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1999 Pacific Coast League (AAA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1999 Pacific Coast League Awards
    Pacific Coast League All-StarSal Fasano C, J.R. Phillips 1B, Adam Kennedy 2B, Kit Pellow 3B, Scott Sheldon SS, Chad Hermansen OF, Calvin Murray OF, Mark Quinn OF, David Ortiz DH, Frank Menechino UT, Brett Laxton RHP, Matt Perisho LHP, Dave Wainhouse RP
    Pacific Coast League Manager of the YearGreg Biagini
    Pacific Coast League Most Valuable PlayerCalvin Murray
    Pacific Coast League Rookie of the YearMark Quinn
    1999 Batting Leaders
    1Mike Zywica135
    2John Roskos134
    3Adam Riggs133
    4Carlos Villalobos133
    5Jason Conti133
    6Jason Lariviere133
    7Tom Quinlan133
    8Andy Barkett132
    9Derrick White132
    10Aramis Ramirez131
    At Bats
    1Calvin Murray548
    2Dave Hajek533
    3Norm Hutchins521
    4Jason Conti520
    5Adam Riggs513
    6John Roskos506
    7Derrick White503
    8Frank Menechino501
    9Carlos Villalobos499
    10Jason Lariviere497
    1Calvin Murray122
    2Frank Menechino103
    3Jason Conti100
    4Felipe Crespo98
    5Emil Brown97
    6Amaury Garcia94
    7Scott Sheldon94
    8Chris Latham93
    9Aramis Ramirez92
    10Jason Lariviere90
    1Calvin Murray183
    2John Roskos162
    3Dave Hajek157
    4Frank Menechino155
    5Mark Quinn154
    6Amaury Garcia152
    7Ken Woods152
    8Aramis Ramirez151
    9Jason Conti151
    10Adam Riggs150
    1John Roskos44
    2Dave Hajek43
    3Amaury Garcia37
    4Aramis Ramirez35
    5Darryl Brinkley35
    6David Ortiz35
    7Jason Lariviere35
    8Scott Sheldon35
    9Shawn Gilbert35
    10Tom Evans35
    1Amaury Garcia9
    2Frank Menechino9
    3Kerry Robinson9
    4Chris Latham8
    5Jason Conti8
    6Adam Riggs7
    7Alex Cora7
    8Calvin Murray7
    9Desi Wilson7
    10Mike Moriarty7
    Home Runs
    1J.R. Phillips41
    2Kit Pellow35
    3Chad Hermansen32
    4David Ortiz30
    5Ernie Young30
    6Brent Cookson28
    7Daryle Ward28
    8Joe Vitiello28
    9Scott Sheldon28
    10Steve Gibralter28
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1David Ortiz110
    2J.R. Phillips100
    3Kit Pellow99
    4Joe Vitiello98
    5Chad Hermansen97
    6Scott Sheldon97
    7Ernie Young95
    8John Roskos90
    9Dusty Allen89
    10Frank Menechino88
    Stolen Bases
    1Calvin Murray42
    2Brandon Wilson31
    3Kerry Robinson30
    4Scarborough Green26
    5Adam Riggs25
    6Norm Hutchins25
    7Shawn Gilbert25
    8Carlos Hernandez22
    9Dante Powell22
    10David Newhan22
    Caught Stealing
    1Adam Riggs17
    2Bo Porter17
    3Norm Hutchins17
    4Calvin Murray14
    5Carlos Hernandez13
    6Chris Latham13
    7Jovino Carvajal13
    8Scarborough Green12
    9Amaury Garcia11
    10Chad Hermansen10
    1Brad Seitzer89
    2David Ortiz79
    3Dusty Allen79
    4Felipe Crespo78
