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1998 National League (MLB)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1998 National League Awards
    NL Comeback Player of the YearGreg Vaughn
    National League Cy Young AwardTom Glavine
    National League Gold GloveGreg Maddux Pitcher, Charles Johnson Catcher, J.T. Snow First Base, Bret Boone Second Base, Scott Rolen Third Base, Rey Ordonez Shortstop, Larry Walker Outfielder, Andruw Jones Outfielder, Barry Bonds Outfielder
    National League Manager of the YearLarry Dierker
    National League Most Valuable PlayerSammy Sosa
    NL Player of the MonthMark McGwire April, Mark McGwire May, Sammy Sosa June, Vladimir Guerrero July, Jeff Kent August, Mark McGwire September
    National League Player of the WeekMark McGwire March 30-April 5, Mike Piazza April 6-April 12, Chipper Jones April 13-April 19, Mike Piazza April 20-April 26, Michael Tucker April 27-May 3, Kerry Wood May 4-May 10, Brian Jordan May 11-May 17, Mark McGwire May 18-May 24, Moises Alou May 25-May 31, Greg Maddux June 1-June 7, Sammy Sosa June 1-June 7, Edgar Renteria June 8-June 14, Sammy Sosa June 15-June 21, Todd Stottlemyre June 22-June 28, Raul Mondesi June 29-July 5, Barry Larkin July 6-July 12, Greg Vaughn July 13-July 19, Vladimir Guerrero July 20-July 26, Jose Lima July 27-August 2, John Olerud August 3-August 9, Jason Kendall August 10-August 16, Paul Byrd August 17-August 23, Bret Boone August 24-August 30, Barry Bonds August 31-September 6, Sammy Sosa September 7-September 13, John Olerud September 14-September 20, Mark McGwire September 21-September 27
    NL Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the YearTrevor Hoffman
    National League Rookie of the YearKerry Wood
    NL Silver Slugger AwardMike Piazza C, Mark McGwire 1B, Craig Biggio 2B, Vinny Castilla 3B, Barry Larkin SS, Greg Vaughn OF, Sammy Sosa OF, Moises Alou OF, Tom Glavine P
    NL Pitcher of the MonthTom Glavine April, Orel Hershiser May, Greg Maddux June, Chan Ho Park July, Randy Johnson August, Randy Johnson September
    1998 Batting Leaders
    1Neifi Perez162
    2Vinny Castilla162
    3Dante Bichette161
    4Jeromy Burnitz161
    5Chipper Jones160
    6Craig Biggio160
    7John Olerud160
    8Scott Rolen160
    9Andruw Jones159
    10Brian McRae159
    At Bats
    1Doug Glanville678
    2Dante Bichette662
    3Tony Womack655
    4Neifi Perez647
    5Craig Biggio646
    6Vinny Castilla645
    7Sammy Sosa643
    8Fernando Vina637
    9Derek Bell630
    10Vladimir Guerrero623
    1Sammy Sosa134
    2Mark McGwire130
    3Jeff Bagwell124
    4Chipper Jones123
    5Craig Biggio123
    6Barry Bonds120
    7Scott Rolen120
    8Larry Walker113
    9Greg Vaughn112
    10Derek Bell111
    1Dante Bichette219
    2Craig Biggio210
    3Vinny Castilla206
    4Vladimir Guerrero202
    5Derek Bell198
    6Fernando Vina198
    7Sammy Sosa198
    8John Olerud197
    9Jeff Cirillo194
    10Doug Glanville189
    1Craig Biggio51
    2Dante Bichette48
    3Dmitri Young48
    4Larry Walker46
    5Cliff Floyd45
    6Scott Rolen45
    7Barry Bonds44
    8Brad Fullmer44
    9Derek Bell41
    10Kevin Young40
    1David Dellucci12
    2Barry Larkin10
    3Neifi Perez9
    4Andruw Jones8
