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2003 California League (A+)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2003 California League Awards
    California League All-Star TeamJeff Mathis C, Kyle Nichols 1B, Josh Barfield 2B, Dallas McPherson 3B, J.J. Furmaniak SS, Greg Jacobs OF, Joey Gathright OF, Gary Thomas OF, Corey Slavik DH, Brad Weis P, Justin Hampson P, Ervin Santana P, Ryan Ketchner P
    California League Manager of the YearStu Cole
    California League Most Valuable PlayerJosh Barfield
    California League Pitcher of the YearErvin Santana
    California League Rookie of the YearJoey Gathright
    2003 Batting Leaders
    1Jayson Nix137
    2Aaron Clark136
    3Josh Barfield135
    4Dan Uggla134
    5Tommy Murphy132
    6Bryan Carter131
    7Kyle Nichols130
    8Rashad Eldridge130
    9Brian Martin129
    10Chris Morris128
    At Bats
    1Tommy Murphy565
    2Jayson Nix562
    3Josh Barfield549
    4Dan Uggla534
    5Aaron Clark527
    6Chris Morris486
    7Dan Phillips484
    8Kyle Nichols484
    9Angel Chavez478
    10Brian Martin478
    1Jayson Nix107
    2Dan Uggla104
    3Josh Barfield99
    4Marland Williams85
    5Hunter Brown84
    6Jay Garthwaite82
    7Kyle Nichols82
    8Chris Morris81
    9Gary Thomas80
    10Mark Kiger79
    1Josh Barfield185
    2Jayson Nix158
    3Dan Uggla155
    4Kyle Nichols151
    5Tommy Murphy151
    6John Castellano141
    7Aaron Clark134
    8Angel Chavez134
    9Rashad Eldridge133
    10Brian Martin132
    1Jayson Nix46
    2Josh Barfield46
    3Nick Gorneault36
    4Greg Jacobs35
    5Greg Sain35
    6Edgar Gonzalez34
    7G.J. Raymundo34
    8Hunter Brown34
    9John Castellano34
    10Kyle Nichols34
    1Shin-Soo Choo13
    2Danny Richar9
    3Drew Meyer9
    4Justin Turner9
    5J.J. Furmaniak8
    6Branden Florence7
    7Dan Uggla7
    8Greg Jacobs7
    9Julio Cordido7
    10Marcus Nettles7
    Home Runs
    1Kyle Nichols31
    2Dan Uggla23
    3Jay Garthwaite22
    4Dan Trumble21
    5Jayson Nix21
    6Greg Sain19
    7Dallas McPherson18
    8Dan Phillips18
    9Brian Foster17
    10Josh Barfield16
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Josh Barfield128
    2Kyle Nichols108
    3Greg Sain100
    4Dan Uggla90
    5Jay Garthwaite87
    6Jayson Nix86
    7Aaron Clark83
    8John Castellano80
    9Froilan Villanueva76
    10Corey Slavik75
    Stolen Bases
    1Chris Morris67
    2Joey Gathright57
    3Marland Williams57
    4Freddy Guzman49
    5Ralph Santana42
    6Fernando Cortez32
    7Marcus Nettles32
    8Bryan Carter28
    9John Raburn26
    10Dan Uggla24
    Caught Stealing
    1Chris Morris18
    2Ralph Santana16
    3Joey Gathright13
    4John Raburn12
    5Tommy Murphy12
    6Angel Chavez11
    7Bryan Carter11
    8Drew Meyer10
    9Freddy Guzman10
    10Marcus Nettles10
    1Zach Strong68
    2Hunter Brown67
    3Mark Kiger66
    4Doug Bernier64
    5John Raburn58
    6Mark Teahen58
    7Rashad Eldridge56
    8Chris Morris55
    9Chris Stringfellow54
    10Jayson Nix54
    1Justin Lincoln151
    2Brian Martin147
    3Aaron Clark146
    4Tommy Murphy138
    5Jayson Nix131
    6Luis Mateo130
    7Josh Barfield122
    8Marcus Nettles122
    9Dan Trumble120
    10Greg Sain119
    Hit by Pitch
    1Bryan Carter26
    2Gary Thomas18
    3Micah Holst17
    4Brian Martin14
    5Jason Aspito14
    6Ryan Shealy14
    7Dan Phillips13
    8Dan Uggla11
    9Daniel Ortmeier11
    10Froilan Villanueva11
    Intentional Walks
    1Kyle Nichols6
    2Casey Kotchman5
    3G.J. Raymundo5
    4Bryan Carter4
    5Daniel Ortmeier4
    6Greg Jacobs4
    7Josh Kroeger4
    8Dustin Delucchi3
    9Josh Barfield3
    10Nick Gorneault3
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Ralph Santana13
    2Marcus Nettles12
    3Dan Uggla11
    4Danny Richar10
    5Eddie Menchaca10
