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2003 Midwest League (A)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2003 Midwest League Awards
    Midwest League All-Star TeamJon-Mark Sprowl C, Prince Fielder 1B, Alberto Callaspo 2B, Travis Hanson 3B, Erick Aybar SS, Felix Pie OF, Kennard Jones OF, Rudy Guillen OF, Brian Stavisky DH, Jayson Drobiak DH, Dale Thayer RP, Ian Ostlund RP, Jon Connolly LHP, Gabe Ribas RHP
    Midwest League Manager of the YearWebster Garrison
    Midwest League Most Valuable PlayerPrince Fielder
    Midwest League Prospect of the YearPrince Fielder
    2003 Batting Leaders
    1Brent Clevlen138
    2Prince Fielder137
    3Victor Mendez137
    4Travis Hanson136
    5Jon Nelson134
    6Kevin Howard134
    7Alberto Callaspo133
    8John Santor133
    9Neb Brown133
    10Paul McAnulty133
    At Bats
    1Jon Nelson537
    2Travis Hanson527
    3Gary Harris526
    4Alberto Callaspo514
    5Kevin Howard509
    6Felix Pie505
    7Donnie Murphy504
    8Prince Fielder502
    9Jayson Drobiak499
    10Erick Aybar496
    1Alberto Callaspo86
    2Kennard Bibbs85
    3Mel Stocker85
    4Erick Aybar83
    5Jayson Drobiak83
    6Gary Harris81
    7Prince Fielder81
    8Kevin Howard80
    9Callix Crabbe79
    10Donnie Murphy77
    1Alberto Callaspo168
    2Donnie Murphy158
    3Prince Fielder157
    4Erick Aybar153
    5Gary Harris150
    6Kennard Bibbs148
    7Jayson Drobiak146
    8Travis Hanson146
    9Kevin Howard145
    10Felix Pie144
    1Alberto Callaspo38
    2Jon Nelson38
    3Jayson Drobiak35
    4Nate Gold35
    5Sean Luellwitz34
    6T.J. Bohn31
    7Travis Hanson31
    8Erick Aybar30
    9Jared Abruzzo30
    10Donnie Murphy29
    1Victor Mendez11
    2Erick Aybar10
    3Felix Pie9
    4Mel Stocker9
    5Joaquin Arias8
    6Reid Gorecki8
    7Trent Oeltjen8
    8Brent Clevlen7
    9Buck Coats7
    10Cameron Coughlan7
    Home Runs
    1Jayson Drobiak30
    2Prince Fielder27
    3Matt Hagen21
    4Brant Colamarino19
    5Sean Luellwitz18
    6Nelson Cruz17
    7Jon Nelson16
    8Danny Matienzo15
    9Reid Gorecki15
    10Ryan Fry15
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Prince Fielder112
    2Donnie Murphy98
    3Jon Nelson91
    4Damaso Espino88
    5Jayson Drobiak86
    6Rudy Guillen79
    7Sean Luellwitz79
    8Travis Hanson78
    9Kevin Howard75
    10Jared Abruzzo73
    Stolen Bases
    1Matt Lemanczyk56
    2Kennard Bibbs55
    3Cameron Coughlan47
    4Juan Senreiso45
    5Gary Harris36
    6Mel Stocker36
    7Buck Coats32
    8Erick Aybar32
    9Jarred Ball32
    10Juan Francia31
    Caught Stealing
    1Kennard Jones19
    2Kennard Bibbs18
    3Buck Coats15
    4Juan Francia14
    5Trent Oeltjen14
    6Cameron Coughlan13
    7Felix Pie13
    8Gary Harris13
    9Matt Lemanczyk13
    10B.J. Weed12
    1Craig Ringe82
    2Brian Burgamy78
    3Brent Clevlen72
    4Prince Fielder71
    5T.J. Bohn70
