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2004 Southern League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2004 Southern League Awards
    Southern League All-StarJosh Willingham C, Jesse Gutierrez 1B, Richard Lewis 2B, Edwin Encarnacion 3B, Josh Wilson SS, Napolean Calzado OF, Brad Nelson OF, Skip Schumaker OF, Adam Stern OF, Greg Sain DH, William Bergolla UT, Brian Rose RHP, Renyel Pinto LHP, Brad Baker RP
    Southern League Best HustlerBilly Hall
    Southern League Manager of the YearJayhawk Owens
    Southern League Most Valuable PlayerRichard Lewis
    Southern League Most Outstanding PitcherBrad Baker
    2004 Batting Leaders
    1Tony Gwynn138
    2Chris Barnwell138
    3Josh Barfield138
    4Skip Schumaker138
    5Brad Nelson137
    6Chip Ambres137
    7Ben Johnson136
    8Kelly Johnson135
    9Prince Fielder135
    10Jeff Bannon134
    At Bats
    1Tony Gwynn534
    2Josh Barfield521
    3Skip Schumaker516
    4Brad Nelson500
    5Prince Fielder497
    6Tony Pena495
    7Ruddy Yan494
    8Jesse Gutierrez487
    9Chris Barnwell484
    10Mike Spidale484
    1Mike Spidale87
    2Chip Ambres81
    3Josh Willingham81
    4Ben Johnson80
    5Dwaine Bacon80
    6Josh Barfield79
    7William Bergolla79
    8Skip Schumaker78
    9Tony Gwynn74
    10Jesse Gutierrez74
    1Skip Schumaker163
    2Napolean Calzado161
    3Mike Spidale147
    4Jesse Gutierrez142
    5Kelly Johnson135
    6Prince Fielder135
    7Papo Bolivar133
    8Willy Aybar133
    9Brennan King132
    10Edwin Encarnacion132
    1Edwin Encarnacion35
    2Kelly Johnson35
    3Rickie Weeks35
    4Jesse Gutierrez32
    5Brad Nelson31
    6Jeff Bannon31
    7Carlos Maldonado30
    8Brennan King29
    9Prince Fielder29
    10Skip Schumaker29
    1Dwaine Bacon11
    2Richard Lewis10
    3Ruddy Yan10
    4Aron Weston9
    5Dan Dement7
    6Mike Spidale7
    7Napolean Calzado7
    8Shane Victorino7
    9Adam Stern6
    10Andrew Beattie6
    Home Runs
    1Greg Sain28
    2Josh Willingham24
    3Andy Marte23
    4Ben Johnson23
    5Jason Stokes23
    6Prince Fielder23
    7Chip Ambres20
    8Matt Craig20
    9Brad Nelson19
    10Gabe Johnson18
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Josh Barfield90
    2Ben Johnson85
    3Jesse Gutierrez82
    4Jason Stokes78
    5Prince Fielder78
    6Brad Nelson77
    7Willy Aybar77
    8Edwin Encarnacion76
    9Josh Willingham76
    10Micah Hoffpauir75
    Stolen Bases
    1Dwaine Bacon60
    2Papo Bolivar51
    3Billy Hall40
    4William Bergolla36
    5Ruddy Yan35
    6Tony Gwynn34
    7Adam Stern27
    8Chip Ambres26
    9Mike Spidale26
    10Tony Pena25
    Caught Stealing
    1Dwaine Bacon20
    2Ruddy Yan19
    3Papo Bolivar17
    4Tony Gwynn16
    5Billy Hall15
    6Mike Spidale15
    7Chris Barnwell14
    8Skip Schumaker14
    9Tony Pena13
    10Rickie Weeks12
    1Josh Willingham91
    2Dwaine Bacon81
    3Chip Ambres76
    4Greg Sain66
    5Prince Fielder65
    6Chris Duncan64
    7Mike Spidale61
    8Skip Schumaker60
    9Andy Marte58
    10Ben Johnson55
    1Brad Nelson146
    2Greg Sain140
    3Dwaine Bacon139
    4Ben Johnson136
    5Jason Stokes121
    6Josh Barfield119
    7Gabe Johnson118
    8Chip Ambres117
    9Aaron Clark113
    10Jeff Bannon111
    Hit by Pitch
    1Rickie Weeks28
    2Josh Willingham18
    3Jesse Gutierrez13
    4Chris Barnwell12
    5Mike Spidale12
    6Brennan King11
    7Prince Fielder11
    8Dwaine Bacon9
    9Nick Trzesniak9
    10Rich Paz9
    Intentional Walks
    1Chris Duncan8
    2Josh Willingham8
    3Aaron Herr7
    4Billy Hall6
    5James Loney6
    6Micah Hoffpauir6
    7Norm Martel6
    8Prince Fielder6
    9Jason Stokes5
    10Kade Johnson5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Ruddy Yan17
    2William Bergolla15
    3Jace Brewer14
    4Chris Stewart13
    5Matt Demarco12
    6Mike Spidale10
