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2002 California League (A+)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2002 California League Awards
    California League All-Star TeamCraig Ansman C, Corey Hart 1B, Jake Gautreau 2B, Brian Barden 3B, Jose Lopez SS, Steve Smitherman OF, Jonny Gomes OF, Rocco Baldelli OF, Mike Campo DH, John Koronka SP, Rich Fischer SP, Jeff Clark SP, Evan Rust RP
    California League Manager of the YearBill Plummer
    California League Most Valuable PlayerRocco Baldelli
    California League Pitcher of the YearJeff Clark
    California League Rookie of the YearJose Lopez
    2002 Batting Leaders
    1Freddie Bynum135
    2Jesus Cota135
    3Jonny Gomes134
    4J.T. Stotts133
    5Josh Kroeger133
    6Caonabo Cosme131
    7Dwight Edge131
    8Jeff Bannon131
    9Angel Chavez130
    10Corey Myers130
    At Bats
    1Jesus Cota540
    2Freddie Bynum539
    3Caonabo Cosme529
    4Jose Lopez522
    5Corey Myers497
    6Josh Kroeger497
    7Matt Allegra494
    8Marcus Nettles485
    9J.T. Stotts483
    10Steve Smitherman482
    1Jonny Gomes102
    2Marcus Nettles97
    3Caonabo Cosme90
    4Mike Campo86
    5Gary Schneidmiller85
    6Freddie Bynum83
    7Jose Lopez82
    8Steve Smitherman78
    9Corey Hart76
    10Dave Krynzel76
    1Jose Lopez169
    2Freddie Bynum165
    3Caonabo Cosme154
    4Jesus Cota151
    5Steve Smitherman151
    6Corey Myers144
    7Mike Campo141
    8John Lindsey140
    9Matt Allegra139
    10Jaime Bubela134
    1Jose Lopez39
    2Andy Green36
    3Steve Smitherman36
    4Matt Allegra35
    5Mike Campo35
    6Caonabo Cosme33
    7Corey Myers33
    8Jesus Cota33
    9Jon Knott33
    10John Lindsey30
    1Dave Krynzel12
    2Corey Hart10
    3Jaime Bubela10
    4Jonny Gomes9
    5Jon Knott8
    6Victor Hall8
    7Craig Ansman7
    8David Espinosa7
    9Jamie Athas7
    10John Williamson7
    Home Runs
    1Jorge Soto31
    2Jonny Gomes30
    3Corey Hart22
    4John Lindsey22
    5Dan Johnson21
    6Matt Allegra20
    7Daryl Clark19
    8Steve Smitherman19
    9Craig Ansman18
    10Justin Leone18
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Jesus Cota101
    2Steve Smitherman99
    3John Lindsey93
    4Matt Allegra93
    5Dan Johnson85
    6Corey Hart84
    7Corey Myers84
    8Daryl Clark78
    9Aaron Clark77
    10Jon Knott73
    Stolen Bases
    1Marcus Nettles58
    2Freddie Bynum41
    3John Raburn35
    4Gary Thomas31
    5Jose Lopez31
    6Jaime Bubela30
    7Dave Krynzel29
    8Andrew Beattie26
    9David Espinosa26
    10Todd Donovan26
    Caught Stealing
    1Marcus Nettles26
    2Freddie Bynum21
    3John Raburn19
    4Dave Krynzel17
    5David Espinosa17
    6Victor Hall15
    7Caonabo Cosme14
    8Jose Lopez13
    9Sheldon Fulse13
    10Auntwan Riggins12
    1Marcus Nettles101
    2Jonny Gomes91
    3Gary Schneidmiller78
    4John Raburn77
    5Mike Campo75
    6Brian Sellier73
    7J.T. Stotts65
    8Dave Krynzel64
    9Freddie Bynum64
    10David Espinosa62
    1Jorge Soto195
    2Dan Trumble185
    3Jonny Gomes173
    4Matt Allegra160
    5Aaron Clark149
    6Jeremy Owens148
    7Josh Kroeger136
    8Marcus Nettles132
    9Nick Wilfong130
    10Corey Myers129
    Hit by Pitch
    1Mike Campo40
    2Jonny Gomes31
    3John Lindsey25
    4Craig Ansman16
    5Andre Gomez14
    6Aaron Clark13
    7Micah Holst13
    8Mike Kremblas13
    9Sam Swenson12
    10Aaron Nieckula11
    Intentional Walks
    1Jonny Gomes6
    2John Williamson5
    3Carlos Valderrama4
    4Dan Johnson4
    5Guye Senjem4
    6Jamie Athas4
    7Matt Bowser4
    8Mike Campo4
    9Tagg Bozied4
    10Xavier Nady4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Nestor Perez23
    2Freddie Bynum15
    3Caonabo Cosme14
    4Jace Brewer12
    5Danny Richar10
    6Angel Chavez8
    7Dan Dement8
    8Gary Thomas8
