sizemore190
    8Justin Morneau190
    9Vernon Wells185
    10Carl Crawford183
    1Grady Sizemore53
    2Michael Young52
    3Mike Lowell47
    4Lyle Overbay46
    5Mark Teixeira45
    6Orlando Cabrera45
    7Gary Matthews44
    8Kevin Youkilis42
    9Carlos Guillen41
    10Emil Brown41
    1Carl Crawford16
    2Grady Sizemore11
    3Curtis Granderson9
    4Ichiro Suzuki9
    5Chone Figgins8
    6Jose Lopez8
    7David DeJesus7
    8Mark Teahen7
    9Nick Punto7
    10Adam Kennedy6
    Home Runs
    1David Ortiz54
    2Jermaine Dye44
    3Jim Thome42
    4Travis Hafner42
    5Frank Thomas39
    6Troy Glaus38
    7Jason Giambi37
    8Alex Rodriguez35
    9Manny Ramirez35
    10Nick Swisher35
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1David Ortiz137
    2Justin Morneau130
    3Raul Ibanez123
    4Alex Rodriguez121
    5Jermaine Dye120
    6Travis Hafner117
    7Vladimir Guerrero116
    8Frank Thomas114
    9Jason Giambi113
    10Paul Konerko113
    Stolen Bases
    1Carl Crawford58
    2Chone Figgins52
    3Corey Patterson45
    4Ichiro Suzuki45
    5Scott Podsednik40
    6Brian Roberts36
    7Derek Jeter34
    8Orlando Cabrera27
    9Johnny Damon25
    10Luis Castillo25
    Caught Stealing
    1Scott Podsednik19
    2Chone Figgins16
    3Luis Castillo11
    4Adam Kennedy10
    5Johnny Damon10
    6Carl Crawford9
    7Carlos Guillen9
    8Corey Patterson9
    9Yuniesky Betancourt8
    10Brian Anderson7
    1David Ortiz119
    2Jason Giambi110
    3Jim Thome107
    4Manny Ramirez100
    5Travis Hafner100
    6Nick Swisher97
    7Kevin Youkilis91
    8Alex Rodriguez90
    9Mark Teixeira89
    10Troy Glaus86
    1Curtis Granderson174
    2Richie Sexson154
    3Grady Sizemore153
    4Jhonny Peralta152
    5Nick Swisher152
    6Jim Thome147
    7Alex Rodriguez139
    8Troy Glaus134
    9Michael Cuddyer130
    10Brandon Inge128
    Hit by Pitch
    1Reed Johnson21
    2Jason Giambi16
    3Melvin Mora14
    4Grady Sizemore13
    5Kenji Johjima13
    6David DeJesus12
    7Derek Jeter12
    8Jason Kendall12
    9Kevin Millar12
    10Mark Loretta12
    Intentional Walks
    1Vladimir Guerrero25
    2David Ortiz23
    3Joe Mauer21
    4Ichiro Suzuki16
    5Manny Ramirez16
    6Travis Hafner16
    7Raul Ibanez15
    8Jason Giambi12
    9Jim Thome12
    10Mark Teixeira12
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Jose Lopez12
    2Nick Punto10
    3Vance Wilson10
    4Angel Berroa9
    5Brandon Fahey9
    6Carl Crawford9
    7Juan Uribe9
    8Luis Castillo9
    9Corey Patterson8
    10Placido Polanco8
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Justin Morneau11
    2Kevin Youkilis11
    3Orlando Cabrera11
    4Alex Rios10
    5Emil Brown10
    6Jonny Gomes9
    7Paul Konerko9
    8Vernon Wells9
    9Gary Matthews8
    10Manny Ramirez8
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Miguel Tejada28
    2Michael Young27
    3Victor Martinez27
    4Paul Konerko25
    5Troy Glaus25
    6Joe Mauer24
    7Alex Rodriguez22
    8Mike Lowell22
    9Angel Berroa21
    10Eric Chavez19
    Total Bases
    1David Ortiz355
    2Grady Sizemore349
    3Jermaine Dye335
    4Vladimir Guerrero335
    5Justin Morneau331
    6Vernon Wells331
    7Mark Teixeira323
    8Miguel Tejada323
    9Raul Ibanez323
    10Michael Young317
    Plate Appearances
    1Ichiro Suzuki752
    2Grady Sizemore751
    3Michael Young748
    4Mark Teixeira727
    5Derek Jeter715