    5Aramis Ramirez73
    6Frank Menechino73
    7Chris Haas66
    8Joe Vitiello66
    9Tom Evans66
    10Bo Porter65
    1Tom Quinlan159
    2Chris Haas155
    3Dusty Allen143
    4J.R. Phillips143
    5Ernie Young129
    6Norm Hutchins127
    7Bo Porter121
    8Chad Hermansen119
    9Mike Zywica119
    10Kit Pellow117
    Hit by Pitch
    1Sal Fasano26
    2Kit Pellow18
    3Steve Gibralter13
    4Tom Quinlan13
    5Rob Ryan12
    6Mike Kelly11
    7Adam Riggs10
    8Carlos Hernandez10
    9Chris Hatcher10
    10Mark Quinn10
    Intentional Walks
    1Frank Menechino7
    2Aramis Ramirez6
    3Felipe Crespo6
    4J.R. Phillips6
    5Pedro Valdes6
    6Ruben Mateo6
    7Daryle Ward5
    8David Ortiz5
    9Derrick White5
    10Jose Molina5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Mike Moriarty11
    2Alex Cora9
    3Danny Ardoin9
    4Jeremy Carr9
    5Raul Marval9
    6Brandon Wilson8
    7Brian Sikorski8
    8Shawn Gilbert8
    9Amaury Garcia7
    10Bret Hemphill7
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Ivan Cruz9
    2John Roskos9
    3Ken Woods9
    4Luis Ordaz9
    5Brad Seitzer8
    6Brian Richardson8
    7Jim Tatum8
    8Dave Hajek7
    9Felipe Crespo7
    10Jay Canizaro7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Jeff Ball19
    2Andy Barkett18
    3Desi Wilson18
    4John Roskos18
    5Ryan Thompson17
    6Brian Lesher16
    7Frank Charles16
    8Joe Vitiello16
    9Chris Sheff15
    10Damon Mashore15
    Total Bases
    1Calvin Murray297
    2J.R. Phillips294
    3David Ortiz281
    4John Roskos278
    5Kit Pellow277
    6Scott Sheldon266
    7Chad Hermansen263
    8Joe Vitiello259
    9Amaury Garcia258
    10Mark Quinn256
    Plate Appearances
    1Calvin Murray608
    2Frank Menechino589
    3Jason Conti589
    4Adam Riggs584
    5Norm Hutchins577
    6Brad Seitzer574
    7John Roskos570
    8Dave Hajek568
    9Carlos Villalobos564
    10David Ortiz563
    Batting Average
    1Mark Quinn.360
    2Chris Hatcher.344
    3Jarrod Patterson.336
    4Calvin Murray.334
    5Felipe Crespo.332
    6Ray Montgomery.331
    7Aramis Ramirez.328
    8Adam Kennedy.327
    9Pedro Valdes.327
    10Ken Woods.324
    On-Base Percentage
    1Felipe Crespo.447
    2Aramis Ramirez.425
    3Jarrod Patterson.415
    4Sal Fasano.415
    5David Ortiz.412
    6Pedro Valdes.410
    7Mark Quinn.409
    8Joe Vitiello.407
    9Chris Latham.405
    10Ben Petrick.403
    Slugging Percentage
    1Brent Cookson.697
    2Brooks Kieschnick.635
    3Chris Hatcher.617
    4Felipe Crespo.616
    5J.R. Phillips.614
    6Ray Montgomery.607
    7Ben Petrick.606
    8Mark Quinn.598
    9David Ortiz.590
    10Scott Sheldon.587
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Brent Cookson1099
    2Felipe Crespo1063
    3Chris Hatcher1015
    4Ben Petrick1009
    5Mark Quinn1007
    6David Ortiz1002
    7Ray Montgomery996
    8J.R. Phillips994
