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2003 Texas League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2003 Texas League Awards
    Texas League All-StarJ.D. Closser C, Dan Johnson 1B, Justin Leone 3B, Jose Lopez SS, Jake Weber OF, Tydus Meadows OF, Byron Gettis OF, Mike Curry OF, A.J. Zapp DH, Chris Burke UT, Chin-Hui Tsao P, Phil Stockman P, Clint Nageotte P, A.J. Murray P, Bobby Madritsch P, Jimmy Gobble P, Travis Buckley P
    Texas League Manager of the YearDave Brundage
    Texas League Pitcher of the YearTravis Buckley
    Texas League Player of the YearJustin Leone
    Texas Rangers Player of the YearAlex Rodriguez
    2003 Batting Leaders
    1Byron Gettis140
    2A.J. Zapp137
    3Chris Burke137
    4Jake Weber136
    5Cory Sullivan135
    6Justin Leone135
    7Matt Holliday135
    8Mike Curry134
    9Andrew Beinbrink133
    10Tommy Whiteman133
    At Bats
    1Cory Sullivan557
    2Chris Burke549
    3Jake Weber539
    4Jose Lopez538
    5Tommy Whiteman532
    6A.J. Zapp528
    7Matt Holliday522
    8Mike Curry518
    9Byron Gettis510
    10Andy Green490
    1Justin Leone103
    2Mike Curry89
    3Chris Burke88
    4A.J. Zapp84
    5Jose Lopez82
    6Cory Sullivan81
    7Byron Gettis80
    8Dan Johnson77
    9Victor Hall76
    10Andy Tracy75
    1Cory Sullivan167
    2Chris Burke165
    3Jake Weber163
    4Byron Gettis154
    5Andy Green148
    6A.J. Zapp147
    7Victor Hall147
    8Mike Curry143
    9Dan Johnson139
    10Jose Lopez139
    1Andy Green38
    2Justin Leone38
    3A.J. Zapp35
    4Jose Lopez35
    5Cory Sullivan34
    6Byron Gettis31
    7Jake Weber31
    8Mike Curry30
    9Jaime Bubela29
    10J.D. Closser28
    1Victor Hall12
    2Mike Curry10
    3Nathan Haynes10
    4Chris Burke8
    5Cory Sullivan8
    6Elpidio Guzman8
    7Freddie Bynum8
    8Jaime Bubela7
    9Jorge Piedra7
    10Justin Leone7
    Home Runs
    1A.J. Zapp26
    2Andy Tracy25
    3Dan Johnson23
    4Justin Leone21
    5Jorge Piedra18
    6Brad Hawpe17
    7Javier Colina17
    8Tydus Meadows17
    9Byron Gettis16
    10Craig Ansman15
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Byron Gettis103
    2Dan Johnson96
    3A.J. Zapp92
    4Justin Leone92
    5Tydus Meadows79
    6Matt Holliday72
    7Mike O'Keefe71
    8Tommy Whiteman70
    9Jose Lopez69
    10Marshall McDougall69
    Stolen Bases
    1Mike Curry58
    2Chris Burke34
    3Elpidio Guzman28
    4Nathan Haynes27
    5Andrew Beinbrink26
    6Jaime Bubela26
    7Carlos Duncan25
    8Luis Ugueto25
    9Norris Hopper24
    10Victor Hall23
    Caught Stealing
    1Victor Hall19
    2Cory Sullivan13
    3Ryan Fleming12
    4Andrew Beinbrink11
    5Byron Gettis11
    6Jaime Bubela11
    7Mike Curry11
    8Chris Burke10
    9Elpidio Guzman10
    10Luis Ugueto10
    1Justin Leone92
    2Mike Curry67
    3Mike O'Keefe62
    4Andrew Beinbrink60
    5Chris Burke57
