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2000 South Atlantic League (A)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2000 South Atlantic League Awards
    South Atlantic League All-Star TeamJ.R. House C, Nate Espy 1B, Torre Tyson 2B, Nate Grindell 3B, Brandon Jackson SS, Marlon Byrd OF, Josh Hamilton OF, Lew Ford OF, J.R. House DH, Napolean Calzado UT, Chin-Hui Tsao RHP, Dave Williams LHP
    South Atlantic League Most Valuable PlayerJosh Hamilton , J.R. House
    South Atlantic League Most Outstanding PitcherChin-Hui Tsao
    South Atlantic League Most Outstanding ProspectJosh Hamilton
    2000 Batting Leaders
    1Hank Blalock139
    2Cody Nowlin136
    3Carl Crawford135
    4Chris Warren135
    5Wilkin Ruan134
    6Marlon Byrd133
    7Willie Harris133
    8Jason Jones132
    9Nate Grindell132
    10Martires Castro131
    At Bats
    1Wilkin Ruan574
    2Carl Crawford564
    3Jose Castillo529
    4Marlon Byrd515
    5Lew Ford514
    6Hank Blalock512
    7Justo Rivas504
    8Damien Jones503
    9Napolean Calzado503
    10Cody Nowlin501
    1Lew Ford122
    2Willie Harris106
    3Marlon Byrd104
    4Carl Crawford99
    5Jay Sitzman95
    6Jose Castillo95
    7Wilkin Ruan95
    8Alex Requena90
    9Nate Espy88
    10Torre Tyson87
    1Carl Crawford170
    2Wilkin Ruan165
    3Lew Ford162
    4Marlon Byrd159
    5Jose Castillo158
    6Brett Cadiente154
    7Hank Blalock153
    8Josh Pressley148
    9J.R. House146
    10Justo Rivas145
    1Josh Pressley44
    2Nate Grindell36
    3Lew Ford35
    4Jason Jones34
    5Josh McKinley34
    6Dan Phillips32
    7Hank Blalock32
    8Jose Castillo32
    9Nate Espy32
    10Andy Brown31
    1Marlon Byrd13
    2Carl Crawford11
    3Lew Ford11
    4Wilkin Ruan10
    5Willie Harris10
    6Brett Cadiente9
    7Brandon Jackson8
    8Brandon Phillips8
    9Jay Sitzman8
    10Jorge Padilla8
    Home Runs
    1J.R. House23
    2Nate Espy21
    3Greg Catalanotte20
    4Luis Garcia20
    5Andy Brown19
    6Dan Grummitt19
    7Russ Jacobson19
    8Carlos Rodriguez18
    9Jovanny Sosa18
    10Nate Grindell18
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Nate Grindell98
    2Carlos Rodriguez94
    3Marlon Byrd93
    4J.R. House90
    5Nate Espy87
    6Napolean Calzado83
    7Hank Blalock77
    8Jay Langston77
    9Luis Garcia77
    10Tony Alvarez77
    Stolen Bases
    1Alex Requena87
    2Wilkin Ruan64
    3Carl Crawford55
    4Jay Sitzman53
    5Lew Ford52
    6Marvin Seale52
    7Tony Alvarez52
    8Josh McKinley46
    9Damien Jones44
    10Eric Johnson41
    Caught Stealing
    1Tony Alvarez21
    2Alex Requena20
    3Damien Jones19
    4Dan Phillips17
    5Miguel Vilorio17
    6Brett Cadiente15
    7Willie Harris15
    8Josh McKinley14
    9Marvin Seale14
    10Torre Tyson14
    1Nate Espy101
    2Wes Rachels96
    3Willie Harris89
    4Torre Tyson76
    5James Rinne72
    6Alex Requena66
    7Jason Jones65
    8Damien Jones63
    9Pat Manning63
    10Hank Blalock62
    1Andy Brown182
    2Justin Lincoln161
    3Chris Warren152
    4Greg Catalanotte149
    5Jeremy Harts147
    6Alex Requena137
    7Jovanny Sosa135
    8Jaeme Leal133
    9Dan Phillips130
    10Shannon Carter129
    Hit by Pitch
    1Dan Grummitt22
    2Jeff Winchester20
    3Chris Warren19
    4Brian Hitchcox16
    5Jay Sitzman15
    6Tony Alvarez15
    7Curt Fiore14
    8Reed Johnson14
    9Sam Smith14
    10Brandon Jackson13
    Intentional Walks
    1Nate Espy7
    2Luis Garcia6
    3Keith Reed5
    4Greg Catalanotte4
    5Willie Harris4
    6Brandon Phillips3
    7Chad Santos3
    8Hank Blalock3
    9Jason Landreth3
    10Jay Sitzman3
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Gary Cates12
    2Jon Anderson11
    3Eddie Rogers10
    4Ricky Angell10
    5Carl Crawford9
    6Ambiorix Reyes8
    7Dave Abreu8
    8Jaime Goudie8