    9Brooks Kieschnick992
    10Joe Vitiello986
    1Rico Rossy1.519
    2Aramis Ramirez1.304
    3Felipe Crespo1.068
    4Matt Howard1.042
    5Brad Seitzer1.035
    6Jarrod Patterson0.973
    7Mike Moriarty0.903
    8Chris Prieto0.902
    9Casey Candaele0.870
    10Pedro Valdes0.867
    1999 Pitching Leaders
    1Matt Perisho15
    2Bronswell Patrick14
    3Brett Laxton13
    4Larry Luebbers13
    5Buddy Carlyle11
    6Eric Ludwick11
    7Jimmy Anderson11
    8Nelson Figueroa11
    9Ryan Jensen11
    10Wade Miller11
    1Bob Scanlan15
    2Dario Perez13
    3Bryan Wolff12
    4Robert Ellis12
    5Brady Raggio11
    6Brian McNichol11
    7Bronswell Patrick11
    8Brian Sikorski10
    9Mark Nussbeck10
    10Mike Farmer10
    1Scott Brow64
    2Bryan Eversgerd59
    3Steve Gajkowski58
    4Fred Rath56
    5Jim Stoops55
    6Richie Barker55
    7Anthony Chavez54
    8Steve Connelly54
    9Jim Dougherty53
    10Rich Sauveur53
    Games Started
    1Bob Scanlan28
    2Brian McNichol28
    3Bronswell Patrick28
    4Brian Sikorski27
    5Bryan Wolff27
    6Matt Perisho27
    7Reid Cornelius27
    8Ricky Stone27
    9Robert Ellis27
    10Ryan Jensen27
    Complete Games
    1Brandon Knight5
    2Brady Raggio4
    3Brett Hinchcliffe3
    4Brett Laxton3
    5Lou Pote3
    6Bob Scanlan2
    7Brian Barber2
    8Brian McNichol2
    9Brian Sikorski2
    10Bryan Wolff2
    1Brady Raggio2
    2Brett Laxton1
    3Brian Barber1
    4Brian McNichol1
    5Brian Sikorski1
    6Chris Fussell1
    7Clint Sodowsky1
    8Heath Murray1
    9Jarod Juelsgaard1
    10Jeff Williams1
    Games Finished
    1Eric Ludwick44
    2Cory Bailey39
    3Rick Heiserman38
    4Jeff McCurry37
    5Anthony Chavez36
    6Allen McDill35
    7Dave Wainhouse35
    8Tony Fiore35
    9Scott Brow32
    10Steve Gajkowski31
    1Dave Wainhouse22
    2Rick Heiserman20
    3Tony Fiore19
    4Allen McDill18
    5Cory Bailey18
    6Scott Brow15
    7Anthony Chavez14
    8Eric Ludwick14
    9Jeff McCurry14
    10Rich Batchelor12
    Innings Pitched
    1Bryan Wolff177.2
    2Reid Cornelius172.1
    3Brady Raggio168
    4Ricky Stone167
    5Bronswell Patrick164
    6Bob Scanlan163.2
    7Todd Van Poppel163.2
    8Brandon Knight163
    9Wade Miller162.1
    10Brett Laxton161.1
    1Bob Scanlan208
    2Ricky Stone205
    3Bryan Wolff199
    4Brian McNichol194
    5Bronswell Patrick194
    6Brady Raggio193
    7Reid Cornelius184
    8Buddy Carlyle180
    9Robert Ellis176
    10Brandon Knight173
    1Ricky Stone123
    2Bob Scanlan116
    3Bronswell Patrick116
    4Mike Farmer111
    5Brian McNichol108
    6Robert Ellis106
    7Brady Raggio100
    8Mark Nussbeck100
    9Bryan Wolff99
    10Buddy Carlyle99
    Earned Runs
    1Bob Scanlan102
    2Ricky Stone102
    3Brian McNichol100
    4Mike Farmer99
    5Brady Raggio96
    6Robert Ellis94
    7Mark Nussbeck93
    8Bryan Wolff92
    9Todd Van Poppel90
