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1997 California League (A+)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1997 California League Awards
    California League All-Star TeamRamon Hernandez C, Travis Lee 1B, Mike Metcalfe 2B, Eric Chavez 3B, Mike Caruso SS, Mike Stoner OF, Justin Bowles OF, Mike Glendenning OF, Mike Darr OF, Stanton Cameron OF, Jim Sak RP, Michael Fieldbinder RHP, Matt Clement RHP, Ted Lilly LHP
    California League Manager of the YearChris Speier
    California League Most Valuable PlayerMike Stoner
    California League Pitcher of the YearTed Lilly
    California League Rookie of the YearMike Stoner
    1997 Batting Leaders
    1Damon Minor140
    2Stanton Cameron139
    3Bo Durkac137
    4Junior Spivey136
    5Mike Stoner136
    6Pedro Felix135
    7Tim Garland135
    8Eric Chavez134
    9Joe Mathis134
    10Justin Baughman134
    At Bats
    1Tim Garland577
    2Mike Stoner567
    3Norm Hutchins564
    4Joe Mathis562
    5Damon Minor532
    6Mike Darr521
    7Eric Chavez520
    8Mike Metcalfe519
    9Pedro Felix515
    10Stanton Cameron514
    1Mike Stoner115
    2Tim Garland106
    3Mike Darr104
    4Stanton Cameron103
    5Damon Minor98
    6Mike Glendenning95
    7Joe Mathis94
    8Rolo Avila94
    9Jason Goligoski92
    10Jose Ortiz92
    1Mike Stoner203
    2Mike Darr179
    3Todd Wilson173
    4Tim Garland172
    5Norm Hutchins163
    6Joe Mathis159
    7Damon Minor154
    8Mike Mitchell154
    9Stanton Cameron154
    10Mike Caruso147
    1Mike Stoner44
    2T.R. Marcinczyk41
    3Cliff Anderson40
    4Justin Bowles39
    5Mike Mitchell36
    6Todd Wilson35
    7Damon Minor34
    8Murph Proctor33
    9Larry Barnes32
    10Mike Darr32
    1Joe Mathis15
    2Chad Green14
    3Tony Mota13
    4Garry Maddox12
    5Norm Hutchins12
    6Tarrik Brock12
    7Mike Caruso11
    8Mike Darr11
    9Justin Bowles9
    10Mario Encarnacion9
    Home Runs
    1Mike Glendenning33
    2Mike Stoner33
    3Stanton Cameron33
    4Damon Minor31
    5James Clifford25
    6T.R. Marcinczyk23
    7Jason Regan22
    8Cliff Anderson21
    9A.J. Hinch20
    10Juan Dilone19
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Mike Stoner142
    2Stanton Cameron113
    3Mike Mitchell106
    4Eric Chavez100
    5Mike Glendenning100
    6Damon Minor99
    7Mike Darr94
    8T.R. Marcinczyk91
    9Todd Wilson88
    10Ramon Hernandez85
    Stolen Bases
    1Justin Baughman68
    2Mike Metcalfe67
    3Tim Garland65
    4Rolo Avila52
    5Trent Durrington52
    6Joe Espada46
    7Tarrik Brock40
    8Norm Hutchins39
    9Chad Green37
    10Jose Soriano28
    Caught Stealing
    1Mike Metcalfe32
    2Rolo Avila24
    3Trent Durrington18
    4Joe Espada17
    5Norm Hutchins17
    6Chad Green16
    7Joe Mathis16
    8Mike Caruso16
    9Justin Baughman15
    10Tim Garland15
    1Stanton Cameron93
    2Damon Minor87
    3Don Denbow86
    4Jeff DaVanon81
    5Tarrik Brock78
    6Jason Goligoski76
    7Joe Espada72
    8T.R. Marcinczyk71
    9Ryan Christenson70
    10Junior Spivey69
    1Jon VanderGriend153
    2Jermaine Swinton152
    3Mike Glendenning150
    4Norm Hutchins147
    5Damon Minor143
    6Chad Green138
    7Don Denbow138
    8Cliff Anderson137
    9Stanton Cameron127
    10Shawn Buhner126
    Hit by Pitch
    1Toby Kominek24
    2James Clifford22
    3Cliff Anderson20
    4Cody McKay16
    5Chris Van Rossum15
    6Tim Garland14
    7Justin Baughman13
    8Yuni Kim13
    9A.J. Hinch11
    10John Powers11
    Intentional Walks
    1Damon Minor8
    2Travis Lee6
    3Mark Gulseth5
    4T.R. Marcinczyk5
    5Angel Pena4
    6Chris Unrat4
    7James Clifford4
    8Kevin Barker4
    9Larry Barnes4
    10Miguel Correa4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Ben Reynoso18
    2Trent Durrington17
    3Chad Green11
    4Jack Jones11
    5Jose Castro11
    6Justin Baughman11
