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1997 Eastern League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1997 Eastern League Awards
    Eastern League All-Star TeamBob Henley C, Kevin Millar 1B, Rudy Gomez 2B, Corey Koskie 3B, Alex Gonzalez SS, David Dellucci OF, Mark Kotsay OF, Derrick Gibson OF, Chan Perry DH, Lionel Hastings UT, Mike Saipe RHP, Steve Montgomery RHP, Jesus Sanchez LHP, Mike Vavrek LHP, Ben Fleetham RP
    Eastern League Most Valuable PlayerKevin Millar
    Eastern League Rookie of the YearMark Kotsay
    1997 Batting Leaders
    1Jesse Garcia141
    2Chris Kirgan139
    3Daniel Held138
    4Marlon Anderson137
    5Chris Ashby136
    6Johnny Isom135
    7Kevin Millar135
    8Mike Moriarty135
    9David Miller134
    10Ryan Jackson134
    At Bats
    1Marlon Anderson553
    2Daniel Held525
    3Johnny Isom518
    4Kevin Millar511
    5David Miller509
    6Chris Kirgan504
    7Ryan Jackson491
    8Aaron Fuller481
    9Dave Gibralter478
    10Chan Perry476
    1Mark Kotsay103
    2Kevin Millar94
    3Chris Ashby92
    4Derrick Gibson91
    5Corey Koskie88
    6Marlon Anderson88
    7Tom Wilson88
    8Aaron Fuller87
    9Doug Mientkiewicz87
    10Ryan Jackson87
    1Kevin Millar175
    2David Miller153
    3Ryan Jackson153
    4Chan Perry150
    5Marlon Anderson147
    6Derrick Gibson146
    7Brian Buchanan145
    8Daniel Held143
    9Johnny Isom142
    10John Roskos139
    1Chan Perry34
    2Kevin Millar34
    3Kurt Bierek32
    4Daniel Held31
    5John Roskos31
    6David Dellucci29
    7Johnny Isom29
    8Doug Mientkiewicz28
    9Ryan Jackson28
    10David Miller27
    1David Miller9
    2Michael Coleman8
    3Rudy Gomez7
    4Aaron Fuller6
    5Corey Koskie6
    6Marlon Anderson6
    7Randy Winn6
    8Aaron Royster5
    9Gabby Martinez5
    10Jim Betzsold5
    Home Runs
    1Matt Raleigh37
    2Kevin Millar32
    3Tate Seefried29
    4Israel Alcantara27
    5Daniel Held26
    6Ryan Jackson26
    7Chris Ashby24
    8John Roskos24
    9Corey Koskie23
    10Derrick Gibson23
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Kevin Millar131
    2Ryan Jackson98
    3Chan Perry96
    4Johnny Isom91
    5Daniel Held86
    6Dave Gibralter86
    7John Roskos84
    8Chris Ashby82
    9Tom Wilson80
    10Corey Koskie79
    Stolen Bases
    1Aaron Fuller40
    2Randy Winn35
    3Hiram Bocachica29
    4Marlon Anderson27
    5Larry Huff24
    6Scott Hunter24
    7David Miller22
    8Doug Mientkiewicz21
    9Gabby Martinez21
    10Derrick Gibson20
    Caught Stealing
    1Randy Winn20
    2Chris Sexton16
    3Aaron Fuller15
    4Marlon Anderson15
    5Derrick Gibson13
    6Scott Pagano13
    7Carlos Mendoza12
    8Hiram Bocachica12
    9David Miller11
    10Chip Glass10
    1Doug Mientkiewicz98
    2Aaron Fuller95
    3Corey Koskie90
    4Tom Wilson86
    5Chris Ashby80
    6Matt Raleigh79
    7Mark Kotsay75
    8Todd Betts73
    9Kevin Millar66
    10Chris Sexton62
    1Matt Raleigh169
    2Josh Booty166
    3Chris Kirgan141
    4Tom Wilson126
    5Johnny Isom121
    6Jim Betzsold119
    7Daniel Held116
    8Corey Koskie106
    9Mel Rosario106
    10Aaron Royster104
    Hit by Pitch
    1Daniel Held18
    2Trace Coquillette14
    3Hiram Bocachica13
    4Lou Merloni12
    5Mike Neal12
    6Brian Buchanan11
    7Johnny Isom11
    8Blake Barthol10
    9Derrick Gibson10
    10Jim Betzsold10
    Intentional Walks
    1Corey Koskie10
    2Tate Seefried10
    3Kevin Millar9
    4Steve Carver9
    5Todd Betts8
    6Derrick Gibson7
    7Jamie Taylor7
    8Matt Raleigh6
    9Alex Gonzalez5
    10Brad Fullmer5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Jesse Garcia24
    2Gavin Jackson12
    3Blake Barthol11
    4Chris Sexton11
    5Link Jarrett11
    6Ed Bady10
    7Gabby Martinez10
    8Guillermo Mercedes10
