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2002 South Atlantic League (A)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2002 South Atlantic League Awards
    South Atlantic League All-Star TeamJustin Huber C, Walter Young 1B, Jeff Keppinger 2B, Andy Marte 3B, Robinson Cano SS, Vic Buttler OF, Wayne Lydon OF, Jeremy Harts OF, Chris Shelton DH, Victor Diaz UT, Kris Honel RHP, Macay McBride LHP
    South Atlantic League Manager of the YearTony Beasley
    South Atlantic League Most Valuable PlayerWalter Young
    South Atlantic League Most Outstanding PitcherMacay McBride
    South Atlantic League Most Outstanding ProspectWalter Young
    2002 Batting Leaders
    1Mike Snyder136
    2Tripper Johnson136
    3David Wright135
    4Ryan Howard135
    5Edgar Gonzalez134
    6Adam Manley133
    7Manuel Mayorson133
    8Carlos Duran132
    9Gregor Blanco132
    10Jayson Nix132
    At Bats
    1Carlos Duran534
    2Jason Bourgeois522
    3Mike Snyder518
    4Gavin Wright517
    5Manuel Mayorson508
    6Anthony Miller501
    7David Wright496
    8Danny Gonzalez493
    9Ryan Howard493
    10Tripper Johnson493
    1Anthony Miller109
    2Wayne Lydon93
    3Anthony Acevedo89
    4Gregor Blanco87
    5Carlos Duran86
    6David Wright85
    7Walter Young84
    8Angel Pagan79
    9Vic Buttler77
    10Jeff Keppinger75
    1Walter Young164
    2Gavin Wright153
    3Mike Snyder148
    4Carlos Duran144
    5Anthony Miller142
    6Manuel Mayorson139
    7Wayne Lydon139
    8Ryan Howard138
    9Scott Thorman138
    10Andy Marte137
    1Scott Thorman38
    2Ashley Freeman36
    3Walter Young34
    4Andy Marte32
    5Julian Benavidez32
    6Tripper Johnson32
    7Jeff Phelps31
    8Branden Florence30
    9David Wright30
    10Mike Morse30
    1Carlos Duran10
    2Gregor Blanco9
    3Robinson Cano9
    4Rodney Choy Foo8
    5Bryan Bass7
    6Daniel Figueroa7
    7Jose Garcia7
    8Rodney Medina7
    9Gavin Wright6
    10Ryan Howard6
    Home Runs
    1Walter Young25
    2Andy Marte21
    3Jeff Segar19
    4Ryan Howard19
    5Anthony Miller17
    6Chris Shelton17
    7Juan Camacho17
    8Mike Snyder16
    9Scott Thorman16
    10Brian Kirby14
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Andy Marte105
    2Walter Young103
    3David Wright93
    4Mike Snyder87
    5Ryan Howard87
    6Scott Thorman82
    7Anthony Acevedo80
    8Jayson Nix79
    9Justin Huber78
    10Jeff Keppinger73
    Stolen Bases
    1Wayne Lydon87
    2Chris Amador56
    3Willy Taveras54
    4Angel Pagan52
    5Anthony Miller50
    6Ivan Ochoa47
    7Manny Ravelo42
    8Gregor Blanco40
    9Fernando Cortez37
    10Mike Spidale37
    Caught Stealing
    1Mike Spidale25
    2Angel Pagan21
    3Danny Gonzalez21
    4Anthony Miller19
    5Gavin Wright18
    6Manny Ravelo18
    7Rod Perry18
    8Carlos Duran17
    9Fernando Cortez16
    10Gregor Blanco16
    1Anthony Miller88
    2Gregor Blanco85
    3Randall Shelley77
    4David Wright76
    5Mike Snyder76
    6Edgar Gonzalez74
    7Jose Bautista67
    8Scott Heard67
    9Ryan Howard66
    10J.J. Sherrill65
    1Charlton Jimerson168
    2Julian Benavidez148
    3Bryan Bass146
    4Ryan Howard145
    5Chris Amador142
    6Eric Storey136
    7Adam Manley133
    8Anthony Miller129
    9Hector Tena129
    10J.J. Sherrill126
    Hit by Pitch
    1Justin Huber23
    2Matt Cooper21
    3Bryan Carter19
    4Juan Salazar19
    5Willy Taveras18
    6J.J. Sherrill17
    7Randall Shelley16
    8Hector Tena15
    9Walter Young15
    10Chris Testa14
    Intentional Walks
    1Ryan Howard13
    2Justin Huber10
    3Mike Snyder10
    4Scott McKee7
    5Juan Camacho6
    6Tripper Johnson6
    7Victor Diaz6
    8Walter Young6
    9Scott Thorman5
    10Bryan Bass4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Vic Buttler20
    2Gary Cates17
    3Chris Amador13
    4Dennis Malave13
    5Drew Meyer11
    6Ulises Cabrerra11
    7Brandon Chaves10
