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1998 Gulf Coast League (Rk)

+ Player Register
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  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • The Player Register is a full listing of all players who played in at least one game during this season. Players may have 2 or more rows if they played on multiple teams.
  • Player Register
    Luis AcevedoGulf Coast Rangers SS205-11180R-RTEX: 1996-8-233
    Scott AckermanGulf Coast Expos C196-1215R-RMON: 1997-6-196
    Alberto AcostaGulf Coast Yankees P206-4170R-R-
    David AdamGulf Coast Rays P296-3202R-RSEA: 1990-18-485
    Wilson AdornoGulf Coast Pirates C205-11180B-R-
    Jeremy AffeldtGulf Coast Royals P196-4185L-LKCA: 1997-3-91
    Chris AguilaGulf Coast Marlins LF195-11180R-RFLO: 1997-3-96
    Edwin AguilarGulf Coast Astros P186-2165R-R-
    Jason AlfaroGulf Coast Astros SS205-10189R-RHOU: 1997-22-670
    Felipe AlouGulf Coast Royals OF195-11165R-RKCA: 1998-42-1247
    Matthew AltagenGulf Coast Tigers 1B186-2185R-LDET: 1997-41-1225
    Julio AlvarezGulf Coast Tigers OF196-0160B-R-
    Nelson AlvarezGulf Coast Mets 1B196-0175R-RDET: 1997-21-625
    Tony AlvarezGulf Coast Pirates RF-CF206-1200R-R-
    Wilson AlvarezGulf Coast Rays P286-1245L-L-
    Gordon AmersonGulf Coast Yankees OF216-1185L-LSDN: 1994-4-94
    Antwoine AndersonGulf Coast Marlins P196-3170L-LFLO: 1997-36-1086
    Wes AndersonGulf Coast Marlins P186-4175R-RFLO: 1997-14-426
    Jesse AndujarGulf Coast Expos P186-1175R-R-
    Kevin AppierGulf Coast Royals P306-2200R-RKCA: 1987-1-9
    Ricardo ArambolesGulf Coast Yankees P166-2170R-R-
    Victor AraujoGulf Coast Pirates IF186-0180R-R-
    Charles ArmstrongGulf Coast Rays P216-4210L-LTBA: 1998-15-462
    Derek AucoinGulf Coast Mets P286-7235R-R-
    Rich AudeGulf Coast Expos 1B266-5180R-RPIT: 1989-2-48
    Yancy AyresGulf Coast Royals C226-0205R-RKCA: 1998-27-797
    Justin BacksmeyerGulf Coast Rangers P186-4220R-RTEX: 1998-10-293
    Ernie BaezGulf Coast Rangers OF206-0180B-R-
    Jeff BaileyGulf Coast Marlins 1B196-2205R-RFLO: 1997-2-64
    Joe BaldassanoGulf Coast Expos P185-11170R-RMON: 1997-34-1036
    Angel BatistaGulf Coast Rays OF186-3193L-L-
    Juan BazanGulf Coast Pirates P206-0197R-R-
    Steve BechlerGulf Coast Orioles P186-2207R-RBAL: 1998-3-99
    Jason BeiteyGulf Coast Rangers P206-1170R-RTEX: 1997-38-1157
    B.J. BelcherGulf Coast Rangers P206-2225R-R-
    David BenhamGulf Coast Red Sox C226-2187R-RBOS: 1998-12-355
    Jeff BennettGulf Coast Pirates P186-3194R-RPIT: 1998-19-568
    Samuel BerrienGulf Coast Orioles 1B196-0235L-LBAL: 1998-23-699
    Rafael BetancourtGulf Coast Red Sox P236-2170R-R-
    Wilson BetemitGulf Coast Braves DH166-3190B-R-
    Rick BettiGulf Coast Red Sox P245-11170R-LATL: 1993-26-740
    Brian BevilGulf Coast Royals P266-4225R-RKCA: 1990-30-817
    Peter BlakeGulf Coast Twins P196-1220R-LMIN: 1997-5-153
    Geoff BlumGulf Coast Expos 3B256-3195B-RMON: 1994-7-196
    Josh BobbittGulf Coast Rangers P216-3200R-L-
    Jung BongGulf Coast Braves P176-3175L-L-
    Matt BooneGulf Coast Tigers OF186-2175R-RDET: 1997-3-85
    Henry BorjasGulf Coast Red Sox 1B196-0193B-R-
    Craig BrazellGulf Coast Mets 1B186-3211L-RNYN: 1998-5-154
    Dustin BrewerGulf Coast Orioles P176-5225R-RBAL: 1998-22-669
    Yorbis BritoGulf Coast Braves P196-2170R-R-
    Scott BronowiczGulf Coast Braves C225-11195L-RHOU: 1994-54-1431
    Andy BrownGulf Coast Yankees OF186-6190L-LNYA: 1998-1-24
    Rich BrownGulf Coast Yankees OF216-1196L-LNYA: 1995-2-57
    Tonayne BrownGulf Coast Red Sox OF205-11190R-LBOS: 1998-36-1075
    Sean BryanGulf Coast Royals 3B206-1220L-RKCA: 1998-29-857
    John BuckGulf Coast Astros C176-3210R-RHOU: 1998-7-212
    Bucky BucklesGulf Coast Rangers P256-1190R-RTEX: 1994-7-197
    Kirk BullingerGulf Coast Expos P286-2170R-RSLN: 1992-32-895
    Jeremiah BullockGulf Coast Rangers P186-1180L-LTEX: 1998-13-383
    Mike BumatayGulf Coast Pirates P186-0177L-LPIT: 1998-21-628
    Paul BurkeGulf Coast Braves C206-2200R-RATL: 1998-34-1031
    Willie BurtonGulf Coast Pirates OF195-10180R-RPIT: 1998-12-358