    9Brett Cadiente7
    10Jeremy Harts7
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Hank Blalock11
    2Brandon Jackson8
    3Brett Cadiente8
    4Craig Brazell8
    5Napolean Calzado8
    6Tony Alvarez8
    7Martires Castro7
    8Nate Grindell7
    9Edgar Cruz6
    10J.R. House6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Josh Pressley17
    2Jason Jones15
    3Ray Cabrera15
    4Hank Blalock14
    5Donnie Ross13
    6Jhonny Peralta13
    7Wes Rachels13
    8Lew Ford12
    9Nate Espy12
    10Brandon Phillips11
    Total Bases
    1Marlon Byrd265
    2Jose Castillo254
    3J.R. House246
    4Lew Ford246
    5Nate Espy240
    6Nate Grindell239
    7Carlos Rodriguez236
    8Carl Crawford231
    9Luis Garcia225
    10Hank Blalock219
    Plate Appearances
    1Wilkin Ruan611
    2Carl Crawford609
    3Hank Blalock590
    4Lew Ford583
    5Willie Harris583
    6Marlon Byrd582
    7Jose Castillo577
    8Nate Grindell571
    9Damien Jones570
    10Brett Cadiente566
    Batting Average
    1J.R. House.348
    2Jay Sitzman.316
    3Lew Ford.315
    4Brandon Jackson.312
    5Nate Espy.312
    6Richard Lane.310
    7Brett Cadiente.309
    8Eric Johnson.309
    9Marlon Byrd.309
    10Carlos Rodriguez.306
    On-Base Percentage
    1Nate Espy.439
    2Reed Johnson.422
    3Jason Landreth.417
    4J.R. House.414
    5Wes Rachels.414
    6Donnie Ross.406
    7Eric Johnson.405
    8James Rinne.396
    9Willie Harris.396
    10Torre Tyson.393
    Slugging Percentage
    1J.R. House.586
    2Nate Espy.531
    3Marlon Byrd.515
    4Carlos Rodriguez.502
    5Donnie Ross.494
    6Jorge Padilla.482
    7Jose Castillo.480
    8Keith Reed.480
    9Lew Ford.479
    10Nate Grindell.478
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1J.R. House1000
    2Nate Espy970
    3Donnie Ross900
    4Marlon Byrd894
    5Reed Johnson891
    6Lew Ford869
    7Jason Landreth859
    8Carlos Rodriguez845
    9Nate Grindell841
    10Keith Reed838
    1Wes Rachels1.655
    2Reed Johnson1.265
    3Jon Anderson1.179
    4Hank Blalock1.170
    5Steve Hine1.103
    6Torre Tyson1.086
    7Willie Harris1.000
    8Jason Landreth0.980
    9Nate Espy0.962
    10Norris Hopper0.927
    2000 Pitching Leaders
    1Frank Brooks14
    2Ryan Madson14
    3Brett Myers13
    4Matt Butler13
    5Brad Baker12
    6Jim Magrane12
    7Jimmy Gobble12
    8Chin-Hui Tsao11
    9Dave Williams11
    10Joe Kennedy11
    1Mike Knowles14
    2Ryan Douglass14
    3Ryan Kibler14
    4Jeff Bennett13
    5Jorge DePaula13
    6Marcos Sandoval13
    7Ricardo Aramboles13
    8Ryan Dittfurth13
    9Frank Graham12
    10Jeremy Griffiths12
    1B.J. Leach60
    2Corey Spencer53
    3Travis Fleming53
    4Jason Pruett49
    5Reynaldo Garcia49
    6Marc Bluma48
    7Mark Outlaw48
    8Ryan Cullen48
    9Terry Plank48
    10Travis Minix48
    Games Started
    1Ryan Dittfurth29
    2Brad Baker27
    3Brett Myers27
    4Frank Brooks27
    5Jeff Bennett27
    6Jim Magrane27
    7Jorge DePaula27
    8Neal Frendling27
    9Ryan Douglass27
    10Cameron Reimers26
    Complete Games
    1Justin Reid5
    2Aaron Cook4
    3Neal Frendling4
    4Bobby Bradley3
    5Frank Brooks3
    6Jimmy Gobble3
    7Joe Kennedy3
    8Brett Myers2
    9Cameron Reimers2
    10Corey Spiers2
    1Aaron Cook2
    2Frank Brooks2
    3Jimmy Gobble2
    4Joe Kennedy2
    5Martire Franco2
    6Matt Butler2
    7Brett Myers1
    8Daniel Curtis1
    9Dave Williams1
    10Dennis Tankersley1
    Games Finished
    1B.J. Leach58
    2Cam Esslinger39
    3Jose Gonzales36
    4Ryan Cullen36
    5Reynaldo Garcia35
    6Shanin Veronie34
    7Justin Fry32
    8Travis Fleming32
    9Jay Gehrke28
    10Jose Colon27
    1B.J. Leach40
    2Cam Esslinger24
    3Jose Colon19
    4Jose Gonzales17
    5Pat Gorman15
    6Reynaldo Garcia14
    7Jason Pruett13
    8Justin Fry13
