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2006 Eastern League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2006 Eastern League Awards
    Eastern League All-Star TeamCurtis Thigpen C, Michel Abreu 1B, Eider Torres 2B, Kevin Kouzmanoff 3B, Manuel Mayorson SS, Vic Buttler OF, Kory Casto OF, Adam Lind OF, Randy Ruiz DH, Melvin Dorta UT, Adam Miller RHP, Shane Youman LHP, Henry Owens RP
    Eastern League All-Star Game MVPBrett Roneberg
    Eastern League Manager of the YearTim Bogar
    Eastern League Most Valuable PlayerAdam Lind
    Eastern League Pitcher of the YearAdam Miller
    Eastern League Rookie of the YearKory Casto
    2006 Batting Leaders
    1Kory Casto140
    2Brad Snyder135
    3Chip Cannon135
    4Denard Span134
    5Jake Wald134
    6Brandon Moss133
    7Doug Deeds132
    8Brian Buscher130
    9David Smith130
    10Corey Ragsdale129
    At Bats
    1Denard Span536
    2Brad Snyder523
    3Brandon Moss508
    4Kory Casto489
    5Javier Guzman485
    6David Smith483
    7Jorge Padilla482
    8Gabe Lopez479
    9Manuel Mayorson477
    10Chip Cannon475
    1Brad Snyder86
    2Kory Casto84
    3Denard Span80
    4Chip Cannon78
    5Brandon Moss76
    6Justin Christian76
    7Luis Jimenez74
    8Randy Ruiz72
    9Doug Deeds71
    10Vince Faison69
    1Denard Span153
    2Brandon Moss145
    3Jorge Padilla142
    4Brad Snyder141
    5Randy Ruiz134
    6Kory Casto133
    7Manuel Mayorson132
    8Michel Abreu132
    9Cory Keylor131
    10Javier Guzman130
    1Brandon Moss36
    2Doug Deeds35
    3Randy Ruiz35
    4David Smith33
    5Jeremy West32
    6Simon Pond32
    7Brad Snyder28
    8Chad Spann28
    9Chris Durbin28
    10Chris Maples27
    1Vic Buttler14
    2Trent Oeltjen10
    3Justin Christian9
    4Carlos Gomez8
    5Vince Faison8
    6Nate Schierholtz7
    7Denard Span6
    8Kory Casto6
    9Michael Bourn6
    10Noah Hall6
    Home Runs
    1Chip Cannon27
    2Randy Ruiz26
    3Kelly Hunt22
    4Kody Kirkland22
    5Chris Maples20
    6Kory Casto20
    7Adam Lind19
    8David Smith19
    9Josh Whitesell19
    10Shelley Duncan19
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Randy Ruiz87
    2Brandon Moss83
    3Kory Casto80
    4Simon Pond78
    5Danny Matienzo76
    6Brett Roneberg74
    7David Smith74
    8Brad Snyder72
    9Doug Deeds72
    10Matt Moses72
    Stolen Bases
    1Justin Christian68
    2Carlos Gomez41
    3Eider Torres41
    4Melvin Dorta33
    5Michael Bourn30
    6Brett Gardner28
    7Tim Raines25
    8Denard Span24
    9Vincent Blue24
    10Trent Oeltjen23
    Caught Stealing
    1Vincent Blue14
    2Justin Christian13
    3Eider Torres12
    4Denard Span11
    5Manuel Mayorson11
    6Nyjer Morgan11
    7Peter Bergeron11
    8Trent Oeltjen11
    9Kody Kirkland10
    10Melvin Dorta10
    1Kory Casto81
    2Kurt Airoso81
    3Gabe Lopez72
    4Doug Deeds70
    5Brad Snyder62
    6Jay Caligiuri59
    7Simon Pond59
    8Luis Jimenez58
    9Joey Hammond57
    10Brandon Moss56
    1Corey Ragsdale182
    2Brad Snyder158
    3Chip Cannon158
    4Kody Kirkland157
    5Brent Clevlen138
    6Randy Ruiz132
    7Josh Whitesell125
    8Kelly Hunt123
    9Kurt Airoso123
    10Ryan Mulhern123
    Hit by Pitch
    1Carlos Gomez20
    2David Bacani20
    3Kody Kirkland19
    4Trent Oeltjen16
    5Jay Caligiuri15
    6Noah Hall15
    7Randy Ruiz15
    8Carlos Leon12
    9Nate Schierholtz12
    10Brandon Chaves11
    Intentional Walks
    1Michel Abreu9
    2Nate Schierholtz8
    3Cory Keylor7
    4Simon Pond7
    5Brett Roneberg6
    6Chip Cannon6
    7Kevin Kouzmanoff6
    8Matt Moses6
    9Randy Ruiz6
    10Brandon Moss5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Felix Molina16
    2Denard Span15
    3Gera Alvarez15
    4Rayner Bautista14
    5Eider Torres11
    6Manuel Mayorson11
    7J.T. Stotts9
    8Trent Oeltjen9