    5Delino DeShields8
    6Karim Garcia8
    7Barry Bonds7
    8Brant Brown7
    9Brian Jordan7
    10Doug Glanville7
    Home Runs
    1Mark McGwire70
    2Sammy Sosa66
    3Greg Vaughn50
    4Vinny Castilla46
    5Andres Galarraga44
    6Jeromy Burnitz38
    7Moises Alou38
    8Vladimir Guerrero38
    9Barry Bonds37
    10Chipper Jones34
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Sammy Sosa158
    2Mark McGwire147
    3Vinny Castilla144
    4Jeff Kent128
    5Jeromy Burnitz125
    6Moises Alou124
    7Barry Bonds122
    8Dante Bichette122
    9Andres Galarraga121
    10Greg Vaughn119
    Stolen Bases
    1Tony Womack58
    2Craig Biggio50
    3Eric Young42
    4Edgar Renteria41
    5Barry Bonds28
    6Andruw Jones27
    7Cliff Floyd27
    8Barry Larkin26
    9Delino DeShields26
    10Jason Kendall26
    Caught Stealing
    1Edgar Renteria22
    2Fernando Vina16
    3Cliff Floyd14
    4Eric Young13
    5Barry Bonds12
    6Carl Everett12
    7Brian McRae11
    8Bobby Abreu10
    9Delino DeShields10
    10Raul Mondesi10
    1Mark McGwire162
    2Barry Bonds130
    3Jeff Bagwell109
    4Chipper Jones96
    5John Olerud96
    6Mark Grace93
    7Scott Rolen93
    8Ray Lankford86
    9Bobby Abreu84
    10Moises Alou84
    1Sammy Sosa171
    2Jeromy Burnitz158
    3Mark McGwire155
    4Ray Lankford151
    5Andres Galarraga146
    6Scott Rolen141
    7Jose Hernandez140
    8Reggie Sanders137
    9Shane Andrews137
    10Bobby Abreu133
    Hit by Pitch
    1Jason Kendall31
    2Andres Galarraga25
    3Fernando Vina25
    4Craig Biggio23
    5F.P. Santangelo23
    6Andy Fox18
    7Kevin Young11
    8Scott Rolen11
    9Derrek Lee10
    10Brian Jordan9
    Intentional Walks
    1Barry Bonds29
    2Mark McGwire28
    3Bobby Abreu14
    4Sammy Sosa14
    5Vladimir Guerrero13
    6Andres Galarraga11
    7Brad Ausmus11
    8Gary Sheffield11
    9John Olerud11
    10Moises Alou11
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Neifi Perez22
    2Rey Ordonez15
    3Terry Jones15
    4Tom Glavine14
    5Bobby Jones12
    6Curt Schilling12
    7Jason Schmidt12
    8Rick Reed12
    9Walt Weiss12
    10F.P. Santangelo11
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Derek Bell10
    2Jeff Kent10
    3Rico Brogna10
    4Kevin Young9
    5Chipper Jones8
    6Jason Kendall8
    7Javy Lopez8
    8Ken Caminiti8
    9Mark Lewis8
    10Tony Gwynn8
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Jeff Cirillo26
    2Vinny Castilla24
    3Bret Boone23
    4Dante Bichette22
    5Javy Lopez22
    6Carlos Baerga21
    7Kevin Young20
    8Ricky Gutierrez20
    9Sammy Sosa20
    10Carlos Hernandez19
    Total Bases
    1Sammy Sosa416
    2Mark McGwire383
    3Vinny Castilla380
    4Vladimir Guerrero367
    5Greg Vaughn342
    6Moises Alou340
    7Dante Bichette337
    8Barry Bonds336
    9Andres Galarraga330
    10Chipper Jones329
    Plate Appearances
    1Craig Biggio738
    2Doug Glanville735
    3Fernando Vina722
    4Sammy Sosa722
    5Neifi Perez712
    6Scott Rolen711
    7Chipper Jones707
    8Tony Womack704
    9Mark Grace698
    10Barry Bonds697
    Batting Average
    1Larry Walker.363
    2John Olerud.354
    3Dante Bichette.331
    4Jason Kendall.327
    5Craig Biggio.325
    6Vladimir Guerrero.324
