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2000 Florida State League (A+)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2000 Florida State League Awards
    Florida State League All-Star TeamJoe Lawrence C, Brandon Marsters C, Travis Hafner 1B, Ruben Salazar 2B, Scott Hodges 3B, Anderson Machado SS, Kevin Mench OF, Brian Cole OF, Andres Torres OF, Earl Snyder DH, Royce Huffman UT, Lindsay Gulin SP, Tim Redding SP, Aaron Harang SP, Brett Jodie SP
    Florida State League Manager of the YearMarty Pevey
    Florida State League Most Valuable PlayerKevin Mench
    Florida State League Pitcher of the YearTim Redding
    2000 Batting Leaders
    1Chris Aguila136
    2Jose Velazquez135
    3Michael Restovich135
    4Ron Calloway135
    5Earl Snyder134
    6Dave Kelton132
    7Kevin Mench132
    8Rodney Nye132
    9Matt Cepicky131
    10Andrew Beinbrink130
    At Bats
    1Matt Cepicky536
    2Jorge Nunez534
    3Ron Calloway530
    4Dave Kelton523
    5Chris Aguila518
    6Earl Snyder514
    7Jose Velazquez513
    8Jersen Perez509
    9Tonayne Brown507
    10Ruben Salazar499
    1Kevin Mench118
    2Tony Peters97
    3Travis Hafner90
    4Jorge Nunez86
    5Pete Laforest85
    6Earl Snyder84
    7Endy Chavez84
    8Tonayne Brown83
    9Andres Torres82
    10Royce Huffman82
    1Kevin Mench164
    2Matt Cepicky160
    3Ruben Salazar155
    4Jorge Nunez154
    5Jose Velazquez152
    6Travis Hafner151
    7Ron Calloway147
    8Earl Snyder145
    9Ismael Gallo144
    10Hunter Bledsoe143
    1Kevin Mench39
    2Earl Snyder36
    3Jersen Perez35
    4Travis Hafner34
    5Andy Phillips33
    6Charley Carter32
    7Ismael Gallo32
    8Joe Lawrence32
    9Matt Cepicky32
    10Royce Huffman32
    1Andres Torres11
    2Rich Gomez10
    3Amaurys Nina9
    4Kevin Mench9
    5Michael Restovich9
    6Tootie Myers9
    7Bubba Crosby8
    8Jorge Nunez8
    9Josue Perez8
    10Steve Barningham8
    Home Runs
    1Rob Stratton29
    2Kevin Mench27
    3Earl Snyder25
    4Travis Hafner22
    5J.J. Thomas19
    6Dave Kelton18
    7John Rodriguez16
    8Mike Rosamond16
    9Brian Cole15
    10Gary Johnson15
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Kevin Mench121
    2Travis Hafner109
    3Earl Snyder93
    4Matt Cepicky88
    5Rob Stratton87
    6Dave Kelton84
    7Scott Hodges83
    8Derek Baker81
    9Jose Velazquez79
    10Brandon Marsters77
    Stolen Bases
    1Andres Torres65
    2Brian Cole54
    3Jorge Nunez54
    4Rich Gomez48
    5Endy Chavez38
    6Juan Moreno37
    7Ron Calloway34
    8Tonayne Brown33
    9Anderson Machado32
    10Jesus Medrano32
    Caught Stealing
    1Jorge Nunez22
    2Anderson Machado18
    3Andres Torres16
    4Endy Chavez16
    5Tootie Myers16
    6Josue Perez14
    7Ron Calloway14
    8Matt Cepicky13
    9Mike Rosamond13
    10Tonayne Brown13
    1Royce Huffman84
    2Albenis Machado79
    3Corey Wright79
    4Kevin Mench78
    5Brett Roneberg77
    6Tony Peters71
    7Joe Lawrence69
    8Derek Baker67
    9Travis Hafner67
    10Val Pascucci66
    1Rob Stratton180
    2Tony Peters164
    3Mike Rosamond151
    4Juan Camilo142
    5J.J. Thomas139
    6Earl Snyder127
    7Jose Santos125
    8Alex Steele121
    9Dave Kelton120
    10Jeff Bailey116
    Hit by Pitch
    1Jeff Auterson22
    2Travis Hafner18
    3Gary Johnson15
    4Jose Santos14
    5Matt Treanor14
    6J.J. Thomas12
    7Matt Diaz11
    8Reed Johnson11
    9Val Pascucci11
    10Amaurys Nina10
    Intentional Walks
    1Tony Lucca6
    2Brandon Marsters6
    3Earl Snyder6
    4Joe Lawrence6
    5Scott Hodges6
    6Brett Roneberg5
    7Hee Seop Choi5
    8John Rodriguez5
    9Jose Velazquez5
    10Juan Camilo5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Albenis Machado18
    2Bobby Hill11
    3Tonayne Brown11