    6Gabriel Delgado10
    7Marland Williams10
    8Drew Meyer9
    9Nick Kimpton9
    10Chris Morris8
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Greg Sain12
    2Josh Barfield11
    3G.J. Raymundo10
    4Fernando Cortez9
    5Corey Slavik8
    6Hunter Brown8
    7Drew Meyer7
    8Eddie Menchaca7
    9Jeremy Frost7
    10Justin Lincoln7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1John Castellano17
    2Mark Teahen15
    3Mark Kiger14
    4Angel Chavez13
    5Daniel Ortmeier13
    6Kyle Nichols13
    7Luis Oliveros13
    8Eddie Menchaca12
    9Hector Tena12
    10Scott Candelaria12
    Total Bases
    1Josh Barfield291
    2Kyle Nichols278
    3Dan Uggla269
    4Jayson Nix267
    5Jay Garthwaite233
    6Tommy Murphy221
    7Greg Sain220
    8Dan Phillips219
    9John Castellano215
    10Aaron Clark207
    Plate Appearances
    1Jayson Nix635
    2Josh Barfield615
    3Tommy Murphy614
    4Dan Uggla608
    5Aaron Clark577
    6Chris Morris558
    7Kyle Nichols548
    8Bryan Carter542
    9Hunter Brown541
    10Brian Martin531
    Batting Average
    1Greg Jacobs.357
    2Josh Kroeger.341
    3Josh Barfield.337
    4Jason Bourgeois.329
    5Dustin Delucchi.327
    6Joey Gathright.324
    7Jeff Mathis.323
    8Corey Slavik.321
    9Nick Gorneault.321
    10Jason Belcher.320
    On-Base Percentage
    1Greg Jacobs.433
    2Jason Bourgeois.416
    3Jason Botts.409
    4Josh Kroeger.409
    5Joey Gathright.406
    6Dallas McPherson.404
    7Dustin Delucchi.401
    8J.J. Furmaniak.397
    9Ryan Shealy.391
    10Corey Slavik.390
    Slugging Percentage
    1Dallas McPherson.606
    2Greg Jacobs.576
    3Kyle Nichols.574
    4Nick Gorneault.540
    5Jay Garthwaite.533
    6Josh Barfield.530
    7Josh Kroeger.528
    8J.J. Furmaniak.524
    9Ryan Shealy.519
    10Dan Uggla.504
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Dallas McPherson1010
    2Greg Jacobs1009
    3Kyle Nichols954
    4Josh Kroeger937
    5J.J. Furmaniak921
    6Josh Barfield919
    7Ryan Shealy910
    8Nick Gorneault903
    9Corey Slavik893
    10Jason Bourgeois889
    1Jason Bourgeois1.091
    2Dustin Delucchi1.029
    3Doug Bernier1.016
    4Jeff Christy1.000
    5Greg Jacobs0.977
    6J.T. Stotts0.838
    7John Raburn0.817
    8Jason Botts0.763
    9Joey Gathright0.759
    10Chris Stringfellow0.750
    2003 Pitching Leaders
    1Brad Weis15
    2Justin Hampson14
    3Ryan Ketchner14
    4Jake Woods12
    5Jeff Francis12
    6Mike Esposito12
    7Gerrit Simpson11
    8Ervin Santana10
    9James Shields10
    10Jeff Bruksch10
    1Dan Hall14
    2John Barnett14
    3Dan Kolb12
    4Derell McCall12
    5John Thomas12
    6Chris Seddon11
    7Justin Wechsler11
    8Mike Thompson11
    9Troy Cate11
    10Anthony Pannone10
    1Jack Cassel64
    2Robert Garvin61
    3Ryan Speier56
    4Billy Biggs54
    5Jonathon Rouwenhorst52
    6Mark O'Sullivan52
    7Isaac Pavlik51
    8Rich Gilbert51
    9Austin Coose50
    10Justin Blood50
    Games Started
    1Jake Woods28
    2Dan Kolb27
    3Gerrit Simpson27
    4Jeff Francis27
    5Mike Esposito27
    6Chris Saenz26
    7Chris Seddon26
    8Dan Hall26
    9Justin Hampson26
    10Troy Cate25
    Complete Games
    1Brad Weis3
    2Chris Flinn2
    3Jake Woods2
    4Jeff Francis2
    5Matt Henrie2
    6Ryan Ketchner2
    7Chad Gaudin1
    8Chad Petty1
    9Chris Begg1
    10Chris Saenz1
    1Jeff Francis2
    2Ryan Ketchner2
    3Chris Begg1
    4Gerrit Simpson1
    5Jake Woods1
    6Steven Shell1
    7Tim Bittner1
    8Zach Parker1
    Games Finished
    1Ryan Speier43
    2Pete Sikaras41
    3Steve Rowe40
    4Bobby Bystrowski37
    5Jonathon Rouwenhorst34
    6Mike Steele31
    7Josh Parker30
    8Mike Wodnicki29
    9Billy Biggs25
    10Emiliano Fruto25
    1Pete Sikaras23
    2Jonathon Rouwenhorst20
    3Ryan Speier18