    7Jeff Cirillo.321
    8Tony Gwynn.321
    9Vinny Castilla.319
    10Brian Jordan.316
    On-Base Percentage
    1Mark McGwire.470
    2John Olerud.447
    3Larry Walker.445
    4Barry Bonds.438
    5Jeff Bagwell.424
    6Jason Kendall.411
    7Bobby Abreu.409
    8Chipper Jones.404
    9Craig Biggio.403
    10Jeff Cirillo.402
    Slugging Percentage
    1Mark McGwire.752
    2Sammy Sosa.647
    3Larry Walker.630
    4Barry Bonds.609
    5Greg Vaughn.597
    6Andres Galarraga.595
    7Vinny Castilla.589
    8Vladimir Guerrero.589
    9Moises Alou.582
    10Jeff Bagwell.557
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Mark McGwire1222
    2Larry Walker1075
    3Barry Bonds1047
    4Sammy Sosa1024
    5John Olerud998
    6Andres Galarraga992
    7Jeff Bagwell981
    8Moises Alou981
    9Greg Vaughn960
    10Vladimir Guerrero960
    1Tony Gwynn1.944
    2Mark Grace1.661
    3Barry Bonds1.413
    4Eric Young1.406
    5John Olerud1.315
    6Jeff Bagwell1.211
    7Fernando Vina1.174
    8Barry Larkin1.145
    9Quilvio Veras1.077
    10Gregg Jefferies1.074
    1998 Pitching Leaders
    1Tom Glavine20
    2Kevin Tapani19
    3Shane Reynolds19
    4Greg Maddux18
    5Kevin Brown18
    6Al Leiter17
    7Andy Ashby17
    8John Smoltz17
    9Kevin Millwood17
    10Denny Neagle16
    1Darryl Kile17
    2Javier Vazquez15
    3Mike Remlinger15
    4Willie Blair15
    5Curt Schilling14
    6Francisco Cordova14
    7Jamey Wright14
    8Jason Schmidt14
    9Jon Lieber14
    10Mark Clark14
    1Rod Beck81
    2Chuck McElroy78
    3Robb Nen78
    4Steve Kline78
    5Anthony Telford77
    6Kerry Ligtenberg75
    7Dennis Cook73
    8Bob Wickman72
    9Wayne Gomes71
    10John Johnstone70
    Games Started
    1Curt Schilling35
    2Darryl Kile35
    3Kevin Brown35
    4Shane Reynolds35
    5Andy Benes34
    6Brett Tomko34
    7Chan Ho Park34
    8Greg Maddux34
    9Jamey Wright34
    10Joey Hamilton34
    Complete Games
    1Curt Schilling15
    2Greg Maddux9
    3Livan Hernandez9
    4Kevin Brown7
    5Andy Ashby5
    6Denny Neagle5
    7Al Leiter4
    8Darryl Kile4
    9Mark Gardner4
    10Randy Johnson4
    1Greg Maddux5
    2Randy Johnson4
    3Kevin Brown3
    4Tom Glavine3
    5Al Leiter2
    6Curt Schilling2
    7Denny Neagle2
    8Francisco Cordova2
    9Ismael Valdez2
    10John Smoltz2
    Games Finished
    1Rod Beck70
    2Robb Nen67
    3Trevor Hoffman61
    4Ugueth Urbina59
    5Kerry Ligtenberg56
    6John Franco54
    7Bob Wickman51
    8Jerry Dipoto51
    9Billy Wagner50
    10Mark Leiter50
    1Trevor Hoffman53
    2Rod Beck51
    3Robb Nen40
    4John Franco38
    5Ugueth Urbina34
    6Billy Wagner30
    7Gregg Olson30
    8Kerry Ligtenberg30
    9Bob Wickman25
    10Jeff Shaw23
    Innings Pitched
    1Curt Schilling268.2
    2Kevin Brown257
    3Greg Maddux251
    4Livan Hernandez234.1
    5Jose Lima233.1
    6Shane Reynolds233.1
    7Andy Benes231.1
    8Darryl Kile230.1
    9Tom Glavine229.1
    10Andy Ashby226.2
    1Livan Hernandez265
    2Darryl Kile257
    3Shane Reynolds257
    4Pedro Astacio245
    5Kevin Tapani244
    6Curt Schilling236
    7Mark Clark236
    8Jamey Wright235
    9Jose Lima229
    10Jason Schmidt228
    1Pedro Astacio160
    2Jamey Wright143