    6Damaso Espino69
    7Callix Crabbe68
    8Kila Ka'aihue67
    9Paul McAnulty67
    10Cameron Coughlan66
    1Jon Nelson168
    2T.J. Bohn131
    3Matt Hagen129
    4Jeffrey Eure128
    5Jayson Drobiak120
    6Juan Senreiso117
    7Steve Baker117
    8Kevin Collins116
    9Nelson Cruz116
    10Brent Clevlen111
    Hit by Pitch
    1Trent Oeltjen20
    2Mike McCoy16
    3Mel Stocker15
    4Prince Fielder15
    5Seth Davidson15
    6Craig Ringe14
    7Frank Gomez14
    8Erick Aybar13
    9Jeffrey Eure13
    10John McCurdy13
    Intentional Walks
    1Prince Fielder16
    2Travis Hanson7
    3Buck Coats5
    4Sean Luellwitz5
    5Alberto Callaspo4
    6Eric Verbryke4
    7Jeff Cook4
    8Kevin Collins4
    9Kevin Howard4
    10Reid Gorecki4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Callix Crabbe18
    2Charles Terni15
    3Kennard Bibbs14
    4Frank Gomez13
    5Pedro Esparragoza13
    6Craig Ringe12
    7Gabe Lopez11
    8Milko Jaramillo11
    9Jerry Gil10
    10Juan Francia10
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Alex Dvorsky9
    2L.J. Biernbaum9
    3Paul McAnulty9
    4Damaso Espino8
    5Keith Butler8
    6Luis Cruz8
    7Omir Santos8
    8Donnie Murphy7
    9Erik Dean7
    10Gabe Lopez7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Brent Clevlen16
    2Rudy Guillen16
    3Damaso Espino15
    4Kevin Howard15
    5Luis Cruz15
    6Victor Mendez15
    7J.J. Johnson14
    8Buck Coats13
    9Kila Ka'aihue13
    10Mike Rabelo13
    Total Bases
    1Jayson Drobiak279
    2Prince Fielder264
    3Jon Nelson232
    4Sean Luellwitz228
    5Erick Aybar221
    6Alberto Callaspo220
    7Donnie Murphy214
    8Travis Hanson214
    9Reid Gorecki208
    10Kevin Howard204
    Plate Appearances
    1Prince Fielder594
    2Donnie Murphy588
    3Kevin Howard578
    4Gary Harris577
    5Travis Hanson574
    6Damaso Espino569
    7Alberto Callaspo565
    8Jon Nelson565
    9Buck Coats564
    10Brent Clevlen560
    Batting Average
    1Alberto Callaspo.327
    2Donnie Murphy.313
    3Prince Fielder.313
    4John Baker.309
    5Erick Aybar.308
    6Kennard Jones.307
    7Greg Porter.305
    8Hector Lebron.305
    9Kennard Bibbs.301
    10Trent Oeltjen.298
    On-Base Percentage
    1John Baker.414
    2Brian Stavisky.411
    3Prince Fielder.409
    4Kennard Jones.407
    5Jon-Mark Sprowl.402
    6Donnie Murphy.397
    7Cameron Coughlan.387
    8Greg Porter.381
    9Alberto Callaspo.377
    10Damaso Espino.377
    Slugging Percentage
    1Jayson Drobiak.559
    2Prince Fielder.526
    3Sean Luellwitz.480
    4Danny Matienzo.479
    5Nate Gold.477
    6John Baker.457
    7Brad Correll.449
    8Erick Aybar.446
    9Greg Porter.444
    10Reid Gorecki.433
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Prince Fielder935
    2Jayson Drobiak908
    3John Baker871
    4Nate Gold847
    5Sean Luellwitz845
    6Brian Stavisky830
    7Greg Porter825