    8J.J. Sherrill10
    9Juan Salazar10
    10Luis De Paula10
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Scott Gillitzer9
    2Walter Young8
    3Andy Marte7
    4Bronson Sardinha7
    5Chris Testa7
    6Edgar Gonzalez7
    7Jeff Keppinger7
    8Robert McIntyre7
    9Rodney Choy Foo7
    10Branden Florence6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Danny Gonzalez20
    2Manuel Mayorson18
    3Maikel Jova17
    4Scott Gillitzer17
    5Mike Morse16
    6Scott Thorman16
    7Juan Camacho15
    8Luis De Paula15
    9Edgar Gonzalez14
    10Jeff Keppinger13
    Total Bases
    1Walter Young277
    2Andy Marte240
    3Scott Thorman230
    4Ryan Howard227
    5Mike Snyder225
    6Anthony Miller224
    7Gavin Wright212
    8Robinson Cano211
    9Carlos Duran207
    10Jose Bautista206
    Plate Appearances
    1Mike Snyder600
    2Anthony Miller598
    3Jason Bourgeois586
    4David Wright582
    5Carlos Duran575
    6Gavin Wright575
    7Tripper Johnson571
    8Gregor Blanco570
    9Ryan Howard570
    10Danny Gonzalez565
    Batting Average
    1Victor Diaz.350
    2Chris Shelton.340
    3Walter Young.333
    4Nick Gretz.316
    5Greg Miller.313
    6Derek Mann.309
    7Frank Corr.305
    8Brandon Caraway.304
    9Branden Florence.303
    10Tommy Whiteman.303
    On-Base Percentage
    1Chris Shelton.425
    2Derek Mann.418
    3Justin Huber.408
    4Victor Diaz.407
    5Nick Gretz.405
    6Jose Bautista.402
    7Anthony Miller.396
    8Gregor Blanco.392
    9John-Paul Davis.391
    10Walter Young.390
    Slugging Percentage
    1Chris Shelton.587
    2Walter Young.563
    3Victor Diaz.521
    4Andy Marte.492
    5Scott Thorman.489
    6Tommy Whiteman.483
    7Jeff Segar.482
    8Jose Bautista.470
    9Justin Huber.470
    10Branden Florence.465
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Chris Shelton1012
    2Walter Young953
    3Victor Diaz928
    4Justin Huber878
    5Jose Bautista872
    6Tommy Whiteman857
    7Scott Thorman856
    8Anthony Miller843
    9Shelley Duncan836
    10Anthony Acevedo835
    1Jeff Keppinger1.424
    2Chad Peshke1.175
    3Derin McMains1.107
    4David Bacani1.083
    5Manuel Mayorson1.069
    6John-Paul Davis1.022
    7Derek Mann1.000
    8Edgar Gonzalez0.987
    9Branden Florence0.969
    10Woody Cliffords0.930
    2002 Pitching Leaders
    1Zach Parker16
    2J.D. Martin14
    3Harold Eckert13
    4Jeff Miller13
    5Travis Foley13
    6Macay McBride12
    7Patrick O'Brien12
    8Ryan Wing12
    9Chris Young11
    10Dustin McGowan11
    1Tim Bittner13
    2Eric Stephenson12
    3Gerrit Simpson12
    4Rafael Sanchez12
    5Ben Knapp11
    6Jake Dittler11
    7Anthony Pannone10
    8Brian Burres10
    9David Mead10
    10Dustin McGowan10
    1Rommie Lewis53
    2Paul Abraham52
    3Wes Cooksey51
    4Lee Gronkiewicz50
    5Ralph Roberts49
    6Scott Patten49
    7Alex Serrano48
    8Travis Anderson48
    9William Vazquez48
    10Casey Shumaker47
    Games Started
    1Tim Bittner29
    2Anthony Pannone28
    3Dan Denham28
    4Dustin McGowan28
    5Wandy Rodriguez28
    6Zach Miner28
    7Zach Parker28
    8Gavin Floyd27
    9Gonzalo Lopez27
    10John VanBenschoten27
    Complete Games
    1Seung Lee5
    2Taft Cable5
    3Bobby Wood3
    4Francisco Cruceta3
    5Gavin Floyd3
    6Javier Ortiz3
    7Kurt Birkins3
    8Layne Dawson3
    9Anthony Pannone2
    10Bobby Korecky2
    1Bobby Wood2
    2Francisco Cruceta2
    3Layne Dawson2
    4Taft Cable2
    5Anthony Pannone1
    6Ben Knapp1
    7Chris Flinn1
    8Dave Crouthers1
    9Gonzalo Lopez1
    10Jason Smith1
    Games Finished
    1Lee Gronkiewicz48
    2Ralph Roberts46
    3Casey Shumaker43
    4Josh Parker36
    5Rommie Lewis36
    6Felix Romero33
    7Orlando Roman32
    8Scott Patten32
    9Jason Howell31
    10Travis Anderson31
    1Lee Gronkiewicz27
    2Rommie Lewis25
    3Casey Shumaker22
    4Ralph Roberts19
    5Jason Howell16
    6Wes Cooksey16
