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2001 South Atlantic League (A)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2001 South Atlantic League Awards
    South Atlantic League All-Star TeamGarett Gentry C, Adrian Gonzalez 1B, Pedro Liriano 2B, Blair Barbier 3B, Miguel Cabrera SS, Wily Mo Pena OF, Will Smith OF, Jamal Strong OF, Jim Kavourias DH, Samone Peters DH, Chad Qualls RHP, Luke Lockwood LHP, Ferenc Jongejan P, Henry Bonilla P
    South Atlantic League Manager of the YearRuss Morman
    South Atlantic League Most Valuable PlayerAdrian Gonzalez
    South Atlantic League Most Outstanding ProspectAdrian Gonzalez
    2001 Batting Leaders
    1Juan Richardson137
    2Jon Topolski136
    3Elvis Corporan135
    4Juan Salas135
    5Jason Kinchen134
    6Koyie Hill134
    7B.J. Littleton133
    8Brian Martin131
    9Deivis Santos131
    10Francisco Santos131
    At Bats
    1Jon Topolski550
    2Felix Escalona536
    3Deivis Santos520
    4Francisco Santos520
    5B.J. Littleton508
    6Juan Richardson505
    7Corey Smith500
    8Juan Salas500
    9Koyie Hill498
    10Jason Ellison494
    1Jon Topolski98
    2Jason Ellison95
    3Felix Escalona92
    4Alph Coleman84
    5B.J. Littleton84
    6Mike Hill82
    7Jason Kinchen81
    8Brad Hawpe78
    9Kelly Johnson75
    10John Buck72
    1Jon Topolski158
    2Rene Reyes156
    3Felix Escalona155
    4Deivis Santos151
    5Francisco Santos151
    6Jason Kinchen151
    7Koyie Hill150
    8Jason Ellison144
    9Alph Coleman143
    10Mike Hill142
    1Felix Escalona42
    2Jason Ellison38
    3Ramon German37
    4Scott Youngbauer35
    5Juan Richardson31
    6Mike Hill31
    7Derek Bell30
    8Adam Bonner27
    9Candido Martinez27
    10Deivis Santos27
    1B.J. Littleton18
    2Jose Reyes15
    3Dan Dement11
    4J.J. Sherrill11
    5Jose Morban11
    6Alex Rios9
    7Shane Victorino9
    8Jason Grove8
    9Jeff Duncan8
    10Laynce Nix8
    Home Runs
    1Jason Kinchen30
    2Dan Trumble26
    3Jeremy Cotten25
    4Justin Schuda25
    5Jon Topolski24
    6Kelly Johnson23
    7Brad Hawpe22
    8John Buck22
    9Juan Richardson22
    10Craig Brazell19
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Jon Topolski96
    2Ramon German93
    3Corey Smith85
    4Juan Richardson83
    5Jason Kinchen82
    6Deivis Santos80
    7Francisco Santos80
    8Koyie Hill79
    9Jeremy Cotten78
    10Ryan Church76
    Stolen Bases
    1Bernie Castro67
    2Ruddy Yan56
    3Candido Martinez54
    4Manny Ravelo54
    5Rene Reyes53
    6Irwin Centeno48
    7Shane Victorino47
    8Felix Escalona46
    9Jose Morban46
    10Reggie Abercrombie44
    Caught Stealing
    1Ruddy Yan21
    2Bernie Castro20
    3Candido Martinez18
    4Jose Morban18
    5Manny Ravelo17
    6Angelo Burrows15
    7Brian Martin15
    8Jason Ellison15
    9Juan Salas15
    10Miguel Vilorio15
    1Jon Topolski75
    2Michael Forbes72
    3Jason Ellison71
    4Kelly Johnson71
    5Justin Schuda65
    6Adam Bonner63
    7Dan Trumble63
    8Rick Elder63
    9Casey Rogowski62
    10Derek Bell62
    1Justin Schuda166
    2Dan Trumble157
    3Reggie Abercrombie154
    4Brian Martin150
    5Corey Smith149
    6Juan Richardson147
    7Sean Swedlow146
    8Felix Nunez141
    9Rick Asadoorian139
    10Candido Martinez138
    Hit by Pitch
    1J.J. Sherrill27
    2Justin Sherrod21
    3Jason Botts20
    4Felix Escalona16
    5Jeff Becker16
    6Cory Harris15
    7Jeremy Cotten15
    8John Lackaff15
    9Juan Richardson15
    10Mike Spidale14
    Intentional Walks
    1Koyie Hill14
    2Rick Elder10
    3Dustin Brisson7
    4Kelly Johnson7
    5Adam Bonner6
    6Deivis Santos6
    7Francisco Santos6
    8Jason Kinchen6
    9Jon Topolski6
    10Justin Schuda6
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Bryan Gann20
    2Gary Cates17
    3Ruddy Yan16
    4Nick Garcia15
    5Jason Ellison13
    6Shane Victorino13