    Bobby BystrowskiGulf Coast Astros P216-1190R-RHOU: 1997-7-220
    Ray CabreraGulf Coast Orioles OF196-3211R-R-
    Nathan CadenaGulf Coast Red Sox P186-3195R-RNYA: 1996-60-1598
    Dave CallahanGulf Coast Marlins 1B-OF186-0200L-L-
    Jose CalvoGulf Coast Astros P186-3180R-R-
    Napolean CalzadoGulf Coast Orioles 3B186-3160R-R-
    David CamposGulf Coast Marlins P225-11170R-RFLO: 1998-20-610
    Raynier CardonaGulf Coast Pirates C175-11180B-RPIT: 1998-5-148
    Anthony CaridiGulf Coast Red Sox C186-3175B-RBOS: 1998-37-1105
    Bubba CarpenterGulf Coast Yankees LF296-1185L-L-
    Ricardo CarrascoGulf Coast Royals 1B206-3210R-R-
    Jose CarrenoGulf Coast Expos C205-11190R-R-
    Robert CarrilloGulf Coast Astros 1B196-6260R-RHOU: 1998-26-782
    Luis CasillaGulf Coast Astros C-1B195-11180R-R-
    Juan CentenoGulf Coast Astros P206-4190R-R-
    Victor CepedaGulf Coast Tigers P206-0160R-R-
    Andrew CheckettsGulf Coast Red Sox P225-10185R-RBOS: 1998-21-625
    Robinson ChecoGulf Coast Red Sox P266-1185R-R-
    Scott ChiassonGulf Coast Royals P206-3200R-RKCA: 1998-5-137
    Ron ChiavacciGulf Coast Expos P206-2220R-RMON: 1998-44-1308
    Calvin ChipperfieldGulf Coast Tigers P206-1170R-RDET: 1998-14-417
    Wesley ChisnallGulf Coast Expos P176-4190R-RMON: 1998-6-174
    Jason ChiversGulf Coast Mets P196-6235L-L-
    Jorjanis ChourioGulf Coast Pirates OF176-2197R-R-
    Tommy ClarkGulf Coast Braves OF186-2205R-RATL: 1998-15-461
    Ender ClassenGulf Coast Pirates P206-3201B-RPIT: 1996-29-846
    Russ ClevelandGulf Coast Tigers C186-3205R-RDET: 1998-12-357
    Roberto ColinaGulf Coast Rays 1B276-0200L-L-
    Scott ConwayGulf Coast Marlins 1B196-2205L-LFLO: 1996-30-884
    Andrew CookeGulf Coast Twins P176-3197L-L-
    Nate CornejoGulf Coast Tigers P186-5200R-RDET: 1998-1-34
    Jeremy CottenGulf Coast Pirates IF176-3253R-RPIT: 1998-2-58
    Robert CraunGulf Coast Marlins P226-1190R-R-
    Carlos CrawfordGulf Coast Pirates P266-1185R-RCLE: 1990-51-1279
    Brian CronkGulf Coast Pirates 3B-OF216-1195B-RPIT: 1998-45-1337
    Ivan CruzGulf Coast Yankees 1B306-2219L-LDET: 1989-28-732
    Rafael CruzGulf Coast Rangers C216-2180R-R-
    Jose CubillanGulf Coast Rangers OF196-4180B-R-
    Daniel CurtisGulf Coast Braves P186-3215R-RATL: 1998-17-521
    Leo DaigleGulf Coast Tigers 1B186-3225R-RDET: 1997-11-325
    Justin DansbyGulf Coast Braves P206-1190R-RATL: 1997-45-1340
    Ashanti DavisonGulf Coast Orioles OF195-10170R-RBAL: 1996-20-591
    Modesto De AzaGulf Coast Astros OF195-11150R-R-
    Andres De La CruzGulf Coast Yankees P186-4190R-R-
    Fernando De La CruzGulf Coast Red Sox P276-0175R-R-
    Francisco De la cruzGulf Coast Yankees P246-2175R-R-
    Eddy De Los SantosGulf Coast Astros SS236-2170R-R-
    Yurendell DeCasterGulf Coast Rays IF186-1210R-R-
    Ed DeckardGulf Coast Rays P206-5190R-R-
    Casey DegrooteGulf Coast Yankees 3B186-4185L-LNYA: 1998-11-337
    Wilmer DeJesusGulf Coast Expos C206-1190R-R-
    Juan DeLaCruzGulf Coast Pirates P186-4185R-R-
    Frank DeLaRosaGulf Coast Tigers OF176-0180R-R-
    Richard DenholmGulf Coast Twins P186-2180R-RMIN: 1998-36-1069
    Doug DentGulf Coast Braves P216-8210R-RATL: 1997-13-412
    Joe DepastinoGulf Coast Red Sox C246-2236R-RBOS: 1992-7-198
    Tony DerossoGulf Coast Red Sox IF226-3226R-RBOS: 1994-19-523
    Billy DiazGulf Coast Rangers P186-3180R-RTEX: 1997-8-257
    David DiazGulf Coast Pirates C176-3200R-RPIT: 1998-10-298
    Luis DiazGulf Coast Tigers P206-0160B-R-
    Patrick DicksonGulf Coast Rays P186-2200L-LTBA: 1998-13-402
    Robert DitoGulf Coast Expos C206-1195R-R-
    Ryan DittfurthGulf Coast Rangers P186-6200R-RTEX: 1998-5-143
    Luis DominguezGulf Coast Astros 3B186-0165R-R-
    Greg DonatoGulf Coast Braves OF176-0180R-RATL: 1998-12-371
    Brian DorrmannGulf Coast Yankees IF225-9165R-R-
    Ryan DouglassGulf Coast Royals P196-3210R-RKCA: 1997-13-391
    Greg DukemanGulf Coast Braves P196-8238R-RATL: 1997-56-1500
    Keith DunnGulf Coast Yankees P206-3200R-RNYA: 1997-30-919
    Ryan EarlGulf Coast Tigers P176-6175L-LDET: 1998-22-657
    Clay EavensonGulf Coast Yankees P206-3185R-RNYA: 1996-28-839
    Michael EdgeGulf Coast Expos OF196-0180R-RMON: 1997-22-676
