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2000 Midwest League (A)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2000 Midwest League Awards
    Midwest League All-Star TeamBraxton Whitehead C, Shawn McCorkle 1B, Mark Burnett 2B, Albert Pujols 3B, Ramon Santiago SS, Corey Richardson OF, Jason Lane OF, Austin Kearns OF, Chris Snelling OF, Billy Martin DH, J.J. Trujillo RP, Cliff Bartosh RP, Chris Dilullo LHP, Calvin Chipperfield RHP
    Midwest League Manager of the YearBruce Fields
    Midwest League Most Valuable PlayerAlbert Pujols
    Midwest League Prospect of the YearAustin Kearns
    2000 Batting Leaders
    1Austin Kearns136
    2Ryan Gripp135
    3B.J. Garbe133
    4Jason Lane133
    5Jon Topolski133
    6Matt Kata133
    7Chad Durham132
    8Dave Callahan131
    9John Scheschuk131
    10Mark Burnett131
    At Bats
    1Matt Kata521
    2Chad Durham517
    3Ben Johnstone512
    4Jason Lane511
    5Ryan Gripp498
    6Terry Tiffee493
    7Mark Burnett489
    8Austin Kearns484
    9Jim Deschaine478
    10B.J. Garbe476
    1Austin Kearns110
    2Adam Dunn101
    3Jason Lane98
    4Mark Burnett92
    5Ryan Gripp87
    6Jon Topolski84
    7Randy Stegall84
    8Ben Johnstone82
    9Matt Kata82
    10Jim Deschaine81
    1Ryan Gripp166
    2Jason Lane153
    3Austin Kearns148
    4Mark Burnett147
    5Luis Medina146
    6Randy Stegall144
    7Chad Durham142
    8Jim Deschaine140
    9Matt Kata133
    10Doug Devore132
    1Randy Stegall43
    2Jason Lane38
    3Austin Kearns37
    4Ryan Gripp36
    5Chris Duncan34
    6Jim Deschaine33
    7John Buck33
    8Mark Burnett33
    9Albert Pujols32
    10Justin Leone32
    1Jon Topolski12
    2Cody Ross9
    3Matt Kata9
    4Ramon Carvajal8
    5Carlos Jimenez7
    6Albert Pujols6
    7Bill Hall6
    8Chad Durham6
    9Frank Ferrand6
    10Kevan Burns6
    Home Runs
    1Austin Kearns27
    2Billy Martin25
    3Jason Lane23
    4Samone Peters21
    5Ryan Gripp20
    6Justin Leone18
    7Albert Pujols17
    8Lance Burkhart17
    9Shawn McCorkle17
    10Adam Dunn16
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Austin Kearns104
    2Jason Lane104
    3Ryan Gripp92
    4Billy Martin90
    5John Scheschuk85
    6Albert Pujols84
    7Adam Dunn79
    8Jim Deschaine73
    9Shawn McCorkle73
    10Brian Schmitt71
    Stolen Bases
    1Chad Durham58
    2Brian Seever57
    3Ben Johnstone54
    4Ariel Durango49
    5Ryan Knox42
    6Corey Richardson41
    7Donaldo Mendez39
    8Ramon Santiago39
    9Matt Kata38
    10Danny Sandoval37
    Caught Stealing
    1Jon Topolski22
    2Ben Johnstone21
    3Chad Durham18
    4Danny Sandoval18
    5Ariel Durango17
    6Luis Ugueto14
    7Jack Santora13
    8Mark Burnett13
    9Johnny Hernandez12
    10Matt Kata12
    1Jon Topolski105
    2Adam Dunn100
    3Eric Sandberg95
    4Corey Richardson94
    5Austin Kearns90
    6Shawn McCorkle87
    7Billy Martin83
    8Mark Burnett81
    9John Scheschuk80
    10Justin Leone79
    1Samone Peters198
    2Vince Faison159
    3Travis Bailey154
    4Neil Jenkins151
    5Matt Padgett139
    6Billy Martin130
    7Omar Hurtado129
    8Bill Hall127
    9Corey Richardson124
    10Jon Topolski124
    Hit by Pitch
    1Ben Johnstone20
    2Matt Scanlon19
    3Ryan Knox17
    4Jake Anthony15
    5Scott Goodman15
    6Tony Gsell15
    7Donaldo Mendez14
    8Randy Stegall14
    9Matthew Dehner13
    10Adam Dunn12
    Intentional Walks
    1Eric Sandberg8
    2Albert Pujols7
    3Jason Lane7
    4Billy Martin6
    5John Buck6
    6Austin Kearns5
    7Bobby Scales5
    8Doug Devore5
    9John Scheschuk5
    10Matt Padgett5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Luis Rodriguez19
    2Jack Santora18
    3Ryan Knox16
    4Ramon Santiago15
    5Ray Olmedo14
    6Ramon Carvajal13
    7Steve Scarborough13
    8Nathanael Stevens13
    9Bill Hall12
    10Jon Topolski12
