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1996 International League (AAA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1996 International League Awards
    International League All-Star TeamJorge Posada C, Ivan Cruz 1B, Jason Hardtke 2B, Phil Hiatt 3B, Clay Bellinger SS, Billy McMillon OF, Phil Clark OF, Rudy Pemberton OF, Jerry Brooks DH, Mike Fyhrie SP, Derek Wallace RP
    International League Manager of the Year- -
    International League Most Valuable PlayerPhil Hiatt
    International League Most Valuable PitcherMike Fyhrie
    International League Rookie of the YearBilly McMillon
    1996 Batting Leaders
    1Phil Hiatt142
    2Jerry Brooks136
    3Ryan McGuire134
    4Matt Franco133
    5Bubba Carpenter132
    6Joe Hall131
    7Scott McClain131
    8Shawn Gilbert131
    9Ivan Cruz130
    10Gary Thurman127
    At Bats
    1Phil Hiatt555
    2Matt Franco508
    3Shawn Gilbert493
    4Joe Hall479
    5Bubba Carpenter466
    6Jerry Brooks466
    7Miguel Cairo465
    8Scott McClain463
    9Clay Bellinger459
    10Chris Martin451
    1Phil Hiatt99
    2Joe Hall96
    3Ivan Cruz84
    4Gary Thurman81
    5Ricky Ledee79
    6Alan Zinter78
    7Dwayne Hosey77
    8Rudy Pemberton77
    9Shannon Stewart77
    10Jorge Posada76
    1Matt Franco164
    2Phil Hiatt145
    3Clay Bellinger138
    4Joe Hall138
    5Jerry Brooks134
    6Scott McClain130
    7Miguel Cairo129
    8Rudy Pemberton129
    9Jon Zuber128
    10Shawn Gilbert126
    1Matt Franco40
    2Phil Clark36
    3Clay Bellinger34
    4Tracy Woodson34
    5Billy McMillon32
    6Chris Martin30
    7Jerry Brooks29
    8Mark Dalesandro29
    9Tony Barron29
    10Tony Graffanino29
    1Brad Tyler10
    2Joe Hall10
    3Benny Agbayani9
    4Alex Cole8
    5Ricky Otero8
    6Rob Butler8
    7Shannon Stewart8
    8Tilson Brito8
    9Tim Barker8
    10Duane Singleton6
    Home Runs
    1Phil Hiatt42
    2Jerry Brooks34
    3Ivan Cruz28
    4Rudy Pemberton27
    5Alan Zinter26
    6Yamil Benitez23
    7Tommy Gregg22
    8Ricky Ledee21
    9Tracy Woodson21
    10Brent Cookson19
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Phil Hiatt119
    2Jerry Brooks107
    3Ivan Cruz96
    4Joe Hall95
    5Rudy Pemberton92
    6Matt Franco81
    7Tracy Woodson81
    8Yamil Benitez81
    9Tommy Gregg80
    10Clay Bellinger78
    Stolen Bases
    1Shannon Stewart35
    2Jim Buccheri33
    3Scott Pose30
    4Miguel Cairo27
    5Steve Bieser27
    6Chris Martin25
    7Gary Thurman25
    8Tim Barker24
    9Shannon Penn22
    10Dwayne Hosey20
    Caught Stealing
    1Scott Pose16
    2Chris Martin12
    3Gary Thurman12
    4Alex Ochoa11
    5Felipe Crespo11
    6Shannon Penn11
    7Fausto Cruz10
    8Ruben Rivera10
    9Tilson Brito10
    10Bobby Smith9
    1Jorge Posada79
    2Brad Tyler67
    3Joe Hall67
    4Scott McClain61
    5Ryan McGuire59
    6Alan Zinter58
    7Jon Zuber58
    8Scott Hatteberg58
    9Scott Pose58
    10Felipe Crespo56
    1Phil Hiatt180
    2Juan Williams127
    3Alan Zinter123
    4Yamil Benitez120
    5Bobby Smith114
    6Scott McClain109
    7Gary Thurman108
    8Ivan Cruz99
    9Shawn Gilbert97
    10Ruben Rivera96
    Hit by Pitch
    1Rudy Pemberton14
    2Shannon Penn14
    3Phil Clark10
    4Felipe Crespo9
    5Gene Schall9
    6Rick Schu9
    7Tony Barron9
    8Ivan Cruz8
    9Miguel Cairo8
    10Ruben Rivera8
    Intentional Walks
    1Roberto Petagine7
    2Juan Williams5
    3Rick Schu5
    4Yamil Benitez5
    5Duane Singleton4
    6Joe Ayrault4
    7Kevin Castleberry4
    8Phil Clark4
    9Ruben Rivera4