    10Brandon Knight89
    Home Runs
    1Bronswell Patrick33
    2Aaron Fultz32
    3Brian Sikorski25
    4Buddy Carlyle25
    5Shane Bowers25
    6Mark Brownson24
    7Mike Farmer24
    8Scott Mullen24
    9Brandon Knight23
    10Kevin Lomon23
    1Matt Perisho78
    2Ricky Stone71
    3Reid Cornelius68
    4Ryan Jensen68
    5Wade Miller64
    6Doug Creek62
    7Todd Van Poppel62
    8Shane Dennis60
    9Brian Sikorski58
    10Bryan Wolff57
    1Todd Van Poppel157
    2Aaron Fultz151
    3Bryan Wolff151
    4Matt Perisho150
    5Ryan Jensen150
    6Bronswell Patrick142
    7Doug Creek140
    8Buddy Carlyle138
    9Reid Cornelius135
    10Wade Miller135
    Wild Pitches
    1Steve Connelly14
    2Eddie Oropesa13
    3Ryan Jensen13
    4Reid Cornelius12
    5Aaron Fultz11
    6Bob Scanlan11
    7Kevin Lomon11
    8Ricky Stone11
    9Robert Ellis11
    10Shane Bowers11
    1Eddie Oropesa4
    2Robinson Checo4
    3Brandon Knight3
    4Byung-Hyun Kim3
    5Mike Farmer3
    6Rick Krivda3
    7Bob Scanlan2
    8Brian Sikorski2
    9Clint Sodowsky2
    10Damaso Marte2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Melvin Bunch3.10
    2Brett Laxton3.47
    3Mike Fyhrie3.47
    4Dan Reichert3.70
    5Andrew Lorraine3.71
    6Doug Creek3.78
    7Jimmy Anderson3.83
    8Nelson Figueroa3.94
    9Larry Luebbers4.02
    10Mark Mulder4.05
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Mike Fyhrie1.14
    2Melvin Bunch1.22
    3Blake Stein1.25
    4Dan Reichert1.27
    5Andrew Lorraine1.28
    6Larry Luebbers1.28
    7Brett Laxton1.29
    8Ryan Franklin1.29
    9Brian Barber1.31
    10Nelson Figueroa1.32
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Mike Fyhrie7.11
    2Dan Reichert7.39
    3Blake Stein7.69
    4Doug Creek7.97
    5Melvin Bunch8.06
    6Wade Miller8.67
    7Brett Laxton8.83
    8Nelson Figueroa9.00
    9Matt Perisho9.23
    10Ryan Jensen9.23
    HR per 9 IP
    1Jimmy Anderson0.34
    2Brett Laxton0.45
    3Reid Cornelius0.47
    4Mike Fyhrie0.63
    5Bob Scanlan0.66
    6Dan Reichert0.72
    7Blake Stein0.74
    8Glendon Rusch0.79
    9Melvin Bunch0.79
    10Mark Redman0.81
    BB per 9 IP
    1Dario Perez2.11
    2Andrew Lorraine2.14
    3Mark Mulder2.16
    4Brian Barber2.18
    5Ryan Franklin2.18
    6Larry Luebbers2.28
    7Bronswell Patrick2.30
    8Buddy Carlyle2.36
    9Frank Castillo2.42
    10Lou Pote2.46
    SO per 9 IP
    1Aaron Fultz9.92
    2Mike Judd9.89
    3Dan Reichert9.88
    4Doug Creek9.62
    5Blake Stein9.08
    6Dan Carlson9.00
    7Mike Fyhrie8.92
    8Matt Perisho8.65
    9Ryan Jensen8.65
    10Todd Van Poppel8.62
    1Bronswell Patrick3.381
    2Buddy Carlyle3.286
    3Glendon Rusch3.091
    4Aaron Fultz2.961
    5Melvin Bunch2.925
    6Lou Pote2.878
    7Ryan Franklin2.848
    8Mike Fyhrie2.825
    9Andrew Lorraine2.824
    10Frank Castillo2.813

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