    8Jon-Mark Sprowl823
    9Donnie Murphy822
    10Brad Correll807
    1Jon-Mark Sprowl1.742
    2Jesus Merchan1.722
    3Alberto Callaspo1.500
    4Callix Crabbe1.308
    5Garrett Guzman1.045
    6Alex Romero1.000
    7Bronson Sardinha1.000
    8Kennard Jones0.962
    9Mel Stocker0.958
    10Ryan Hanigan0.909
    2003 Pitching Leaders
    1Jon Connolly16
    2Sam Smith16
    3Bobby Livingston15
    4Gabe Ribas13
    5Anderson Tavares12
    6Dennis Sarfate12
    7Jared Doyle12
    8Jean Toledo12
    9Edward Valdez11
    10Jose Valdez11
    1Carlos Vasquez13
    2Danny Christensen12
    3Jonah Bayliss12
    4Scott Tyler12
    5Tyler Adamczyk12
    6Cesar Jimenez11
    7Colt Griffin11
    8Rafael Rodriguez11
    9Ronnie Ray11
    10Santiago Casilla11
    1Jason Wylie57
    2Enrique Gonzalez55
    3Jordan Gerk55
    4Juan Figueroa55
    5Matt Wilkinson55
    6Wes O'Brien55
    7Darwin Soto53
    8Joshua Alliston52
    9Ozzie Lugo52
    10Ben Julianel51
    Games Started
    1Santiago Casilla28
    2Ramon Pena27
    3Colt Griffin27
    4Juan Sandoval27
    5Sam Smith27
    6T.A. Fulmer27
    7Bobby Livingston26
    8Brian Whitaker26
    9Dennis Sarfate26
    10Jared Doyle26
    Complete Games
    1Jon Connolly5
    2Santiago Casilla5
    3T.A. Fulmer5
    4Jose Garcia4
    5Sam Smith4
    6Andy Sisco3
    7Brian Whitaker3
    8Cristian Gonzalez3
    9Jared Doyle3
    10Don Graves2
    1Sam Smith3
    2Santiago Casilla3
    3Jared Doyle2
    4Joe Blanton2
    5Jon Connolly2
    6Anderson Tavares1
    7Bill Murphy1
    8Brian Whitaker1
    9Cristian Gonzalez1
    10Domingo Valdez1
    Games Finished
    1Jason Wylie49
    2Matt Wilkinson47
    3Ian Ostlund40
    4Matt Brumit40
    5Juan Figueroa36
    6Dale Thayer35
    7Joshua Alliston35
    8Edwardo Sierra34
    9Bo Hall32
    10Bryan Heaston30
    1Matt Wilkinson30
    2Jason Wylie29
    3Dale Thayer25
    4Matt Brumit23
    5Ian Ostlund19
    6Edwardo Sierra17
    7Pat Neshek14
    8Juan Figueroa13
    9Luis Marcano13
    10Bo Hall11
    Innings Pitched
    1Santiago Casilla191.1
    2Bobby Livingston178
    3T.A. Fulmer167.2
    4Sam Smith167
    5Jon Connolly166
    6Brian Whitaker164
    7Ramon Pena160.1
    8Juan Sandoval157.1
    9Anderson Tavares152.2
    10Colt Griffin149.2
    1Juan Sandoval190
    2Sam Smith185
    3Bobby Livingston176
    4Santiago Casilla168
    5Tyler Adamczyk158
    6Eric Ackerman156
    7Anderson Tavares154
    8T.A. Fulmer154
    9Ramon Pena149
    10Brian Whitaker149
    1Juan Sandoval97
    2Eric Ackerman87
    3Rafael Rodriguez85
    4T.J. Prunty82
    5Tyler Adamczyk81
    6Colt Griffin80
    7Tanner Watson79
    8Jonah Bayliss78
    9Sam Smith77
    10Nick Masset75
    Earned Runs
    1Eric Ackerman78
    2Juan Sandoval78
    3Sam Smith71
    4T.J. Prunty70
    5Tyler Adamczyk70
    6Rafael Rodriguez69
    7Santiago Casilla67
    8Colt Griffin65
    9Scott Tyler65
