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2002 Texas League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2002 Texas League Awards
    Texas League All-StarJohn Buck C, Royce Huffman 1B, Matt Kata 2B, Chad Tracy 3B, Brian Specht SS, Henri Stanley OF, Todd Linden OF, Alexis Gomez OF, Graham Koonce DH, Jason Alfaro UT, Miguel Saladin P, Kirk Saarloos P, Rodrigo Rosario P, Travis Hughes P, Runelvys Hernandez P, Mike Gosling P, Andrew Good P, Craig Anderson P
    Texas League All-Star game MVPJorge Sequea
    Texas League Manager of the YearTim Ireland
    Texas Rangers Minor League Player of the YearMark Teixeira
    Texas League Pitcher of the YearKirk Saarloos
    Texas League Player of the YearChad Tracy
    Texas Rangers Player of the YearAlex Rodriguez
    2002 Batting Leaders
    1Graham Koonce140
    2Rich Paz137
    3Chris Burke136
    4Jason Jones136
    5Matt Kata136
    6Mike Hill135
    7Mike Lockwood135
    8Paul Ottavinia134
    9Brian Harris133
    10Mike O'Keefe132
    At Bats
    1Matt Kata578
    2Mike Hill527
    3Paul Ottavinia522
    4Royce Huffman522
    5Chad Tracy514
    6Jamal Strong503
    7Mike Lockwood501
    8Brian Harris490
    9Chris Burke481
    10Rich Paz479
    1Matt Kata95
    2Henri Stanley90
    3Graham Koonce86
    4Rich Paz83
    5Brian Harris82
    6Jason Jones82
    7Eric Bruntlett81
    8Chad Tracy80
    9Royce Huffman79
    10Paul Ottavinia76
    1Chad Tracy177
    2Matt Kata172
    3Royce Huffman168
    4Mike Hill149
    5Henri Stanley143
    6Jason Alfaro143
    7Jamal Strong140
    8Jason Jones139
    9Brian Gordon137
    10Alexis Gomez136
    1Chad Tracy39
    2Henri Stanley36
    3Jason Alfaro36
    4Royce Huffman36
    5Mike O'Keefe34
    6Deivis Santos33
    7Francisco Santos33
    8Jason Jones33
    9Matt Kata33
    10Brian Gordon32
    1Henri Stanley10
    2Kirk Asche10
    3Adrian Myers9
    4Brian Gordon9
    5Elpidio Guzman9
    6Matt Kata9
    7Alexis Gomez8
    8Brian Harris8
    9Chris Burke8
    10Mike Lockwood7
    Home Runs
    1Graham Koonce24
    2Mike O'Keefe21
    3Henri Stanley16
    4Jason Alfaro16
    5Steve Neal16
    6Alexis Gomez14
    7Chan Perry14
    8Mike Hill14
    9Brian Specht13
    10Jason Jones13
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Graham Koonce96
    2Royce Huffman91
    3John Buck89
    4Mike O'Keefe78
    5Alexis Gomez75
    6Jason Jones75
    7Steve Neal75
    8Chad Tracy74
    9Jason Alfaro74
    10Rich Paz74
    Stolen Bases
    1Jamal Strong46
    2Pat Hallmark42
    3Kenny James40
    4Alexis Gomez36
    5Eric Bruntlett35
    6Trent Durrington25
    7Elpidio Guzman21
    8Brian Specht18
    9Luis Terrero18
    10Ramon Morel17
    Caught Stealing
    1Alexis Gomez24
    2Luis Terrero22
    3Jamal Strong16
    4Ramon Morel16
    5Chris Burke15
    6Trent Durrington14
    7Kenny James13
    8Eric Bruntlett12
    9Pat Hallmark12
    10Elpidio Guzman11
    1Graham Koonce133
    2Jason Jones87
    3Rich Paz81
    4Henri Stanley72
    5Carlos Mendoza68
    6Steve Neal63
    7Jamal Strong62
    8Mike O'Keefe62
    9Todd Linden61
    10Mike Lockwood60
    1Kirk Asche132
    2Brian Specht129
    3Mike Rosamond120
    4Graham Koonce117
    5Brian Gordon111
    6Steve Neal106
    7Mike Hill105
    8Todd Linden101
    9Mike Christensen98
    10Jason Jones97
    Hit by Pitch
    1Tim Olson19
    2Royce Huffman14
    3Josh Hochgesang13
    4Marco Cunningham12
    5Todd Linden12
    6Jason Alfaro11
    7Trent Durrington11
    8Antonio Perez10
    9Carlos Duncan10
    10Chris Burke10
    Intentional Walks
    1Graham Koonce12
    2Steve Neal11
    3Andy Barkett10
    4Chad Tracy7
    5Henri Stanley7
    6Mike Lockwood7
    7Todd Linden7
    8Deivis Santos6
    9Francisco Santos6
    10Jason Alfaro6
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Jhonny Carvajal14
    2Mike Lockwood12
    3Ruben Castillo10
