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2004 Pacific Coast League (AAA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2004 Pacific Coast League Awards
    Pacific Coast League All-StarMike Rose C, Dan Johnson 1B, Chris Burke 2B, Garrett Atkins 3B, Clint Barmes SS, Adam Riggs OF, Ryan Church OF, Chad Allen OF, Calvin Pickering DH, Brian Sweeney RHP, Scott Downs LHP, Al Reyes RP
    Pacific Coast League Manager of the YearDan Rohn
    Pacific Coast League Most Valuable PlayerDan Johnson
    Pacific Coast League Rookie of the YearChris Burke
    2004 Batting Leaders
    1Royce Huffman144
    2Dan Johnson142
    3Mike Edwards140
    4Phil Hiatt140
    5Brandon Watson139
    6Scott Seabol138
    7A.J. Zapp136
    8John Gall135
    9Kevin Witt131
    10Matt Padgett131
    At Bats
    1Mike Edwards551
    2Dan Johnson536
    3Clint Barmes533
    4Royce Huffman531
    5Brandon Watson526
    6Scott Seabol514
    7A.J. Zapp509
    8John Gall506
    9Jason Ellison505
    10Luis Garcia497
    1Nick Swisher109
    2Adam Riggs104
    3Clint Barmes104
    4Trenidad Hubbard101
    5Andy Tracy98
    6Chris Truby96
    7Joe Dillon96
    8Dan Johnson95
    9Chris Burke93
    10Todd Linden93
    1Clint Barmes175
    2Royce Huffman164
    3Garrett Atkins163
    4Dan Johnson160
    5Jason Ellison159
    6Mike Edwards158
    7Luis Garcia156
    8Scott Seabol156
    9Trenidad Hubbard156
    10Brandon Watson154
    1Garrett Atkins43
    2Andy Tracy42
    3Clint Barmes42
    4Chris Truby41
    5Mike Edwards41
    6Royce Huffman39
    7Russ Johnson38
    8Matt Watson37
    9Peter Zoccolillo37
    10Dave Doster36
    1Rich Thompson13
    2Julio Ramirez9
    3Adam Riggs8
    4Alexis Gomez8
    5Dallas McPherson8
    6Jerry Gil8
    7Luis Ugueto8
    8Ryan Church8
    9Wil Nieves8
    10Adrian Brown7
    Home Runs
    1Kevin Witt36
    2Calvin Pickering35
    3Andy Tracy33
    4Luis Garcia32
    5Brad Hawpe31
    6Jason Dubois31
    7Scott Seabol31
    8Joe Dillon30
    9Mike Coolbaugh30
    10Phil Hiatt30
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Andy Tracy120
    2Dan Johnson111
    3Kevin Witt107
    4A.J. Zapp101
    5Jason Dubois99
    6Matt Watson96
    7Peter Zoccolillo96
    8Luis Garcia95
    9Garrett Atkins94
    10Matt Padgett93
    Stolen Bases
    1Freddy Guzman48
    2Rich Thompson40
    3Chris Burke37
    4Trenidad Hubbard36
    5Adrian Brown28
    6Chris Prieto28
    7Jason Ellison27
    8Calvin Murray25
    9Kerry Robinson25
    10Luis Ugueto25
    Caught Stealing
    1Ramon Martinez15
    2Rich Thompson15
    3Chris Burke14
    4Antonio Perez12
    5Elpidio Guzman12
    6Jason Ellison12
    7Maicer Izturis12
    8Tony Alvarez12
    9Wilson Valdez12
    10Jamie Athas11
    1Nick Swisher103
    2Dan Johnson89
    3Val Pascucci78
    4Graham Koonce77
    5Mike Edwards76
    6Mike Rose76
    7Royce Huffman71
    8Calvin Pickering70
    9Russ Johnson70
    10Jed Hansen66
    1A.J. Zapp184
    2Todd Linden149
    3Brian Gordon145
    4Phil Hiatt140
    5Graham Koonce129
    6Matt Padgett123
    7Jed Hansen118
    8Julio Ramirez118
    9Craig Ansman117
    10Andy Tracy115
    Hit by Pitch
    1Joe Thurston17
    2Brian Dallimore15
    3Clint Barmes15
    4Bo Hart13
    5Chris Burke13
    6Mike Edwards13
    7Rich Thompson13
    8Jarrod Patterson10
    9Joe Dillon10
    10Matt Treanor10
    Intentional Walks
    1A.J. Zapp8
    2Calvin Pickering7
    3Ryan Church7
    4Peter Zoccolillo6
    5Colin Porter5
    6Kyle Logan5
    7Carlos Rivera4
    8Dallas McPherson4
    9Garrett Atkins4
    10Mike Moriarty4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Elvis Pena13
    2Ramon Martinez12
    3Ramon Santiago12
    4Freddie Bynum11
    5Mike Rouse11
    6Mike Moriarty10
    7Rich Thompson10
    8Wilton Guerrero10