    4Andres Torres10
    5Tootie Myers9
    6Derek Mann8
    7Jersen Perez8
    8Nate Frese8
    9Pedro Guerrero8
    10Sergio Nunez8
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Scott Hodges11
    2Jesus Medrano10
    3Albenis Machado9
    4Andy Phillips8
    5Brian Cole8
    6Charley Carter8
    7Earl Snyder8
    8Leo Daigle8
    9Gary Johnson7
    10Hunter Bledsoe7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Matt Diaz21
    2Ruben Salazar18
    3Charley Carter16
    4Jose Velazquez16
    5Sergio Nunez16
    6Gil Velazquez15
    7Jason Alfaro15
    8Orlando Hudson15
    9Rodney Nye15
    10Carlos Leon14
    Total Bases
    1Kevin Mench302
    2Earl Snyder256
    3Travis Hafner253
    4Dave Kelton238
    5Matt Cepicky221
    6Jose Velazquez216
    7Andy Phillips213
    8Ruben Salazar213
    9Pete Laforest212
    10Jersen Perez211
    Plate Appearances
    1Ron Calloway596
    2Earl Snyder587
    3Kevin Mench583
    4Jorge Nunez581
    5Dave Kelton569
    6Matt Cepicky568
    7Chris Aguila562
    8Tonayne Brown562
    9Jose Velazquez551
    10Royce Huffman547
    Batting Average
    1Travis Hafner.346
    2Ismael Gallo.340
    3Kevin Mench.334
    4Hunter Bledsoe.320
    5Brian Cole.312
    6Ruben Salazar.311
    7Brandon Marsters.310
    8Carlos Leon.308
    9Scott Hodges.306
    10Ryan Fleming.304
    On-Base Percentage
    1Travis Hafner.447
    2Kevin Mench.427
    3Joe Lawrence.414
    4Royce Huffman.410
    5Noah Hall.408
    6Andres Torres.399
    7Corey Wright.397
    8Derek Baker.395
    9Val Pascucci.394
    10Nate Frese.393
    Slugging Percentage
    1Kevin Mench.615
    2Travis Hafner.580
    3Hee Seop Choi.533
    4Brian Cole.528
    5Rob Stratton.525
    6J.J. Thomas.500
    7Earl Snyder.498
    8Joe Lawrence.496
    9Scott Hodges.486
    10Val Pascucci.472
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Kevin Mench1042
    2Travis Hafner1027
    3Joe Lawrence910
    4Hee Seop Choi902
    5Brian Cole884
    6Rob Stratton869
    7Val Pascucci866
    8Scott Hodges859
    9Earl Snyder856
    10J.J. Thomas856
    1Royce Huffman1.714
    2Noah Hall1.583
    3Carlos Leon1.542
    4Brett Roneberg1.283
    5Ismael Gallo1.240
    6Jason Phillips1.211
    7Albenis Machado1.179
    8Kevin Mench1.083
    9Tony Lucca1.074
    10Joe Kerrigan1.063
    2000 Pitching Leaders
    1Aaron Harang13
    2Mike Wuertz12
    3Tim Redding12
    4Brett Jodie11
    5Colby Lewis11
    6Lindsay Gulin11
    7Nick Maness11
    8Rene Vega11
    9Ron Chiavacci11
    10Andy Cook10
    1Carlos Silva13
    2Adam Williams12
    3Esteban Maldonado12
    4Tim Kalita12
    5Adam Flohr11
    6Clint Smith11
    7Ron Chiavacci11
    8Casey Fossum10
    9Colby Lewis10
    10Ed Kofler10
    1T.P. Waligora55
    2Dustin Krug52
    3Josh Belovsky51
    4Scott Albin49
    5Heath Bell48
    6Matt Murphy47
    7Cary Hiles46
    8Chris Wright46
    9Leo Torres46
    10Tim McClaskey46
    Games Started
    1Alex Graman28
    2Jason Saenz28
    3Mike Wuertz28
    4Aaron Harang27
    5Adam Flohr27
    6Casey Fossum27
    7Colby Lewis27
    8Joe Casey27
    9Ed Kofler26
    10Rene Vega26
    Complete Games
    1Carlos Silva4
    2Aaron Harang3
    3Alex Graman3
    4Brett Jodie3
    5Casey Fossum3
    6Colby Lewis3
    7Delvin James3
    8Mike Wuertz3
    9Adam Flohr2
    10Andy Pratt2
    1Casey Fossum3
    2Rich Batchelor3
    3Aaron Harang2
    4Marcos Castillo2
    5Mike Wuertz2
    6Adam Flohr1
    7Adam Johnson1
    8Alan Webb1
    9Alex Graman1
    10Andy Cook1
    Games Finished
    1Josh Belovsky43
    2Cary Hiles41
    3Tim McClaskey38
    4Heath Bell37
    5Blaine Neal34
    6Jarrod Kingrey34
    7Travis Wade33
    8Bill Everly29
    9Maximo Regalado29
    10Doug Silva28
    1Heath Bell23
    2Jarrod Kingrey23
    3Maximo Regalado21