    9Shanin Veronie13
    10Julio Perez11
    Innings Pitched
    1Frank Brooks177.2
    2Brett Myers175.1
    3Jim Magrane173
    4Jeff Bennett171.2
    5Dave Williams170
    6Justin Reid170
    7Marcos Sandoval163.2
    8Ryan Douglass159
    9Ryan Dittfurth158.2
    10Neal Frendling157
    1Jeff Bennett189
    2Marcos Sandoval188
    3Ryan Douglass174
    4Ryan Kibler173
    5Brett Myers165
    6Cameron Reimers158
    7Jim Magrane158
    8Frank Brooks152
    9Frank Graham152
    10Greg Dukeman151
    1Jeff Bennett116
    2Ryan Kibler107
    3Marcos Sandoval105
    4Mike Knowles98
    5Greg Dukeman91
    6Justin Dunning91
    7Jorge DePaula90
    8Ryan Douglass88
    9Ryan Dittfurth83
    10Greg Halvorson82
    Earned Runs
    1Jeff Bennett84
    2Marcos Sandoval83
    3Jorge DePaula81
    4Justin Dunning81
    5Ryan Kibler76
    6Ryan Dittfurth75
    7Mike Knowles74
    8Ryan Douglass71
    9Frank Graham69
    10Greg Halvorson69
    Home Runs
    1Marcos Sandoval20
    2Frank Brooks17
    3Greg Dukeman17
    4Jorge DePaula16
    5Dave Williams14
    6Eric Glaser14
    7Jason Mikels14
    8Jeff Bennett14
    9Andy Cavazos13
    10Matt Butler13
    1Ryan Dittfurth99
    2Pat Collins75
    3Justin Dunning71
    4Brett Myers69
    5Ryan Kibler67
    6Devin Rogers66
    7Matt Butler66
    8Jorge DePaula62
    9Frank Brooks60
    10Luis Torres60
    1Dave Williams193
    2Chin-Hui Tsao187
    3Jorge DePaula187
    4Justin Reid176
    5Neal Frendling174
    6Jim Magrane162
    7Ryan Dittfurth158
    8Jovanny Cedeno153
    9Ricardo Aramboles150
    10Joe Kennedy142
    Wild Pitches
    1Justin Dunning31
    2Greg Halvorson17
    3Greg Dukeman16
    4Ryan Dittfurth16
    5Mike Knowles15
    6Sam Marsonek15
    7Cameron Reimers14
    8Erik Bedard14
    9Jim Magrane14
    10Neal Frendling13
    1Jancy Andrade4
    2Carlos Pichardo3
    3Cristobal Rodriguez3
    4Ryan Dittfurth3
    5Ben Kozlowski2
    6Cameron Reimers2
    7Cliff Lee2
    8Jeff Bennett2
    9Jesus Coa2
    10Joe Kennedy2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Ryan Baerlocher2.13
    2Matt Belisle2.38
    3Jovanny Cedeno2.42
    4Ryan Madson2.58
    5Chin-Hui Tsao2.73
    6Jim Magrane2.76
    7Matt Butler2.94
    8Aaron Cook2.96
    9Dave Williams2.96
    10Justin Reid3.02
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Matt Belisle0.95
    2Justin Reid1.04
    3Ryan Baerlocher1.06
    4Aaron Cook1.07
    5Dave Williams1.08
    6Chin-Hui Tsao1.10
    7Eric Glaser1.10
    8Joe Kennedy1.11
    9Jovanny Cedeno1.14
    10Jim Magrane1.16
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Jovanny Cedeno6.58
    2Ryan Baerlocher6.95
    3Matt Belisle6.97
    4Ryan Dittfurth7.19
    5Chin-Hui Tsao7.39
    6Eric Glaser7.48
    7Ryan Madson7.48
    8Matt Butler7.62
    9Dave Williams7.68
    10Frank Brooks7.69
    HR per 9 IP
    1Jovanny Cedeno0.07
    2Erik Bedard0.16
    3Brad Baker0.20
    4Randy Perez0.23
    5Jung Bong0.32
    6Ryan Madson0.33
    7Brett Myers0.36
    8Joe Kennedy0.40
    9Frank Graham0.44
    10Ryan Dittfurth0.45
    BB per 9 IP
    1Aaron Cook1.45
    2Justin Reid1.59
    3Matt Belisle1.59
    4Phil Rosengren1.68
    5Joe Kennedy1.92
    6Ryan Douglass1.92
    7Randy Perez1.93
    8Dave Williams2.06
    9Jimmy Gobble2.11
    10Jim Magrane2.24
    SO per 9 IP
    1Neal Frendling9.97
    2Sonny Garcia9.97
    3Ricardo Aramboles9.78
    4Jeremy Griffiths9.63
    5Justin Dunning9.60
    6Joe Kennedy9.40
    7Justin Reid9.32
    8Ryan Dittfurth8.94
    9Eric Glaser8.71
    10Jose Veras8.58
    1Justin Reid5.867
    2Matt Belisle5.389
    3Aaron Cook5.130
    4Dave Williams4.949
    5Joe Kennedy4.897
    6Chin-Hui Tsao4.675
    7Ryan Baerlocher4.212
    8Neal Frendling3.783
    9Jim Magrane3.767
    10Erik Bedard3.743

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