    6Anthony Acevedo56
    7Dan Johnson56
    8Byron Gettis55
    9Victor Hall51
    10Mike Rouse50
    1A.J. Zapp178
    2Matt Allegra138
    3Mike Rosamond124
    4Freddie Bynum119
    5Andy Tracy116
    6Chad Santos116
    7Mike Curry116
    8Brian Specht112
    9Byron Gettis110
    10Jaime Bubela108
    Hit by Pitch
    1Marco Cunningham17
    2Mike Campo15
    3Chris Burke14
    4Andy Green13
    5Byron Gettis13
    6Tydus Meadows13
    7A.J. Zapp11
    8Bryan Loeb11
    9John Lindsey11
    10Jake Weber10
    Intentional Walks
    1Dan Johnson13
    2Justin Leone10
    3Jake Weber9
    4A.J. Zapp8
    5Brian Specht7
    6Laynce Nix6
    7Mike O'Keefe6
    8Anthony Acevedo5
    9Byron Gettis5
    10Corey Myers5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Norris Hopper16
    2Mike Rouse12
    3Andrew Beinbrink11
    4Andy Green11
    5Casey Smith11
    6Chris Burke11
    7Freddie Bynum11
    8Brian Specht9
    9Kenny James9
    10Steve Stanley9
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Byron Gettis11
    2Dan Johnson9
    3Jake Weber9
    4Javier Colina8
    5Justin Leone8
    6Matt Holliday7
    7Mike Curry7
    8Tino Sanchez7
    9A.J. Zapp6
    10Andrew Beinbrink6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Jesus Cota22
    2Mike O'Keefe20
    3Tommy Whiteman19
    4Jake Weber16
    5Andrew Beinbrink14
    6Chad Santos14
    7Mike Rouse14
    8Mike Tonis14
    9Adam Morrissey12
    10Corey Myers12
    Total Bases
    1A.J. Zapp262
    2Justin Leone246
    3Dan Johnson242
    4Byron Gettis241
    5Cory Sullivan232
    6Jose Lopez217
    7Andy Tracy216
    8Jake Weber215
    9Chris Burke213
    10Tydus Meadows208
    Plate Appearances
    1Chris Burke633
    2Jake Weber611
    3Cory Sullivan610
    4Mike Curry600
    5A.J. Zapp592
    6Byron Gettis591
    7Jose Lopez588
    8Matt Holliday578
    9Tommy Whiteman578
    10Justin Leone558
    Batting Average
    1Ramon Martinez.347
    2Brian Sellier.303
    3Andy Green.302
    4Byron Gettis.302
    5Jake Weber.302
    6Chris Burke.301
    7Cory Sullivan.300
    8Norris Hopper.300
    9Victor Hall.300
    10Andy Tracy.299
    On-Base Percentage
    1Justin Leone.405
    2Brian Sellier.395
    3Ramon Martinez.387
    4Mike Rouse.386
    5Chris Burke.379
    6Byron Gettis.377
    7Kevin Burford.372
    8Nate Murphy.372
    9Andy Tracy.371
    10Victor Hall.370
    Slugging Percentage
    1Andy Tracy.563
    2Justin Leone.541
    3Dan Johnson.514
    4Jorge Piedra.513
    5Brad Hawpe.503
    6A.J. Zapp.496
    7Tydus Meadows.494
    8Javier Colina.487
    9Laynce Nix.487
    10Byron Gettis.473
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Justin Leone946
    2Andy Tracy934
    3Dan Johnson879
    4Tydus Meadows862
    5Brian Sellier856
    6Jorge Piedra855
    7Ramon Martinez851
    8Byron Gettis850
    9A.J. Zapp842
    10Brad Hawpe841