    4Cary Hiles20
    5Jeremy Blevins20
    6Travis Wade18
    7Josh Belovsky14
    8Tim McClaskey13
    9Bill Everly12
    10Micheal Nakamura12
    Innings Pitched
    1Carlos Silva176.1
    2Adam Flohr173.1
    3Mike Wuertz171.1
    4Colby Lewis163.2
    5Joe Casey158.1
    6Ron Chiavacci158
    7Aaron Harang157
    8Tim Redding154.2
    9Jason Saenz153.1
    10Tim Kalita149.2
    1Carlos Silva229
    2Ed Kofler180
    3Adam Flohr173
    4Colby Lewis169
    5Mike Wuertz166
    6Jason Saenz165
    7Josh Hancock164
    8Adam Williams161
    9Greg Kubes158
    10Joe Casey151
    1Adam Williams110
    2Carlos Silva99
    3Ed Kofler98
    4Jason Saenz98
    5Tim Kalita93
    6Josh Hancock89
    7Adam Flohr88
    8Joe Casey88
    9Rene Vega88
    10John Curtice87
    Earned Runs
    1Adam Williams92
    2Ed Kofler87
    3John Curtice81
    4Tim Kalita76
    5Jason Saenz75
    6Colby Lewis74
    7Joe Casey74
    8Mike Wuertz72
    9Rene Vega72
    10Josh Hancock71
    Home Runs
    1Marcos Castillo18
    2Mike Wuertz15
    3Adam Williams14
    4Gustavo Chacin14
    5Nick Maness14
    6Greg Miller13
    7Scott Proctor13
    8Brian Partenheimer12
    9David Noyce12
    10Randy Hadden12
    1Jason Saenz83
    2Chuck Kegley74
    3Joe Casey74
    4Tim Kalita73
    5Adam Williams68
    6John Curtice68
    7Nick Maness68
    8Steve Colyer68
    9Wes Anderson66
    10Greg Kubes64
    1Tim Redding170
    2Colby Lewis153
    3Casey Fossum143
    4Claudio Vargas143
    5Mike Wuertz142
    6Aaron Harang136
    7Adam Flohr134
    8Ron Chiavacci131
    9Nick Maness124
    10Brett Jodie122
    Wild Pitches
    1Joe Casey21
    2Esteban Maldonado16
    3Alan Webb14
    4Jason Saenz14
    5Tim Redding13
    6Dave Lohrman12
    7Matt Bruback12
    8Chuck Kegley11
    9Colby Lewis11
    10Ed Kofler11
    1Chuck Kegley5
    2Nick Maness5
    3Rick Palma5
    4Jason Saenz4
    5Adam Williams3
    6Alex Santos3
    7Francisco Montero3
    8Jorge Julio3
    9Lindsay Gulin3
    10Mike Queen3
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Brian Reith2.18
    2Lindsay Gulin2.45
    3Brett Jodie2.56
    4Tim Redding2.67
    5Kevin Olsen2.86
    6Adam Walker3.08
    7Nick Maness3.23
    8Steve Smyth3.26
    9Claudio Vargas3.29
    10Aaron Harang3.32
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Kevin Olsen1.07
    2Brian Reith1.12
    3Aaron Harang1.13
    4Brett Jodie1.13
    5Randy Leek1.16
    6Claudio Vargas1.17
    7Tim Redding1.17
    8Trevor Wamback1.20
    9Greg Miller1.21
    10Mark Mangum1.22
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Nick Maness7.20
    2Tim Redding7.26
    3Aaron Harang7.34
    4Alex Graman7.55
    5Brian Reith7.58
    6Kevin Olsen7.61
    7Lindsay Gulin7.61
    8Chuck Kegley7.78
    9Claudio Vargas7.82
    10Greg Miller8.08
    HR per 9 IP
    1Kevin Olsen0.16
    2Brett Jodie0.25
    3Tim Redding0.29
    4Brian Reith0.30
    5Franklin Nunez0.32
    6Ryan Becks0.33
    7Adam Flohr0.36
    8Carlos Silva0.36
    9Alex Graman0.38
    10Wes Anderson0.39
    BB per 9 IP
    1Carlos Silva1.33
    2Trevor Wamback1.69
    3Delvin James1.77
    4Randy Leek1.77
    5Brett Jodie1.81
    6Kevin Olsen2.05
    7Casey Fossum2.17
    8Marcos Castillo2.17
    9Josh Hancock2.31
    10Mark Mangum2.37
    SO per 9 IP
    1Tim Redding9.87
    2Claudio Vargas8.88
    3Casey Fossum8.64
    4Colby Lewis8.40
    5Dan Lampley7.96
    6Lindsay Gulin7.94
    7Aaron Harang7.80
    8Nick Maness7.70
    9Brett Jodie7.63
    10Brian Reith7.50
    1Brett Jodie4.207
    2Casey Fossum3.972
    3Randy Leek3.880
    4Colby Lewis3.400
    5Claudio Vargas3.250
    6Carlos Silva3.154
    7Kevin Olsen3.080
    8Brian Reith3.030
    9Tim Redding2.982
    10Dan Lampley2.972

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