    7Marcus Nettles9
    8Tony Pena9
    9Ronny Cedeno8
    10Carmen Pignatiello7
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Micah Hoffpauir12
    2Chip Ambres8
    3Ronny Cedeno8
    4Gabe Johnson7
    5Josh Barfield7
    6Josh Willingham7
    7Brad Nelson6
    8Chris Barnwell6
    9Greg Sain6
    10Jeff Bannon6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Jesse Gutierrez14
    2William Bergolla14
    3Brennan King11
    4Jace Brewer11
    5Prince Fielder11
    6Rob Sasser11
    7Willy Aybar11
    8Carlos Maldonado10
    9Geovany Soto10
    10Napolean Calzado10
    Total Bases
    1Prince Fielder235
    2Jesse Gutierrez233
    3Ben Johnson228
    4Napolean Calzado227
    5Kelly Johnson224
    6Brad Nelson217
    7Josh Barfield217
    8Skip Schumaker216
    9Greg Sain213
    10Mike Spidale209
    Plate Appearances
    1Tony Gwynn598
    2Skip Schumaker583
    3Josh Barfield581
    4Prince Fielder577
    5Mike Spidale572
    6Rickie Weeks568
    7Brad Nelson558
    8Ruddy Yan547
    9Chip Ambres546
    10Ben Johnson544
    Batting Average
    1Napolean Calzado.359
    2Richard Lewis.329
    3Shane Victorino.328
    4Adam Stern.322
    5Skip Schumaker.316
    6Josh Wilson.315
    7Micah Hoffpauir.306
    8Mike Spidale.304
    9Norm Martel.301
    10Andrew Beattie.300
    On-Base Percentage
    1Josh Willingham.449
    2Josh Wilson.396
    3Napolean Calzado.395
    4Chris Duncan.393
    5Mike Spidale.391
    6Richard Lewis.391
    7Dan Moylan.389
    8Jeff Inglin.389
    9Skip Schumaker.389
    10Andrew Beattie.381
    Slugging Percentage
    1Shane Victorino.584
    2Josh Willingham.565
    3Richard Lewis.532
    4Andy Marte.525
    5Jason Stokes.513
    6Matt Craig.509
    7Napolean Calzado.506
    8Micah Hoffpauir.497
    9Josh Wilson.486
    10Adam Stern.480
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Josh Willingham1014
    2Shane Victorino959
    3Richard Lewis923
    4Napolean Calzado901
    5Andy Marte889
    6Josh Wilson882
    7Matt Craig872
    8Chris Duncan866
    9Adam Stern858
    10Jason Stokes858
    1Jeff Inglin1.300
    2Josh Willingham1.046
    3Skip Schumaker0.984
    4Billy Hall0.913
    5Dan Moylan0.889
    6Mike Spidale0.847
    7Josh Wilson0.840
    8Mike Dzurilla0.833
    9Nate Espy0.780
    10Norm Martel0.714
    2004 Pitching Leaders
    1Heath Phillips12
    2Steve Kelly12
    3Clay Hensley11
    4Nic Ungs11
    5Renyel Pinto11
    6Brian Rose10
    7Mike Thompson10
    8Trevor Hutchinson10
    9Bobby Brownlie9
    10Carmen Pignatiello9
    1Dennis Sarfate12
    2Glenn Bott11
    3Jason Cromer11
    4Chris Narveson10
    5Chris Seddon10
    6Clay Hensley10
    7Heath Phillips10
    8Michael Prochaska10
    9Peter Bauer10
    10Zach Miner10
    1Matt Smith70
    2Russ Rohlicek60
    3R.D. Spiehs59
    4Evan Fahrner58
    5Randy Messenger58
    6Jack Cassel57
    7Brad Baker55
    8Tyler Johnson53
    9Brian Adams52
    10Josh Fields52
    Games Started
    1Nic Ungs28
    2Steve Kelly28
    3Carmen Pignatiello27
    4Clay Hensley27
    5Glenn Bott27
    6Bobby Brownlie26
    7Heath Phillips26
    8Jason Cromer26
    9Dennis Sarfate25
    10Peter Bauer25
    Complete Games
    1Bobby Brownlie2
    2Brad Thompson2
    3Clay Hensley2
    4Jason Cromer2
    5Jeremy Cummings2
    6Brian Whitaker1
    7Carmen Pignatiello1
    8Charlie Manning1
    9Chris Seddon1
    10Elizardo Ramirez1
    1Brad Thompson2
    2Clay Hensley1
    3Elizardo Ramirez1
    4Isauro Pineda1
    5Jason Cromer1
    6Jeremy Cummings1
    7Ray Aguilar1
    8Ryan Costello1
    Games Finished
    1Brad Baker49
    2Jermaine Van Buren46
    3Randy Messenger45
    4John Novinsky37
    5Matt Smith36
    6Josh Parker35
    7Todd Coffey34
    8Yhency Brazoban33
    9Jamie Emiliano29
    10Jared Blasdell26
    1Brad Baker30
    2Jermaine Van Buren21
    3Randy Messenger21