    10Ryan McGuire4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Steve Bieser23
    2Shawn Gilbert14
    3Pablo Martinez11
    4Tony Rodriguez10
    5Scott Pose9
    6Chris Clapinski8
    7Luis Rivera8
    8Alberto Castillo7
    9Steve Rodriguez7
    10Chris Martin6
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Clay Bellinger11
    2Tracy Woodson11
    3Ivan Cruz9
    4Matt Franco9
    5John Ramos7
    6Scott McClain7
    7Eddie Zosky6
    8Howard Battle6
    9Joe Hall6
    10Yamil Benitez6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Jerry Brooks17
    2Chris Martin16
    3Howard Battle15
    4Jon Zuber15
    5Francisco Matos14
    6Jorge Posada13
    7Phil Hiatt13
    8Bobby Smith12
    9Joe Ayrault12
    10Rudy Pemberton12
    Total Bases
    1Phil Hiatt304
    2Jerry Brooks269
    3Rudy Pemberton244
    4Joe Hall241
    5Matt Franco229
    6Clay Bellinger225
    7Ivan Cruz225
    8Tracy Woodson224
    9Yamil Benitez215
    10Scott McClain212
    Plate Appearances
    1Phil Hiatt611
    2Shawn Gilbert562
    3Matt Franco557
    4Joe Hall554
    5Scott McClain532
    6Bubba Carpenter517
    7Ryan McGuire516
    8Ivan Cruz513
    9Clay Bellinger510
    10Miguel Cairo509
    Batting Average
    1Billy McMillon.352
    2Bo Dodson.344
    3Russ Morman.332
    4Rudy Pemberton.326
    5Phil Clark.325
    6Matt Franco.323
    7Steve Bieser.322
    8Jose Olmeda.320
    9Tony Barron.320
    10Roberto Petagine.318
    On-Base Percentage
    1Roberto Petagine.421
    2Billy McMillon.418
    3Bo Dodson.410
    4Jorge Posada.405
    5Alex Cole.397
    6Jon Zuber.394
    7Scott Hatteberg.391
    8T.R. Lewis.391
    9Russ Morman.390
    10Felipe Crespo.389
    Slugging Percentage
    1Rudy Pemberton.616
    2Billy McMillon.602
    3Russ Morman.588
    4Jerry Brooks.577
    5Alan Zinter.569
    6T.R. Lewis.558
    7Ricky Ledee.553
    8Phil Hiatt.548
    9Bo Dodson.536
    10Tracy Woodson.533
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Billy McMillon1020
    2Rudy Pemberton991
    3Russ Morman978
    4Roberto Petagine950
    5T.R. Lewis949
    6Bo Dodson946
    7Alan Zinter942
    8Ricky Ledee913
    9Jerry Brooks912
    10Phil Clark899
    1Felipe Crespo1.436
    2Jon Zuber1.160
    3Alex Cole1.064
    4Tim Barker0.982
    5Joe Hall0.971
    6Jorge Posada0.919
    7Shannon Stewart0.885
    8Scott Hatteberg0.879
    9Chris Clapinski0.870
    10Marquis Riley0.839
    1996 Pitching Leaders
    1Mike Fyhrie15
    2Mike Gardiner13
    3Trever Miller13
    4Brian Boehringer11
    5Mike Hostetler11
    6Chris Brock10
    7Jeff Suppan10
    8Brad Woodall9
    9Carlos Crawford9
    10Jose Paniagua9
    1Chris Seelbach13
    2Chris Brock11
    3Donnie Elliott11
    4Rafael Orellano11
    5Rod Henderson11
    6Carlos Crawford10
    7Chad Fox10
    8Matt Whisenant10
    9Rick Reed10
    10Ben Rivera9
    1Ricky Trlicek62
    2Chuck Ricci60
    3Dave Pavlas57
    4Rod Nichols57
    5Bob Baxter54
    6Curt Schmidt54
    7Mike Guilfoyle54
    8Ben Blomdahl53
    9Derek Aucoin52
    10Derek Wallace49
    Games Started
    1Rick Reed28
    2Mike Fyhrie27
    3Trever Miller27
    4Kevin Lomon26
    5Brian Boehringer25
    6Carlos Crawford25
    7Chris Brock25
    8Chris Seelbach25
    9Mike Gardiner24
    10Mike Hostetler24
    Complete Games
    1Jeff Suppan7
    2Nate Minchey6
    3Brad Woodall5
    4Brian Boehringer3
    5Carlos Crawford3
    6Chris Brock3
    7Dave Eiland3
    8Garrett Stephenson3
    9Justin Thompson3
    10Rod Henderson3
    1Mike Fyhrie2
    2Mike Gardiner2
    3Anthony Telford1
    4Brad Woodall1