    7Josh Parker15
    8Carlos Artiles12
    9Judd Songster12
    10Orlando Roman12
    Innings Pitched
    1Taft Cable177.1
    2Zach Parker168.1
    3Anthony Pannone168
    4Gavin Floyd166
    5Justin Hampson164.1
    6Wandy Rodriguez159.1
    7Neomar Flores159
    8Zach Miner159
    9Macay McBride157.1
    10Tim Bittner157.1
    1Taft Cable174
    2Zach Parker174
    3Wandy Rodriguez167
    4Tim Bittner166
    5Justin Hampson162
    6Ezequiel Astacio159
    7Anthony Pannone157
    8Vinnie DeChristofaro155
    9Ben Knapp154
    10Rafael Sanchez152
    1Tim Bittner98
    2Zach Parker89
    3Vinnie DeChristofaro88
    4Justin Hampson87
    5Jeremy King86
    6Rafael Sanchez85
    7Taft Cable84
    8Eric Stephenson80
    9Brian Burres78
    10Dustin McGowan77
    Earned Runs
    1Tim Bittner80
    2Zach Parker75
    3Rafael Sanchez74
    4Taft Cable74
    5Jeremy King72
    6Vinnie DeChristofaro71
    7Justin Hampson70
    8Dustin McGowan69
    9Wandy Rodriguez67
    10Dan Denham66
    Home Runs
    1Taft Cable20
    2Bobby Wood16
    3Brian Burres15
    4Manny Delcarmen15
    5Ernnie Sinclair14
    6Charles Merricks13
    7Gavin Floyd13
    8Jermaine Van Buren13
    9Jimmy Barrett13
    10Matt Peterson13
    1Chris Seddon68
    2Tim Bittner67
    3Jeremy King66
    4Dan Denham65
    5Paulino Reynoso65
    6Gavin Floyd64
    7Zach Parker64
    8Rafael Sanchez63
    9John VanBenschoten62
    10Shane Rhodes62
    1Dustin McGowan163
    2Matt Peterson153
    3Kris Honel152
    4Harold Eckert149
    5Ian Snell149
    6Matt Wright146
    7John VanBenschoten145
    8Ryan Hannaman145
    9Gavin Floyd140
    10Macay McBride138
    Wild Pitches
    1David Mead17
    2Kyle Gross17
    3Javier Lorenzo15
    4Brendan Fuller14
    5Dan Denham14
    6Francisco Pena14
    7Gavin Floyd14
    8Ian Snell13
    9Jake Dittler13
    10Macay McBride13
    1Charles Merricks6
    2Jermaine Van Buren5
    3David Hawk4
    4Carlos Delossantos3
    5Chad Gaudin3
    6David Mattox3
    7Felix Arellan3
    8Jackson Engels3
    9Jake Dittler3
    10Javier Ortiz3
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Edwin Jackson1.97
    2Macay McBride2.12
    3Jesse Harper2.15
    4Chad Gaudin2.27
    5Chris Flinn2.32
    6Brandon Roberson2.41
    7Ross Peeples2.43
    8Ian Snell2.70
    9Mariano Gomez2.76
    10Gavin Floyd2.77
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Layne Dawson1.06
    2Macay McBride1.06
    3Edwin Jackson1.07
    4Jesse Harper1.09
    5Gavin Floyd1.10
    6Chris Young1.11
    7Neomar Flores1.11
    8Travis Foley1.11
    9Ross Peeples1.12
    10Taft Cable1.12
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Gavin Floyd6.45
    2Edwin Jackson6.77
    3Macay McBride6.82
    4Travis Foley7.09
    5Matt Peterson7.11
    6Chris Seddon7.15
    7Chris Flinn7.24
    8John VanBenschoten7.24
    9Jimmy Barrett7.52
    10Kris Honel7.53
    HR per 9 IP
    1Edwin Jackson0.17
    2Nikolas Lubisch0.22
    3Ross Peeples0.23
    4Mariano Gomez0.24
    5Craig Szado0.28
    6Dave Crouthers0.28
    7Jake Dittler0.28
    8Vinnie DeChristofaro0.28
    9Jesse Harper0.32
    10Macay McBride0.34
    BB per 9 IP
    1Brian Pilkington1.04
    2Taft Cable1.22
    3Layne Dawson1.62
    4Julio Pavon1.63
    5Brandon Roberson1.77
    6Javier Ortiz1.77
    7Patrick O'Brien1.85
    8Nikolas Lubisch1.90
    9Ross Peeples1.96
    10Jesse Harper1.99
    SO per 9 IP
    1Matt Peterson9.98
    2Dustin McGowan9.91
    3Ryan Hannaman9.89
    4Harold Eckert9.65
    5Ian Snell9.58
    6Brandon Roberson9.24
    7Travis Foley9.07
    8Brian Burres9.00
    9Manny Delcarmen9.00
    10Kris Honel8.94
    1Brian Pilkington6.000
    2Brandon Roberson5.227
    3Taft Cable4.792
    4Julio Pavon4.286
    5Layne Dawson4.238
    6Chris Young4.000
    7Ross Peeples3.920
    8Jesse Harper3.880
    9Ben Knapp3.472
    10Patrick O'Brien3.367

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