    6Miguel Tejada709
    7Melvin Mora705
    8Mark Loretta703
    9Raul Ibanez699
    10Gary Matthews690
    Batting Average
    1Joe Mauer.347
    2Derek Jeter.343
    3Robinson Cano.342
    4Miguel Tejada.330
    5Vladimir Guerrero.329
    6Ichiro Suzuki.322
    7Justin Morneau.321
    8Manny Ramirez.321
    9Carlos Guillen.320
    10Reed Johnson.319
    On-Base Percentage
    1Manny Ramirez.439
    2Travis Hafner.439
    3Joe Mauer.429
    4Derek Jeter.417
    5Jim Thome.416
    6David Ortiz.413
    7Jason Giambi.413
    8Carlos Guillen.400
    9Alex Rodriguez.392
    10Victor Martinez.391
    Slugging Percentage
    1Travis Hafner.659
    2David Ortiz.636
    3Jermaine Dye.622
    4Manny Ramirez.619
    5Jim Thome.598
    6Justin Morneau.559
    7Jason Giambi.558
    8Vladimir Guerrero.552
    9Paul Konerko.551
    10Frank Thomas.545
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Travis Hafner1098
    2Manny Ramirez1058
    3David Ortiz1049
    4Jim Thome1014
    5Jermaine Dye1007
    6Jason Giambi971
    7Joe Mauer936
    8Justin Morneau934
    9Vladimir Guerrero934
    10Paul Konerko932
    1Joe Mauer1.463
    2Jason Giambi1.038
    3David Ortiz1.017
    4Frank Thomas1.000
    5Jason Kendall0.981
    6Manny Ramirez0.980
    7Luis Castillo0.966
    8Melky Cabrera0.949
    9Victor Martinez0.910
    10Travis Hafner0.901
    2006 Pitching Leaders
    1Chien-Ming Wang19
    2Johan Santana19
    3Jon Garland18
    4Freddy Garcia17
    5Justin Verlander17
    6Kenny Rogers17
    7Randy Johnson17
    8Barry Zito16
    9Ervin Santana16
    10Joe Blanton16
    1Rodrigo Lopez18
    2Carlos Silva15
    3Felix Hernandez14
    4Jarrod Washburn14
    5Kelvim Escobar14
    6Dan Haren13
    7Joel Pineiro13
    8Mark Buehrle13
    9Nate Robertson13
    10Ted Lilly13
    1Scott Proctor83
    2Juan Rincon75
    3Shawn Camp75
    4Scot Shields74
    5George Sherrill72
    6J.J. Putz72
    7Kyle Farnsworth72
    8Kiko Calero70
    9Neal Cotts70
    10Ron Villone70
    Games Started
    1Barry Zito34
    2Dan Haren34
    3Jeremy Bonderman34
    4Johan Santana34
    5Kevin Millwood34
    6Chien-Ming Wang33
    7Cliff Lee33
    8Erik Bedard33
    9Ervin Santana33
    10Freddy Garcia33
    Complete Games
    1C.C. Sabathia6
    2Roy Halladay4
    3Jake Westbrook3
    4John Lackey3
    5Kris Benson3
    6A.J. Burnett2
    7Chien-Ming Wang2
    8Dan Haren2
    9Daniel Cabrera2
    10Esteban Loaiza2
    1C.C. Sabathia2
    2Jake Westbrook2
    3Jeremy Sowers2
    4John Lackey2
    5A.J. Burnett1
    6Bartolo Colon1
    7Chien-Ming Wang1
    8Daniel Cabrera1
    9Devern Hansack1
    10Esteban Loaiza1
    Games Finished
    1Joe Nathan61
    2Mariano Rivera59
    3Bobby Jenks58
    4Francisco Rodriguez58
    5B.J. Ryan57
    6J.J. Putz57
    7Chris Ray56
    8Todd Jones56
    9Huston Street55
    10Jonathan Papelbon49
    1Francisco Rodriguez47
    2Bobby Jenks41
    3B.J. Ryan38
    4Huston Street37
    5Todd Jones37
    6J.J. Putz36
    7Joe Nathan36
    8Jonathan Papelbon35
    9Mariano Rivera34
    10Chris Ray33
    Innings Pitched
    1Johan Santana233.2
    2Dan Haren223
    3Barry Zito221
    4Roy Halladay220
    5Chien-Ming Wang218
    6John Lackey217.2
    7Freddy Garcia216.1
    8Kevin Millwood215
    9Jeremy Bonderman214
    10Jake Westbrook211.1
    1Jake Westbrook247
    2Jon Garland247
    3Mark Buehrle247
    4Carlos Silva246
    5Joe Blanton241
    6Rodrigo Lopez234