    John EdwardsGulf Coast Twins C206-1185R-RMIN: 1998-8-229
    Rick ElderGulf Coast Orioles 1B186-6250L-LBAL: 1998-1-26
    Daniel ElorduyGulf Coast Braves 1B226-4220R-R-
    John EnnisGulf Coast Braves P186-5220R-RATL: 1998-14-431
    John EricksonGulf Coast Rays P196-1215R-R-
    Christopher ErwinGulf Coast Rangers 3B216-0195R-R-
    Jesus EscaloniaGulf Coast Orioles P175-11165R-R-
    Jose EspinalGulf Coast Twins P216-1185R-RMIN: 1998-16-469
    Andres EspinozaGulf Coast Expos OF196-2180R-R-
    Hersy FelixGulf Coast Royals C206-3180R-R-
    Ramon FereiraGulf Coast Astros P196-1165R-R-
    Frank FerrandGulf Coast Marlins OF185-10170L-L-
    Carlos FigueroaGulf Coast Rangers P186-1190L-LTEX: 1997-9-287
    Mark FischerGulf Coast Red Sox OF226-1205R-RBOS: 1997-1-35
    Sean FischerGulf Coast Orioles P206-1205L-L-
    Rick FlockGulf Coast Twins P206-3195R-R-
    Justin FoerterGulf Coast Marlins 1B196-2230L-RFLO: 1996-35-1034
    Joe FooteGulf Coast Twins P186-4203R-RMIN: 1997-47-1366
    David FowlerGulf Coast Yankees OF186-3190R-RNYA: 1998-8-247
    Scott FrawleyGulf Coast Braves OF206-1205R-RATL: 1996-36-1082
    Brad FrazierGulf Coast Twins P216-6220R-RMIN: 1998-20-589
    Eric FrenchGulf Coast Royals P226-3200R-R-
    Chris FreyGulf Coast Rangers P246-3210R-R-
    Andrew FriersonGulf Coast Expos P226-5250L-LMON: 1998-32-954
    Omar FuentesGulf Coast Yankees C186-1175R-R-
    Eddie GaillardGulf Coast Rays P276-1200R-RDET: 1993-13-361
    Bryon GaineyGulf Coast Mets 1B226-5220L-RNYN: 1994-3-64
    Luis GalarragaGulf Coast Marlins OF186-4191R-R-
    Jerome GambleGulf Coast Red Sox P186-2202R-RBOS: 1998-4-115
    Vianney GarabitoGulf Coast Yankees 3B186-2195R-R-
    Rich GarcesGulf Coast Red Sox P276-0215R-R-
    Manuel GarciaGulf Coast Red Sox C175-11175B-R-
    Rafael GarciaGulf Coast Royals P206-1190R-R-
    Rosman GarciaGulf Coast Yankees P196-2160R-R-
    Jeff GarffGulf Coast Rangers P226-4195R-RMIN: 1995-44-1220
    Cecilio GaribaldiGulf Coast Rays P206-2214R-R-
    Chris GeorgeGulf Coast Royals P186-1165L-LKCA: 1998-1-31
    Byron GettisGulf Coast Royals LF-RF186-0235R-R-
    Cody GetzGulf Coast Rays P196-8200L-LTBA: 1998-46-1372
    Jason GilfillanGulf Coast Royals P216-5220R-RKCA: 1997-12-361
    Eric GlaserGulf Coast Red Sox P206-6225R-RBOS: 1997-2-69
    Ho Bong GoGulf Coast Pirates P236-2180R-R-
    Rafael GomezGulf Coast Mets P206-1192R-R-
    Ricardo GomezGulf Coast Pirates P206-2165R-R-
    Rich GomezGulf Coast Tigers OF205-11190R-R-
    Felix GonzalezGulf Coast Expos OF185-11150R-R-
    Giovanni GonzalezGulf Coast Pirates P186-5235R-RPIT: 1998-9-268
    Eric GoodGulf Coast Expos P186-3180R-LMON: 1998-2-54
    David GoodwinGulf Coast Royals 1B236-1205R-R-
    Rick GoreckiGulf Coast Rays P246-3167R-RLAN: 1991-19-507
    Frank GrahamGulf Coast Mets P196-2180R-RNYN: 1998-19-574
    Tarik GrahamGulf Coast Royals OF185-11185R-LKCA: 1997-19-571
    Ryan GranthamGulf Coast Expos P186-4190R-RMON: 1998-10-294
    Richard GreenGulf Coast Orioles C196-2185R-RBAL: 1998-30-909
    Jeremy GrossGulf Coast Yankees C-OF225-10180R-R-
    Jason GuerreroGulf Coast Rays SS196-2175R-RTBA: 1997-15-474
    Julio GuerreroGulf Coast Red Sox OF176-3170R-R-
    Junior GuerreroGulf Coast Royals P206-2175R-R-
    Pedro GuerreroGulf Coast Rangers IF185-3160R-R-
    Daniel GuevaraGulf Coast Rays P206-2174L-L-
    Derrick GutierrezGulf Coast Orioles SS195-11188R-RBAL: 1998-12-369
    Fernando GutierrezGulf Coast Orioles P176-2210R-R-
    Yorkis GuzmanGulf Coast Mets C-OF196-0175R-R-
    Steve HackerGulf Coast Twins 1B236-5230R-RATL: 1995-14-393
    Jeff HaferGulf Coast Mets P236-1200R-RNYN: 1996-38-1128
    Phil HaiglerGulf Coast Twins P246-3217R-RMIN: 1996-25-727
    Chuck HamiltonGulf Coast Royals P196-4200R-RKCA: 1998-17-497
    Josh HancockGulf Coast Red Sox P206-3217R-RBOS: 1998-5-145
    Chris HaneyGulf Coast Royals P296-3210L-LMON: 1990-2-51
    Jason HardebeckGulf Coast Pirates P226-1175L-LPIT: 1997-16-482
    Veon HarrisGulf Coast Pirates P216-0175R-RPIT: 1998-39-1168
    Jeremy HartsGulf Coast Pirates OF186-1192B-LPIT: 1998-3-88
    Justin HazeltonGulf Coast Tigers OF196-2175R-RDET: 1996-10-281
