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1998 Pacific Coast League (AAA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1998 Pacific Coast League Awards
    Pacific Coast League All-StarMitch Meluskey C, Mario Valdez 1B, Dave Hajek 2B, George Arias 3B, Scott Sheldon SS, Derrick White OF, Armando Rios OF, Jeremy Giambi OF, Chris Hatcher DH, Kurt Miller RHP, John Halama LHP, Bart Evans RP
    Pacific Coast League Manager of the YearTerry Kennedy
    Pacific Coast League Most Valuable PlayerChris Hatcher
    Pacific Coast League Rookie of the YearJeremy Giambi
    1998 Batting Leaders
    1Tom Quinlan137
    2J.P. Roberge136
    3Corey Koskie135
    4Dan Rohrmeier135
    5Edgard Clemente135
    6Carlos Hernandez134
    7Dante Powell134
    8Bret Barberie133
    9Brian Buchanan133
    10Esteban Beltre133
    At Bats
    1Dave Hajek539
    2Tom Quinlan539
    3Wilson Delgado512
    4Edwin Diaz510
    5Esteban Beltre510
    6Dan Rohrmeier507
    7Corey Koskie505
    8D.T. Cromer504
    9Bret Barberie502
    10Brian Buchanan500
    1Russ Johnson95
    2Dan Rohrmeier93
    3Corey Koskie91
    4Olmedo Saenz89
    5Chris Sexton88
    6Wilson Delgado87
    7Jason Maxwell86
    8Mario Valdez86
    9Armando Rios85
    10Dave Hajek85
    1Dave Hajek177
    2Bret Barberie153
    3Corey Koskie152
    4Chris Hatcher150
    5Tom Quinlan150
    6D.T. Cromer148
    7Mario Valdez148
    8Carlos Hernandez147
    9Olmedo Saenz146
    10Dan Rohrmeier145
    1Dan Rohrmeier51
    2Dave Hajek45
    3Mitch Meluskey41
    4Jason Maxwell40
    5Bret Barberie36
    6Kevin Roberson36
    7Brad Seitzer35
    8Jorge Velandia35
    9Mike Coolbaugh35
    10George Arias33
    1Edwin Diaz12
    2Eric Stuckenschneider10
    3Terry Shumpert8
    4Adam Kennedy7
    5Edgard Clemente7
    6Frank Menechino7
    7Jed Hansen7
    8Joe McEwing7
    9Chris Prieto6
    10Chris Sexton6
    Home Runs
    1Chris Hatcher46
    2George Arias36
    3Rod McCall30
    4Micah Franklin29
    5Olmedo Saenz29
    6Scott Sheldon29
    7Chad Hermansen28
    8Kevin Roberson27
    9Armando Rios26
    10Corey Koskie26
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1George Arias119
    2Chris Hatcher106
    3Corey Koskie105
    4Dan Rohrmeier104
    5Armando Rios103
    6Olmedo Saenz102
    7Kevin Roberson97
    8Tom Quinlan97
    9Daryle Ward96
    10Scott Sheldon96
    Stolen Bases
    1Lou Frazier42
    2Dante Powell41
    3Carlos Hernandez29
    4Chris Latham29
    5Esteban Beltre26
    6Justin Baughman26
    7Adrian Brown25
    8Willie Romero23
    9J.P. Roberge22
    10Chad Hermansen21
    Caught Stealing
    1Willie Romero15
    2Reggie Williams12
    3Carlos Hernandez11
    4Charles Gipson11
    5Chris Prieto11
    6Esteban Beltre11
    7Jovino Carvajal11
    8Marc Lewis11
    9Russ Johnson11
    10Terry Shumpert11
    1Russ Johnson90
    2Mitch Meluskey85
    3Alan Zinter75
    4Chris Sexton72
    5Dante Powell71
    6Frank Menechino70
    7Brad Seitzer68
    8Chris Sheff67
    9Warren Newson66
    10Mike Neill65
    1Tom Quinlan155
    2Chad Hermansen152
    3Rod McCall151
    4Scott Sheldon143
    5Dante Powell138
    6Kevin Roberson128
    7Chris Hatcher125
    8Jed Hansen125
    9Edgard Clemente117
    10Alan Zinter116
    Hit by Pitch
    1Olmedo Saenz22
    2Tom Quinlan19
    3Bret Barberie15
    4Dante Powell14
    5Darryl Brinkley13
    6Jeff Ferguson13
    7Jon Shave13
    8Micah Franklin13
    9Carlos Hernandez12
    10Greg LaRocca12
    Intentional Walks
    1Mitch Meluskey10
    2Jeremy Giambi8
    3Micah Franklin8
    4Daryle Ward7
    5Eddie Williams7
    6Doug Mirabelli6
    7Jeff Ball6
    8Brad Seitzer5
    9Eddie Pearson5
    10Juan Munoz5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Craig Wilson9
    2Matt Clement8
    3Orlando Palmeiro8
    4Carlos Hernandez7
    5Fausto Cruz7
    6Garey Ingram7