    7Chien-Ming Wang233
    8Paul Byrd232
    9Freddy Garcia228
    10Kevin Millwood228
    1Carlos Silva130
    2Rodrigo Lopez129
    3Randy Johnson125
    4Mark Buehrle124
    5Joel Pineiro123
    6Josh Beckett120
    7Paul Byrd120
    8Freddy Garcia116
    9Javier Vazquez116
    10Cliff Lee114
    Earned Runs
    1Rodrigo Lopez124
    2Carlos Silva119
    3Joel Pineiro117
    4Josh Beckett114
    5Randy Johnson114
    6Mark Buehrle113
    7Freddy Garcia109
    8Javier Vazquez109
    9Kevin Millwood108
    10Jon Garland106
    Home Runs
    1Carlos Silva38
    2Josh Beckett36
    3Mark Buehrle36
    4Kris Benson33
    5Freddy Garcia32
    6Rodrigo Lopez32
    7Dan Haren31
    8Cliff Lee29
    9Nate Robertson29
    10Bruce Chen28
    1Daniel Cabrera104
    2Barry Zito99
    3Gil Meche84
    4Ted Lilly81
    5Josh Beckett74
    6John Lackey72
    7Ervin Santana70
    8Vicente Padilla70
    9Erik Bedard69
    10Seth McClung68
    1Johan Santana245
    2Jeremy Bonderman202
    3John Lackey190
    4Javier Vazquez184
    5Curt Schilling183
    6Dan Haren176
    7Felix Hernandez176
    8C.C. Sabathia172
    9Mike Mussina172
    10Randy Johnson172
    Wild Pitches
    1Daniel Cabrera17
    2John Lackey16
    3Jose Contreras14
    4Ambiorix Burgos11
    5Felix Hernandez11
    6Josh Beckett11
    7Mark Redman11
    8Dan Haren10
    9Ervin Santana10
    10Francisco Rodriguez10
    1Ted Lilly4
    2Ambiorix Burgos3
    3Barry Zito2
    4Casey Janssen2
    5Chad Gaudin2
    6Chad Harville2
    7Ervin Santana2
    8Gil Meche2
    9Jason Hammel2
    10Mark Redman2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Johan Santana2.77
    2Roy Halladay3.19
    3C.C. Sabathia3.22
    4Mike Mussina3.52
    5John Lackey3.55
    6Kelvim Escobar3.62
    7Chien-Ming Wang3.63
    8Justin Verlander3.63
    9Erik Bedard3.77
    10Barry Zito3.83
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Johan Santana1.00
    2Roy Halladay1.10
    3Mike Mussina1.11
    4C.C. Sabathia1.17
    5Dan Haren1.21
    6Curt Schilling1.22
    7Ervin Santana1.23
    8Randy Johnson1.24
    9John Lackey1.26
    10Kenny Rogers1.26
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Johan Santana7.15
    2Ervin Santana7.99
    3John Lackey8.38
    4Josh Beckett8.39
    5Mike Mussina8.41
    6C.C. Sabathia8.49
    7Roy Halladay8.51
    8Randy Johnson8.52
    9Barry Zito8.59
    10Kenny Rogers8.60
    HR per 9 IP
    1Chien-Ming Wang0.50
    2John Lackey0.58
    3Jake Westbrook0.64
    4Erik Bedard0.73
    5Jeremy Bonderman0.76
    6Roy Halladay0.78
    7C.C. Sabathia0.79
    8Joe Blanton0.79
    9Kelvim Escobar0.81
    10Johan Santana0.92
    BB per 9 IP
    1Curt Schilling1.24
    2Roy Halladay1.39
    3Carlos Silva1.60
    4Mike Mussina1.60
    5Jon Garland1.75
    6Brad Radke1.78
    7Johan Santana1.81
    8Dan Haren1.82
    9Paul Byrd1.91
    10Freddy Garcia2.00
    SO per 9 IP
    1Johan Santana9.42
    2Jeremy Bonderman8.50
    3Felix Hernandez8.29
    4Javier Vazquez8.16
    5Curt Schilling8.07
    6C.C. Sabathia8.02
    7Ted Lilly7.91
    8Mike Mussina7.86
    9Erik Bedard7.85
    10John Lackey7.84
    1Curt Schilling6.536
    2Johan Santana5.213
    3Mike Mussina4.914
    4Dan Haren3.911
    5C.C. Sabathia3.909
    6Roy Halladay3.882
    7Javier Vazquez3.286
    8Jeremy Bonderman3.156
    9Kevin Millwood2.962
    10Kelvim Escobar2.940

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