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1999 National League (MLB)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1999 National League Awards
    NL Comeback Player of the YearRickey Henderson
    National League Cy Young AwardRandy Johnson
    National League Gold GloveGreg Maddux Pitcher, Mike Lieberthal Catcher, J.T. Snow First Base, Pokey Reese Second Base, Robin Ventura Third Base, Rey Ordonez Shortstop, Larry Walker Outfielder, Andruw Jones Outfielder, Steve Finley Outfielder
    National League Hank Aaron AwardSammy Sosa
    National League Manager of the YearJack McKeon
    National League Most Valuable PlayerChipper Jones
    NL Player of the MonthMatt Williams April, Sammy Sosa May, Jeromy Burnitz June, Mark McGwire July, Vladimir Guerrero August, Greg Vaughn September
    National League Player of the WeekRaul Mondesi April 5-April 11, Jay Bell April 12-April 18, Matt Williams April 19-April 25, Larry Walker April 26-May 2, Brian Giles May 3-May 9, Carl Everett May 10-May 16, Dante Bichette May 17-May 23, Mike Lieberthal May 17-May 23, Randy Johnson May 24-May 30, Steve Finley May 31-June 6, Matt Williams June 7-June 13, Todd Helton June 14-June 20, Jose Jimenez June 21-June 27, Reggie Sanders June 28-July 4, Mike Piazza July 5-July 11, Kevin Young July 12-July 18, Octavio Dotel July 19-July 25, Robin Ventura July 26-August 1, Mark McGwire August 2-August 8, Dante Bichette August 9-August 15, Vladimir Guerrero August 9-August 15, Randy Johnson August 16-August 22, J.T. Snow August 23-August 29, Brian Giles August 30-September 5, Aaron Boone September 6-September 12, Jeff Cirillo September 13-September 19
    NL Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the YearBilly Wagner
    National League Rookie of the YearScott Williamson
    NL Silver Slugger AwardMike Piazza C, Jeff Bagwell 1B, Edgardo Alfonzo 2B, Chipper Jones 3B, Barry Larkin SS, Vladimir Guerrero OF, Larry Walker OF, Sammy Sosa OF, Mike Hampton P
    NL Pitcher of the MonthJohn Smoltz April, Curt Schilling May, Al Leiter June, Randy Johnson July, Greg Maddux August, Denny Neagle September
    1999 Batting Leaders
    1Andruw Jones162
    2Jeff Bagwell162
    3John Olerud162
    4Sammy Sosa162
    5Barry Larkin161
    6J.T. Snow161
    7Mark Grace161
    8Robin Ventura161
    9Craig Biggio160
    10Vladimir Guerrero160
    At Bats
    1Neifi Perez690
    2Craig Biggio639
    3Doug Glanville628
    4Edgardo Alfonzo628
    5Matt Williams627
    6Sammy Sosa625
    7Rico Brogna619
    8Vinny Castilla615
    9Luis Gonzalez614
    10Tony Womack614
    1Jeff Bagwell143
    2Jay Bell132
    3Craig Biggio123
    4Edgardo Alfonzo123
    5Bobby Abreu118
    6Mark McGwire118
    7Chipper Jones116
    8Sammy Sosa114
    9Todd Helton114
    10Luis Gonzalez112
    1Luis Gonzalez206
    2Doug Glanville204
    3Jeff Cirillo198
    4Sean Casey197
    5Neifi Perez193
    6Vladimir Guerrero193
    7Edgardo Alfonzo191
    8Matt Williams190
    9Craig Biggio188
    10Todd Helton185
    1Craig Biggio56
    2Jose Vidro45
    3Luis Gonzalez45
    4Mark Grace44
    5Geoff Jenkins43
    6Sean Casey42
    7Chipper Jones41
    8Edgardo Alfonzo41
    9Kevin Young41
    10Eric Karros40
    1Bobby Abreu11
    2Neifi Perez11
    3Steve Finley10