    7Jason Evans7
    8Jeff Williams7
    9Paul LoDuca7
    10Adrian Brown6
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Dave Hajek12
    2Corey Koskie10
    3Chad Rupp8
    4Eddie Williams7
    5Fausto Cruz7
    6Jed Hansen7
    7Joe Vitiello7
    8Kevin Roberson7
    9Olmedo Saenz7
    10Ramon Martinez7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Dan Rohrmeier20
    2Paul LoDuca20
    3Joe Vitiello19
    4Jorge Velandia19
    5Jeff Ball18
    6Charles Gipson17
    7Chris Sexton17
    8Corey Koskie17
    9Daryle Ward17
    10Derrick Gibson17
    Total Bases
    1Chris Hatcher313
    2George Arias283
    3Dan Rohrmeier275
    4Corey Koskie272
    5Olmedo Saenz262
    6Scott Sheldon252
    7Daryle Ward243
    8Dave Hajek240
    9Mario Valdez240
    10Chad Hermansen238
    Plate Appearances
    1Tom Quinlan608
    2Bret Barberie583
    3Dave Hajek578
    4Wilson Delgado575
    5Corey Koskie574
    6Dan Rohrmeier574
    7Scott Sheldon564
    8Brad Seitzer559
    9Esteban Beltre558
    10Russ Johnson558
    Batting Average
    1Jeremy Giambi.372
    2Darryl Brinkley.355
    3Mitch Meluskey.353
    4Jon Shave.338
    5Eddie Williams.336
    6Joe McEwing.334
    7Mario Valdez.330
    8Micah Franklin.329
    9Dave Hajek.328
    10Ernie Young.327
    On-Base Percentage
    1Jeremy Giambi.469
    2Mitch Meluskey.465
    3Micah Franklin.437
    4Russ Johnson.424
    5Jon Shave.422
    6Mario Valdez.420
    7Rob Ryan.419
    8Alan Zinter.416
    9Darryl Brinkley.416
    10Chris Latham.412
    Slugging Percentage
    1Micah Franklin.655
    2George Arias.651
    3Chris Hatcher.645
    4Jeremy Giambi.634
    5Pete Incaviglia.612
    6Eddie Williams.609
    7Ernie Young.599
    8Mitch Meluskey.584
    9Darrell Whitmore.579
    10Freddy Garcia.571
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Jeremy Giambi1103
    2Micah Franklin1092
    3Mitch Meluskey1049
    4Pete Incaviglia1023
    5George Arias1016
    6Eddie Williams1011
    7Ernie Young994
    8Chris Hatcher990
    9Darrell Whitmore968
    10Mario Valdez956
    1Chip Hale1.676
    2Paul LoDuca1.475
    3Mitch Meluskey1.441
    4Russ Johnson1.406
    5Matt Howard1.176
    6Chris Sexton1.075
    7Brad Seitzer1.046
    8Rob Ryan1.033
    9Terry Bradshaw0.981
    10Doug Mirabelli0.945
    1998 Pitching Leaders
    1Dave Swartzbaugh14
    2Kurt Miller14
    3Joe Roa12
    4John Halama12
    5Sean Lawrence12
    6Sean Lowe12
    7Stan Spencer12
    8Terry Clark12
    9Chris Brock11
    10Jay Witasick11
    1Bill King13
    2Mike Bovee12
    3Rich Pratt12
    4Rich Robertson12
    5Heath Murray11
    6Larry Luebbers11
    7Mike Saipe11
    8Brian Harrison10
    9Ignacio Flores10
    10Jimmy Anderson10
    1Alan Newman63
    2Allen McDill61
    3Cory Bailey57
    4Tim Kubinski57
    5Geoff Edsell56
    6Jeff Darwin56
    7Steve Mintz56
    8Steve Connelly55
    9Roberto Rivera54
    10Anthony Chavez53
    Games Started
    1Larry Luebbers29
    2Benj Sampson28
    3Bob Milacki28
    4Kris Benson28
    5Russ Herbert28
    6Heath Murray27
    7Joe Roa27
    8Kurt Miller27
    9Matt Clement27
    10Rich Robertson27
    Complete Games
    1Gil Heredia6
    2John Halama4
    3Trevor Wilson4
    4Heath Murray3
    5Mark Brownson3
    6Mike Judd3
    7Bob Milacki2
    8Bob Wolcott2
    9Brady Raggio2
    10Brett Hinchcliffe2
    1Larry Luebbers2
    2Ricky Pickett2
    3Bob Wolcott1
    4Brady Raggio1
    5Brett Hinchcliffe1
    6Brian Barber1
    7Carl Dale1
    8Chris Cumberland1
    9Darin Blood1
    10Dennys Reyes1
    Games Finished
    1Anthony Chavez51
    2Jeff Darwin45
    3Steve Gajkowski44
    4Reggie Harris41
    5Bart Evans40
    6Ben Ford36
    7Jeff McCurry35
    8Justin Speier33
    9Braden Looper32
    10Dave Wainhouse30
    1Bart Evans27
    2Jeff Darwin24
    3Steve Gajkowski24
    4Jeff McCurry23