    7Paul Failla11
    8Jeff DaVanon10
    9Jose Alguacil10
    10Anthony Iapoce9
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Mike Stoner11
    2Stanton Cameron9
    3Ramon Hernandez8
    4Ron Hartman8
    5Cliff Anderson7
    6Greg Shockey7
    7Jose Soriano7
    8Luis Molina7
    9Mike Glendenning7
    10Rolo Avila7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Todd Wilson23
    2Eric Chavez20
    3Mike Darr19
    4Mike Stoner17
    5Mike Glendenning15
    6Pedro Felix15
    7Miguel Rodriguez13
    8Stanton Cameron13
    9Ben Davis11
    10Derek Wachter11
    Total Bases
    1Mike Stoner356
    2Stanton Cameron290
    3Damon Minor283
    4Mike Darr278
    5Norm Hutchins263
    6Joe Mathis259
    7Mike Glendenning256
    8Mike Mitchell243
    9T.R. Marcinczyk242
    10Cliff Anderson238
    Plate Appearances
    1Tim Garland631
    2Damon Minor629
    3Stanton Cameron623
    4Mike Stoner618
    5Joe Mathis615
    6Norm Hutchins604
    7Rolo Avila589
    8Mike Darr587
    9Mike Metcalfe585
    10Bo Durkac578
    Batting Average
    1Ramon Hernandez.361
    2Mike Stoner.358
    3Mike Mitchell.350
    4Todd Wilson.345
    5Mike Darr.344
    6Carlos Villalobos.341
    7Greg Shockey.339
    8Chris Dean.335
    9Mike Caruso.333
    10Justin Bowles.327
    On-Base Percentage
    1Carlos Villalobos.463
    2Chris Dean.436
    3Bobby Bonds.427
    4Ramon Hernandez.427
    5Ryan Christenson.425
    6Gary Matthews.416
    7Justin Bowles.413
    8Mike Darr.409
    9Stanton Cameron.408
    10Murph Proctor.407
    Slugging Percentage
    1Mike Stoner.628
    2Jason Regan.627
    3A.J. Hinch.583
    4Ramon Hernandez.572
    5Stanton Cameron.564
    6Mike Mitchell.552
    7Chris Dean.551
    8Carlos Villalobos.541
    9Mario Encarnacion.541
    10Greg Shockey.534
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Jason Regan1026
    2Mike Stoner1020
    3Carlos Villalobos1004
    4Ramon Hernandez999
    5Chris Dean987
    6A.J. Hinch983
    7Stanton Cameron972
    8Ryan Christenson954
    9Mike Mitchell953
    10Mike Darr943
    1Mike Caruso2.000
    2Carlos Villalobos1.429
    3Joe Espada1.043
    4Rolo Avila1.000
    5Murph Proctor0.985
    6Rick Prieto0.978
    7Ryan Christenson0.972
    8Mark Gulseth0.939
    9Bo Durkac0.900
    10Bobby Bonds0.873
    1997 Pitching Leaders
    1J.J. Pearsall14
    2Jeff Sobkoviak14
    3Eric Newman13
    4Jason Grote12
    5Aaron Scheffer11
    6Brett Laxton11
    7Erik Sabel11
    8Michael Fieldbinder11
    9Todd Abbott11
    10Flint Wallace10
    1Matt Wells12
    2Erik Sabel11
    3J.J. Pearsall11
    4Jason Stephens11
    5Josh Deakman11
    6Keith Davis10
    7Michael Pasqualicchio10
    8Todd Abbott10
    9Bill Malloy9
    10Jason Brester9
    1Mick Pageler61
    2Jim Sak57
    3Michael McMullen56
    4Brian Hommel55
    5Jason Hill54
    6Juan Perez53
    7Dave Tuttle50
    8Jim Stoops50
    9Brian Knoll49
    10Chris Michalak49
    Games Started
    1Bill Malloy29
    2J.J. Pearsall28
    3Jeff Sobkoviak28
    4Ray Noriega28
    5Vladimir Nunez28
    6Jake O'Dell27
    7Kevin Pincavitch27
    8Jason Brester26
    9Damaso Marte25
    10Jason Grote25
    Complete Games
    1Michael Fieldbinder4
    2Scott Rivette3
    3Damaso Marte2
    4Kelly Wunsch2
    5Matt Clement2
    6Ted Lilly2
    7Benito Baez1
    8Brian Cooper1
    9Brian Passini1
    10Bubba Hardwick1
    1Kelly Wunsch2
    2Bubba Hardwick1
    3Damaso Marte1
    4Jake O'Dell1
    5Ken Vining1
    6Lorenzo Barcelo1
    7Matt Clement1
    8Michael Fieldbinder1
    9Stevenson Agosto1
    10Ted Lilly1
    Games Finished
    1Mick Pageler53
    2Jim Sak50
    3Dave Tuttle42
    4Santos Hernandez39
    5Jason Hill37
    6Kevin Gunther35
    7Todd Weinberg35
    8Brian Hommel34
    9Jeff Kubenka32
    10Sean Spencer32
    1Mick Pageler29
    2Jim Sak27
    3Todd Weinberg20
    4Dave Tuttle19
    5Greg Mullins19
