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2004 International League (AAA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2004 International League Awards
    International League All-Star TeamKelly Shoppach C, Justin Morneau 1B, Pete Orr 2B, Earl Snyder 3B, Jhonny Peralta SS, Jason Kubel OF, Matt Diaz OF, Adam Hyzdu OF, Ernie Young DH, Jorge Cantu UT, Ben Hendrickson SP, Matt Whiteside RP
    International League Manager of the YearMarty Brown
    International League Most Valuable PlayerJhonny Peralta
    International League Most Valuable PitcherBen Hendrickson
    International League Rookie of the YearJason Kubel
    2004 Batting Leaders
    1Bryant Nelson142
    2Victor Diaz141
    3Jhonny Peralta138
    4Earl Snyder136
    5Mike Fontenot136
    6Brandon Phillips135
    7Mark Budzinski135
    8Ryan Langerhans135
    9Bobby Smith134
    10Jim Rushford134
    At Bats
    1Bryant Nelson560
    2Jhonny Peralta556
    3Earl Snyder538
    4Victor Diaz528
    5Mike Fontenot524
    6Brandon Phillips521
    7Jim Rushford517
    8Bobby Smith508
    9Mark Budzinski508
    10Matt Diaz503
    1Jhonny Peralta109
    2Ryan Langerhans103
    3Adam Hyzdu92
    4Earl Snyder85
    5Bobby Smith84
    6Andy Phillips83
    7Brandon Phillips83
    8Midre Cummings83
    9Bryant Nelson81
    10Matt Diaz81
    1Jhonny Peralta181
    2Matt Diaz167
    3Bryant Nelson161
    4Brandon Phillips158
    5Victor Diaz154
    6Earl Snyder147
    7Pete Orr147
    8Mike Fontenot146
    9Pablo Ozuna145
    10Mark Budzinski144
    1Matt Diaz47
    2Jhonny Peralta44
    3Earl Snyder43
    4Bobby Smith37
    5Bryant Nelson37
    6Russ Adams37
    7Steve Smitherman35
    8Brandon Phillips34
    9Ryan Langerhans34
    10Adam Hyzdu33
    1Mark Budzinski15
    2John Rodriguez10
    3Mike Fontenot10
    4Pete Orr10
    5Nook Logan9
    6Corey Hart8
    7Grady Sizemore8
    8Peter Bergeron8
    9Jason Bartlett7
    10Ray Olmedo7
    Home Runs
    1Earl Snyder36
    2Adam Hyzdu29
    3Bobby Smith28
    4Ernie Young27
    5Midre Cummings27
    6Andy Phillips26
    7Jonny Gomes26
    8Mario Valenzuela25
    9Mike Bell25
    10Russell Branyan25
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Earl Snyder104
    2Ernie Young100
    3Victor Diaz94
    4Matt Diaz93
    5Bobby Smith89
    6Midre Cummings89
    7Jhonny Peralta86
    8Andy Phillips85
    9Bryant Nelson83
    10Jeff Liefer83
    Stolen Bases
    1Esix Snead40
    2Nook Logan38
    3Joey Gathright33
    4Aaron Holbert32
    5Pablo Ozuna31
    6Brent Abernathy27
    7Josh Rabe26
    8Jermaine Clark24
    9Pete Orr24
    10Tim Raines24
    Caught Stealing
    1Aaron Holbert14
    2Joey Gathright13
    3Eddy Garabito12
    4Pablo Ozuna12
    5Brandon Phillips11
    6Nook Logan11
    7Pete Orr11
    8Esix Snead10
    9Grady Sizemore10
    10Matt Erickson10
    1Midre Cummings86
    2Adam Hyzdu84
    3Brian Daubach71
    4Ryan Langerhans70
    5Jack Cust65
    6Jermaine Clark63
    7Bryant Nelson56
    8Andy Dominique55
    9Jhonny Peralta54
    10Gabe Gross53
    1Jeremy Owens140
    2Jared Sandberg138
    3Kelly Shoppach138
    4Jonny Gomes136
    5Victor Diaz133
    6Earl Snyder128
    7Jack Cust127
    8Jhonny Peralta126
    9Bobby Smith117
    10Jim Chamblee117
    Hit by Pitch
    1Jonny Gomes22
    2Felix Escalona17
    3Jim Chamblee14
    4Mike Bell14
    5Dusty Wathan13
    6Matt Diaz13
    7Ernie Young12
    8Matt Erickson11
    9Chris Magruder10
    10Chad Mottola9
    Intentional Walks
    1Midre Cummings12
    2Brian Daubach7
    3John Rodriguez7
    4Jeff Liefer6
    5Andy Phillips5
    6Bryant Nelson5
    7Craig Brazell5
    8Pete Laforest5
    9Chris Magruder4
    10John Pachot4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Luis Rodriguez18
    2Wilson Valdez15