    4Josh Parker20
    5Todd Coffey20
    6John Novinsky17
    7Carmen Cali14
    8Matt Smith13
    9Yhency Brazoban13
    10Jeff Bajenaru12
    Innings Pitched
    1Nic Ungs161.1
    2Steve Kelly161.1
    3Clay Hensley159
    4Peter Bauer155.1
    5Heath Phillips154.1
    6Carmen Pignatiello148
    7Bobby Brownlie147.1
    8Jason Cromer147.1
    9Glenn Bott146.1
    10T.J. Nall143.1
    1Jason Cromer180
    2Heath Phillips179
    3Nic Ungs178
    4Carmen Pignatiello167
    5Clay Hensley167
    6Ryan Meaux163
    7Peter Bauer161
    8Steve Kelly156
    9T.J. Nall146
    10Glenn Bott143
    1Carmen Pignatiello89
    2Zach Miner87
    3Nic Ungs85
    4Clay Hensley84
    5Peter Bauer83
    6Glenn Bott81
    7Jason Cromer79
    8Heath Phillips78
    9T.J. Nall74
    10Dennis Sarfate71
    Earned Runs
    1Clay Hensley76
    2Nic Ungs76
    3Carmen Pignatiello75
    4Peter Bauer75
    5Zach Miner75
    6Glenn Bott71
    7Heath Phillips69
    8Jason Cromer68
    9T.J. Nall66
    10Ryan Meaux63
    Home Runs
    1Nic Ungs24
    2Chris Seddon19
    3Josh Axelson19
    4T.J. Nall19
    5Bill Murphy17
    6Carmen Pignatiello16
    7Bobby Brownlie15
    8Randy Leek15
    9Clay Hensley14
    10Glenn Bott14
    1Dennis Sarfate78
    2Glenn Bott75
    3Renyel Pinto72
    4Bill Murphy59
    5Zach Miner55
    6Chris Narveson51
    7Derek Thompson51
    8Matt Ford49
    9Ryan Costello49
    10Clay Hensley48
    1Renyel Pinto179
    2Carmen Pignatiello137
    3Nic Ungs134
    4Clay Hensley125
    5T.J. Nall123
    6Chris Narveson121
    7Jeff Housman121
    8Glenn Bott120
    9Steve Kelly116
    10Ricky Nolasco115
    Wild Pitches
    1Steve Kelly13
    2Jose Rojas11
    3Bobby Brownlie10
    4Eduardo Villacis10
    5Matt Ford10
    6Luke Hudson9
    7Mike Flannery9
    8Renyel Pinto9
    9Ryan Costello9
    10Carlos Hines8
    1Chris Saenz3
    2Dustin Moseley3
    3Bill Murphy2
    4Chris Rojas2
    5Dennis Sarfate2
    6Homero Rivera2
    7Luis Gonzalez2
    8Mike Flannery2
    9Ronald Belisario2
    10Agustin Montero1
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Renyel Pinto2.92
    2Steve Kelly2.96
    3Ryan Ketchner3.03
    4Jeff Housman3.13
    5Brian Rose3.31
    6Bobby Brownlie3.37
    7Mike Thompson3.42
    8Jim Bullard3.47
    9Ricky Nolasco3.70
    10Derek Thompson3.71
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Bobby Brownlie1.11
    2Brian Rose1.16
    3Brian Whitaker1.19
    4Jeremy Cook1.20
    5Renyel Pinto1.26
    6Steve Kelly1.27
    7T.J. Nall1.27
    8Chris Narveson1.29
    9Ryan Ketchner1.29
    10Brian Moehler1.30
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Renyel Pinto6.78
    2Bobby Brownlie7.78
    3Chris Narveson8.02
    4Josh Axelson8.31
    5Brian Whitaker8.35
    6Jim Bullard8.45
    7Jeff Housman8.68
    8Steve Kelly8.72
    9Ricky Nolasco8.75
    10Glenn Bott8.82
    HR per 9 IP
    1Derek Thompson0.23
    2Ryan Meaux0.26
    3Jason Cromer0.49
    4Dennis Ulacia0.56
    5Brian Whitaker0.59
    6Jim Bullard0.63
    7Renyel Pinto0.63
    8Peter Bauer0.64
    9Ryan Costello0.65
    10Brian Moehler0.67
    BB per 9 IP
    1Brian Rose1.44
    2Jeremy Cook1.63
    3Nic Ungs1.96
    4Heath Phillips2.10
    5Bobby Brownlie2.20
    6Brian Moehler2.25
    7T.J. Nall2.27
    8Mike Thompson2.31
    9Peter Bauer2.32
    10Brian Whitaker2.35
    SO per 9 IP
    1Jeff Housman9.72
    2Ricky Nolasco9.67
    3Chris Narveson8.51
    4Carmen Pignatiello8.33
    5Dennis Sarfate7.88
    6T.J. Nall7.74
    7Zach Miner7.74
    8Chris Seddon7.71
    9Derek Thompson7.56
    10Ryan Costello7.56
    1Brian Rose5.000
    2Nic Ungs3.829
    3Carmen Pignatiello3.513
    4T.J. Nall3.417
    5Jeremy Cook3.190
    6Jeff Housman3.184
    7Bobby Brownlie3.167
    8Ricky Nolasco3.108
    9Dennis Ulacia2.972
    10Heath Phillips2.972

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