    7Reggie Abercrombie12
    8Inocencio Acevedo11
    9Manny Del Rosario11
    10Raul Nieves11
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Alex Rios14
    2Brad Hawpe10
    3Corey Smith9
    4John Lackaff9
    5Jason Turner8
    6Juan Salas8
    7Omar Fuentes7
    8Ron Davenport7
    9Bryan Gann6
    10Candido Martinez6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Alfredo Leon18
    2Tony Blanco17
    3Alex Rios16
    4Deivis Santos15
    5Francisco Santos15
    6Mike Snyder14
    7Josh Perich13
    8Juan Richardson13
    9Mike Hill12
    10Raul Nieves12
    Total Bases
    1Jon Topolski271
    2Jason Kinchen267
    3Felix Escalona249
    4Juan Richardson222
    5Mike Hill221
    6Corey Smith220
    7Deivis Santos220
    8Francisco Santos220
    9Rene Reyes220
    10Tommy Whiteman220
    Plate Appearances
    1Jon Topolski633
    2B.J. Littleton593
    3Jason Ellison593
    4Felix Escalona592
    5Juan Richardson577
    6Koyie Hill562
    7Deivis Santos554
    8Francisco Santos554
    9Jason Kinchen553
    10Corey Smith551
    Batting Average
    1Rene Reyes.322
    2Tommy Whiteman.319
    3Jason Botts.309
    4Jason Kinchen.309
    5Craig Brazell.308
    6Jose Reyes.307
    7Mike Hill.305
    8Koyie Hill.301
    9Alph Coleman.300
    10Manny Ravelo.299
    On-Base Percentage
    1Jason Botts.416
    2Kelly Johnson.404
    3Justin Sherrod.396
    4Jason Ellison.388
    5Ryan Church.385
    6Casey Rogowski.382
    7Dominic Rich.382
    8Mike Hill.381
    9Jason Kinchen.380
    10Tommy Whiteman.380
    Slugging Percentage
    1Craig Brazell.586
    2Tommy Whiteman.566
    3Jason Kinchen.546
    4Yurendell DeCaster.531
    5Kelly Johnson.513
    6Ryan Church.507
    7Brad Hawpe.506
    8Justin Sherrod.495
    9Jon Topolski.493
    10John Buck.483
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Tommy Whiteman946
    2Craig Brazell929
    3Jason Kinchen926
    4Kelly Johnson917
    5Yurendell DeCaster896
    6Ryan Church892
    7Justin Sherrod891
    8Brad Hawpe869
    9Jon Topolski868
    10Jason Botts865
    1John Wilson1.146
    2Jason Ellison1.044
    3Manny Del Rosario0.921
    4Guillermo Reyes0.900
    5Dominic Rich0.870
    6Derek Bell0.816
    7Bernie Castro0.806
    8Mike Spidale0.800
    9Nate McLouth0.796
    10Omar Fuentes0.789
    2001 Pitching Leaders
    1Boof Bonser16
    2Mike Nannini15
    3Jason Davis14
    4Jeff Clark14
    5Rodrigo Rosario13
    6Anthony Pluta12
    7Bubba Nelson12
    8Diogenes Gomez12
    9Corwin Malone11
    10Fernando Rijo11
    1Taylor Buchholz14
    2Dario Ferrand13
    3Scott Dohmann13
    4Tracy Thorpe13
    5Mark Malaska12
    6Doug Waechter11
    7Joel Hanrahan11
    8Keith Bucktrot11
    9Rich Gilbert11
    10Seth McClung11
    1Arnaldo Munoz60
    2Jason Faigin60
    3Jackson Markert58
    4Andy McCulloch55
    5Joshua Higgins55
    6Justin Huisman55
    7Jayme Sperring53
    8Alexis Guzman52
    9Dan Adams50
    10Diogenes Gomez50
    Games Started
    1Adam Wainwright28
    2Scott Dohmann28
    3Seth McClung28
    4Boof Bonser27
    5Dario Ferrand27
    6Jason Davis27
    7Jeff Clark27
    8Mike Nannini27
    9Anthony Pluta26
    10Chris Buglovsky26
    Complete Games
    1Taylor Buchholz5
    2Matt Schwager4
    3Mike Nannini4
    4Brady Borner3
    5Chris Waters3
    6Dario Ferrand3
    7Dave Martinez3
    8Diego Markwell3
    9Keith Bucktrot3
    10Nick Roberts3
    1Taylor Buchholz3
    2Dave Martinez2
    3Ben Kozlowski1
    4Brady Borner1
    5Chris Waters1
    6Dario Ferrand1
    7James Shields1
    8Jason Davis1
    9Jim Bullard1
    10Joe Abell1
    Games Finished
    1Jackson Markert55
    2Justin Huisman51
    3Andy McCulloch50
    4Joshua Higgins49
    5Jayme Sperring46
    6Jose Colon42
    7Dan Giese39
    8Trevor Bullock35
    9Jason Faigin33
    10Ryan Baker32
    1Jackson Markert39
    2Justin Huisman30
    3Jayme Sperring26
    4Joshua Higgins23