    9Brad Hassey8
    10Carlos Leon8
    Sacrifice Flies
    1David Bacani9
    2Leo Daigle9
    3Kory Casto8
    4Brandon Chaves7
    5Chris Maples7
    6Zach Borowiak7
    7Luis Jimenez6
    8Brent Clevlen5
    9Brett Roneberg5
    10Brian Buscher5
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Manuel Mayorson20
    2Danny Matienzo19
    3Javier Guzman19
    4Josh Whitesell16
    5Gary Burnham15
    6Jeremy West15
    7Jorge Padilla15
    8Joey Hammond14
    9Brandon Moss13
    10David Smith13
    Total Bases
    1Randy Ruiz249
    2Brad Snyder233
    3Kory Casto229
    4Chip Cannon226
    5Brandon Moss223
    6David Smith214
    7Michel Abreu211
    8Nate Schierholtz208
    9Doug Deeds207
    10Jorge Padilla200
    Plate Appearances
    1Denard Span597
    2Brad Snyder594
    3Kory Casto590
    4Brandon Moss573
    5Gabe Lopez566
    6Chip Cannon539
    7Joey Hammond539
    8Jorge Padilla534
    9David Smith533
    10Randy Ruiz526
    Batting Average
    1Gary Burnham.341
    2Michel Abreu.332
    3Adam Lind.310
    4Brett Roneberg.303
    5Carlos Leon.299
    6Trent Oeltjen.299
    7Ryan Goleski.296
    8Jorge Padilla.295
    9Chad Spann.294
    10Cory Keylor.294
    On-Base Percentage
    1Gary Burnham.412
    2Carlos Leon.404
    3Michel Abreu.404
    4Doug Deeds.383
    5Brett Roneberg.379
    6Kory Casto.379
    7Trent Oeltjen.378
    8Prentice Redman.374
    9Luis Jimenez.371
    10Noah Hall.371
    Slugging Percentage
    1Gary Burnham.576
    2Adam Lind.543
    3Chris Maples.541
    4Randy Ruiz.532
    5Michel Abreu.530
    6Ryan Goleski.528
    7Shelley Duncan.487
    8Jackson Melian.478
    9Prentice Redman.478
    10Chip Cannon.476
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Gary Burnham988
    2Michel Abreu934
    3Adam Lind900
    4Ryan Goleski898
    5Randy Ruiz893
    6Chris Maples870
    7Doug Deeds853
    8Prentice Redman852
    9Kory Casto847
    10Luis Jimenez842
    1Derin McMains1.297
    2Gabe Lopez1.200
    3Carlos Leon1.088
    4Gary Burnham0.968
    5Jeff Fiorentino0.914
    6Melvin Dorta0.882
    7Brett Roneberg0.879
    8Curtis Thigpen0.852
    9Jesus Merchan0.813
    10Joey Hammond0.803
    2006 Pitching Leaders
    1Adam Miller15
    2Landon Jacobsen14
    3Chris Begg13
    4Jim Johnson13
    5Mike MacDonald13
    6Tyler Clippard12
    7Zack Segovia11
    8Miguel Pinango10
    9Phil Hughes10
    10Sean Smith10
    1Errol Simonitsch14
    2Jesse Floyd14
    3Nate Bumstead14
    4Brian Finch12
    5Gio Gonzalez12
    6Virgil Vasquez12
    7Glen Perkins11
    8Chris Begg10
    9David Maust10
    10Garrett Broshuis10
    1Jim Ed Warden55
    2Tracy Thorpe54
    3Eddy Camacho53
    4Ian Ostlund53
    5Joe Bateman53
    6Jon Searles53
    7Brandon Knight51
    8Rodney Ormond51
    9Jason Pearson50
    10Bubbie Buzachero49
    Games Started
    1Mike MacDonald28
    2Tyler Clippard28
    3Garrett Broshuis27
    4Gio Gonzalez27
    5Virgil Vasquez27
    6Miguel Pinango27
    7Nate Bumstead27
    8Brian Finch26
    9Chris Begg26
    10Errol Simonitsch26
    Complete Games
    1Chris Begg3
    2Virgil Vasquez3
    3Nate Bumstead3
    4Zack Segovia3
    5Eric DuBose2
    6Errol Simonitsch2
    7Glen Perkins2
    8Jesse Floyd2
    9Kip Bouknight2
    10Michael Devaney2
    1Eric DuBose2
    2Michael Devaney2
    3Adam Miller1
    4Bear Bay1
    5Chris Smith1
    6Colby Miller1
    7Davis Romero1
    8Geno Espineli1
    9Glen Perkins1
    10Jon Connolly1
    Games Finished
    1Brandon Knight41
    2Tracy Thorpe39
    3Marino Salas37
    4Henry Owens36
    5Jim Ed Warden36
    6Billy Sadler34
    7Justin Pope32
    8Edgar Martinez31
    9Levale Speigner31
    10Chris Homer30
    1Brandon Knight27
    2Justin Pope23
    3Billy Sadler20
    4Chris Key20
    5Henry Owens20
    6Marino Salas19
    7Tracy Thorpe18
    8Roy Corcoran16
    9Chris Homer13