    4Rusty Keith9
    5Antonio Perez8
    6Giomar Guevara8
    7Adrian Myers7
    8Brett Cadiente7
    9Brian Gordon7
    10Jay Pecci7
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Rich Paz11
    2Gerald Laird10
    3John Buck9
    4Royce Huffman9
    5Eric Bruntlett8
    6Rob Hammock8
    7Brian Gordon7
    8Chad Tracy7
    9Jason Hill7
    10Tim Olson7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Eric Bruntlett17
    2Jhonny Carvajal16
    3Gerald Laird14
    4Jason Hill14
    5Rob Hammock14
    6Royce Huffman14
    7Jason Alfaro13
    8Mike Christensen13
    9Mike Hill13
    10Rich Paz13
    Total Bases
    1Matt Kata256
    2Chad Tracy250
    3Henri Stanley247
    4Royce Huffman246
    5Mike O'Keefe242
    6Mike Hill233
    7Jason Alfaro231
    8Graham Koonce229
    9Brian Gordon217
    10Alexis Gomez215
    Plate Appearances
    1Matt Kata628
    2Graham Koonce618
    3Royce Huffman587
    4Mike Lockwood585
    5Jamal Strong582
    6Paul Ottavinia582
    7Rich Paz582
    8Mike Hill573
    9Chad Tracy564
    10Jason Jones563
    Batting Average
    1Chad Tracy.344
    2Royce Huffman.322
    3Chan Perry.316
    4Henri Stanley.314
    5Jason Alfaro.314
    6Todd Linden.314
    7Deivis Santos.312
    8Francisco Santos.312
    9Lance Niekro.310
    10Shane Monahan.307
    On-Base Percentage
    1Graham Koonce.440
    2Todd Linden.419
    3Henri Stanley.408
    4Jason Jones.401
    5Jason Alfaro.393
    6Rich Paz.390
    7Chad Tracy.389
    8Steve Neal.383
    9Royce Huffman.381
    10Marshall McDougall.374
    Slugging Percentage
    1Henri Stanley.542
    2Mike O'Keefe.517
    3Jason Alfaro.508
    4Graham Koonce.487
    5Chad Tracy.486
    6Marshall McDougall.486
    7Todd Linden.482
    8Chan Perry.481
    9Steve Neal.472
    10Royce Huffman.471
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Henri Stanley950
    2Graham Koonce927
    3Jason Alfaro901
    4Todd Linden901
    5Mike O'Keefe884
    6Chad Tracy875
    7Marshall McDougall860
    8Jason Jones857
    9Steve Neal855
    10Royce Huffman852
    1Carlos Mendoza1.619
    2Graham Koonce1.137
    3Rich Paz1.013
    4Eric Bruntlett0.918
    5Mike Lockwood0.909
    6Jason Jones0.897
    7Paul Ottavinia0.897
    8Bo Robinson0.882
    9Mike O'Keefe0.849
    10Henri Stanley0.847
    2002 Pitching Leaders
    1Mike Gosling14
    2Andrew Good13
    3Nick Roberts12
    4Mike Wood11
    5Rodrigo Rosario11
    6Allan Simpson10
    7Brandon Webb10
    8Brian Sanches10
    9Kirk Saarloos10
    10Rett Johnson10
    1Billy Stokley14
    2Chad Qualls13
    3Chris Enochs12
    4Hatuey Mendoza10
    5J.J. Putz10
    6Mike Nannini10
    7Mike Nickoli10
    8Chris Mears9
    9Ryan Cox9
    10Wes Hutchison9
    1Claudio Galva62
    2Aaron Taylor61
    3Greg Runser61
    4Javier Lopez61
    5Justin Lehr58
    6Aaron Looper57
    7Allan Simpson56
    8Jeremy Hill56
    9Darwin Peguero54
    10Matt O'Brien54
    Games Started
    1Chad Qualls29
    2Andrew Good27
    3Craig Anderson27
    4Mike Gosling27
    5Nick Roberts27
    6Travis Hughes26
    7Brandon Webb25
    8Mike Nannini24
    9Chris Enochs23
    10Rodrigo Rosario23
    Complete Games
    1Billy Stokley4
    2Chris Bootcheck3
    3Chris Enochs3
    4Andrew Good2
    5Casey Daigle2
    6Hatuey Mendoza2
    7Ian Ferguson2
    8Mario Mendoza2
    9Mike Gosling2
    10Nick Regilio2
    1Mike Gosling2
    2Andrew Good1
    3Brandon Webb1
    4Chris Enochs1
    5Craig Anderson1
    6Hatuey Mendoza1
    7J.J. Putz1
    8Jeff Clark1
    9John Rheinecker1
    10Kirk Saarloos1
    Games Finished
    1Greg Runser53
    2Aaron Taylor48
    3Miguel Saladin48
    4Jeremy Hill46
    5Duaner Sanchez29
    6Allan Simpson28
    7Franklyn German28
    8P.J. Bevis28
    9Rosman Garcia28
    10Javier Lopez25
    1Greg Runser25
    2Aaron Taylor24
    3Miguel Saladin24
    4Jeremy Hill19
    5Franklyn German16
