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1999 Carolina League (A+)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1999 Carolina League Awards
    Carolina League All-Star TeamChris Heintz C, Eddy Furniss 1B, Marcus Giles 2B, Mike Edwards 3B, Eddy Martinez SS, Derrick Lankford OF, Aaron Rowand OF, Jody Gerut OF, Andy Bevins DH, Joe Dillon UT, Brandon Berger UT, Josh Kalinowski SP, Travis Thompson RP
    Carolina League Manager of the YearEric Wedge
    Carolina League Most Valuable PlayerMarcus Giles
    Carolina League Pitcher of the YearJosh Kalinowski
    1999 Batting Leaders
    1Andy Bevins138
    2Joe Dillon134
    3Aaron Rowand133
    4Jason Ross133
    5Jody Gerut133
    6Mike Edwards133
    7Scott Pratt133
    8Eddy Garabito132
    9Franky Figueroa132
    10Jon Hamilton131
    At Bats
    1Eddy Garabito539
    2Franky Figueroa527
    3Andy Bevins513
    4Aaron Rowand512
    5Zach Sorensen508
    6Darnell McDonald507
    7Brett Caradonna505
    8Joe Dillon503
    9Jody Gerut499
    10Marcus Giles497
    1Aaron Rowand96
    2Eddy Furniss96
    3Andy Bevins92
    4Scott Pratt86
    5Darnell McDonald81
    6Derrick Lankford80
    7Jason Ross80
    8Jody Gerut80
    9Marcus Giles80
    10Zach Sorensen79
    1Marcus Giles162
    2Jody Gerut144
    3Aaron Rowand143
    4Andy Bevins142
    5Eddy Garabito138
    6Darnell McDonald135
    7Derrick Lankford133
    8Joe Dillon133
    9Brandon Berger132
    10Franky Figueroa132
    1Marcus Giles40
    2Aaron Rowand37
    3Chris Heintz33
    4Eddy Furniss33
    5Jody Gerut33
    6Jim Terrell31
    7Joe Dillon31
    8Andy Bevins30
    9Dustan Mohr29
    10Jon Hamilton29
    1Jason Ross13
    2Jody Gerut11
    3Derrick Lankford8
    4Vic Gutierrez8
    5Vic Radcliff8
    6Marcus Giles7
    7Zach Sorensen7
    8Joe Caruso6
    9Miguel Correa6
    10Scott Pratt6
    Home Runs
    1Andy Bevins25
    2Aaron Rowand24
    3Eddy Furniss23
    4Mike Hessman23
    5Derrick Lankford20
    6David Kim19
    7Franky Figueroa17
    8Brandon Berger16
    9David Willis16
    10Joe Dillon16
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Andy Bevins97
    2Joe Dillon90
    3Mike Edwards89
    4Aaron Rowand88
    5Derrick Lankford88
    6Eddy Furniss87
    7Luke Quaccia80
    8Miguel Correa79
    9Franky Figueroa78
    10Eddy Garabito77
    Stolen Bases
    1Scott Pratt47
    2Dan Ramirez44
    3Eddy Garabito38
    4Esix Snead35
    5Kory DeHaan32
    6Jason Ross31
    7Brandon Berger29
    8Chone Figgins27
    9Kevin Connacher27
    10Luis Matos27
    Caught Stealing
    1Eddy Garabito18
    2Dan Ramirez17
    3Brad Freeman13
    4Chone Figgins13
    5Kevin Connacher13
    6Corey Pointer12
    7Esix Snead12
    8Jody Gerut12
    9Miguel Correa12
    10Zach Sorensen12
    1Eddy Furniss94
    2Mike Edwards93
    3Fred May85
    4Scott Pratt77
    5Kevin Connacher63
    6Zach Sorensen62
    7Darnell McDonald61
    8Jody Gerut61
    9Jon Hamilton61
    10Joe Dillon59
    1Corey Pointer147
    2Franky Figueroa138
    3Jason Ross136
    4Mike Hessman135
    5Lee Evans129
    6Andy Bevins128
    7Jeff Spencer126
    8Zach Sorensen126
    9Derrick Lankford124
    10Joe Dillon124
    Hit by Pitch
    1Vic Radcliff18
    2Jeff Depippo17
    3Brad Freeman15
    4Corey Pointer14
    5Luke Quaccia14
    6Aaron Rowand13
    7Eddy Martinez13
    8Andy Bevins11
    9Billy Deck11
    10Mike Hessman11
    Intentional Walks
    1Dee Brown6
    2Mike Edwards6
    3Eddy Furniss5
    4Marcus Giles5
    5Dan Olson4
    6Jim Scharrer4
    7Jody Gerut4
    8Joe Dillon4
    9Ivanon Coffie3
    10Junior Brignac3
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Brian Keck14
    2Chone Figgins14
    3Jerome Alviso12
    4Vic Gutierrez11
    5Eddy Garabito8