    6Jeff Kubenka19
    7Sean Spencer18
    8Kevin Gunther17
    9Jason Hill15
    10Santos Hernandez15
    Innings Pitched
    1Bill Malloy167.1
    2Josh Deakman165
    3J.J. Pearsall160.2
    4Jeff Sobkoviak160
    5Vladimir Nunez158.1
    6Jason Grote156.1
    7Ray Noriega156
    8Jake O'Dell150.2
    9Erik Sabel143.2
    10Matt Wells143.2
    1Bill Malloy184
    2Josh Deakman182
    3Erik Sabel174
    4Vladimir Nunez169
    5Jeff Sobkoviak167
    6Jason Brester164
    7Kevin Mlodik164
    8Ray Noriega161
    9Jake O'Dell159
    10Jason Grote156
    1Kevin Pincavitch128
    2Josh Deakman107
    3Bill Malloy106
    4Vladimir Nunez102
    5Erik Sabel101
    6Ray Noriega101
    7Todd Abbott100
    8Julian Leyva99
    9Keith Davis92
    10J.J. Pearsall91
    Earned Runs
    1Kevin Pincavitch102
    2Vladimir Nunez91
    3Bill Malloy89
    4Josh Deakman87
    5Erik Sabel85
    6J.J. Pearsall81
    7Stevenson Agosto81
    8Keith Davis80
    9Todd Abbott80
    10Kevin Mlodik78
    Home Runs
    1Vladimir Nunez36
    2Stevenson Agosto23
    3Erik Sabel21
    4Julian Leyva21
    5Kevin Pincavitch18
    6Wagner Arias18
    7Aaron Scheffer17
    8Jake O'Dell17
    9Jason Bond17
    10Josh Deakman17
    1Kevin Pincavitch112
    2J.J. Pearsall93
    3Bill Malloy83
    4Matt Wells81
    5Kevin Gregg74
    6Eric Newman73
    7Tom Bennett73
    8Ray Noriega69
    9Keith Davis65
    10Wagner Arias64
    1Jason Brester172
    2Ted Lilly158
    3Ken Vining142
    4Vladimir Nunez142
    5Eric Newman141
    6Kevin Gregg136
    7Kevin Pincavitch130
    8Damaso Marte127
    9Jason Robbins127
    10Bill Malloy124
    Wild Pitches
    1Kevin Gregg28
    2Kevin Pincavitch27
    3Bill Malloy23
    4Tom Bennett16
    5Brandon Leese15
    6Jason Grote15
    7Brett Laxton14
    8Steven Hoff13
    9Eric Morgan12
    10Eric Newman12
    1Manny Bermudez8
    2Jason Brester7
    3Luis Estrella6
    4Ted Lilly5
    5Damaso Marte4
    6Brian Kern3
    7Casey Deskins3
    8Chad Harville3
    9Denny Bonilla3
    10Eric DuBose3
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Ted Lilly2.80
    2Michael Fieldbinder2.83
    3Brett Laxton2.98
    4Brandon Leese3.05
    5Jeff Williams3.10
    6Jason Grote3.46
    7Kelly Wunsch3.46
    8Brian Cooper3.54
    9Scott Rivette3.57
    10Jason Bond3.76
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Ted Lilly1.10
    2Jeff Williams1.16
    3Brian Cooper1.18
    4Michael Fieldbinder1.25
    5Jeff Sobkoviak1.28
    6Brandon Leese1.29
    7Jason Robbins1.30
    8Jason Bond1.31
    9Vladimir Nunez1.32
    10Julian Leyva1.34
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Eric Newman7.55
    2Ted Lilly7.73
    3Jeff Williams7.84
    4Brandon Leese7.96
    5Jason Bond8.10
    6J.J. Pearsall8.11
    7Brian Cooper8.54
    8Jason Robbins8.79
    9Kelly Wunsch8.87
    10Michael Fieldbinder8.87
    HR per 9 IP
    1Jason Brester0.25
    2Brett Laxton0.45
    3Brian Cooper0.54
    4Michael Fieldbinder0.57
    5Bill Malloy0.59
    6Ken Vining0.59
    7Ted Lilly0.60
    8Jeff Williams0.62
    9Jason Grote0.63
    10Kevin Gregg0.63
    BB per 9 IP
    1Brian Cooper2.08
    2Jeff Sobkoviak2.08
    3Ted Lilly2.13
    4Scott Rivette2.21
    5Vladimir Nunez2.28
    6Josh Deakman2.29
    7Michael Fieldbinder2.39
    8Julian Leyva2.46
    9Erik Sabel2.50
    10Jeff Williams2.64
    SO per 9 IP
    1Ken Vining9.33
    2Robbie Crabtree9.32
    3Tom Bennett9.32
    4Jason Robbins8.93
    5Kevin Pincavitch8.67
    6Damaso Marte8.22
    7Vladimir Nunez8.09
    8Brian Cooper8.00
    9Brandon Leese7.96
    10Brett Laxton7.83
    1Ted Lilly4.938
    2Brian Cooper3.852
    3Vladimir Nunez3.550
    4Jason Brester3.308
    5Scott Rivette3.097
    6Jason Robbins3.024
    7Jason Bond2.733
    8Jeff Sobkoviak2.730
    9Jake O'Dell2.489
    10Brett Laxton2.420

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