    9Auntwan Riggins7
    10Brian Sellier7
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Steve Smitherman14
    2Corey Myers8
    3Dan Johnson8
    4Daryl Clark8
    5J.T. Stotts8
    6Angel Chavez7
    7Fernando Rios7
    8Jesus Cota7
    9Edwin Maldonado6
    10J.J. Hardy6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Jesus Cota17
    2John Lindsey17
    3Matt Allegra14
    4Steve Smitherman14
    5Casey Myers13
    6Angel Chavez12
    7Nestor Perez12
    8Alexei Hernandez11
    9Chairon Isenia11
    10J.T. Stotts11
    Total Bases
    1Jonny Gomes256
    2John Lindsey248
    3Steve Smitherman246
    4Jose Lopez242
    5Matt Allegra240
    6Jesus Cota238
    7Caonabo Cosme232
    8Corey Hart225
    9Corey Myers224
    10Mike Campo215
    Plate Appearances
    1Freddie Bynum628
    2Caonabo Cosme601
    3Marcus Nettles595
    4Jesus Cota587
    5Jonny Gomes569
    6Mike Campo569
    7J.T. Stotts565
    8Jose Lopez562
    9Matt Allegra558
    10Corey Myers554
    Batting Average
    1Jon Knott.341
    2Rocco Baldelli.333
    3Jose Lopez.324
    4Carlos Valderrama.314
    5Mike Campo.313
    6Steve Smitherman.313
    7Andy Green.309
    8Bobby Crosby.307
    9Freddie Bynum.306
    10Craig Ansman.305
    On-Base Percentage
    1Mike Campo.451
    2Jonny Gomes.432
    3Gary Schneidmiller.419
    4Jon Knott.414
    5Danny Bravo.406
    6Brian Sellier.402
    7Andy Green.401
    8John Raburn.397
    9Bobby Crosby.393
    10Dave Krynzel.391
    Slugging Percentage
    1Jonny Gomes.574
    2Corey Hart.573
    3Carlos Valderrama.569
    4Tagg Bozied.546
    5Craig Ansman.543
    6Jon Knott.540
    7Daylan Holt.537
    8Rocco Baldelli.535
    9Carlos Duncan.526
    10John Lindsey.525
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Jonny Gomes1006
    2Jon Knott954
    3Carlos Valderrama953
    4Corey Hart929
    5Mike Campo929
    6Craig Ansman928
    7Tagg Bozied923
    8Rocco Baldelli917
    9John Lindsey912
    10Daylan Holt892
    1Danny Bravo1.767
    2Andy Green1.017
    3Gary Schneidmiller0.975
    4Brian Sellier0.890
    5John Raburn0.875
    6Blake Bone0.873
    7J.T. Stotts0.867
    8Guye Senjem0.847
    9Bobby Crosby0.767
    10Marcus Nettles0.765
    2002 Pitching Leaders
    1Russ Morgan13
    2Ryan Mottl13
    3Jeff Clark12
    4Neal Cotts12
    5John Koronka11
    6Mike Ziegler11
    7Brian Stokes10
    8Kevin Olore10
    9Mark Phillips10
    10Mike Bumstead10
    1Brandon O'Neal14
    2Pedro Liriano14
    3George Perez12
    4Jeff Bruksch11
    5Rafael Rigueiro11
    6Casey Daigle10
    7Francisco Trejo10
    8Mike Bumstead10
    9Justin Gordon9
    10Pete Smart9
    1Mike Nicolas65
    2Jared Hoerman54
    3John Benedetti54
    4Ron Flores53
    5Mike Frick50
    6Ryan Cullen50
    7Steve Fischer50
    8Joey Cramblitt48
    9R.D. Spiehs47
    10Brad Gavelek46
    Games Started
    1Clint Nageotte29
    2Pete Smart29
    3Brian Stokes28
    4Neal Cotts28
    5Pedro Liriano28
    6Jeff Bruksch27
    7Ryan Mottl27
    8Mark Phillips26
    9Mike Bumstead26
    10Jeremy Bonderman25
    Complete Games
    1Rich Fischer5
    2Dustin Moseley2
    3Glenn Bott2
    4Mark Malaska2
    5Ryan Mottl2
    6Tim McClaskey2
    7Bobby Jenks1
    8Brian Stokes1
    9Clint Nageotte1
    10Darvin Withers1
    1Rich Fischer4
    2Dustin Moseley2
    3Mark Malaska2
    4Bobby Jenks1
    5Brian Stokes1
    6Glenn Bott1
    7Pedro Liriano1
    Games Finished
    1Jared Hoerman49
    2Mike Frick46
    3Frank Bludau42
    4Ron Flores38
    5Mike Brunet36
    6Jackson Markert35
    7Jesus Silva29
    8John Benedetti28
    9Bryan Gaal27
    10Evan Rust27
    1Jared Hoerman29
    2Evan Rust23
    3Mike Frick23
    4Frank Bludau22
    5Mike Brunet16
    6Brandon Medders15
    7Bryan Gaal15
    8Rusty Tucker14
    9John Benedetti13
    10Jackson Markert12