    4Josh Parker16
    5Mike Steele16
    6Steve Rowe15
    7Bobby Bystrowski13
    8Mike Wodnicki13
    9Brad Baker12
    10Billy Biggs8
    Innings Pitched
    1Jake Woods171.1
    2Mike Esposito161
    3Jeff Francis160.2
    4Troy Cate160
    5Brad Weis159.2
    6Justin Hampson159
    7Gerrit Simpson157.2
    8Ryan Ketchner156.2
    9Dan Kolb150
    10James Shields143.2
    1Dan Kolb194
    2Gerrit Simpson188
    3Jake Woods178
    4Mike Esposito173
    5Dan Hall169
    6Luke Robertson167
    7Scott Barber165
    8Troy Cate165
    9Mike Thompson162
    10James Shields161
    1Dan Kolb118
    2Dan Hall116
    3Luke Robertson104
    4Gerrit Simpson103
    5Doug Slaten94
    6Chris Seddon93
    7Jake Woods90
    8Scott Barber86
    9James Shields85
    10Jeff Bruksch84
    Earned Runs
    1Dan Kolb107
    2Dan Hall97
    3Gerrit Simpson94
    4Luke Robertson85
    5Doug Slaten80
    6Scott Barber79
    7Jake Woods77
    8Chris Saenz74
    9Chris Seddon74
    10Kiki Bengochea73
    Home Runs
    1Dan Kolb24
    2Chris Saenz20
    3Dan Hall19
    4James Shields19
    5Scott Barber19
    6Dan Mozingo18
    7Brian Lockwood15
    8Brion Treadway14
    9Chad Petty14
    10Jeff Bruksch14
    1Justin Wechsler64
    2Brad Weis60
    3Kiki Bengochea60
    4Chris Saenz56
    5Gerrit Simpson56
    6Justin Gordon56
    7Mike Esposito55
    8Aaron Dean54
    9Chris Seddon54
    10Jake Woods54
    1Ryan Ketchner159
    2Jeff Francis153
    3Troy Cate153
    4Justin Hampson150
    5Brad Weis145
    6Glenn Bott143
    7Chris Saenz136
    8Ervin Santana130
    9James Shields119
    10Mike Esposito116
    Wild Pitches
    1Jeff Bruksch19
    2David Wolensky16
    3Justin Gordon15
    4Ervin Santana14
    5Justin Wechsler13
    6Aaron Dean12
    7Corbey Medlin12
    8Gerrit Simpson11
    9Kelvin Jimenez11
    10Tommy Marx11
    1James Shields4
    2Nick Webb4
    3Cristian Gonzalez3
    4Dan Hall3
    5Derell McCall3
    6Doug Slaten3
    7Ben Fritz2
    8Bobby Bystrowski2
    9Brad Weis2
    10Chad Gaudin2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Ervin Santana2.52
    2Brad Weis2.81
    3Glenn Bott3.17
    4Ryan Ketchner3.44
    5John Thomas3.46
    6Jeff Francis3.47
    7Jason Andrew3.51
    8Julio Pavon3.54
    9Justin Hampson3.68
    10Mike Esposito3.75
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Ryan Ketchner1.06
    2Ervin Santana1.07
    3Jeff Francis1.12
    4Steven Shell1.17
    5Julio Pavon1.18
    6Glenn Bott1.19
    7Brad Weis1.20
    8Troy Cate1.26
    9Justin Hampson1.28
    10Jarod Matthews1.31
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Ervin Santana7.06
    2Brad Weis7.43
    3Jeff Francis7.55
    4Ryan Ketchner7.62
    5Glenn Bott8.30
    6Chris Saenz8.51
    7Julio Pavon8.52
    8Justin Hampson8.66
    9Steven Shell8.72
    10Brion Treadway9.13
    HR per 9 IP
    1Brad Weis0.17
    2Justin Germano0.32
    3John Thomas0.43
    4Jeff Francis0.45
    5Jake Woods0.47
    6Glenn Bott0.51
    7Mike Thompson0.53
    8Julio Pavon0.56
    9Troy Cate0.56
    10Gerrit Simpson0.57
    BB per 9 IP
    1Steven Shell1.84
    2Ryan Ketchner1.89
    3Jarod Matthews2.01
    4Justin Germano2.03
    5Mike Thompson2.05
    6Troy Cate2.08
    7Julio Pavon2.09
    8Brian Lockwood2.36
    9Jason Andrew2.36
    10James Shields2.38
    SO per 9 IP
    1Chris Saenz9.56
    2Ervin Santana9.36
    3Ryan Ketchner9.11
    4Glenn Bott9.06
    5Troy Cate8.61
    6Jeff Francis8.55
    7Justin Hampson8.49
    8Julio Pavon8.28
    9Brad Weis8.16
    10Jarod Matthews8.11
    1Ryan Ketchner4.818
    2Troy Cate4.135
    3Jarod Matthews4.037
    4Julio Pavon3.962
    5Steven Shell3.846
    6Glenn Bott3.763
    7Ervin Santana3.611
    8Jeff Francis3.400
    9James Shields3.132
    10Justin Germano3.120

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