    9Calvin Murray9
    10Clint Barmes9
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Peter Zoccolillo11
    2Bill Selby10
    3Garrett Atkins10
    4Joe Dillon9
    5John Gall8
    6Jon Knott8
    7Keoni DeRenne8
    8Adam Riggs7
    9Alan Zinter7
    10Alex Pelaez7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Garrett Atkins20
    2John Gall19
    3Dave Doster18
    4Adrian Gonzalez17
    5Luis Garcia17
    6Scott Seabol17
    7Chris Truby16
    8Nick Swisher16
    9Dan Johnson15
    10Adam Morrissey14
    Total Bases
    1Andy Tracy293
    2Luis Garcia290
    3Dan Johnson286
    4Kevin Witt286
    5Adam Riggs285
    6Scott Seabol277
    7Clint Barmes269
    8Joe Dillon268
    9A.J. Zapp266
    10Chris Truby260
    Plate Appearances
    1Mike Edwards643
    2Dan Johnson640
    3Royce Huffman616
    4Clint Barmes589
    5A.J. Zapp573
    6Todd Linden567
    7Brandon Watson566
    8Peter Zoccolillo566
    9John Gall563
    10Scott Seabol562
    Batting Average
    1Larry Sutton.373
    2Garrett Atkins.366
    3Chad Allen.358
    4Ryan Church.343
    5Maicer Izturis.338
    6Jorge Piedra.334
    7Adam Riggs.331
    8Trenidad Hubbard.330
    9Xavier Nady.330
    10Clint Barmes.328
    On-Base Percentage
    1Larry Sutton.475
    2Calvin Pickering.451
    3Garrett Atkins.434
    4Maicer Izturis.428
    5Ryan Church.428
    6Val Pascucci.423
    7Bucky Jacobsen.422
    8Mike Colangelo.422
    9Trenidad Hubbard.409
    10Chad Allen.407
    Slugging Percentage
    1Calvin Pickering.712
    2Larry Sutton.692
    3Joe Dillon.665
    4Bucky Jacobsen.661
    5Brad Hawpe.652
    6Adam Riggs.633
    7Andy Tracy.631
    8Jason Dubois.630
    9Xavier Nady.629
    10Ryan Church.620
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Larry Sutton1167
    2Calvin Pickering1163
    3Bucky Jacobsen1083
    4Joe Dillon1065
    5Ryan Church1048
    6Brad Hawpe1036
    7Andy Tracy1021
    8Xavier Nady1020
    9Jason Dubois1019
    10Mike Colangelo1018
    1Maicer Izturis1.900
    2Jose Flores1.633
    3Garrett Atkins1.267
    4Russ Johnson1.111
    5Trenidad Hubbard1.051
    6Nick Theodorou1.000
    7Larry Sutton0.967
    8Dan Johnson0.957
    9Mike Rose0.950
    10Nick Swisher0.945
    2004 Pitching Leaders
    1Chris Gissell14
    2John Koronka12
    3Nelson Figueroa12
    4Brian Sweeney11
    5Chris Bootcheck11
    6Dan Haren11
    7Joe Blanton11
    8John Rheinecker11
    9Les Walrond11
    10Mike Wood11
    1Steve Green17
    2Brian Tollberg13
    3Kris Wilson13
    4Mark Johnson12
    5Wilton Chavez12
    6Heath Totten11
    7Jared Fernandez11
    8John VanBenschoten11
    9Alan Benes10
    10Jason Middlebrook10
    1Troy Brohawn72
    2Mike Bynum62
    3Brad Clontz59
    4Lee Gardner57
    5Mark Freed57
    6Brady Raggio56
    7Ron Flores55
    8Steve Stemle54
    9Nate Bland53
    10Chris Fussell51
    Games Started
    1Jason Middlebrook29
    2Steve Green29
    3Chris Bootcheck28
    4Jared Fernandez28
    5Kris Wilson28
    6Alan Benes27
    7Heath Totten27
    8John Rheinecker27
    9Wilton Chavez27
    10Brian Tollberg26
    Complete Games
    1Chris Bootcheck3
    2Jared Fernandez3
    3Nelson Figueroa3
    4Wilton Chavez3
    5Aaron Small2
    6Chris George2
    7John Koronka2
    8John Wasdin2
    9Justin Germano2
    10Lance Cormier2
    1John Koronka2
    2Justin Germano2
    3Scott Downs2
    4Travis Blackley2
    5Aaron Cook1
    6Chris Bootcheck1
    7Chris George1
    8Edgar Gonzalez1
    9Jamey Wright1
    10Jeff Harris1
    Games Finished
    1Brad Clontz48
    2Marc Kroon44
    3Mike Wuertz35
    4Al Reyes33
    5Mike Bynum33
    6David Aardsma29
    7Justin Lehr28
    8Toby Borland28
    9Miguel Saladin27
    10George Sherrill25
    1Al Reyes23
    2Marc Kroon20
    3Mike Wuertz19