    Bryan HebsonGulf Coast Expos P226-5210R-RMON: 1997-1-44
    Aaron HeeGulf Coast Mets P196-0198L-LNYN: 1998-50-1439
    Christian HeffernanGulf Coast Braves OF206-2193L-R-
    Ian HendricksGulf Coast Mets 3B216-0170R-R-
    Drew HensonGulf Coast Yankees 3B186-5222R-RNYA: 1998-3-97
    Jose HernandezGulf Coast Pirates C176-1204R-R-
    Luis HernandezGulf Coast Rays P206-1165L-L-
    Edgar HidalgoGulf Coast Rangers P186-1195R-R-
    Ryan HillGulf Coast Royals P196-4200R-RKCA: 1998-18-527
    Tim HillGulf Coast Rays P226-2220R-RTBA: 1996-63-1621
    Corey HochGulf Coast Orioles IF226-0190R-R-
    Norris HopperGulf Coast Royals OF195-10210R-RKCA: 1998-8-227
    Koji HoshinaGulf Coast Expos SS185-10165B-R-
    James HostetlerGulf Coast Tigers P216-7230R-RDET: 1998-20-597
    Marc HouleGulf Coast Orioles P206-5210R-RBAL: 1998-39-1179
    Brian HughesGulf Coast Orioles OF225-9180R-R-
    Todd HundleyGulf Coast Mets C295-11199B-RNYN: 1987-2-39
    David HunterGulf Coast Mets 1B186-5203L-LNYN: 1998-15-454
    Germaine HunterGulf Coast Red Sox P245-11175R-R-
    Brandon HuntsmanGulf Coast Orioles P226-4195R-RBAL: 1994-6-167
    Bill HurstGulf Coast Tigers P286-7220R-RSLN: 1989-20-510
    Chairon IseniaGulf Coast Rays C195-11216R-R-
    John JacobsGulf Coast Rays 3B186-1195R-RTBA: 1998-7-222
    Marty JanzenGulf Coast Yankees P256-3197R-R-
    David JeffersonGulf Coast Expos OF236-2190R-RFLO: 1993-13-379
    Reggie JeffersonGulf Coast Red Sox 1B-LF296-4215L-LCIN: 1986-3-72
    Carlos JimenezGulf Coast Tigers 2B185-11165R-R-
    Jonathan JimenezGulf Coast Rangers 3B196-0160R-R-
    Eric JohnsonGulf Coast Pirates OF236-0190R-R-
    Kareem JohnsonGulf Coast Twins OF176-1185R-RMIN: 1998-12-349
    Mike JohnstonGulf Coast Pirates P196-3196L-LPIT: 1998-20-598
    Rikki JohnstonGulf Coast Tigers P176-4180L-L-
    A.J. JonesGulf Coast Pirates OF196-3205R-RPIT: 1997-19-572
    Damien JonesGulf Coast Braves OF186-2200L-LATL: 1998-5-161
    Kenichiro KawabataGulf Coast Red Sox P196-2170B-L-
    Kyle KesselGulf Coast Mets P226-0160R-LNYN: 1994-60-1516
    Brooks KieschnickGulf Coast Rays P-LF266-4230L-RCHN: 1993-1-10
    Jae KimGulf Coast Red Sox P196-3182R-R-
    Cody KleinGulf Coast Yankees P196-2205L-LNYA: 1997-11-349
    Ed KlepackiGulf Coast Expos P206-5185R-R-
    Mike KnowlesGulf Coast Yankees P186-5215R-RNYA: 1997-3-109
    Chuck KooneGulf Coast Orioles OF226-0175B-RLAN: 1995-60-1531
    Jay KrystofolskiGulf Coast Mets P226-3190R-R-
    Dan LampleyGulf Coast Red Sox P226-5225R-R-
    Ryan LaneGulf Coast Twins SS236-1185R-RMIN: 1993-8-233
    Ryan LangerhansGulf Coast Braves OF186-3195L-LATL: 1998-3-101
    David LangstonGulf Coast Yankees P196-5215R-RNYA: 1997-23-709
    Balmes LaraGulf Coast Tigers OF206-3180R-R-
    Drew LarnedGulf Coast Red Sox C226-0190R-RBOS: 1998-23-685
    Jeff LarocheGulf Coast Marlins P206-3180L-LPIT: 1997-31-932
    Tommy LaRosaGulf Coast Twins P235-10180R-RMIN: 1996-6-157
    Dan LauterhahnGulf Coast Tigers 2B226-1175R-RDET: 1997-8-235
    Ryan LeddenGulf Coast Rays P206-4212R-RTBA: 1996-19-574
    Alexander LellessGulf Coast Braves P186-3195R-R-
    Alfredo LeonGulf Coast Orioles 3B186-0185R-R-
    Benjamin LevesqueGulf Coast Pirates P186-3187R-RPIT: 1998-13-388
    Frank LimaGulf Coast Tigers P196-2190R-R-
    Rodney LinaresGulf Coast Astros IF205-11180R-R-
    Cole LiniakGulf Coast Red Sox 3B216-1182R-RBOS: 1995-7-186
    Alberto LluberesGulf Coast Orioles P196-4179R-R-
    Carlos LopezGulf Coast Expos P186-2190R-R-
    Guillermo LopezGulf Coast Braves C196-1210R-R-
    Gustavo LopezGulf Coast Marlins P225-11194R-R-
    Jose LopezGulf Coast Mets 3B226-1175R-R-
    Radhames LopezGulf Coast Orioles 2B195-10170B-R-
    Aaron LoughGulf Coast Twins C216-4210R-RFLO: 1997-48-1386
    Chris LouwsmaGulf Coast Marlins SS196-3210R-RFLO: 1997-37-1116
    Farley LoveGulf Coast Astros P256-6200R-R-
    Felix LugoGulf Coast Expos 3B176-2200B-R-
    Roberto LugoGulf Coast Mets C186-3225L-LNYN: 1998-21-634
    Tony MackGulf Coast Orioles OF195-11200B-RBAL: 1998-21-639
    Scott MalinowskiGulf Coast Mets 2B216-2170L-R-
    Tony ManchaGulf Coast Royals P196-2200B-RKCA: 1997-14-421