    5Reggie Harris23
    6Anthony Chavez22
    7Braden Looper20
    8Jose Bautista15
    9Ben Ford13
    10Steve Connelly13
    Innings Pitched
    1Bob Milacki189.2
    2Scott Schoeneweis180
    3Rich Robertson175
    4Larry Luebbers173.1
    5Matt Clement171.2
    6Kurt Miller167.2
    7Terry Clark165.1
    8Russ Herbert163.2
    9Heath Murray162.1
    10Joe Roa162
    1Bob Milacki199
    2Benj Sampson198
    3Brian Harrison193
    4Joe Roa192
    5Heath Murray191
    6Rich Pratt191
    7Scott Schoeneweis188
    8Gary Rath184
    9Larry Luebbers183
    10Russ Herbert182
    1Brian Harrison116
    2Rich Pratt112
    3Mike Farmer107
    4Heath Murray103
    5Joe Roa102
    6Kris Benson102
    7Scott Schoeneweis102
    8Russ Herbert100
    9Benj Sampson99
    10Bob Milacki96
    Earned Runs
    1Brian Harrison108
    2Joe Roa93
    3Kris Benson93
    4Rich Pratt93
    5Benj Sampson92
    6Russ Herbert92
    7Heath Murray90
    8Scott Schoeneweis90
    9Bill King88
    10Brad Kaufman84
    Home Runs
    1Rich Pratt29
    2Joe Roa26
    3Kris Benson26
    4Russ Herbert25
    5Benj Sampson24
    6Brian Barber24
    7Brian Harrison23
    8Larry Luebbers23
    9Brett Hinchcliffe22
    10Mark Brownson22
    1Brett Hinchcliffe88
    2Matt Clement85
    3Kurt Miller77
    4Russ Herbert74
    5Jarod Juelsgaard73
    6Jimmy Anderson72
    7Mac Suzuki70
    8Rich Robertson68
    9Brad Kaufman65
    10Kerry Woodson64
    1Matt Clement160
    2Jay Witasick155
    3Brian Barnes154
    4Russ Herbert147
    5Kurt Miller145
    6Stan Spencer136
    7Scott Schoeneweis133
    8Benj Sampson132
    9Kris Benson129
    10Sean Lawrence126
    Wild Pitches
    1Kevin Lomon19
    2Matt Clement18
    3Matt Ryan17
    4Steve Rain16
    5Jimmy Anderson13
    6Neil Weber12
    7Erik Plantenberg10
    8Ignacio Flores10
    9Jeff Granger10
    10Todd Rizzo10
    1Earl Byrne5
    2Rich Pratt5
    3Benj Sampson4
    4Jeff Williams4
    5Manny Aybar4
    6Trevor Wilson4
    7Chris Cumberland3
    8Chris Michalak3
    9Heath Murray3
    10Jim Parque3
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Brady Raggio3.08
    2Travis Baptist3.11
    3Sean Lowe3.18
    4John Halama3.20
    5Chris Brock3.29
    6Terry Clark3.38
    7Brian Barnes3.57
    8Trevor Wilson3.61
    9Gil Heredia3.66
    10Dave Swartzbaugh3.72
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1John Halama1.11
    2Terry Clark1.16
    3Jay Witasick1.17
    4Stan Spencer1.18
    5Dave Swartzbaugh1.19
    6Gil Heredia1.19
    7Brian Barber1.22
    8Brady Raggio1.23
    9Travis Baptist1.24
    10Chris Brock1.25
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Brett Hinchcliffe7.43
    2Dave Swartzbaugh7.43
    3Brian Barber7.49
    4Jay Witasick7.61
    5Stan Spencer7.88
    6Kurt Miller8.20
    7Matt Clement8.22
    8Trevor Wilson8.24
    9Travis Baptist8.47
    10Terry Clark8.51
    HR per 9 IP
    1Terry Clark0.44
    2Jimmy Anderson0.58
    3Matt Clement0.63
    4Brady Raggio0.65
    5Felipe Lira0.70
    6Jeff Granger0.70
    7Kurt Miller0.70
    8Darin Blood0.71
    9Heath Murray0.72
    10Rich Robertson0.72
    BB per 9 IP
    1Gil Heredia1.12
    2John Halama1.19
    3Joe Roa1.78
    4Bob Wolcott1.81
    5Brady Raggio1.84
    6Terry Clark1.91
    7Kennie Steenstra2.19
    8Brian Tollberg2.21
    9Ryan Franklin2.25
    10Bob Milacki2.42
    SO per 9 IP
    1Brian Barnes9.83
    2Jay Witasick9.36
    3Stan Spencer8.93
    4Brian Tollberg8.92
    5Chris Brock8.77
    6Kevin Lomon8.56
    7Matt Clement8.37
    8Shane Bowers8.26
    9Russ Herbert8.07
    10Mac Suzuki7.98
    1Gil Heredia5.500
    2John Halama5.375
    3Brian Tollberg4.037
    4Brian Barnes3.949
    5Bob Wolcott3.846
    6Chris Brock3.394
    7Stan Spencer3.238
    8Brady Raggio3.226
    9Jay Witasick3.163
    10Joe Roa3.031

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