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Jason Lane13
    2Ryan Christianson10
    3Austin Kearns9
    4Chris Snelling9
    5Derek Nicholson8
    6Cody Ross7
    7Omar Hurtado7
    8Ryan Knox7
    9Shawn Garrett7
    10Steve Scarborough7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Luis Medina22
    2Hector Garcia21
    3Nelson Teilon15
    4Omar Hurtado15
    5Austin Kearns14
    6Cody Ross14
    7Dave Callahan14
    8Lenin Solorzano14
    9Miguel Ortiz14
    10Terry Tiffee14
    Total Bases
    1Austin Kearns270
    2Ryan Gripp262
    3Jason Lane260
    4Jim Deschaine229
    5Billy Martin225
    6Albert Pujols223
    7Shawn McCorkle213
    8Doug Devore212
    9Randy Stegall208
    10Mark Burnett207
    Plate Appearances
    1Jon Topolski598
    2Jason Lane594
    3Austin Kearns590
    4Matt Kata587
    5Mark Burnett580
    6Chad Durham575
    7Ben Johnstone574
    8Ryan Gripp574
    9Corey Richardson564
    10Jim Deschaine561
    Batting Average
    1Ryan Gripp.333
    2Albert Pujols.324
    3Danny Sandoval.323
    4Derek Nicholson.311
    5Randy Stegall.309
    6Braxton Whitehead.307
    7Luis Medina.307
    8Austin Kearns.306
    9Chris Snelling.305
    10Troy Schader.305
    On-Base Percentage
    1Adam Dunn.428
    2Ryan Gripp.416
    3Austin Kearns.415
    4Shawn McCorkle.412
    5Billy Martin.410
    6Justin Leone.407
    7Derek Nicholson.405
    8Mark Burnett.401
    9Corey Richardson.398
    10Eric Sandberg.398
    Slugging Percentage
    1Albert Pujols.565
    2Austin Kearns.558
    3Billy Martin.542
    4Troy Schader.541
    5Ryan Gripp.526
    6Justin Leone.513
    7Jason Lane.509
    8Shawn McCorkle.493
    9Chris Snelling.483
    10Jim Deschaine.479
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Austin Kearns973
    2Albert Pujols954
    3Billy Martin952
    4Ryan Gripp942
    5Troy Schader921
    6Justin Leone920
    7Shawn McCorkle905
    8Adam Dunn897
    9Jason Lane884
    10Chris Snelling869
    1John Scheschuk1.569
    2Luis Rodriguez1.379
    3Eric Sandberg1.338
    4Javier Fuentes1.333
    5Derek Nicholson1.204
    6Mark Burnett1.110
    7Albert Pujols1.027
    8Chris Snelling1.000
    9Jon Weber1.000
    10Luis Dominguez1.000
    2000 Pitching Leaders
    1Andy Van Hekken16
    2Jake Peavy13
    3Jose Mieses13
    4Nick Roberts13
    5Calvin Chipperfield12
    6J.J. Putz12
    7Craig Anderson11
    8Derek Stanford11
    9Jose Acevedo11
    10Ken Conroy11
    1Dusty Bergman15
    2Ty Howington15
    3Dennis Ulacia14
    4John Koronka13
    5Cheyenne Janke10
    6David Pember10
    7Marc Sauer10
    8Nick Stocks10
    9Paul Darnell10
    10Travis Anderson10
    1J.J. Trujillo63
    2Doug Young62
    3Greg Watson62
    4Brandon Bowe61
    5Bryan Moore58
    6Matt Vincent58
    7Mike Neu58
    8Scotty Layfield53
    9Tony Cento52
    10Brian Matzenbacher51
    Games Started
    1Dennis Ulacia28
    2Duaner Sanchez28
    3Marc Sauer28
    4Cheyenne Janke27
    5Travis Anderson27
    6Craig Anderson26
    7Scott Dunn26
    8Ty Howington26
    9Andy Van Hekken25
    10Derek Stanford25
    Complete Games
    1Dusty Bergman6
    2James Manias6
    3Duaner Sanchez4
    4Joe Foote4
    5John Koronka4
    6Mario Mendoza4
    7Travis Thompson4
    8Andy Van Hekken3
    9Calvin Chipperfield3
    10Derek Stanford3
    1Calvin Chipperfield3
    2Gary Majewski3
    3J.J. Putz2
    4Jose Mieses2
    5Andy Van Hekken1
    6Aquilino Lopez1
    7Carlos Hernandez1
    8Casey Rowe1
    9Chad Berryman1
    10Derek Stanford1
    Games Finished
    1Greg Watson59
    2J.J. Trujillo59
    3Bryan Moore54
    4Mike Neu54
    5Chris George43
    6Andre Simpson34
    7Aquilino Lopez29
    8Joe Curreri29
    9Scotty Layfield29
    10David Huggins28
    1J.J. Trujillo42
    2Greg Watson30
    3Bryan Moore27
    4Chris George24
    5Mike Neu24
    6Fontella Jones18