    10John Ennis13
    Innings Pitched
    1Chris Begg174.2
    2Virgil Vasquez173.2
    3Mike MacDonald171.1
    4Tyler Clippard166.1
    5Nate Bumstead158
    6Jim Johnson156
    7Gio Gonzalez154.2
    8Landon Jacobsen154
    9Adam Miller153.2
    10Garrett Broshuis152
    1Errol Simonitsch186
    2Mike MacDonald180
    3Virgil Vasquez174
    4Nate Bumstead171
    5Jim Johnson165
    6Garrett Broshuis160
    7Chris Begg159
    8Miguel Pinango159
    9Oscar Alvarez148
    10Brian Finch146
    1Nate Bumstead102
    2Garrett Broshuis92
    3Errol Simonitsch89
    4Jose Vaquedano89
    5Gio Gonzalez88
    6Miguel Pinango86
    7Mike MacDonald85
    8Brian Finch83
    9Oscar Alvarez83
    10Jim Johnson80
    Earned Runs
    1Nate Bumstead86
    2Garrett Broshuis84
    3Gio Gonzalez80
    4Oscar Alvarez78
    5Jim Johnson77
    6Jose Vaquedano76
    7Miguel Pinango75
    8Mike MacDonald75
    9Errol Simonitsch74
    10Virgil Vasquez72
    Home Runs
    1Bear Bay24
    2Gio Gonzalez24
    3Virgil Vasquez21
    4Allen Davis20
    5Miguel Pinango20
    6Errol Simonitsch19
    7Brian Finch18
    8Mike Connolly18
    9David Maust16
    10Frank Brooks16
    1Gio Gonzalez81
    2Nate Bumstead79
    3Justin Echols77
    4Brian Finch69
    5Jose Vaquedano68
    6Adam Harben67
    7Matt DeSalvo59
    8Jim Johnson57
    9Landon Jacobsen55
    10Tyler Clippard55
    1Tyler Clippard175
    2Gio Gonzalez166
    3Adam Miller157
    4Phil Hughes138
    5Glen Perkins131
    6Virgil Vasquez129
    7Nate Bumstead127
    8Devern Hansack124
    9Jim Johnson124
    10Justin Echols117
    Wild Pitches
    1Justin Echols20
    2Jose Vaquedano16
    3Adam Harben15
    4Nate Bumstead14
    5Kip Bouknight13
    6Devin Perrin12
    7Errol Simonitsch12
    8Carlos Jan10
    9Chris Begg10
    10Devern Hansack10
    1Chris Smith3
    2Jose Vaquedano3
    3Adam Loewen2
    4Carlos Jan2
    5Dan Denham2
    6Devin Perrin2
    7Eddy Camacho2
    8Frankie De la cruz2
    9Francisco Butto2
    10Gio Gonzalez2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Ismael Ramirez2.08
    2Phil Hughes2.25
    3Adam Miller2.75
    4Beltran Perez3.10
    5Willie Collazo3.10
    6Zack Segovia3.11
    7Landon Jacobsen3.21
    8Devern Hansack3.27
    9Tyler Clippard3.36
    10Chris Begg3.39
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Phil Hughes0.91
    2Willie Collazo1.01
    3Tyler Clippard1.04
    4Zack Segovia1.07
    5Ismael Ramirez1.08
    6Chris Begg1.09
    7Adam Miller1.12
    8Devern Hansack1.20
    9Jesse Floyd1.21
    10Chris Smith1.23
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Phil Hughes5.66
    2Tyler Clippard6.40
    3Ismael Ramirez7.08
    4Adam Miller7.54
    5Zack Segovia7.57
    6Willie Collazo7.87
    7Gio Gonzalez8.13
    8Chris Begg8.18
    9Devern Hansack8.32
    10Jesse Floyd8.33
    HR per 9 IP
    1Adam Harben0.37
    2Phil Hughes0.39
    3Chris Begg0.41
    4Landon Jacobsen0.47
    5Mike MacDonald0.47
    6Geno Espineli0.50
    7Adam Miller0.53
    8Willie Collazo0.53
    9Beltran Perez0.59
    10Jesse Floyd0.60
    BB per 9 IP
    1Willie Collazo1.21
    2Tim McClaskey1.47
    3Chris Begg1.59
    4Mike MacDonald1.95
    5Zack Segovia2.02
    6Chris Smith2.25
    7Errol Simonitsch2.36
    8Garrett Broshuis2.43
    9Miguel Pinango2.43
    10Geno Espineli2.44
    SO per 9 IP
    1Gio Gonzalez9.64
    2Tyler Clippard9.49
    3Adam Miller9.18
    4Justin Echols8.78
    5Devern Hansack8.45
    6Beltran Perez7.89
    7Bear Bay7.71
    8Kyle Yates7.23
    9Nate Bumstead7.23
    10Jim Johnson7.15
    1Willie Collazo4.938
    2Phil Hughes4.313
    3Tim McClaskey3.857
    4Adam Miller3.651
    5Devern Hansack3.444
    6Tyler Clippard3.182
    7Chris Begg3.129
    8Zack Segovia3.125
    9Glen Perkins2.911
    10Mike MacDonald2.784

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