    4Tony Womack10
    5Mark Kotsay9
    6Mike Cameron9
    7Al Martin8
    8Alex Gonzalez8
    9Manny Martinez7
    10Mike Benjamin7
    Home Runs
    1Mark McGwire65
    2Sammy Sosa63
    3Chipper Jones45
    4Greg Vaughn45
    5Jeff Bagwell42
    6Vladimir Guerrero42
    7Mike Piazza40
    8Brian Giles39
    9Jay Bell38
    10Larry Walker37
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Mark McGwire147
    2Matt Williams142
    3Sammy Sosa141
    4Dante Bichette133
    5Vladimir Guerrero131
    6Jeff Bagwell126
    7Mike Piazza124
    8Robin Ventura120
    9Greg Vaughn118
    10Brian Giles115
    Stolen Bases
    1Tony Womack72
    2Roger Cedeno66
    3Eric Young51
    4Luis Castillo50
    5Mike Cameron38
    6Pokey Reese38
    7Edgar Renteria37
    8Rickey Henderson37
    9Raul Mondesi36
    10Reggie Sanders36
    Caught Stealing
    1Eric Young22
    2Luis Castillo17
    3Quilvio Veras17
    4Roger Cedeno17
    5Craig Biggio14
    6Marvin Benard14
    7Rickey Henderson14
    8Reggie Sanders13
    9Tony Womack13
    10Andruw Jones12
    1Jeff Bagwell149
    2Mark McGwire133
    3Chipper Jones126
    4John Olerud125
    5Bobby Abreu109
    6Gary Sheffield101
    7Brian Giles95
    8Barry Larkin93
    9Jeromy Burnitz91
    10Craig Biggio88
    1Sammy Sosa171
    2Preston Wilson156
    3Mike Cameron145
    4Ruben Rivera143
    5Mark McGwire141
    6Greg Vaughn137
    7Raul Mondesi134
    8Jay Bell132
    9Rico Brogna132
    10Derek Bell129
    Hit by Pitch
    1Ed Sprague17
    2Fernando Tatis16
    3Jeromy Burnitz16
    4Alex Gonzalez12
    5Jason Kendall12
    6Kevin Young12
    7Larry Walker12
    8Carl Everett11
    9Craig Biggio11
    10Devon White11
    Intentional Walks
    1Mark McGwire21
    2Chipper Jones18
    3Jeff Bagwell16
    4Vladimir Guerrero14
    5Sean Casey13
    6Adrian Beltre12
    7Rey Ordonez12
    8Andruw Jones11
    9Mike Piazza11
    10Robin Ventura10
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Shane Reynolds17
    2Abraham Nunez13
    3Greg Maddux13
    4Jose Lima13
    5Kevin Brown13
    6Jason Schmidt12
    7Scott Karl12
    8Al Leiter11
    9Mike Benjamin11
    10Paul Byrd11
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Dante Bichette10
    2Mark Grace10
    3Brian Jordan9
    4Edgardo Alfonzo9
    5Gary Sheffield9
    6Jay Bell9
    7Mark Kotsay9
    8Brian Giles8
    9Carl Everett8
    10Jeff Kent8
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Mike Piazza27
    2John Olerud22
    3Chipper Jones20
    4Derek Bell20
    5Eric Karros18
    6Jeff Bagwell18
    7Michael Barrett18
    8Rico Brogna18
    9Vladimir Guerrero18
    10Matt Williams17
    Total Bases
    1Sammy Sosa397
    2Vladimir Guerrero366
    3Mark McGwire363
    4Chipper Jones359
    5Todd Helton339
    6Luis Gonzalez337
    7Matt Williams336
    8Jeff Bagwell332
    9Jay Bell328
    10Dante Bichette321
    Plate Appearances
    1Craig Biggio749
    2Neifi Perez732
    3Jeff Bagwell729
    4Edgardo Alfonzo726
    5John Olerud723
    6Sammy Sosa712
    7Chipper Jones701
    8Jeff Cirillo697
    9Luis Gonzalez693
    10Doug Glanville692
    Batting Average
    1Larry Walker.379
    2Luis Gonzalez.336
    3Bobby Abreu.335
    4Sean Casey.332
    5Jeff Cirillo.326
    6Mark Grudzielanek.326