    10Cesar Herrera60
    Home Runs
    1Tyler Adamczyk15
    2Jose Valdez14
    3T.J. Prunty14
    4Nick Blackburn13
    5Sixto Urena12
    6Danny Christensen11
    7Dennis Sarfate11
    8Edward Valdez11
    9Jonah Bayliss11
    10Bobby Livingston10
    1Colt Griffin97
    2Scott Tyler82
    3Humberto Sanchez78
    4Jonah Bayliss69
    5Dennis Sarfate66
    6Jared Doyle65
    7Dan Foli64
    8Eric Ackerman62
    9Gerry Oakes60
    10Rafael Rodriguez59
    1Joe Blanton144
    2Dennis Sarfate140
    3Jonah Bayliss133
    4Joshua Hill132
    5T.A. Fulmer130
    6Joel Zumaya126
    7Brian Whitaker121
    8Ramon Pena119
    9David Pauley117
    10Manny Parra117
    Wild Pitches
    1Colt Griffin23
    2Rafael Rodriguez19
    3Gerry Oakes14
    4Scott Tyler14
    5Kevin Cameron13
    6Ronnie Ray13
    7Joshua Hill12
    8Juan Sandoval12
    9Adam Harben11
    10Edwardo Sierra11
    1Jermy Rodriguez4
    2Jose Valdez4
    3Tanner Watson4
    4Anderson Garcia3
    5Bill Murphy3
    6Bobby Livingston3
    7Luis Marcano3
    8Manny Parra3
    9Shawn Kohn3
    10Alexander Farfan2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Jon Connolly1.41
    2Brian Whitaker2.09
    3Gabe Ribas2.25
    4Josh Teekel2.36
    5Bryan Edwards2.41
    6Jean Toledo2.45
    7Kieran Mattison2.50
    8Joe Blanton2.57
    9T.A. Fulmer2.57
    10Jose Garcia2.65
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Gabe Ribas0.97
    2Joe Blanton0.97
    3Jon Connolly1.00
    4Kieran Mattison1.00
    5Brian Whitaker1.03
    6Jose Garcia1.06
    7Manny Parra1.09
    8Santiago Casilla1.10
    9Ramon Pena1.12
    10T.A. Fulmer1.14
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Gabe Ribas6.67
    2Kieran Mattison6.83
    3Jon Connolly6.94
    4Dennis Sarfate7.33
    5Jose Garcia7.35
    6Joe Blanton7.44
    7Jared Doyle7.49
    8Colt Griffin7.62
    9Scott Tyler7.90
    10Santiago Casilla7.92
    HR per 9 IP
    1Josh Teekel0.08
    2Ramon Pena0.17
    3Santiago Casilla0.19
    4Cesar Herrera0.21
    5Jon Connolly0.22
    6Gabe Ribas0.23
    7Gary Hogan0.23
    8Humberto Sanchez0.23
    9Brian Whitaker0.27
    10T.A. Fulmer0.27
    BB per 9 IP
    1Brian Whitaker1.10
    2Joe Blanton1.29
    3Bobby Livingston1.42
    4Anderson Tavares1.47
    5Manny Parra1.55
    6Don Graves1.67
    7Ramon Pena1.69
    8Ray Clark1.84
    9Santiago Casilla1.98
    10T.A. Fulmer1.98
    SO per 9 IP
    1Joe Blanton9.74
    2Scott Tyler9.34
    3Dennis Sarfate9.00
    4Gabe Ribas9.00
    5David Pauley8.92
    6Joshua Hill8.67
    7Jonah Bayliss8.55
    8Manny Parra7.58
    9Humberto Sanchez7.45
    10Kieran Mattison7.42
    1Joe Blanton7.579
    2Brian Whitaker6.050
    3Manny Parra4.875
    4Gabe Ribas4.462
    5Anderson Tavares4.000
    6Ramon Pena3.967
    7Bobby Livingston3.750
    8Ray Clark3.538
    9T.A. Fulmer3.514
    10Kieran Mattison3.423

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