    John MangieriGulf Coast Mets P216-2200R-RNYN: 1997-11-330
    David ManningGulf Coast Rangers P256-3215R-RTEX: 1992-3-90
    Frank MarcianteGulf Coast Rangers 1B196-3215B-RTEX: 1998-23-683
    Rafael MarichalGulf Coast Pirates P186-0170R-R-
    Willie MarinGulf Coast Rays P196-1165R-RTBA: 1996-93-1729
    Mike MarothGulf Coast Red Sox P206-0180L-LBOS: 1998-3-85
    Darwin MarreroGulf Coast Expos P176-1190R-R-
    Sam MarsonekGulf Coast Rangers P196-6225R-RTEX: 1996-1-24
    Brian MartinGulf Coast Rays OF186-2217L-RTBA: 1998-9-282
    Jeff MartinGulf Coast Pirates P216-0207R-RKCA: 1995-8-218
    Tommy MartinGulf Coast Orioles SS225-10175R-RBAL: 1997-40-1215
    Anastacio MartinezGulf Coast Red Sox P196-2180R-R-
    Lionel MartinezGulf Coast Braves P186-3165R-R-
    Obispo MartinezGulf Coast Expos P206-0176R-R-
    Tommy MarxGulf Coast Tigers P186-7200R-LDET: 1998-3-87
    Scott MassuccoGulf Coast Yankees C186-1190R-RNYA: 1998-27-817
    Jason MathysGulf Coast Yankees P226-4215R-R-
    Leonardo MayiGulf Coast Braves P186-0160L-L-
    Terry McCormickGulf Coast Rays P196-1175L-LTBA: 1997-18-564
    Ken McCorveyGulf Coast Twins OF196-2185R-R-
    Frankie McGillGulf Coast Rangers P186-1200R-RTEX: 1998-6-173
    Johnny McGinnisGulf Coast Braves P186-3208R-RATL: 1998-4-131
    Walt McKeelGulf Coast Red Sox C266-2200R-RBOS: 1990-3-91
    Josh McKinleyGulf Coast Expos C186-2205B-RMON: 1998-1-11
    Heath McKoinGulf Coast Rays P186-2185R-LTBA: 1997-37-1134
    Erik McLaughlinGulf Coast Braves OF196-5225R-R-
    David MedranoGulf Coast Rangers 3B195-11160R-R-
    Jesus MedranoGulf Coast Marlins 2B196-0185R-RFLO: 1997-11-336
    Juan MedranoGulf Coast Royals P196-3185R-R-
    Renato MejiaGulf Coast Marlins OF216-1190R-R-
    Nate MelsonGulf Coast Twins P196-6192R-RMIN: 1997-6-183
    David MendezGulf Coast Braves P186-2190L-LDET: 1998-40-1197
    Carlos MendozaGulf Coast Rays OF235-11160L-L-
    Alfredo MentoGulf Coast Mets OF206-1193R-R-
    Lou MerloniGulf Coast Red Sox 2B-3B275-10195R-RBOS: 1993-10-275
    Michael MesebergGulf Coast Rays OF196-5195L-RTBA: 1997-31-954
    Shaun MikkolaGulf Coast Mets P186-1190R-RNYN: 1997-33-990
    Aaron MillerGulf Coast Twins P216-3235R-LMIN: 1997-46-1347
    Greg MillerGulf Coast Red Sox P186-5215L-LBOS: 1997-5-161
    Josh MillerGulf Coast Pirates OF196-1215L-RPIT: 1998-22-658
    Pedro MinayaGulf Coast Marlins P206-4190R-R-
    Derek MixGulf Coast Red Sox P246-4195R-RSDN: 1993-8-226
    Francisco MonzonGulf Coast Orioles C186-0190R-RBAL: 1998-9-279
    Chang MoonGulf Coast Pirates P226-3194R-R-
    Frank MooreGulf Coast Rays 2B196-2206L-RTBA: 1998-23-702
    Griffin MooreGulf Coast Royals IF226-2195R-RCOL: 1994-53-1406
    Juan MorrobelGulf Coast Pirates P206-0180L-L-
    Marcus MoseleyGulf Coast Twins P176-3235R-RMIN: 1998-2-49
    Steve MosesGulf Coast Mets P186-1175R-R-
    Tom MottGulf Coast Twins P246-3217R-RMIN: 1994-4-99
    Alberto MundoGulf Coast Braves IF205-11150B-R-
    Marcos MunozGulf Coast Yankees P196-1215R-RCHA: 1996-30-887
    Brian MurphyGulf Coast Orioles P226-6200L-R-
    Manny NanitaGulf Coast Twins OF186-2190R-R-
    Mike NanniniGulf Coast Astros P175-11191R-RHOU: 1998-1-37
    Reggie NelsonGulf Coast Tigers SS195-10165R-RCLE: 1997-24-741
    Jeff NettlesGulf Coast Yankees IF196-0200R-RNYA: 1998-47-1389
    Shon NorrisGulf Coast Red Sox P216-2185R-RBOS: 1998-19-565
    Jason NortonGulf Coast Red Sox P226-3205R-RBOS: 1998-16-475
    Brian NowakowskiGulf Coast Twins P186-1175R-R-
    Cody NowlinGulf Coast Rangers OF186-3190L-RTEX: 1998-2-53
    Edward NunezGulf Coast Twins OF185-6145L-R-
    Jose NunezGulf Coast Mets P196-2165L-LARI: 1996-31-935
    Jose NunezGulf Coast Royals 3B215-10175R-R-
    Javier OchoaGulf Coast Astros P196-1170R-R-
    Augie OjedaGulf Coast Orioles SS235-8165B-RBAL: 1996-13-381
    Asdrubal OropezaGulf Coast Braves 3B176-2170R-R-
    Juan OrtizGulf Coast Expos OF195-10210R-RMON: 1998-9-264
    Jason OsbornGulf Coast Mets OF186-2187R-RNYN: 1998-26-784
    Isrrael OsorioGulf Coast Rays 1B176-2239R-R-
    Roy OswaltGulf Coast Astros P206-0170R-RHOU: 1996-23-684
    Ender OtanezGulf Coast Red Sox P176-2165R-R-