    7Carl Everett.325
    8Doug Glanville.325
    9Todd Helton.320
    10Chipper Jones.319
    On-Base Percentage
    1Larry Walker.458
    2Jeff Bagwell.454
    3Bobby Abreu.446
    4Chipper Jones.441
    5John Olerud.427
    6Mark McGwire.424
    7Rickey Henderson.423
    8Brian Giles.418
    9Gary Sheffield.407
    10Fernando Tatis.404
    Slugging Percentage
    1Larry Walker.710
    2Mark McGwire.697
    3Sammy Sosa.635
    4Chipper Jones.633
    5Brian Giles.614
    6Vladimir Guerrero.600
    7Jeff Bagwell.591
    8Todd Helton.587
    9Mike Piazza.575
    10Carl Everett.571
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Larry Walker1168
    2Mark McGwire1121
    3Chipper Jones1074
    4Jeff Bagwell1045
    5Brian Giles1032
    6Sammy Sosa1002
    7Bobby Abreu995
    8Todd Helton982
    9Vladimir Guerrero978
    10Carl Everett969
    1Eric Young2.423
    2John Olerud1.894
    3Mark Grace1.886
    4Barry Larkin1.632
    5Gary Sheffield1.578
    6Chipper Jones1.340
    7Brian Giles1.188
    8Jeff Bagwell1.173
    9Larry Walker1.096
    10Ronnie Belliard1.085
    1999 Pitching Leaders
    1Mike Hampton22
    2Jose Lima21
    3Greg Maddux19
    4Kent Bottenfield18
    5Kevin Brown18
    6Kevin Millwood18
    7Russ Ortiz18
    8Pedro Astacio17
    9Randy Johnson17
    10Omar Daal16
    1Steve Trachsel18
    2Dennis Springer16
    3Brian Meadows15
    4Dustin Hermanson14
    5Ismael Valdez14
    6Jose Jimenez14
    7Kris Benson14
    8Shane Reynolds14
    9Sterling Hitchcock14
    10Chris Holt13
    1Steve Kline82
    2Turk Wendell80
    3Anthony Telford79
    4Scott Sullivan79
    5Armando Benitez77
    6Danny Graves75
    7John Rocker74
    8Antonio Alfonseca73
    9Dave Veres73
    10Mike Remlinger73
    Games Started
    1Jose Lima35
    2Kevin Brown35
    3Randy Johnson35
    4Shane Reynolds35
    5Tom Glavine35
    6Dustin Hermanson34
    7Mike Hampton34
    8Pedro Astacio34
    9Steve Trachsel34
    10Brian Bohanon33
    Complete Games
    1Randy Johnson12
    2Curt Schilling8
    3Pedro Astacio7
    4Kevin Brown5
    5Andy Ashby4
    6Greg Maddux4
    7Shane Reynolds4
    8Steve Trachsel4
    9Brian Bohanon3
    10Dennis Springer3
    1Andy Ashby3
    2Dennis Springer2
    3Jose Jimenez2
    4Mike Hampton2
    5Pete Harnisch2
    6Randy Johnson2
    7Shane Reynolds2
    8Al Leiter1
    9Andrew Lorraine1
    10Brian Anderson1
    Games Finished
    1Robb Nen64
    2Bob Wickman63
    3Dave Veres63
    4Ugueth Urbina62
    5John Rocker61
    6Wayne Gomes58
    7Danny Graves56
    8Jeff Shaw56
    9Billy Wagner55
    10Trevor Hoffman54
    1Ugueth Urbina41
    2Trevor Hoffman40
    3Billy Wagner39
    4John Rocker38
    5Bob Wickman37
    6Robb Nen37
    7Jeff Shaw34
    8Dave Veres31
    9Danny Graves27
    10Mike Williams23
    Innings Pitched
    1Randy Johnson271.2
    2Kevin Brown252.1
    3Jose Lima246.1
    4Mike Hampton239
    5Tom Glavine234
    6Pedro Astacio232
    7Shane Reynolds231.2
    8Kevin Millwood228
    9Greg Maddux219.1
    10Dustin Hermanson216.1
    1Tom Glavine259
    2Greg Maddux258
    3Pedro Astacio258
    4Jose Lima256
    5Shane Reynolds250
    6Scott Karl246
    7Brian Bohanon236
    8Dennis Springer231
    9Jon Lieber226
    10Steve Trachsel226
    1Darryl Kile150