    6Jeff Depippo8
    7Jeremy Hill8
    8Mike Huelsmann8
    9Steve Medrano8
    10Zach Sorensen8
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Eddy Garabito10
    2Mike Edwards9
    3Lee Evans8
    4Darnell McDonald7
    5David Willis7
    6Brandon Berger6
    7David Kim6
    8Derrick Lankford6
    9Luke Quaccia6
    10Matt Berger6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Franky Figueroa21
    2Bill Ortega17
    3David Kim16
    4Jeremy Hill15
    5Ryan Lehr15
    6Chad Whitaker14
    7Aaron Rowand13
    8Darnell McDonald13
    9Dustan Mohr13
    10Eddy Furniss13
    Total Bases
    1Aaron Rowand258
    2Marcus Giles255
    3Andy Bevins251
    4Derrick Lankford237
    5Jody Gerut232
    6Eddy Furniss220
    7Joe Dillon216
    8Brandon Berger215
    9Jason Ross214
    10Mike Edwards213
    Plate Appearances
    1Eddy Garabito613
    2Darnell McDonald587
    3Zach Sorensen582
    4Joe Dillon576
    5Andy Bevins575
    6Scott Pratt573
    7Franky Figueroa571
    8Jody Gerut567
    9Mike Edwards567
    10Aaron Rowand565
    Batting Average
    1Marcus Giles.326
    2Kory DeHaan.325
    3Bill Ortega.306
    4Fred May.295
    5Brandon Berger.293
    6Chris Heintz.293
    7Derrick Lankford.292
    8Eddy Martinez.291
    9Joey Hammond.290
    10Jody Gerut.289
    On-Base Percentage
    1Joey Hammond.421
    2Mike Edwards.413
    3Fred May.408
    4Kory DeHaan.405
    5Eddy Furniss.393
    6Marcus Giles.393
    7Eddy Martinez.383
    8Todd Sears.379
    9Derrick Lankford.369
    10Bill Ortega.367
    Slugging Percentage
    1Derrick Lankford.520
    2Marcus Giles.513
    3Aaron Rowand.504
    4Mike Hessman.504
    5Ivanon Coffie.496
    6Eddy Furniss.495
    7Kory DeHaan.495
    8Andy Bevins.489
    9Brandon Berger.478
    10Mike Edwards.467
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Marcus Giles906
    2Kory DeHaan900
    3Derrick Lankford889
    4Eddy Furniss888
    5Mike Edwards880
    6Mike Hessman851
    7Ivanon Coffie850
    8Brandon Berger841
    9Aaron Rowand840
    10Andy Bevins833
    1Jody Gerut0.938
    2Taber Maier0.902
    3Joey Hammond0.864
    4Eddy Furniss0.832
    5Scott Pratt0.811
    6Fred May0.810
    7Mike Edwards0.795
    8Ricardo Montas0.783
    9Eddy Garabito0.765
    10Ryan Lehr0.714
    1999 Pitching Leaders
    1Tim Drew13
    2Josh Kalinowski11
    3Josh Fogg10
    4Mike Gonzalez10
    5Rick Bauer10
    6Ryan Price10
    7William Fleck10
    8Chris George9
    9Jason Flach9
    10Jason Lakman9
    1Andy Bausher15
    2Jason Navarro13
    3Mark DiFelice12
    4Ryan Price12
    5Corey Thurman11
    6Steve Matcuk11
    7Jamie Brewington10
    8Travis Held10
    9William Fleck10
    10Bud Smith9
    1Jose De Leon59
    2Travis Thompson56
    3Lance Franks54
    4Mike Huffaker54
    5Jason Marr50
    6Brad Guy49
    7Richard Gonzales47
    8Dwayne Jacobs46
    9Ryan Halla46
    10Jamie Emiliano45
    Games Started
    1Tim Drew28
    2Chris George27
    3Corey Thurman27
    4Josh Kalinowski27
    5Ryan Price27
    6Jay Spurgeon26
    7Rick Bauer26
    8Scott Sobkowiak26
    9Steve Matcuk26
    10Brian Scott25
    Complete Games
    1Rick Bauer4
    2Sam McConnell4
    3Mark DiFelice3
    4Jason Lakman2
    5Jon Garland2
    6Patrick Coogan2
    7Tim Drew2
    8Andy Bausher1
    9Brian Scott1
    10Chad Paronto1
    1Sam McConnell2
    2Jon Garland1
    3Josh Fogg1
    Games Finished
    1Travis Thompson52
    2Jason Marr45
    3Shawn Sonnier38
    4Brian Tokarse37
    5Derek Brown37
    6Adam Milburn32
    7Jarrod Mays32
    8Jose De Leon31
    9Ryan Greene29
    10Ryan Halla29
    1Travis Thompson27
    2Jason Marr21
    3Jarrod Mays19
    4Ryan Greene16
    5Adam Milburn15
    6Brian Tokarse14
    7Derek Brown14
    8Shawn Sonnier13
    9Brad Guy10