    4Brad Clontz18
    5Mark Corey16
    6Kirk Bullinger14
    7George Sherrill13
    8Justin Lehr13
    9Marty McLeary13
    10Dave Veres12
    Innings Pitched
    1Jared Fernandez196.1
    2Joe Blanton176.1
    3John Rheinecker172.1
    4Ryan Jensen169.2
    5Kris Wilson167.1
    6Wilton Chavez165
    7Chris Bootcheck163.1
    8Alan Benes160.2
    9Heath Totten160
    10Jason Middlebrook155.2
    1Jason Middlebrook220
    2Heath Totten212
    3Jared Fernandez208
    4Chris Bootcheck202
    5Kris Wilson201
    6Aaron Small199
    7Brian Tollberg199
    8Joe Blanton199
    9Alan Benes193
    10John Rheinecker192
    1Steve Green131
    2Jason Middlebrook126
    3Brian Tollberg122
    4Jared Fernandez120
    5Kris Wilson116
    6Chris Bootcheck109
    7Heath Totten107
    8Matt Blank105
    9Ryan Jensen105
    10Wilton Chavez104
    Earned Runs
    1Jason Middlebrook120
    2Steve Green116
    3Brian Tollberg114
    4Kris Wilson105
    5Jared Fernandez104
    6Ryan Jensen101
    7Alan Benes100
    8Matt Blank99
    9Heath Totten96
    10Chris Bootcheck93
    Home Runs
    1Kris Wilson39
    2Brian Tollberg33
    3Jason Middlebrook31
    4Mike Nannini31
    5Matt Blank29
    6Heath Totten28
    7Alan Benes27
    8Jared Fernandez27
    9Doug Linton23
    10Ryan Jensen23
    1Steve Green85
    2Ryan Jensen81
    3Alan Benes79
    4Joel Hanrahan75
    5John Koronka65
    6Matt Thornton63
    7Chris Bootcheck60
    8Alex Herrera57
    9Scott Dunn56
    10Edwin Jackson55
    1Dan Haren150
    2Joe Blanton143
    3John Rheinecker129
    4Nelson Figueroa129
    5Ryan Jensen127
    6Justin Reid121
    7John Koronka116
    8Wilton Chavez114
    9Mike Nannini111
    10Brian Sweeney110
    Wild Pitches
    1Ryan Jensen14
    2Alan Benes12
    3Mike Gosling12
    4Josh Karp11
    5Mark Johnson11
    6Anthony Ferrari10
    7Edwin Jackson10
    8Matt Thornton10
    9Travis Driskill10
    10Agustin Montero9
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Les Walrond3.05
    2Dennis Tankersley3.15
    3Justin Germano3.37
    4Dave Williams3.46
    5Scott Downs3.53
    6Carlos Hernandez3.59
    7Randy Flores3.80
    8Brian Sweeney3.82
    9Travis Blackley3.85
    10Justin Reid3.95
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Justin Germano1.12
    2Justin Reid1.20
    3Brian Sweeney1.24
    4Dave Williams1.25
    5Les Walrond1.25
    6Scott Downs1.25
    7Carlos Hernandez1.26
    8Dennis Tankersley1.26
    9Jared Fernandez1.30
    10Michael Tejera1.31
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Carlos Hernandez8.09
    2Travis Blackley8.18
    3Justin Reid8.20
    4Justin Germano8.27
    5Les Walrond8.27
    6Randy Flores8.41
    7Brian Sweeney8.42
    8Dennis Tankersley8.55
    9Michael Tejera8.68
    10Dave Williams8.69
    HR per 9 IP
    1Carlos Hernandez0.63
    2Joe Blanton0.66
    3Randy Flores0.73
    4Dennis Tankersley0.75
    5Dave Williams0.77
    6Les Walrond0.87
    7Chris Enochs0.88
    8Justin Germano0.88
    9Steve Green0.93
    10Mark Johnson1.03
    BB per 9 IP
    1Kris Wilson1.51
    2Brian Tollberg1.62
    3Heath Totten1.63
    4Aaron Small1.68
    5Scott Downs1.73
    6Joe Blanton1.74
    7Justin Germano1.83
    8Travis Driskill1.93
    9Jared Fernandez2.11
    10Nelson Figueroa2.13
    SO per 9 IP
    1Justin Reid8.85
    2Dave Williams7.92
    3Les Walrond7.77
    4Nelson Figueroa7.64
    5Joel Hanrahan7.34
    6Chris Enochs7.33
    7Joe Blanton7.31
    8Randy Flores7.24
    9Jon Cannon7.23
    10Josh Karp7.23
    1Dan Haren4.545
    2Joe Blanton4.206
    3Justin Germano3.920
    4Aaron Small3.759
    5Brian Tollberg3.667
    6Nelson Figueroa3.583
    7Kris Wilson3.464
    8Justin Reid3.457
    9Travis Driskill3.375
    10Heath Totten3.207

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