    3Anderson Machado11
    4Felix Escalona11
    5Mark Budzinski11
    6Matt Erickson11
    7Pablo Ozuna11
    8Brandon Phillips9
    9Chris Basak9
    10Homer Bush9
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Jhonny Peralta9
    2Victor Diaz9
    3Glenn Williams8
    4Julius Matos8
    5Ernie Young7
    6Jeremy Reed7
    7Jonny Gomes7
    8Luis Rodriguez7
    9Mike Vento7
    10Rodney Nye7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Bryant Nelson20
    2Felix Escalona20
    3Andy Phillips18
    4Joe Depastino18
    5Wilson Betemit18
    6Carlos Mendez17
    7Eric Owens17
    8Luis Rodriguez17
    9Jhonny Peralta16
    10Julius Matos16
    Total Bases
    1Earl Snyder300
    2Matt Diaz287
    3Jhonny Peralta274
    4Bryant Nelson272
    5Adam Hyzdu264
    6Bobby Smith263
    7Victor Diaz259
    8Andy Phillips247
    9Ernie Young243
    10Ryan Langerhans236
    Plate Appearances
    1Bryant Nelson625
    2Jhonny Peralta623
    3Mike Fontenot590
    4Brandon Phillips588
    5Earl Snyder586
    6Victor Diaz578
    7Mark Budzinski574
    8Jim Rushford568
    9Luis Rodriguez565
    10Adam Hyzdu561
    Batting Average
    1Jason Kubel.343
    2Matt Diaz.332
    3Joe Vitiello.328
    4Jhonny Peralta.326
    5Lou Collier.326
    6Jose Leon.322
    7Pete Orr.320
    8Andy Phillips.318
    9Chris Clapinski.312
    10Felix Escalona.308
    On-Base Percentage
    1Adam Hyzdu.413
    2Midre Cummings.408
    3Brian Daubach.400
    4Jason Kubel.398
    5Ryan Langerhans.397
    6Chris Clapinski.390
    7Andy Phillips.388
    8Jermaine Clark.386
    9Joe Vitiello.386
    10Jhonny Peralta.384
    Slugging Percentage
    1Justin Morneau.615
    2Russell Branyan.591
    3Jose Leon.590
    4Jorge Cantu.576
    5Eric Crozier.571
    6Matt Diaz.571
    7Andy Phillips.569
    8Adam Hyzdu.568
    9Jason Kubel.560
    10Earl Snyder.558
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Justin Morneau992
    2Adam Hyzdu981
    3Jose Leon972
    4Midre Cummings966
    5Russell Branyan965
    6Jason Kubel958
    7Andy Phillips957
    8Matt Diaz948
    9Eric Crozier946
    10Brian Daubach927
    1Augie Ojeda1.182
    2Jermaine Clark1.167
    3Brent Abernathy1.138
    4Bryant Nelson1.120
    5Luis Rodriguez1.082
    6Jeremy Reed1.059
    7Mark Johnson1.049
    8Luis Figueroa1.000
    9Ryan Hankins0.909
    10Andy Phillips0.850
    2004 Pitching Leaders
    1Dave Gassner16
    2Mike Romano13
    3Dan Giese12
    4Tim Kester12
    5Alex Graman11
    6Ben Hendrickson11
    7Brad Halsey11
    8Felix Diaz10
    9Frank Castillo10
    10Jack Cressend10
    1Pat Ahearne12
    2Chris Baker11
    3Matt Belisle11
    4Shane Loux11
    5Tim Kester11
    6Aaron Heilman10
    7Bubba Nelson10
    8Matt Guerrier10
    9Pedro Liriano10
    10Ryan Kohlmeier10
    1Brian Shackelford59
    2Jose Santiago57
    3Matt Whiteside57
    4Aaron Rakers54
    5Dan Giese54
    6Colter Bean53
    7Matt Duff53
    8Darwin Cubillan51
    9David Lee51
    10Edwin Almonte51
    Games Started
    1Dave Gassner28
    2Matt Belisle28
    3Pat Ahearne28
    4Andy Van Hekken27
    5Clay Condrey27
    6Aaron Heilman26
    7Frank Castillo25
    8Jason Grilli25
    9Josh Stewart25
    10Chuck Smith24
    Complete Games
    1Brad Halsey3
    2James Baldwin3
    3Pat Ahearne3
    4Seth Etherton3
    5Ben Hendrickson2
    6Brian Powell2
    7Chien-Ming Wang2
    8Clay Condrey2
    9David Bush2
    10Jamie Brown2
    1Ben Hendrickson2
    2Brad Halsey2
    3Alex Graman1
    4Brian Powell1
    5Chien-Ming Wang1
    6Chuck Smith1
    7David Bush1
    8Jamie Brown1
    9Jason Grilli1
    10Kyle Denney1
    Games Finished
    1Matt Whiteside51
    2Franklyn German44
    3Darwin Cubillan42
    4David Lee37
    5Jim Crowell37
    6Jesse Crain33
    7Aaron Myette32
    8Gary Majewski31