    6Duaner Sanchez13
    7Luke Anderson11
    8P.J. Bevis11
    9Francisco Rodriguez9
    10Bert Snow8
    Innings Pitched
    1Andrew Good178
    2Nick Roberts172
    3Mike Gosling166.2
    4Chad Qualls163
    5Brandon Webb152
    6Craig Anderson152
    7Ryan Cox145.2
    8Chris Mears143.1
    9Travis Hughes143.1
    10Mike Nannini141
    1Nick Roberts195
    2Chad Qualls174
    3Andrew Good170
    4Ryan Cox166
    5Keith Stamler163
    6Billy Stokley156
    7Chris Enochs151
    8Mike Nannini151
    9Mike Gosling149
    10Craig Anderson143
    1Nick Roberts102
    2Mike Nannini97
    3Chad Qualls92
    4Andrew Good89
    5Chris Enochs89
    6Ryan Cox81
    7Keith Stamler80
    8Billy Stokley77
    9Chris Jones71
    10Beltran Perez70
    Earned Runs
    1Mike Nannini91
    2Nick Roberts83
    3Chad Qualls79
    4Chris Enochs78
    5Ryan Cox71
    6Andrew Good70
    7Keith Stamler68
    8Billy Stokley63
    9Chris Bootcheck62
    10Chris Jones60
    Home Runs
    1Andrew Good21
    2Chris Enochs16
    3Chris Mears16
    4Nick Roberts15
    5Chris Jones14
    6Mike Nannini14
    7Ryan Cox14
    8Craig Anderson12
    9Jim Brink12
    10Billy Stokley11
    1Travis Hughes82
    2Chad Qualls67
    3Craig Anderson64
    4Mike Nannini64
    5Mike Gosling62
    6Chris Enochs61
    7Brandon Webb59
    8Rodrigo Rosario59
    9Rett Johnson53
    10Rich Harden52
    1Chad Qualls142
    2Travis Hughes137
    3Andrew Good127
    4Brandon Webb122
    5Mike Nannini120
    6Mike Gosling115
    7Rett Johnson104
    8Chris Mears103
    9Rich Harden102
    10Brian Sanches101
    Wild Pitches
    1Brandon Webb12
    2David Cash9
    3Mike Gosling9
    4Darwin Peguero8
    5Matt Thornton8
    6Mike Nannini8
    7Mike Nickoli8
    8Brian Sanches7
    9Chris Enochs7
    10Chris Jones7
    1Chad Qualls4
    2Chris Cervantes2
    3Craig Anderson2
    4Felix Diaz2
    5Jon Cannon2
    6Mitch Walk2
    7Rosman Garcia2
    8Wes Obermueller2
    9Beltran Perez1
    10Ben Kozlowski1
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Runelvys Hernandez2.72
    2Mitch Walk2.88
    3Wes Obermueller2.89
    4David Cash3.06
    5Rodrigo Rosario3.12
    6Mike Gosling3.13
    7Brandon Webb3.14
    8Mike Wood3.14
    9Chris Mears3.15
    10Craig Anderson3.20
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Andrew Good1.10
    2Runelvys Hernandez1.13
    3David Cash1.22
    4Chris Mears1.23
    5Mike Wood1.25
    6Chris Cervantes1.26
    7John Rheinecker1.26
    8Mike Gosling1.26
    9Rodrigo Rosario1.27
    10Spike Lundberg1.28
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Rodrigo Rosario7.34
    2David Cash7.76
    3Mike Gosling8.03
    4Runelvys Hernandez8.15
    5Rett Johnson8.23
    6Wes Obermueller8.32
    7Brandon Webb8.35
    8Craig Anderson8.47
    9Brian Sanches8.54
    10Andrew Good8.60
    HR per 9 IP
    1Brandon Webb0.24
    2Runelvys Hernandez0.25
    3Keith Stamler0.34
    4Rodrigo Rosario0.35
    5Mike Gosling0.38
    6Rett Johnson0.38
    7Mitch Walk0.43
    8Elliot Brown0.48
    9John Rheinecker0.49
    10Chad Qualls0.50
    BB per 9 IP
    1Andrew Good1.31
    2John Rheinecker1.69
    3Chris Cervantes1.70
    4Keith Stamler1.88
    5Spike Lundberg1.95
    6Ryan Cox1.97
    7Runelvys Hernandez2.04
    8Nick Roberts2.20
    9Billy Stokley2.34
    10Chris Mears2.39
    SO per 9 IP
    1Travis Hughes8.62
    2Rett Johnson8.00
    3Chad Qualls7.84
    4Brian Sanches7.77
    5Mike Nannini7.66
    6Runelvys Hernandez7.30
    7David Cash7.27
    8Brandon Webb7.22
    9John Rheinecker7.03
    10Chris Bootcheck6.98
    1Andrew Good4.885
    2John Rheinecker4.167
    3Chris Cervantes3.826
    4Runelvys Hernandez3.583
    5Chris Mears2.711
    6Spike Lundberg2.609
    7Chris Bootcheck2.571
    8Brian Sanches2.349
    9Nick Roberts2.333
    10David Cash2.256

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