    Juan PachecoGulf Coast Orioles SS216-0170R-RBAL: 1997-22-675
    Juan PadillaGulf Coast Twins P216-0198R-RMIN: 1998-24-709
    Refugio PalaciosGulf Coast Mets P206-2195R-R-
    Chris ParkerGulf Coast Tigers C186-2185R-RDET: 1997-6-175
    Rick PaughGulf Coast Pirates P266-1202L-LPIT: 1994-45-1239
    Dave PaulinoGulf Coast Marlins 2B185-7135R-L-
    Waren PaulinoGulf Coast Yankees OF206-1160L-L-
    Rolando PazGulf Coast Orioles P196-2180R-R-
    Jason PearsonGulf Coast Marlins P226-0195L-L-
    Kervin PegueroGulf Coast Red Sox P186-2175L-L-
    Radhames PegueroGulf Coast Rays P196-0184R-R-
    Brice PelfreyGulf Coast Pirates SS186-2160R-RPIT: 1998-6-178
    Marc PellicciottaGulf Coast Astros 2B215-10180R-R-
    Carlos PenaGulf Coast Rangers 1B-DH206-2210L-LTEX: 1998-1-10
    Jose PenaGulf Coast Red Sox OF186-0182R-R-
    Rodolfo PenaGulf Coast Red Sox C196-0190R-R-
    Darrell PenderGulf Coast Tigers OF195-10170R-RDET: 1997-12-355
    Shaun PennaGulf Coast Red Sox 3B236-0180R-R-
    Carlos PereaGulf Coast Royals SS186-0178R-R-
    Carlos PerezGulf Coast Expos P276-3210L-LHOU: 1991-19-495
    Elvis PerezGulf Coast Braves P186-4160R-RCHA: 1996-25-737
    Randy PerezGulf Coast Orioles P186-1170L-LBAL: 1998-8-249
    Josh PerichGulf Coast Mets OF186-4215R-RNYN: 1998-11-334
    Herbert PerryGulf Coast Rays 3B-1B286-2220R-RCLE: 1991-2-57
    Carlos PichardoGulf Coast Royals P205-10145R-R-
    Chip PidgeonGulf Coast Mets P196-5250R-L-
    Isauro PinedaGulf Coast Red Sox P196-0195R-R-
    Jairo PinedaGulf Coast Astros P216-3185R-R-
    Joey PipesGulf Coast Astros P246-4220R-R-
    David PlayerGulf Coast Royals H225-11220L-L-
    Andy PrattGulf Coast Rangers P185-11160L-LTEX: 1998-9-263
    Todd PrattGulf Coast Mets C316-3230R-RBOS: 1985-6-153
    Josh PressleyGulf Coast Rays 1B186-6231L-RTBA: 1998-4-132
    Kevin PriceGulf Coast Rays P196-9180R-RTBA: 1997-13-414
    Jon PridieGulf Coast Twins P186-4223R-RMIN: 1998-11-319
    Jonathan PrietoGulf Coast Pirates 2B185-11175L-R-
    Mark ProctorGulf Coast Mets SS186-3180R-RNYN: 1997-16-480
    Gerard ProsperGulf Coast Mets OF205-11172L-L-
    Jason PruittGulf Coast Orioles P176-3197L-LBAL: 1998-16-489
    Robert QuarnstromGulf Coast Rangers P215-11200R-LMIN: 1994-30-827
    Marcus QuinonesGulf Coast Rangers SS226-1190B-RTEX: 1998-31-923
    Tim RainesGulf Coast Orioles OF185-10183B-RBAL: 1998-6-189
    Nick RainsGulf Coast Mets OF196-1170R-RNYN: 1997-19-570
    Kris RalstonGulf Coast Royals P266-2200R-RKCA: 1993-21-581
    Anthony RamirezGulf Coast Astros 3B176-1200L-RHOU: 1998-20-602
    Charlie RamirezGulf Coast Royals OF196-1175R-R-
    Edgar RamirezGulf Coast Rays SS186-2165R-R-
    Jose RamirezGulf Coast Tigers P226-1170L-L-
    Tuli RangelGulf Coast Yankees P226-3160R-R-
    Craig RatliffGulf Coast Orioles P206-7215R-RBAL: 1996-37-1101
    Manny RaveloGulf Coast Pirates 2B165-10159R-R-
    Josh RedingGulf Coast Expos IF216-3175R-RMON: 1997-3-106
    Brian ReedGulf Coast Marlins OF205-9170R-RFLO: 1997-6-186
    Justin ReisingerGulf Coast Yankees P186-2170R-RNYA: 1998-15-457
    Carlos ResendezGulf Coast Braves C215-11205R-R-
    Dadny ReyesGulf Coast Marlins IF195-10165B-R-
    Nicholas RhodesGulf Coast Rays C196-4200R-RTBA: 1997-43-1299
    Jeff RidenourGulf Coast Rangers P216-3190R-RTEX: 1997-21-647
    Ryan RidenourGulf Coast Yankees P216-6215L-LNYA: 1998-7-217
    Julio RivasGulf Coast Marlins C185-11185R-RFLO: 1998-40-1210
    Justo RivasGulf Coast Braves OF186-1175R-R-
    Homero RiveraGulf Coast Tigers P205-10160R-L-
    Juan RiveraGulf Coast Yankees OF196-2170R-R-
    Marquis RobertsGulf Coast Rays P185-11186L-LTBA: 1997-5-174
    Mike RobertsGulf Coast Rangers OF226-4220R-RATL: 1997-21-652
    Carlos RodriguezGulf Coast Red Sox OF216-1227R-RBOS: 1998-11-325
    Cristobal RodriguezGulf Coast Expos P196-4210R-R-
    Felix RodriguezGulf Coast Yankees C206-2200R-R-
    Jose RodriguezGulf Coast Rays P206-2199R-R-
    Junior RodriguezGulf Coast Yankees SS206-0175R-RNYA: 1996-43-1284
    Luis RodriguezGulf Coast Twins 2B185-9173B-R-
    Marino RodriguezGulf Coast Marlins P196-3200L-L-
    Ronny RodriguezGulf Coast Red Sox IF176-0168R-R-