    9Heath Bell30
    10Matt Duff30
    1Matt Whiteside38
    2Franklyn German27
    3Darwin Cubillan24
    4Aaron Myette19
    5Jesse Crain19
    6Sam Marsonek17
    7Heath Bell16
    8Jim Crowell16
    9Jose Parra16
    10Jason Childers15
    Innings Pitched
    1Pat Ahearne179.1
    2Dave Gassner174.1
    3Tim Kester169.1
    4Frank Castillo168.1
    5Matt Belisle162.2
    6Clay Condrey155
    7Jason Grilli152.2
    8Andy Van Hekken152.1
    9Aaron Heilman151.2
    10Josh Stewart148.2
    1Clay Condrey205
    2Matt Belisle192
    3Tim Kester186
    4Pat Ahearne182
    5Andy Van Hekken179
    6Dave Gassner175
    7Frank Castillo169
    8Jason Grilli163
    9Jim Magrane160
    10Aaron Heilman156
    1Clay Condrey106
    2Matt Belisle104
    3Pat Ahearne101
    4Andy Van Hekken97
    5Jason Grilli95
    6Tim Kester89
    7Aaron Heilman88
    8Frank Castillo87
    9Shane Loux86
    10Josue Matos 85
    Earned Runs
    1Matt Belisle95
    2Clay Condrey94
    3Andy Van Hekken84
    4Frank Castillo82
    5Jason Grilli82
    6Pat Ahearne80
    7Pat Strange79
    8Tim Kester79
    9Shane Loux78
    10Josue Matos 75
    Home Runs
    1Frank Castillo28
    2Ryan Kohlmeier27
    3Josue Matos 25
    4Tim Kester25
    5Clay Condrey23
    6John Stephens23
    7Jason Grilli22
    8Jamie Brown21
    9Pedro Liriano21
    10Josh Stewart20
    1Aaron Heilman66
    2Andy Van Hekken59
    3Jason Grilli58
    4Alex Graman53
    5Mike Smith53
    6Pat Strange53
    7Willie Eyre53
    8John Maine52
    9Matt Belisle51
    10Mike Romano51
    1Alex Graman129
    2Chuck Smith129
    3Aaron Heilman123
    4Frank Castillo123
    5Pat Ahearne123
    6Kyle Denney113
    7Brandon Claussen111
    8Tetsu Yofu111
    9Randy Keisler110
    10Seth Etherton110
    Wild Pitches
    1Josue Matos 13
    2Anastacio Martinez9
    3Dan Reichert9
    4Francisco Cruceta9
    5Jason Grilli9
    6Mike Smith9
    7Andy Van Hekken8
    8Mike Paradis8
    9Adrian Burnside7
    10Alex Graman7
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Ben Hendrickson2.02
    2Brad Halsey2.63
    3Felix Diaz2.97
    4Matt Guerrier3.19
    5Alex Graman3.37
    6Dave Gassner3.41
    7Mike Romano3.41
    8Seth Etherton3.46
    9Kenny Rayborn3.63
    10Willie Eyre3.64
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Felix Diaz1.03
    2Matt Guerrier1.11
    3Ben Hendrickson1.12
    4James Baldwin1.12
    5Jamie Brown1.14
    6Brad Halsey1.15
    7Robert Ellis1.16
    8Dave Gassner1.18
    9Chuck Smith1.20
    10Frank Castillo1.21
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Felix Diaz7.43
    2Chuck Smith7.87
    3Alex Graman7.90
    4Brad Halsey8.00
    5Ben Hendrickson8.21
    6Matt Guerrier8.44
    7Tetsu Yofu8.52
    8James Baldwin8.53
    9Seth Etherton8.60
    10Willie Eyre8.67
    HR per 9 IP
    1Ben Hendrickson0.43
    2Brad Halsey0.50
    3Chuck Smith0.50
    4Jason Standridge0.53
    5Pat Ahearne0.75
    6Andy Van Hekken0.77
    7Alex Graman0.82
    8Andrew Lorraine0.83
    9Dave Gassner0.83
    10Willie Eyre0.86
    BB per 9 IP
    1Tim Kester1.01
    2Jamie Brown1.20
    3Robert Ellis1.46
    4Dave Gassner1.55
    5James Baldwin1.55
    6Matt Guerrier1.56
    7Frank Castillo1.82
    8Ben Hendrickson1.87
    9Felix Diaz1.88
    10Clay Condrey1.97
    SO per 9 IP
    1Alex Graman8.86
    2Seth Etherton8.84
    3Tetsu Yofu8.84
    4Chuck Smith8.12
    5John Maine7.88
    6Randy Keisler7.62
    7Kyle Denney7.53
    8Felix Diaz7.51
    9Aaron Heilman7.28
    10Mike Romano7.19
    1Jamie Brown5.412
    2Felix Diaz4.000
    3Tim Kester4.000
    4Matt Guerrier3.880
    5Frank Castillo3.618
    6Ben Hendrickson3.577
    7Seth Etherton3.438
    8Tetsu Yofu3.364
    9John Stephens3.156
    10Dave Gassner3.100

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