    9Mike Moriarty10
    10Victor Rodriguez10
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Kevin Millar7
    2Ryan Lane7
    3Brian Buchanan6
    4Chan Perry6
    5J.J. Johnson6
    6Javier Valentin6
    7Jesus Campos6
    8John Roskos6
    9Kevin Curtis6
    10Chris Tremie5
    Ground into Double Plays
    1John Roskos17
    2Mike Moyle17
    3Mark Kotsay16
    4Bryan Bogle15
    5Keith LeGree15
    6Victor Rodriguez15
    7Chan Perry14
    8Chris Ashby14
    9Daniel Held14
    10Chris Kirgan13
    Total Bases
    1Kevin Millar309
    2Ryan Jackson267
    3Daniel Held260
    4Chan Perry248
    5John Roskos244
    6Derrick Gibson243
    7Johnny Isom239
    8Corey Koskie232
    9Mark Kotsay225
    10David Dellucci221
    Plate Appearances
    1Marlon Anderson615
    2Kevin Millar594
    3Aaron Fuller589
    4Daniel Held589
    5Doug Mientkiewicz579
    6Johnny Isom579
    7Chris Kirgan569
    8David Miller569
    9Chris Ashby546
    10Ryan Jackson546
    Batting Average
    1Lionel Hastings.344
    2Mike Lowell.344
    3Kevin Millar.342
    4David Lamb.331
    5David Dellucci.327
    6Jamie Taylor.325
    7Gabby Martinez.321
    8Derrick Gibson.317
    9Chan Perry.315
    10Tate Seefried.313
    On-Base Percentage
    1Mike Lowell.439
    2Lionel Hastings.426
    3Kevin Millar.423
    4David Dellucci.421
    5Tom Wilson.416
    6Corey Koskie.414
    7David Lamb.408
    8Mark Kotsay.405
    9Rudy Gomez.405
    10Tate Seefried.405
    Slugging Percentage
    1Tate Seefried.621
    2Kevin Millar.605
    3Israel Alcantara.595
    4David Dellucci.574
    5Mike Lowell.561
    6Brad Fullmer.549
    7Ryan Jackson.544
    8John Roskos.541
    9Corey Koskie.531
    10Derrick Gibson.527
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Kevin Millar1028
    2Tate Seefried1026
    3Mike Lowell1000
    4David Dellucci995
    5Lionel Hastings953
    6Corey Koskie945
    7Israel Alcantara943
    8Tom Wilson932
    9Ryan Jackson924
    10Brad Fullmer921
    1Chris Sexton1.676
    2Mike Lowell1.600
    3Doug Mientkiewicz1.463
    4Gavin Jackson1.333
    5Kevin Millar1.245
    6Brad Fullmer1.200
    7Mark Kotsay1.154
    8Aaron Fuller1.131
    9Jesus Azuaje1.071
    10David Lamb0.971
    1997 Pitching Leaders
    1Jesus Sanchez13
    2Brian Barkley12
    3Jim Farrell12
    4Mike Vavrek12
    5Hector Mercado11
    6Jason Bell11
    7Trey Moore11
    8Alvie Shepherd10
    9Arnie Gooch10
    10Benj Sampson10
    1Arnie Gooch12
    2Tony Costa12
    3Gregg Press11
    4Jay Yennaco11
    5Nelson Figueroa11
    6Paul Morse11
    7Rich Hunter11
    8Dan Perkins10
    9Jesus Sanchez10
    10Kats Maeda10
    1Matt Snyder67
    2Robert Dodd63
    3Jason Bullard61
    4Richard Turrentine61
    5Keith Troutman57
    6Larry Mitchell57
    7Jay Tessmer55
    8Joe Barbao52
    9Ben Fleetham49
    10Thomas Gourdin49
    Games Started
    1Brian Barkley29
    2Brian Meadows29
    3Mark Brownson29
    4Jason Bell28
    5Rich Hunter28
    6Tony Costa28
    7Arnie Gooch27
    8Trey Moore27
    9Jesus Sanchez26
    10Jim Farrell26
    Complete Games
    1Maximo De la rosa5
    2Arnie Gooch4
    3Brian Barkley4
    4Brian Meadows4
    5Mike Saipe4
    6Jason Bell3
    7Jesus Sanchez3
    8Mike Matthews3
    9Trevor Cobb3
    10Dan Perkins2
    1Mike Saipe2
    2Trey Moore2
    3Arnie Gooch1
    4Hector Mercado1
    5Jason Bell1
    6Jason Rakers1
    7Kats Maeda1
    8Kevin Lomon1
    9Mike Matthews1
    10Neil Weber1
    Games Finished
    1Jay Tessmer49
    2Ben Fleetham46
    3Matt Snyder45
    4Richard Turrentine45
    5Ryan Brannan41
    6Thomas Gourdin40
    7Chris Macca32
    8Heath Bost32
    9Joe Jacobsen29
    10Brad Tweedlie26
    1Ben Fleetham30
    2Heath Bost20
    3Ryan Brannan20
    4Matt Snyder19
    5Mike Duvall18
    6Jay Tessmer17
    7Thomas Gourdin15