    1Jake Weber1.044
    2Chris Burke1.000
    3Kevin Burford0.938
    4John Tamargo0.895
    5Justin Leone0.885
    6Mike O'Keefe0.873
    7Ramon Martinez0.870
    8Ryan Fleming0.840
    9Tino Sanchez0.839
    10Brian Sellier0.796
    2003 Pitching Leaders
    1Travis Blackley17
    2Bobby Madritsch13
    3Jimmy Gobble12
    4Casey Daigle11
    5Chin-Hui Tsao11
    6Clint Nageotte11
    7Danny Tamayo11
    8Phil Stockman11
    9A.J. Murray10
    10Chris Buglovsky10
    1Ruddy Lugo15
    2Danny Tamayo14
    3Mike Burns13
    4Beltran Perez11
    5Casey Daigle11
    6Chad Qualls11
    7Rich Fischer11
    8Chris Buglovsky10
    9Billy Stokley9
    10C.J. Wilson9
    1Mark Freed67
    2Erick Burke64
    3Justin Huisman57
    4Spike Lundberg57
    5Brandon Medders56
    6Jared Hoerman56
    7Jesus Silva55
    8Jay Belflower53
    9Dusty Bergman50
    10Scott Dohmann50
    Games Started
    1Chad Qualls28
    2Chris Buglovsky28
    3Bobby Madritsch27
    4Casey Daigle27
    5Clint Nageotte27
    6Travis Blackley27
    7Danny Tamayo26
    8Kip Bouknight26
    9Phil Stockman26
    10Rich Fischer26
    Complete Games
    1Chad Qualls3
    2Bobby Madritsch2
    3Clint Nageotte2
    4Jimmy Gobble2
    5Kevin Gregg2
    6Matt Henrie2
    7Mike Brunet2
    8Rich Fischer2
    9Benj Sampson1
    10Casey Daigle1
    1Chad Qualls2
    2Bobby Madritsch1
    3Clint Nageotte1
    4D.J. Houlton1
    5Greg Powell1
    6Jimmy Gobble1
    7John Rheinecker1
    8Matt Henrie1
    9Mike Brunet1
    10Mike Ziegler1
    Games Finished
    1Jared Hoerman52
    2Justin Huisman52
    3Spike Lundberg51
    4Joel Peralta43
    5Brandon Medders37
    6Jorge Vasquez32
    7Bert Snow25
    8Brian Bruney25
    9Jesus Silva23
    10Melido Dotel23
    1Jared Hoerman36
    2Spike Lundberg31
    3Justin Huisman26
    4Jorge Vasquez22
    5Joel Peralta20
    6Brian Bruney14
    7Bert Snow13
    8Chris Mabeus8
    9Brandon Medders7
    10Steve Andrade7
    Innings Pitched
    1Casey Daigle176.1
    2Chad Qualls175.1
    3Travis Blackley162.1
    4Bobby Madritsch158.2
    5Chris Buglovsky158.1
    6Kip Bouknight158.1
    7Rich Fischer154.1
    8Clint Nageotte154
    9Danny Tamayo154
    10Beltran Perez147.2
    1Casey Daigle219
    2Chris Buglovsky204
    3John Rheinecker186
    4Beltran Perez180
    5Chad Qualls174
    6Darvin Withers160
    7Danny Tamayo159
    8Rich Fischer159
    9Greg Powell155
    10Mike Ziegler155
    1Chris Buglovsky111
    2Casey Daigle108
    3Beltran Perez94
    4Ruddy Lugo93
    5Rich Fischer91
    6John Rheinecker90
    7Ryan Holsten89
    8Chad Qualls85
    9Danny Tamayo84
    10Kip Bouknight84
    Earned Runs
    1Casey Daigle90
    2Beltran Perez87
    3Chris Buglovsky85
    4Rich Fischer79
    5Ruddy Lugo79
    6Danny Tamayo78
    7Ryan Holsten78
    8Chad Qualls75
    9John Rheinecker75
    10Darvin Withers72
    Home Runs
    1Winston Lee17