    Steve RodriguezGulf Coast Tigers OF206-4210R-R-DET: 1997-32-955
    Tony RodriguezGulf Coast Yankees SS-3B275-11165R-RBOS: 1991-10-278
    Frances RojasGulf Coast Twins P196-0190L-L-
    Adam RollerGulf Coast Red Sox P206-3208R-RBOS: 1996-33-991
    Antwon RollinsGulf Coast Rangers OF186-1190R-RTEX: 1998-4-113
    Gabriel RondonGulf Coast Mets P206-1180R-R-
    Omar RosadoGulf Coast Expos 2B176-1170R-RMON: 1998-19-564
    Rafael RosarioGulf Coast Tigers P216-1170R-R-
    Reynaldo RosarioGulf Coast Tigers P216-4175R-R-
    Rodrigo RosarioGulf Coast Astros P206-2166R-R-
    Wilkin RuanGulf Coast Expos OF196-0170R-R-
    Brock RumfieldGulf Coast Orioles SS226-1185R-RLAN: 1995-55-1462
    Mike RussoGulf Coast Royals 1B206-2215L-LKCA: 1998-28-827
    Gregory RyanGulf Coast Rangers 1B206-0170L-LTEX: 1998-39-1163
    Jeremy RyanGulf Coast Astros P206-4195R-RHOU: 1998-12-362
    Kelvin RyanGulf Coast Rays OF196-1202R-R-
    Jon SafferGulf Coast Expos OF246-2200L-RMON: 1992-5-127
    Joel SajiunGulf Coast Twins OF206-3215R-RFLO: 1996-63-1616
    Ruben SalazarGulf Coast Twins IF205-10186R-R-
    Cody SamuelGulf Coast Yankees 1B246-1252R-RNYA: 1992-23-634
    Eric SandbergGulf Coast Twins 1B186-1215L-LMIN: 1998-25-739
    Francisco SaneauxGulf Coast Orioles P246-4170R-R-
    Alfredo SantanaGulf Coast Tigers P206-2180R-R-
    Emmanuel SantanaGulf Coast Royals C176-0185L-RKCA: 1998-12-347
    Pedro SantanaGulf Coast Yankees OF196-1190R-R-
    Angel SantosGulf Coast Red Sox 2B185-11185B-RBOS: 1997-4-131
    Jeremy SassanellaGulf Coast Tigers C196-1225B-RDET: 1997-19-565
    Pat SchmidtGulf Coast Braves P196-3185L-LATL: 1997-22-682
    Jon SchreinerGulf Coast Expos P216-7240R-R-
    Matt SchwagerGulf Coast Orioles P206-6222R-RBAL: 1997-34-1035
    Marvin SealeGulf Coast Mets OF196-0200B-RNYN: 1998-6-184
    Rolando SeguraGulf Coast Pirates 3B196-2180R-R-
    Javier SeinGulf Coast Yankees 1B196-4210L-RNYA: 1997-65-1564
    Jae-weong SeoGulf Coast Mets P216-1218R-R-
    Patrick SextonGulf Coast Mets P226-6200R-R-
    Paul SeybtGulf Coast Red Sox P226-0185R-R-
    James ShanksGulf Coast Royals OF196-0180R-RKCA: 1998-21-617
    Jeff SheffieldGulf Coast Yankees OF196-2200B-RNYA: 1998-12-367
    Alvie ShepherdGulf Coast Orioles P246-7220R-RBAL: 1995-1-21
    Drew ShieldsGulf Coast Marlins P196-4190R-RFLO: 1997-18-546
    Allen ShrumGulf Coast Twins C226-3210R-R-
    Jason ShuckGulf Coast Mets SS195-11165R-RNYN: 1997-30-900
    Derek ShumpertGulf Coast Yankees OF226-2185R-RNYA: 1993-10-281
    Jess SicilianoGulf Coast Pirates P216-2190R-RPIT: 1996-9-246
    Will SilverthornGulf Coast Red Sox P196-1190L-LBOS: 1998-8-235
    Peter SmetekGulf Coast Rays OF216-0200L-L-
    Eric SmithGulf Coast Pirates P186-1164R-R-
    Ryan SmithGulf Coast Mets C195-10195R-R-
    Toebius SmithGulf Coast Braves P186-0188R-R-
    Alex SolanoGulf Coast Red Sox P186-1197R-R-
    Francisco SolanoGulf Coast Royals 2B156-1165B-R-
    Ramon SolerGulf Coast Rays 2B206-0175B-R-
    Josh SopkinGulf Coast Royals P186-1190R-R-
    Joby SosaGulf Coast Yankees P196-2170R-R-
    Jovanny SosaGulf Coast Pirates OF186-2207R-R-
    Carl SouthGulf Coast Pirates P236-5200R-RLAN: 1993-24-662
    Deshawn SouthwardGulf Coast Twins OF205-11187R-RMIN: 1997-13-393
    Chris SpurlingGulf Coast Yankees P216-5228R-RNYA: 1997-41-1246
    Maxim St. PierreGulf Coast Tigers C186-0170R-RDET: 1997-26-775
    Derek StanfordGulf Coast Astros P196-2190R-RHOU: 1997-5-160
    Eric StantonGulf Coast Pirates 1B206-3215R-RPIT: 1998-43-1286
    Pat StengerGulf Coast Twins P196-6196R-RMIN: 1997-37-1113
    Nathanael StevensGulf Coast Twins SS195-10160B-RMIN: 1997-30-903
    Pat StrangeGulf Coast Mets P176-5247R-RNYN: 1998-2-64
    Rob StrattonGulf Coast Mets OF206-2250R-RNYN: 1996-1-13
    Tanyon SturtzeGulf Coast Rangers P276-5205R-ROAK: 1990-23-636
    Jeffrey SziksaiGulf Coast Yankees 2B236-2190R-RNYA: 1998-22-667
    Rafael TapiaGulf Coast Orioles P206-2160R-R-
    Matt TargacGulf Coast Braves P186-3210B-LATL: 1998-9-281
    Jose TaverasGulf Coast Royals OF215-11170R-R-
    Charles TerniGulf Coast Red Sox SS195-10170R-RBOS: 1997-13-401