    3Darryl Kile141
    4Livan Hernandez133
    5Javier Vazquez121
    6Kevin Tapani120
    7Mark Clark116
    8Joey Hamilton113
    9Andy Benes111
    10Brett Tomko111
    Earned Runs
    1Pedro Astacio145
    2Darryl Kile133
    3Jamey Wright130
    4Livan Hernandez123
    5Kevin Tapani118
    6Javier Vazquez116
    7Mark Clark115
    8Brett Tomko104
    9Joey Hamilton103
    10Steve Trachsel103
    Home Runs
    1Brian Anderson39
    2Pedro Astacio39
    3Livan Hernandez37
    4Jose Lima34
    5Javier Vazquez31
    6Kevin Tapani30
    7Rick Reed30
    8Mark Gardner29
    9Sterling Hitchcock29
    10Darryl Kile28
    1Joey Hamilton106
    2Livan Hernandez104
    3Chan Ho Park97
    4Darryl Kile96
    5Jamey Wright95
    6Jesus Sanchez91
    7Mike Remlinger87
    8Kerry Wood85
    9Orel Hershiser85
    10Tyler Green85
    1Curt Schilling300
    2Kevin Brown257
    3Kerry Wood233
    4Shane Reynolds209
    5Greg Maddux204
    6Chan Ho Park191
    7Al Leiter174
    8John Smoltz173
    9Pedro Astacio170
    10Jose Lima169
    Wild Pitches
    1Jason Schmidt15
    2Curt Schilling12
    3Darryl Kile12
    4Orel Hershiser12
    5Mike Remlinger11
    6Sterling Hitchcock11
    7Kevin Brown10
    8Andy Benes9
    9Brett Tomko9
    10Darren Dreifort9
    1Brian Anderson6
    2Jesus Sanchez5
    3Kent Mercker4
    4Darren Oliver3
    5Dustin Hermanson3
    6Hideo Nomo3
    7Jamey Wright3
    8Jeremi Gonzalez3
    9Jon Lieber3
    10Kerry Wood3
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Greg Maddux2.22
    2Kevin Brown2.38
    3Al Leiter2.47
    4Tom Glavine2.48
    5Omar Daal2.87
    6John Smoltz2.89
    7Dustin Hermanson3.13
    8Pete Harnisch3.14
    9Curt Schilling3.25
    10Francisco Cordova3.31
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Greg Maddux0.98
    2Kevin Brown1.07
    3Curt Schilling1.10
    4Jose Lima1.12
    5Rick Reed1.12
    6John Smoltz1.13
    7Al Leiter1.15
    8Pete Harnisch1.15
    9Dustin Hermanson1.17
    10Brian Anderson1.18
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Kerry Wood6.31
    2Al Leiter7.04
    3Greg Maddux7.21
    4Pete Harnisch7.58
    5John Smoltz7.77
    6Dustin Hermanson7.84
    7Kevin Brown7.88
    8Curt Schilling7.90
    9Tom Glavine7.94
    10Omar Daal8.06
    HR per 9 IP
    1Kevin Brown0.28
    2Al Leiter0.37
    3Greg Maddux0.47
    4Tom Glavine0.51
    5John Smoltz0.54
    6Darren Dreifort0.60
    7Joey Hamilton0.62
    8Chan Ho Park0.65
    9Carlos Perez0.66
    10Omar Daal0.66
    BB per 9 IP
    1Brian Anderson1.04
    2Rick Reed1.23
    3Jose Lima1.24
    4Greg Maddux1.61
    5Kevin Brown1.72
    6Mark Portugal1.73
    7Steve Woodard1.79
    8Carlos Perez1.82
    9Mark Clark2.02
    10Curt Schilling2.04
    SO per 9 IP
    1John Smoltz9.27
    2Kevin Brown9.00
    3Kevin Millwood8.43
    4Darren Dreifort8.40
    5Al Leiter8.11
    6Sterling Hitchcock8.08
    7Shane Reynolds8.07
    8Mike Remlinger7.90
    9Chan Ho Park7.78
    10Dustin Hermanson7.41
    1Jose Lima5.281
    2Rick Reed5.276
    3Kevin Brown5.245
    4Curt Schilling4.918
    5Greg Maddux4.533
    6Steve Woodard4.091
    7Brian Anderson3.958
    8Shane Reynolds3.943
    9John Smoltz3.932
    10Jon Lieber3.450

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