    10Jamie Emiliano7
    Innings Pitched
    1Ryan Price171.2
    2Tim Drew169
    3Josh Kalinowski162.1
    4Mark DiFelice156.1
    5Steve Matcuk152.2
    6Rick Bauer152
    7Corey Thurman149.1
    8Brian Scott147.2
    9Jay Spurgeon146
    10Chris George145
    1Ryan Price198
    2Jay Spurgeon176
    3Andy Bausher165
    4Corey Thurman160
    5Rick Bauer159
    6Steve Matcuk157
    7Tim Drew154
    8Todd Thorn143
    9Chris George142
    10Mark DiFelice142
    1Ryan Price102
    2Steve Matcuk100
    3Jay Spurgeon99
    4Andy Bausher98
    5Corey Thurman89
    6Rick Bauer85
    7Todd Thorn85
    8Jason Navarro82
    9Tim Drew79
    10Travis Held76
    Earned Runs
    1Ryan Price94
    2Steve Matcuk86
    3Corey Thurman81
    4Todd Thorn79
    5Andy Bausher77
    6Jay Spurgeon77
    7Rick Bauer77
    8Jason Navarro75
    9Tim Drew70
    10Mark DiFelice67
    Home Runs
    1Mark DiFelice20
    2Chris Combs18
    3Rick Bauer17
    4Finley Woodward14
    5Jay Spurgeon14
    6Patrick Coogan14
    7Todd Thorn14
    8William Fleck14
    9Kai Freeman13
    10Otoniel Lanfranco13
    1Derrick Lewis81
    2Dwayne Jacobs79
    3Josh Kalinowski71
    4Corey Thurman64
    5Steve Matcuk64
    6Mike Gonzalez63
    7Scott Sobkowiak63
    8Brian Scott60
    9Tim Drew60
    10Ryan Price57
    1Josh Kalinowski176
    2Scott Sobkowiak161
    3Ryan Price143
    4Chris George142
    5Mark DiFelice142
    6Brian Scott132
    7Corey Thurman131
    8Tim Drew125
    9Rick Bauer123
    10Mike Gonzalez119
    Wild Pitches
    1Dwayne Jacobs28
    2Ryan Price22
    3Brian Scott17
    4Jason Lakman14
    5Dean Brueggemann13
    6Hansel Izquierdo13
    7Kevin Sheredy13
    8Jay Spurgeon12
    9Josh McNatt12
    10Scott Sobkowiak12
    1Giancarlo Alvarado4
    2Andy Bausher2
    3Dean Brueggemann2
    4Jay Spurgeon2
    5Todd Thorn2
    6Brad Guy1
    7Carlos Medina1
    8Chris Combs1
    9Chris George1
    10Corey Thurman1
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Josh Kalinowski2.11
    2Derrick Lewis2.40
    3Scott Sobkowiak2.85
    4Jason Flach3.08
    5Jon Garland3.33
    6Brian Scott3.41
    7Chris George3.60
    8Tim Drew3.73
    9Jason Shiell3.76
    10Jeff Austin3.78
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Mark DiFelice1.14
    2Josh Kalinowski1.17
    3Scott Sobkowiak1.17
    4Otoniel Lanfranco1.22
    5Jon Garland1.24
    6Finley Woodward1.27
    7Tim Drew1.27
    8Jason Flach1.28
    9Jeff Austin1.31
    10Brian Scott1.32
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Scott Sobkowiak6.47
    2Josh Kalinowski6.61
    3Derrick Lewis6.87
    4Mike Gonzalez7.88
    5Jason Lakman8.10
    6Mark DiFelice8.19
    7Tim Drew8.20
    8Brian Scott8.21
    9Otoniel Lanfranco8.22
    10Jon Garland8.24
    HR per 9 IP
    1Josh Kalinowski0.17
    2Jason Lakman0.30
    3Jason Shiell0.39
    4Brian Scott0.43
    5Chris George0.50
    6Kevin Sheredy0.52
    7Jon Garland0.53
    8Steve Matcuk0.59
    9Derrick Lewis0.62
    10Tim Drew0.64
    BB per 9 IP
    1Travis Held2.01
    2Finley Woodward2.08
    3Mark DiFelice2.08
    4Otoniel Lanfranco2.74
    5Jason Shiell2.82
    6Jon Garland2.95
    7Ryan Price2.98
    8Jason Flach3.08
    9Todd Thorn3.12
    10Jeff Austin3.13
    SO per 9 IP
    1Josh Kalinowski9.78
    2Mike Gonzalez9.56
    3Chris George8.81
    4Jason Lakman8.25
    5Mark DiFelice8.19
    6Brian Scott8.03
    7Corey Thurman7.91
    8Jeff Austin7.79
    9Ryan Price7.48
    10Rick Bauer7.28
    1Mark DiFelice3.944
    2Travis Held3.400
    3Finley Woodward2.929
    4Chris George2.679
    5Scott Sobkowiak2.556
    6Ryan Price2.509
    7Jason Shiell2.500
    8Jeff Austin2.487
    9Josh Kalinowski2.479
    10Otoniel Lanfranco2.371

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