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1999 Appalachian League (Rk)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1999 Appalachian League Awards
    Appalachian League All-StarFrederick Torres C, Chris Delgado 1B, Ruben Salazar 2B, Matt Scanlon 3B, Wilson Betemit SS, Chad Durham OF, Josh Hamilton OF, Kevin Mench OF, Rick Elder DH, Eric Sandberg UT, Gavin Wright UT, Aaron Harang RHP, Randy Perez LHP, Santiago Ramirez RP
    Appalachian League Manager of the YearBruce Crabbe
    Appalachian League Pitcher of the YearAaron Harang
    Appalachian League Player of the YearRuben Salazar
    1999 Batting Leaders
    1Jason Jones69
    2Brett Cadiente68
    3Chad Durham68
    4Damien Jones68
    5Nelson Teilon68
    6Eric Sandberg67
    7Wilson Betemit67
    8Marcellous Manuel66
    9Brandon Warriax65
    10Chad Wandall65
    At Bats
    1Damien Jones284
    2Chad Durham278
    3Brett Cadiente274
    4Chad Wandall271
    5Jason Jones262
    6Ruben Salazar262
    7Carl Crawford260
    8Kevin Mench260
    9Wilson Betemit259
    10Eric Sandberg255
    1Brett Cadiente69
    2Chad Durham66
    3Ruben Salazar66
    4Jason Jones65
    5Kevin Mench63
    6Carl Crawford62
    7Eric Sandberg60
    8Pedro Guerrero57
    9Chad Wandall56
    10Damien Jones56
    1Ruben Salazar105
    2Brett Cadiente97
    3Kevin Mench94
    4Jason Jones93
    5Chad Durham90
    6Craig Brazell85
    7Matt Scanlon85
    8Damien Jones84
    9Carl Crawford83
    10Wilson Betemit83
    1Jason Jones24
    2Ruben Salazar24
    3Kevin Mench22
    4Josh Hamilton20
    5Frederick Torres19
    6John Jacobs19
    7Wilson Betemit18
    8Gavin Wright17
    9Brett Cadiente16
    10Craig Brazell16
    1Brett Cadiente7
    2Royce Huffman7
    3J.J. Sherrill6
    4Justo Rivas6
    5Kevin West6
    6Damien Jones5
    7Mamon Tucker5
    8Matt Scanlon5
    9Alex Gordon4
    10Carl Crawford4
    Home Runs
    1Kevin Mench16
    2Eric Sandberg15
    3Chris Delgado14
    4Ruben Salazar14
    5Isrrael Osorio12
    6Kevin West12
    7Jason Jones11
    8Yurendell DeCaster11
    9Ben Johnson10
    10Josh Hamilton10
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Ruben Salazar65
    2Eric Sandberg62
    3Kevin Mench60
    4Jason Jones58
    5Kevin West55
    6Chris Delgado54
    7Wilson Betemit53
    8Ben Johnson51
    9Nelson Teilon51
    10Isrrael Osorio50
    Stolen Bases
    1Chad Durham57
    2Gavin Wright31
    3J.J. Sherrill28
    4Coco Crisp27
    5Damien Jones27
    6Carlos Rincon24
    7Michael Yancy24
    8Johnny Hernandez23
    9Marvin Seale22
    10Pedro Guerrero19
    Caught Stealing
    1Chad Durham13
    2Damien Jones11
    3Prentice Redman11
    4J.J. Sherrill9
    5- -7
    6Johnny Hernandez7
    7Juan Salas7
    8Michael Yancy7
    9Nelson Alvarez7
    10Pedro Guerrero7
    1Michael Forbes53
    2Pedro Guerrero49
    3Jason Rummel48
    4Ruben Salazar48
    5Chad Wandall46
    6Eric Sandberg45
    7Coco Crisp44
    8Will Hartley41
    9Brett Cadiente38
    10Johnny Hernandez38
    1Isrrael Osorio79
    2Marvin Seale75
    3Dan Ortiz74
    4John Jacobs72
    5Chad Wandall71
    6Brandon Warriax68
    7Christopher Buckley68
    8Kevin Green68
    9Kevin West68
    10Nelson Teilon68
    Hit by Pitch
    1J.J. Sherrill26
    2Kevin West16
    3Michael Yancy13
    4Kevin Green11
    5Craig Brazell8
    6John Jacobs8
    7Nelson Teilon8
    8Oscar Garcia8
    9Curt Fiore7
    10Eric Johnson7
    Intentional Walks
    1Craig Brazell4
    2John Jacobs3
    3Johnny Hernandez3
    4Ruben Salazar3
    5Chad Durham2
    6Chris Delgado2
    7Emilio Acosta2
    8Eric Sandberg2
    9Kevin West2
    10Kyle Moyer2
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Coco Crisp8
    2Brandon Warriax6
    3Damien Jones6
    4Nelson Alvarez6
    5Pedro Guerrero6
    6Rene De Los Santos6
    7- -5
    8Geraldo Vasquez5