    7Aquilino Lopez17
    8David Huggins16
    9Juan Padilla16
    10Andre Simpson15
    Innings Pitched
    1Derek Stanford169
    2Cheyenne Janke167
    3Duaner Sanchez165.1
    4Marc Sauer164
    5Dusty Bergman163.2
    6Paul Darnell161.2
    7Andy Van Hekken158
    8Craig Anderson157.2
    9Nick Stocks150
    10Dennis Ulacia148.1
    1Marc Sauer177
    2Dusty Bergman174
    3Cheyenne Janke169
    4Craig Anderson161
    5Dennis Ulacia157
    6Josh Stewart157
    7Duaner Sanchez152
    8Joe Foote152
    9Ken Conroy151
    10Ty Howington150
    1Dennis Ulacia109
    2Dusty Bergman102
    3Travis Anderson99
    4Cheyenne Janke97
    5Marc Sauer92
    6Ty Howington91
    7Ken Conroy90
    8Nick Stocks88
    9Joe Foote86
    10Derek Stanford85
    Earned Runs
    1Ty Howington83
    2Travis Anderson81
    3Dennis Ulacia78
    4Marc Sauer77
    5Cheyenne Janke75
    6Derek Stanford75
    7Dusty Bergman71
    8Josh Stewart70
    9Jeramy Gomer69
    10Duaner Sanchez67
    Home Runs
    1Marc Sauer21
    2Jose Acevedo16
    3Jeramy Gomer15
    4Craig Anderson14
    5Josh Stewart14
    6Travis Anderson14
    7Brian Wolfe13
    8Cha-Seung Baek13
    9Joe Foote13
    10Vince Lacorte13
    1Derek Stanford92
    2Scott Dunn89
    3Ty Howington86
    4Ken Conroy78
    5Brian West73
    6Travis Anderson73
    7Matt Thornton72
    8Gary Majewski68
    9Dennis Ulacia67
    10Paul Darnell67
    1Jake Peavy164
    2Paul Darnell164
    3Scott Dunn159
    4Calvin Chipperfield151
    5Gary Majewski137
    6Derek Stanford133
    7Jose Mieses132
    8Craig Anderson131
    9Joe Foote128
    10Andy Van Hekken126
    Wild Pitches
    1Scott Dunn20
    2Ty Howington19
    3Travis Anderson18
    4Corwin Malone17
    5Ken Conroy17
    6Derek Stanford15
    7Kevin Sprague15
    8Jullian Harris13
    9Jeramy Gomer12
    10Matt Thornton12
    1Arnaldo Munoz5
    2Chris Rojas4
    3Casey Burns3
    4Craig Anderson3
    5Kevin Frederick3
    6Ben Bonilla2
    7Chris Capuano2
    8Cliff Bartosh2
    9Clint Brewer2
    10Corwin Malone2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Calvin Chipperfield2.13
    2Chris Capuano2.21
    3Andy Van Hekken2.45
    4John Webb2.47
    5Jose Mieses2.53
    6Travis Thompson2.78
    7Todd Moser2.82
    8Rafael Soriano2.88
    9Jake Peavy2.89
    10Tim Sturdy2.96
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Jose Mieses1.07
    2Andy Van Hekken1.11
    3Calvin Chipperfield1.11
    4Chris Capuano1.11
    5Gary Majewski1.12
    6James Manias1.14
    7Mike Nannini1.17
    8Todd Moser1.18
    9Jake Peavy1.19
    10Tim Sturdy1.19
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Gary Majewski5.53
    2Calvin Chipperfield5.94
    3Chris Capuano6.00
    4Jose Mieses7.13
    5Rafael Soriano7.16
    6Jake Peavy7.19
    7Paul Darnell7.28
    8Carlos Hernandez7.46
    9Scott Dunn7.48
    10Derek Stanford7.51
    HR per 9 IP
    1Andy Van Hekken0.17
    2Matt Thornton0.17
    3Brian West0.18
    4Chris Capuano0.18
    5Rafael Soriano0.22
    6Nick Stocks0.24
    7J.J. Putz0.25
    8John Webb0.27
    9Brad Salmon0.29
    10Duaner Sanchez0.33
    BB per 9 IP
    1Marc Sauer1.59
    2Todd Moser1.71
    3James Manias1.88
    4Andy Van Hekken2.11
    5Craig Anderson2.28
    6Jose Mieses2.47
    7Brian Wolfe2.49
    8Cha-Seung Baek2.53
    9Travis Thompson2.58
    10Tim Sturdy2.62
    SO per 9 IP
    1Scott Dunn9.67
    2Calvin Chipperfield9.44
    3Carlos Hernandez9.32
    4Chris Capuano9.26
    5Gary Majewski9.13
    6Paul Darnell9.11
    7Jose Mieses8.80
    8Kevin Sprague8.70
    9Brad Salmon8.64
    10Ryan Mills8.25
    1James Manias4.360
    2Todd Moser3.885
    3Jose Mieses3.568
    4Andy Van Hekken3.405
    5Marc Sauer3.276
    6Craig Anderson3.275
    7Jake Peavy3.094
    8Joe Foote2.977
    9Travis Thompson2.949
    10Cha-Seung Baek2.750

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