    Innings Pitched
    1Pete Smart180
    2Ryan Mottl180
    3Pedro Liriano167.1
    4Brian Stokes165.2
    5Clint Nageotte164.2
    6Mike Ziegler151.2
    7Glenn Bott150.2
    8Jeff Bruksch149
    9Mark Phillips148.1
    10Mike Bumstead145.2
    1Pete Smart212
    2Justin Gordon172
    3Mike Ziegler169
    4Ryan Mottl169
    5Mike Bumstead164
    6Brian Stokes156
    7Clint Nageotte153
    8George Perez153
    9Mike Thompson144
    10Jeff Bruksch143
    1Justin Gordon128
    2Pete Smart119
    3George Perez117
    4Brandon O'Neal113
    5Clint Nageotte101
    6Mike Bumstead100
    7Jeff Bruksch98
    8Mike Thompson93
    9Roberto Maysonet93
    10Pedro Liriano86
    Earned Runs
    1Justin Gordon107
    2George Perez103
    3Pete Smart102
    4Roberto Maysonet86
    5Clint Nageotte83
    6Mike Bumstead78
    7Jeff Bruksch77
    8Mike Thompson76
    9Brandon O'Neal72
    10Mike Ziegler71
    Home Runs
    1Jeff Bruksch22
    2Pete Smart20
    3Casey Daigle19
    4George Perez19
    5Mike Ziegler19
    6Justin Gordon17
    7Cristian Gonzalez15
    8Jeremy Bonderman15
    9Tim McClaskey15
    10Duncan McAdoo14
    1Mark Phillips94
    2Neal Cotts87
    3Roberto Maysonet80
    4Justin Gordon77
    5Pedro Liriano74
    6Boof Bonser70
    7Brandon O'Neal69
    8George Perez69
    9Clint Nageotte68
    10Francisco Trejo68
    1Clint Nageotte214
    2Neal Cotts178
    3Pedro Liriano176
    4Jeff Bruksch163
    5Jeremy Bonderman160
    6Mark Phillips156
    7Brian Stokes152
    8Travis Blackley152
    9Ryan Mottl148
    10Luke Robertson144
    Wild Pitches
    1George Perez20
    2Roberto Maysonet20
    3Ryan Miller18
    4Rafael Rigueiro16
    5Brandon O'Neal14
    6Derell McCall13
    7Jeff Bruksch13
    8Mike Nicolas13
    9Pete Smart13
    10Mark Phillips12
    1Derell McCall4
    2Brandon Medders3
    3Doug Slaten3
    4Dustin Moseley3
    5Jeremy Bonderman3
    6Juan Pena3
    7Nelson Lara3
    8Pete Smart3
    9Alex Carbajal2
    10Bartolome Fortunato2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Jeff Clark2.06
    2Doug Waechter2.67
    3Boof Bonser2.88
    4Derrick Van Dusen3.10
    5Brian Stokes3.25
    6Derell McCall3.32
    7Russ Morgan3.37
    8Darvin Withers3.46
    9Rich Fischer3.50
    10Ryan Mottl3.50
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Jeff Clark0.97
    2Rich Fischer1.12
    3Luke Robertson1.16
    4Ryan Mottl1.16
    5Derrick Van Dusen1.18
    6Darvin Withers1.19
    7Russ Morgan1.20
    8Travis Blackley1.21
    9Pedro Liriano1.22
    10Boof Bonser1.24
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Boof Bonser6.26
    2Pedro Liriano6.95
    3Mark Phillips7.48
    4Phil Stockman7.58
    5Jeff Clark7.59
    6Travis Blackley7.59
    7Luke Robertson7.88
    8Derrick Van Dusen7.99
    9Jeremy Bonderman8.01
    10Neal Cotts8.02
    HR per 9 IP
    1Derell McCall0.27
    2Darvin Withers0.29
    3Neal Cotts0.33
    4Brandon O'Neal0.51
    5Clint Nageotte0.55
    6Mark Phillips0.55
    7Ryan Mottl0.60
    8Boof Bonser0.63
    9Jeff Clark0.64
    10Luke Robertson0.67
    BB per 9 IP
    1Jeff Clark1.16
    2Mike Ziegler1.18
    3Ryan Mottl1.95
    4Scott Barber1.96
    5Rich Fischer1.99
    6Duncan McAdoo2.20
    7Darvin Withers2.38
    8Doug Waechter2.42
    9Cristian Gonzalez2.44
    10Luke Robertson2.53
    SO per 9 IP
    1Jeremy Bonderman9.93
    2Jeff Bruksch9.85
    3Boof Bonser9.77
    4Duncan McAdoo9.51
    5Mark Phillips9.49
    6Pedro Liriano9.49
    7Rich Fischer9.48
    8Phil Stockman9.00
    9Derrick Van Dusen8.50
    10Glenn Bott8.46
    1Jeff Clark7.167
    2Mike Ziegler6.950
    3Rich Fischer4.759
    4Duncan McAdoo4.333
    5Luke Robertson4.235
    6Ryan Mottl3.795
    7Doug Waechter3.483
    8Travis Blackley3.455
    9Scott Barber3.375
    10Derrick Van Dusen3.278

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