    9J.J. Sherrill5
    10Frederick Torres4
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Oscar Garcia6
    2Greg Donato5
    3Jason Jones5
    4Johnny Hernandez5
    5Kevin Mench5
    6Marcellous Manuel5
    7Eric Sandberg4
    8Gil Velazquez4
    9Royce Huffman4
    10Steven Salargo4
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Frederick Torres10
    2Eric Sandberg9
    3Johnny Hernandez9
    4Mamon Tucker9
    5Henry Pichardo8
    6Humberto Quintero8
    7Ruben Salazar8
    8Chris Delgado7
    9Marcellous Manuel7
    10Carlos Batista6
    Total Bases
    1Ruben Salazar175
    2Kevin Mench166
    3Jason Jones152
    4Brett Cadiente148
    5Eric Sandberg143
    6Josh Hamilton140
    7Kevin West132
    8Matt Scanlon129
    9Craig Brazell121
    10Wilson Betemit120
    Plate Appearances
    1Damien Jones330
    2Chad Wandall321
    3Chad Durham320
    4Brett Cadiente319
    5Ruben Salazar318
    6Eric Sandberg307
    7Jason Jones307
    8Kevin Mench295
    9J.J. Sherrill293
    10Wilson Betemit291
    Batting Average
    1Ruben Salazar.401
    2Craig Brazell.385
    3Pat Deschenes.377
    4Kevin Mench.362
    5Jason Jones.355
    6Brett Cadiente.354
    7Matt Scanlon.354
    8Josh Hamilton.347
    9Curt Fiore.333
    10Ben Johnson.330
    On-Base Percentage
    1Ruben Salazar.498
    2Pat Deschenes.478
    3Matt Scanlon.449
    4Michael Forbes.438
    5Rick Elder.438
    6Brett Cadiente.434
    7Jason Jones.433
    8Steven Salargo.425
    9Ben Johnson.423
    10Craig Brazell.422
    Slugging Percentage
    1Ruben Salazar.668
    2Kevin Mench.638
    3Rick Elder.620
    4Josh Hamilton.593
    5Jason Jones.580
    6Kevin West.576
    7Eric Sandberg.561
    8Chris Delgado.548
    9Craig Brazell.548
    10Isrrael Osorio.546
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Ruben Salazar1166
    2Kevin Mench1058
    3Rick Elder1058
    4Jason Jones1013
    5Pat Deschenes1008
    6Matt Scanlon987
    7Kevin West985
    8Brett Cadiente974
    9Josh Hamilton971
    10Craig Brazell970
    1Jason Rummel1.500
    2Pat Deschenes1.389
    3Steven Salargo1.321
    4Michael Forbes1.128
    5Ruben Salazar1.116
    6Coco Crisp1.073
    7Royce Huffman1.069
    8Deshawn Southward0.933
    9Eric Sandberg0.882
    10Eric Johnson0.862
    1999 Pitching Leaders
    1Aaron Harang9
    2Angel Caraballo8
    3Andre Simpson7
    4Colby Lewis7
    5Gary Majewski7
    6Ryan Dittfurth7
    7Daniel Parker6
    8David Mendez6
    9Joe Weaver6
    10Johnny McGinnis6
    1Scott Vandermeer8
    2Billy Whitecotton8
    3Dan Mozingo7
    4Kris Rayborn7
    5Ben Knapp6
    6Jon Pridie6
    7Peter Zazueta6
    8Bienvenido Polo5
    9Doug Waechter5
    10Jason Cromer5
    1Brian Stokes33
    2Juan Frias30
    3Greg Dittmer28
    4Brad Weis26
    5Dustin McKey26
    6Rafael Gomez25
    7Santiago Ramirez25
    8Matt Vincent24
    9Mike Crudale24
    10Bienvenido Polo23
    Games Started
    1Bienvenido Polo20
    2Ben Knapp14
    3Frank Graham14
    4Jeremy Griffiths14
    5Johnny McGinnis14
    6Jon Pridie14
    7Jose Veras14
    8Matt Belisle14
    9Rodrigo Rosario14
    10Ryan Dittfurth14
    Complete Games
    1Aaron Harang1
    2Andre Simpson1
    3Angel Caraballo1
    4Colby Lewis1
    5Dan Mozingo1
    6Daniel Parker1
    7Gary Majewski1
    8Jay Sirianni1
    9Jeremy Griffiths1
    10Ken Chenard1
    1Aaron Harang1
    2Colby Lewis1
    3Dan Mozingo1
    4Gary Majewski1
    5Nick Regilio1
    6Peter Zazueta1
    7Ryan Dittfurth1
    Games Finished
    1Brian Stokes27
    2Santiago Ramirez25
    3Matt Schwager21
    4John Christ19
    5Matt Guerrier19
    6Travis Wessel19
    7Juan Frias16
    8Matt Parker15
    9Shanin Veronie15
    10Tony Cento14
    1Santiago Ramirez17
    2Matt Guerrier10
    3Brian Stokes9
    4Matt Schwager7
    5Travis Wessel7
    6Ryan Cullen6
    7Joe Curreri5
    8Tony Cento5