    Rich TerwilligerGulf Coast Astros P196-3180R-RHOU: 1998-18-542
    Gaige ThomasGulf Coast Marlins P196-1200B-RFLO: 1997-30-906
    Emigdio TiburcioGulf Coast Tigers 2B175-10160B-R-
    Rashad TillisGulf Coast Royals OF216-2200B-RKCA: 1997-24-721
    Barry TolliGulf Coast Tigers OF186-2195R-RDET: 1998-8-237
    Eliot TomaszewskiGulf Coast Orioles P186-4190R-RBAL: 1998-11-339
    Elvin TorresGulf Coast Yankees P196-1168R-R-
    Franklin TorresGulf Coast Twins IF185-9180R-R-
    Frederick TorresGulf Coast Rangers C186-0160R-R-
    Luis TorresGulf Coast Braves IF185-10180B-R-
    Rommel TorresGulf Coast Pirates C196-1165R-R-
    Fernando TrinidadGulf Coast Orioles P186-2180R-R-
    Osamu TsujitaGulf Coast Rays 1B216-4190L-R-
    Mamon TuckerGulf Coast Orioles OF186-3189R-RBAL: 1998-1-39
    T.J. TuckerGulf Coast Expos P196-3245R-RMON: 1997-1-47
    Kyle TurnerGulf Coast Royals P196-2215L-LKCA: 1997-32-961
    Tyler TurnquistGulf Coast Astros IF-OF225-11190R-R-
    Torre TysonGulf Coast Red Sox OF225-10185B-R-
    Luis UguetoGulf Coast Marlins 2B-SS195-11170B-R-
    Ray UnderhillGulf Coast Twins P196-4185R-RMIN: 1997-18-543
    Ulmer UrbinaGulf Coast Expos P186-1180R-R-
    Juei UshiromatsuGulf Coast Mets P186-1165L-L-
    Angel ValdezGulf Coast Yankees OF206-2178R-R-
    Darlin ValdezGulf Coast Expos C186-1220R-R-
    Domingo ValdezGulf Coast Rangers P186-2220L-LTEX: 1998-16-473
    Etanislao VallejoGulf Coast Pirates P186-3185R-R-
    Tim Van ParenenGulf Coast Expos IF186-0160B-R-
    Eric VannGulf Coast Royals OF225-8210B-R-
    Claudio VargasGulf Coast Marlins P206-3217R-L-
    Alejandro VasquezGulf Coast Astros OF205-11190L-L-
    Carlos VazquezGulf Coast Rays 1B196-3190R-RTBA: 1997-12-384
    Jonathan VegaGulf Coast Astros OF196-3175R-R-
    Gil VelazquezGulf Coast Mets SS186-2170R-RNYN: 1998-14-424
    Luis VenalesGulf Coast Marlins C186-3176R-R-
    Jose VerasGulf Coast Rays P176-5230R-R-
    Marcel ViannaGulf Coast Braves P176-2175R-R-
    Bill VillanuevaGulf Coast Marlins P196-4190R-R-
    Mike WadeGulf Coast Orioles P226-5200R-RATL: 1999-19-594
    Javon WalkerGulf Coast Marlins OF196-3209R-RFLO: 1997-12-366
    Shon WalkerGulf Coast Pirates OF246-1180L-LPIT: 1992-1-33
    Jim WallaceGulf Coast Astros P226-4195R-RHOU: 1997-16-490
    Steven WalshGulf Coast Royals P206-6210R-RKCA: 1996-31-919
    Michael WalterGulf Coast Astros P236-1190R-RHOU: 1993-25-700
    Trevor WambackGulf Coast Expos P216-3205R-RMON: 1998-22-654
    Chris WarrenGulf Coast Red Sox OF216-3200R-R-
    Maurice WashingtonGulf Coast Pirates OF196-1203R-RPIT: 1997-4-122
    Tommy WatkinsGulf Coast Twins OF185-7185R-RMIN: 1998-38-1129
    Rob WeslowskiGulf Coast Mets P196-2180R-RNYN: 1997-7-210
    David WesolowskiGulf Coast Marlins P206-3185R-RFLO: 1996-15-434
    Michael WheelerGulf Coast Astros P206-1175R-RHOU: 1996-6-174
    Cory WhitbyGulf Coast Red Sox C225-8180L-R-
    James WhiteGulf Coast Pirates P186-2185R-RPIT: 1998-7-208
    Billy WhitecottonGulf Coast Orioles P176-3175R-RBAL: 1998-24-729
    Mike WhitemanGulf Coast Tigers P236-2185L-LDET: 1995-42-1162
    Jake WhitfieldGulf Coast Twins P226-2200L-LPIT: 1995-34-937
    Scott WigginsGulf Coast Yankees P226-3205L-LNYA: 1997-7-229
    Byron WilkersonGulf Coast Astros P216-3205R-RHOU: 1998-19-572
    Clyde WilliamsGulf Coast Expos 1B186-2180L-LMON: 1998-3-81
    Vance WilsonGulf Coast Mets C255-11190R-RNYN: 1993-44-1226
    Steve WojciechowskiGulf Coast Twins P276-2185L-LOAK: 1991-4-125
    Charles WrightGulf Coast Yankees OF216-0185L-R-
    Corey WrightGulf Coast Rangers OF185-11165L-LTEX: 1997-12-377
    Jason WrightGulf Coast Rays P226-4230R-RPIT: 1995-41-1133
    Ron WrightGulf Coast Pirates 1B226-1230R-RATL: 1994-7-203
    Michael YancyGulf Coast Mets OF195-11195R-RNYN: 1997-4-120
    Joshua YarnoGulf Coast Orioles P186-5205R-RBAL: 1998-5-159
    Junior ZamoraGulf Coast Mets 3B226-2190R-R-
    Juan ZapataGulf Coast Astros OF205-11160R-R-
    Winton ZapeyGulf Coast Marlins C185-11170R-R-
    Alex ZardisGulf Coast Mets 2B206-3190R-RNYN: 1998-29-874
    Julio ZorrillaGulf Coast Mets 2B235-9166B-R-

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