    5Jose Colon22
    6Mike Knowles21
    7Ryan Baker18
    8Andy McCulloch17
    9Greg Bauer17
    10Tom Graham17
    Innings Pitched
    1Mike Nannini190.1
    2Taylor Buchholz176.2
    3Scott Dohmann173
    4Adam Wainwright164.2
    5Seth McClung164.1
    6Dario Ferrand162
    7Sean Burnett161.1
    8Yoel Hernandez160.2
    9Jason Davis160
    10Mark Malaska157
    1Doug Waechter179
    2Mike Nannini176
    3Scott Dohmann165
    4Taylor Buchholz165
    5Sean Burnett164
    6Chris Buglovsky158
    7Dario Ferrand156
    8Mark Malaska153
    9Yoel Hernandez153
    10Jeff Clark152
    1Doug Waechter97
    2Yoel Hernandez94
    3Keith Bucktrot93
    4Adam Wainwright89
    5Scott Dohmann88
    6Andy Cavazos87
    7Chris Buglovsky83
    8Taylor Buchholz83
    9Tracy Thorpe77
    10Bubba Nelson76
    Earned Runs
    1Scott Dohmann83
    2Keith Bucktrot79
    3Andy Cavazos75
    4Doug Waechter74
    5Adam Wainwright69
    6Matt Roney67
    7Bubba Nelson66
    8Taylor Buchholz66
    9Chris Buglovsky65
    10Rich Gilbert63
    Home Runs
    1Scott Dohmann27
    2Jeff Clark18
    3Mike Nannini17
    4Bubba Nelson16
    5Dave Farren16
    6Keith Bucktrot16
    7Matt Roney16
    8Chris Buglovsky14
    9Chris Waters14
    10Darwin Peguero14
    1Anthony Pluta86
    2Joey Cole67
    3Justin Echols67
    4David Mead64
    5Andy Cavazos63
    6Boof Bonser61
    7Keith Bucktrot58
    8Robinson Tejeda58
    9Bubba Nelson57
    10Taylor Buchholz57
    1Adam Wainwright184
    2Boof Bonser178
    3Seth McClung165
    4Justin Echols156
    5Rich Gilbert155
    6Bubba Nelson154
    7Scott Dohmann154
    8Mark Malaska152
    9Robinson Tejeda152
    10Mike Nannini151
    Wild Pitches
    1Justin Echols21
    2Joey Cole17
    3Roman Colon16
    4Javier Lorenzo14
    5Jesus Cordero13
    6Mark Malaska13
    7David Mendez12
    8Doug Waechter12
    9Elgin Graham12
    10Kyle Gross12
    1Arnaldo Munoz4
    2Roman Colon4
    3Aaron Hee3
    4Andy Cavazos3
    5Doug Waechter3
    6Jarrett Campbell3
    7Julio Pavon3
    8Mike Scuglik3
    9Nick Webb3
    10Adam Wainwright2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Corwin Malone2.01
    2Jose Rojas2.12
    3Rodrigo Rosario2.14
    4Rich Rundles2.43
    5Ben Kozlowski2.48
    6Boof Bonser2.49
    7Sean Burnett2.63
    8Jason Davis2.70
    9Mike Nannini2.70
    10Rene Miniel2.73
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Rodrigo Rosario0.96
    2Matt Thompson1.00
    3Nick Roberts1.01
    4Rich Rundles1.03
    5Rene Miniel1.07
    6Jose Rojas1.10
    7Ben Kozlowski1.11
    8Mike Nannini1.12
    9Boof Bonser1.13
    10Corwin Malone1.13
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Boof Bonser6.11
    2Rodrigo Rosario6.43
    3Justin Echols6.44
    4Corwin Malone6.67
    5Rene Miniel6.86
    6Fernando Rijo6.93
    7Brandon Matheny7.04
    8Jose Rojas7.08
    9Anthony Pluta7.30
    10Ben Diggins7.47
    HR per 9 IP
    1Rene Miniel0.07
    2Corwin Malone0.16
    3Justin Echols0.29
    4Seth McClung0.33
    5Rich Rundles0.39
    6Yoel Hernandez0.39
    7Taylor Buchholz0.41
    8Ben Diggins0.42
    9Mauricio Lara0.42
    10Bobby Keppel0.44
    BB per 9 IP
    1Rich Rundles0.78
    2Jeff Clark0.91
    3Matt Thompson1.28
    4Nick Roberts1.38
    5Julio Pavon1.67
    6Ben Kozlowski1.68
    7Mike Nannini1.71
    8Scott Dohmann1.72
    9Bobby Keppel1.81
    10Roman Colon1.83
    SO per 9 IP
    1Darwin Peguero9.73
    2Corwin Malone9.56
    3Anthony Pluta9.41
    4Bubba Nelson9.18
    5Ben Kozlowski9.12
    6Robinson Tejeda9.06
    7Seth McClung9.05
    8Mark Malaska8.71
    9Matt Roney8.55
    10Julio Pavon8.52
    1Rich Rundles9.400
    2Jeff Clark8.733
    3Nick Roberts6.095
    4Ben Kozlowski5.444
    5Matt Thompson5.105
    6Julio Pavon5.095
    7Scott Dohmann4.667
    8Mark Malaska4.343
    9Mike Nannini4.194
    10Sean Burnett4.061

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