    9Chris Chavez4
    10John Christ4
    Innings Pitched
    1Ryan Dittfurth83
    2Angel Caraballo81
    3Frank Graham80
    4Rodrigo Rosario78.2
    5Aaron Harang78.1
    6Gary Majewski76.2
    7Jeremy Griffiths76.1
    8Jon Pridie76.1
    9Ken Chenard76.1
    10Daniel Parker73.2
    1Jon Pridie93
    2Angel Caraballo88
    3Ben Knapp88
    4Matt Belisle86
    5Sean Jones82
    6Billy Whitecotton82
    7Derek Clifton81
    8Dan Mozingo79
    9Kris Rayborn79
    10Jeremiah Bullock78
    1Ben Knapp77
    2Nathan Cromer69
    3Billy Whitecotton67
    4Jeremiah Bullock60
    5Dan Mozingo59
    6Jose Veras57
    7Kris Rayborn54
    8Scott Vandermeer54
    9Sean Jones54
    10Derek Clifton52
    Earned Runs
    1Ben Knapp63
    2Nathan Cromer50
    3Billy Whitecotton50
    4Jose Veras48
    5Dan Mozingo45
    6Derek Clifton44
    7Dustin McKey43
    8Jeremiah Bullock43
    9Marcus Moseley43
    10Scott Vandermeer43
    Home Runs
    1Ben Knapp12
    2Angel Caraballo11
    3Dustin McKey10
    4Scott Vandermeer10
    5Jason Pruitt9
    6Rodrigo Rosario9
    7Billy Whitecotton9
    8Andrew Cooke8
    9Angel Rochez8
    10Justin Backsmeyer8
    1Jose Veras50
    2Marcus Moseley48
    3Seth McClung48
    4Ryan Dittfurth42
    5Ben Knapp40
    6Aaron Hee37
    7Gary Majewski37
    8Pat Schmidt37
    9Billy Whitecotton37
    10Jeremy Griffiths36
    1Gary Majewski91
    2Angel Caraballo88
    3Aaron Harang87
    4Rodrigo Rosario86
    5Ryan Dittfurth85
    6Colby Lewis84
    7Carlos Hernandez82
    8Ken Chenard80
    9Andre Simpson79
    10Frank Graham79
    Wild Pitches
    1Doug Waechter21
    2Seth McClung20
    3Daniel Parker19
    4Billy Whitecotton19
    5Marcus Moseley15
    6Dan Mozingo14
    7Scott Vandermeer13
    8Mark Koeth12
    9Kris Rayborn11
    10Aaron Hee10
    1Angel Caraballo5
    2Kris McWhirter5
    3Colby Lewis4
    4Jason Mikels4
    5Kevin Sprague4
    6Marc Houle4
    7Derek Clifton3
    8Devin Rogers3
    9Jarrett Campbell3
    10Jeremiah Bullock3
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Carlos Hernandez1.80
    2Colby Lewis1.94
    3Aaron Harang2.31
    4Ryan Dittfurth2.60
    5Derek Stanford2.85
    6Nelson Valera2.90
    7Andre Simpson3.00
    8Gary Majewski3.04
    9Ken Chenard3.08
    10Kevin Sprague3.23
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Aaron Harang1.04
    2Carlos Hernandez1.07
    3Derek Stanford1.07
    4Colby Lewis1.12
    5Kevin Sprague1.16
    6Ken Chenard1.17
    7Nelson Valera1.19
    8Tim Sturdy1.21
    9Andre Simpson1.26
    10Frank Graham1.28
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Derek Stanford5.85
    2Carlos Hernandez5.89
    3Colby Lewis6.37
    4Kevin Sprague6.61
    5Ryan Dittfurth7.16
    6Aaron Harang7.38
    7Ken Chenard7.58
    8Frank Graham7.76
    9Gary Majewski7.83
    10Marcus Moseley8.00
    HR per 9 IP
    1Andre Simpson0.25
    2Tim Sturdy0.25
    3Kris Rayborn0.28
    4Mike Perkins0.29
    5Derek Stanford0.30
    6Carlos Hernandez0.33
    7Matt Belisle0.38
    8Dan Mozingo0.40
    9Colby Lewis0.42
    10Ryan Dittfurth0.43
    BB per 9 IP
    1Andrew Cooke1.47
    2Jay Sirianni1.93
    3Jose Nunez1.93
    4Aaron Harang1.96
    5Tim Sturdy2.10
    6Nelson Valera2.29
    7Derek Clifton2.40
    8Jon Rauch2.53
    9Andre Simpson2.75
    10Mike Perkins2.76
    SO per 9 IP
    1Andre Simpson9.88
    2Rodrigo Rosario9.80
    3Angel Caraballo9.78
    4Jason Pruitt9.50
    5Andrew Cooke9.49
    6Ken Chenard9.47
    7Ryan Dittfurth9.22
    8Willie Eyre9.16
    9Dan Mozingo9.13
    10Johnny McGinnis9.00
    1Andrew Cooke6.444
    2Jay Sirianni5.500
    3Aaron Harang5.118
    4Jose Nunez4.200
    5Jon Rauch4.125
    6Tim Sturdy3.765
    7Andre Simpson3.591
    8Carlos Hernandez3.565
    9Nelson Valera3.467
    10Angel Caraballo3.259

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