    2Brian Bohanon146
    3Pedro Astacio140
    4Steve Trachsel133
    5Dennis Springer121
    6Scott Karl121
    7Shawn Estes121
    8Chan Ho Park120
    9Paul Byrd119
    10Kirk Rueter118
    Earned Runs
    1Darryl Kile140
    2Brian Bohanon136
    3Pedro Astacio130
    4Steve Trachsel127
    5Chan Ho Park113
    6Brian Meadows111
    7Kirk Rueter111
    8Shawn Estes111
    9Tom Glavine107
    10Andy Benes106
    Home Runs
    1Pedro Astacio38
    2Chad Ogea36
    3Andy Benes34
    4Paul Byrd34
    5Darryl Kile33
    6Woody Williams33
    7Ismael Valdez32
    8Steve Trachsel32
    9Brett Tomko31
    10Brian Meadows31
    1Russ Ortiz125
    2Shawn Estes112
    3Darryl Kile109
    4Mike Hampton101
    5Chan Ho Park100
    6Al Leiter93
    7Ryan Dempster93
    8Brian Bohanon92
    9Kent Bottenfield89
    10Matt Clement86
    1Randy Johnson364
    2Kevin Brown221
    3Pedro Astacio210
    4Kevin Millwood205
    5Shane Reynolds197
    6Sterling Hitchcock194
    7Jose Lima187
    8Jon Lieber186
    9Mike Hampton177
    10Chan Ho Park174
    Wild Pitches
    1Shawn Estes15
    2Sterling Hitchcock15
    3Darryl Kile13
    4Russ Ortiz13
    5Scott Williamson13
    6Chan Ho Park11
    7Matt Clement11
    8Paul Byrd11
    9Andy Benes10
    10Hideo Nomo10
    1Darren Dreifort4
    2Jason Schmidt4
    3Carl Pavano3
    4Carlos Perez3
    5Jose Silva3
    6Odalis Perez3
    7Paul Byrd3
    8Steve Trachsel3
    9Vic Darensbourg3
    10Braden Looper2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Randy Johnson2.48
    2Kevin Millwood2.68
    3Mike Hampton2.90
    4Kevin Brown3.00
    5John Smoltz3.19
    6Todd Ritchie3.49
    7Curt Schilling3.55
    8Greg Maddux3.58
    9Jose Lima3.59
    10Omar Daal3.64
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Kevin Millwood1.00
    2Randy Johnson1.02
    3Kevin Brown1.07
    4John Smoltz1.12
    5Curt Schilling1.13
    6Jose Lima1.22
    7Omar Daal1.24
    8Shane Reynolds1.24
    9Andy Ashby1.25
    10Pete Harnisch1.25
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Kevin Millwood6.63
    2Randy Johnson6.85
    3Kevin Brown7.50
    4Mike Hampton7.76
    5Omar Daal7.87
    6Curt Schilling7.95
    7John Smoltz8.13
    8Russ Ortiz8.18
    9Kris Benson8.41
    10Pete Harnisch8.64
    HR per 9 IP
    1Mike Hampton0.45
    2Chris Holt0.66
    3Greg Maddux0.66
    4John Smoltz0.68
    5Kevin Brown0.68
    6Tom Glavine0.69
    7Orel Hershiser0.70
    8Darren Oliver0.73
    9Kris Benson0.73
    10Al Leiter0.80
    BB per 9 IP
    1Shane Reynolds1.44
    2Greg Maddux1.52
    3Jose Lima1.61
    4Steve Woodard1.75
    5John Smoltz1.94
    6Jon Lieber2.04
    7Kevin Brown2.11
    8Curt Schilling2.20
    9Randy Johnson2.32
    10Kevin Millwood2.33
    SO per 9 IP
    1Sterling Hitchcock8.48
    2Jon Lieber8.25
    3Hideo Nomo8.23
    4Pedro Astacio8.15
    5Kevin Millwood8.09
    6Chan Ho Park8.07
    7Kevin Brown7.89
    8Shane Reynolds7.64
    9Curt Schilling7.60
    10John Smoltz7.55
    1Shane Reynolds5.324
    2Randy Johnson5.200
    3Jose Lima4.250
    4Jon Lieber4.043
    5John Smoltz3.900
    6Kevin Brown3.746
    7Greg Maddux3.676
    8Kevin Millwood3.475
    9Curt Schilling3.455
    10Steve Woodard3.306

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