    2Danny Tamayo16
    3Kip Bouknight16
    4Mark DiFelice16
    5Mike Brunet16
    6Mike Burns15
    7Dusty Wrightsman14
    8Rich Fischer14
    9A.J. Murray13
    10Beltran Perez13
    1Bobby Madritsch67
    2Clint Nageotte67
    3Phil Stockman64
    4A.J. Murray63
    5Travis Blackley62
    6Chad Qualls61
    7Chris Buglovsky60
    8Kip Bouknight57
    9Danny Tamayo56
    10Beltran Perez54
    1Clint Nageotte157
    2Bobby Madritsch154
    3Phil Stockman146
    4Travis Blackley144
    5Chad Qualls132
    6Chin-Hui Tsao125
    7Rich Fischer123
    8Casey Daigle115
    9Ruddy Lugo112
    10Josue Matos 104
    Wild Pitches
    1Casey Daigle14
    2Danny Tamayo13
    3Chris Buglovsky12
    4Beltran Perez11
    5A.J. Murray9
    6Travis Blackley9
    7Chad Qualls8
    8Clint Nageotte8
    9Dave Hooten8
    10Erick Burke8
    1Mike Bumatay3
    2Brian Sanches2
    3Edwin Moreno2
    4Mike Burns2
    5Ryan Douglass2
    6Ben Kozlowski1
    7Benj Sampson1
    8Brandon Medders1
    9Brian Rogers1
    10Colin Young1
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Chin-Hui Tsao2.47
    2Travis Blackley2.61
    3Clint Nageotte3.10
    4Jimmy Gobble3.18
    5Edwin Moreno3.29
    6Greg Aquino3.45
    7D.J. Houlton3.47
    8Billy Stokley3.57
    9Bobby Madritsch3.62
    10A.J. Murray3.63
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Chin-Hui Tsao1.01
    2D.J. Houlton1.11
    3Travis Blackley1.15
    4Edwin Moreno1.23
    5Billy Stokley1.24
    6Bobby Madritsch1.26
    7Clint Nageotte1.26
    8Jimmy Gobble1.26
    9Mark DiFelice1.27
    10Benj Sampson1.31
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Travis Blackley6.94
    2Chin-Hui Tsao7.01
    3Clint Nageotte7.42
    4Bobby Madritsch7.53
    5D.J. Houlton7.68
    6Phil Stockman8.33
    7A.J. Murray8.38
    8Edwin Moreno8.44
    9Jimmy Gobble8.66
    10Kip Bouknight8.72
    HR per 9 IP
    1Mike Ziegler0.34
    2Clint Nageotte0.35
    3Greg Aquino0.42
    4Darvin Withers0.45
    5Greg Powell0.45
    6Casey Daigle0.46
    7Phil Stockman0.55
    8Chin-Hui Tsao0.56
    9Edwin Moreno0.56
    10Billy Stokley0.57
    BB per 9 IP
    1Mike Ziegler1.54
    2Billy Stokley1.86
    3Mark DiFelice1.89
    4John Rheinecker2.03
    5Chin-Hui Tsao2.07
    6Benj Sampson2.08
    7Mario Ramos2.08
    8D.J. Houlton2.31
    9Greg Powell2.49
    10Rich Fischer2.51
    SO per 9 IP
    1Chin-Hui Tsao9.96
    2Clint Nageotte9.18
    3Phil Stockman8.88
    4Bobby Madritsch8.72
    5Ruddy Lugo8.54
    6D.J. Houlton8.34
    7Travis Blackley8.00
    8Mario Ramos7.66
    9Greg Aquino7.65
    10Mike Burns7.56
    1Chin-Hui Tsao4.808
    2Mario Ramos3.679
    3D.J. Houlton3.607
    4Mike Ziegler3.565
    5Mark DiFelice3.125
    6Mike Burns2.967
    7Rich Fischer2.860
    8John Rheinecker2.781
    9Billy Stokley2.522
    10Jimmy Gobble2.500

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