    8Richard Turrentine13
    9Fred Rath12
    10Joe Jacobsen11
    Innings Pitched
    1Mark Brownson184.2
    2Brian Barkley178.2
    3Brian Meadows175.2
    4Jesus Sanchez165.1
    5Tony Costa165
    6Jason Bell164.2
    7Rich Hunter163
    8Jim Farrell162.2
    9Trey Moore162.2
    10Arnie Gooch161
    1Brian Barkley208
    2Brian Meadows204
    3Rich Hunter191
    4Arnie Gooch179
    5Gregg Press178
    6Tony Costa174
    7Jim Farrell173
    8Mark Brownson172
    9Jason Bell163
    10Dan Perkins158
    1Brian Barkley113
    2Tony Costa111
    3Arnie Gooch106
    4Gregg Press101
    5Mark Brownson101
    6Rich Hunter100
    7Brian Meadows99
    8Daron Kirkreit96
    9Dan Perkins94
    10Jim Farrell93
    Earned Runs
    1Brian Barkley98
    2Tony Costa96
    3Arnie Gooch91
    4Brian Meadows90
    5Jay Yennaco86
    6Mark Brownson86
    7Rich Hunter85
    8Gregg Press80
    9Dan Perkins79
    10Jesus Sanchez79
    Home Runs
    1Jesus Sanchez25
    2Jim Farrell24
    3Mark Brownson24
    4Tony Costa24
    5Brian Meadows23
    6Silvio Censale21
    7Julio Moreno20
    8Rich Hunter20
    9Alvie Shepherd19
    10Gregg Press19
    1Brian Barkley79
    2Arnie Gooch76
    3Tony Costa72
    4Paul Morse70
    5Daron Kirkreit69
    6Nelson Figueroa68
    7Jared Fernandez66
    8Trey Moore66
    9Jason Bell64
    10Jason Boyd64
    1Jesus Sanchez176
    2Mark Brownson170
    3Joel Bennett146
    4Jason Bell142
    5Trey Moore137
    6Steve Montgomery127
    7Hector Mercado125
    8Mike Saipe123
    9Brian Barkley121
    10Neil Weber121
    Wild Pitches
    1Gregory Resz17
    2Richard Turrentine17
    3Hector Mercado16
    4Thomas Gourdin16
    5Jared Fernandez14
    6Jason Bell13
    7Arnie Gooch12
    8Trevor Cobb12
    9Gregg Press11
    10Jim Farrell11
    1Eric Milton4
    2Maximo De la rosa4
    3Mike Matthews4
    4Rocco Cafaro4
    5Jesus Sanchez3
    6Julio Moreno3
    7Luther Hackman3
    8Pete Munro3
    9Sean Fesh3
    10Benj Sampson2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Mike Vavrek2.56
    2Mike Saipe3.09
    3Steve Montgomery3.11
    4Joel Bennett3.19
    5Kevin Lomon3.21
    6Jason Bell3.38
    7Keith Troutman3.79
    8Mike Thurman3.80
    9Julio Moreno3.82
    10Mike Matthews3.82
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Mike Vavrek1.04
    2Joel Bennett1.14
    3Mike Saipe1.14
    4Mike Thurman1.14
    5Keith Troutman1.20
    6Mark Brownson1.23
    7Steve Montgomery1.24
    8Jesus Sanchez1.25
    9Neil Weber1.27
    10Kevin Lomon1.34
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Mike Vavrek6.88
    2Joel Bennett7.09
    3Silvio Censale7.40
    4Neil Weber7.41
    5Steve Montgomery7.68
    6Keith Troutman7.91
    7Mike Thurman7.91
    8Jesus Sanchez7.96
    9Kevin Lomon8.14
    10Alvie Shepherd8.32
    HR per 9 IP
    1Kevin Lomon0.39
    2Mike Vavrek0.51
    3Jay Yennaco0.59
    4Arnie Gooch0.67
    5Hector Mercado0.69
    6Trey Moore0.83
    7Nelson Figueroa0.88
    8Jared Fernandez0.89
    9Brian Barkley0.91
    10Benj Sampson0.92
    BB per 9 IP
    1Mike Saipe1.91
    2Mike Thurman2.33
    3Brian Meadows2.45
    4Mike Vavrek2.49
    5Gregg Press2.54
    6Mark Brownson2.68
    7Keith Troutman2.86
    8Jim Farrell3.15
    9Joel Bennett3.19
    10Dan Perkins3.29
    SO per 9 IP
    1Neil Weber9.64
    2Jesus Sanchez9.60
    3Kevin Lomon9.16
    4Keith Troutman8.66
    5Hector Mercado8.65
    6Silvio Censale8.58
    7Pete Munro8.46
    8Steve Montgomery8.40
    9Mark Brownson8.27
    10Mike Saipe8.08
    1Mike Saipe4.241
    2Joel Bennett3.650
    3Mark Brownson3.091
    4Keith Troutman3.029
    5Mike Vavrek2.971
    6Jesus Sanchez2.885
    7Mike Thurman2.833
    8Steve Montgomery2.442
    9Brian Meadows2.396
    10Neil Weber2.373

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