    5Brian Boehringer1
    6Brian Looney1
    7Carlos Crawford1
    8Garrett Stephenson1
    9Jeff Suppan1
    10Jeff Ware1
    Games Finished
    1Rod Nichols51
    2Dave Pavlas46
    3Chuck Ricci43
    4Dane Johnson42
    5Derek Wallace39
    6Mike Christopher38
    7Jimmy Myers35
    8Donn Pall33
    9Curt Schmidt31
    10Ben Blomdahl27
    1Dave Pavlas26
    2Derek Wallace26
    3Dane Johnson22
    4Mike Christopher22
    5Rod Nichols20
    6Donn Pall17
    7Chuck Ricci13
    8Curt Schmidt13
    9Bronson Heflin12
    10Jimmy Myers12
    Innings Pitched
    1Rick Reed182
    2Mike Fyhrie169
    3Trever Miller165.1
    4Carlos Crawford158.2
    5Brian Boehringer153
    6Chris Brock150.1
    7Mike Hostetler148
    8Mike Gardiner146
    9Jeff Suppan145.1
    10Kevin Lomon141.1
    1Travis Baptist187
    2Carlos Crawford169
    3Mike Hostetler168
    4Chris Seelbach167
    5Trever Miller167
    6Rick Reed164
    7Brian Boehringer155
    8Kevin Lomon151
    9Mike Fyhrie150
    10Matt Whisenant149
    1Chris Seelbach123
    2Matt Whisenant107
    3Trever Miller98
    4Chris Brock95
    5Rafael Orellano94
    6Travis Baptist91
    7Carlos Crawford87
    8Kevin Lomon82
    9Jose Pett81
    10Mike Hostetler80
    Earned Runs
    1Chris Seelbach113
    2Matt Whisenant93
    3Trever Miller90
    4Rafael Orellano87
    5Travis Baptist85
    6Carlos Crawford80
    7Chris Brock78
    8Ben Rivera72
    9Mike Hostetler72
    10Jose Pett71
    Home Runs
    1Chris Seelbach26
    2Chris Brock20
    3Rafael Orellano20
    4Trever Miller19
    5Mike Gardiner18
    6Reynol Mendoza18
    7Denis Boucher17
    8Oscar Munoz17
    9Dan Chergey16
    10Jeff Suppan16
    1Matt Whisenant101
    2Chris Seelbach76
    3Trever Miller65
    4Carlos Crawford63
    5Rafael Orellano62
    6Chris Brock61
    7Donnie Elliott59
    8Derek Brandow57
    9Brian Boehringer56
    10C.J. Nitkowski53
    1Jeff Suppan142
    2Brian Boehringer132
    3Rick Reed128
    4Mike Gardiner125
    5Trever Miller115
    6Chris Brock112
    7C.J. Nitkowski103
    8Derek Brandow103
    9Mike Fyhrie103
    10Kevin Lomon102
    Wild Pitches
    1Matt Whisenant30
    2Miguel Batista16
    3Derek Aucoin11
    4Juan Acevedo11
    5Rafael Orellano10
    6Ben Blomdahl9
    7Chris Brock9
    8Chris Seelbach9
    9Chuck Ricci9
    10Donnie Elliott9
    1Livan Hernandez4
    2Huck Flener3
    3Carlos Crawford2
    4Clint Sodowsky2
    5Duff Brumley2
    6Garrett Stephenson2
    7Mike Fyhrie2
    8Richard Hines2
    9Rick Krivda2
    10Rick Reed2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Mike Fyhrie3.04
    2Rick Reed3.16
    3Mike Gardiner3.21
    4Jeff Suppan3.23
    5Brad Woodall3.38
    6Clint Sodowsky3.93
    7Brian Boehringer4.00
    8Anthony Telford4.12
    9Oscar Munoz4.22
    10Derek Brandow4.28
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Jeff Suppan1.07
    2Mike Fyhrie1.08
    3Rick Reed1.08
    4Mike Gardiner1.12
    5Brad Woodall1.20
    6Oscar Munoz1.21
    7Chris Brock1.32
    8Tavo Alvarez1.35
    9Anthony Telford1.37
    10Garrett Stephenson1.37
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Mike Gardiner7.71
    2Oscar Munoz7.96
    3Mike Fyhrie7.99
    4Jeff Suppan8.07
    5Rick Reed8.11
    6Chris Brock8.22
    7Brad Woodall8.39
    8C.J. Nitkowski8.43
    9Derek Brandow8.56
    10Rod Henderson8.70
    HR per 9 IP
    1Mike Hostetler0.49
    2Clint Sodowsky0.61
    3Rick Reed0.64
    4Brad Woodall0.68
    5Kevin Lomon0.70
    6Brian Boehringer0.76
    7Jose Pett0.82
    8Carlos Crawford0.85
    9Mike Fyhrie0.85
    10Rod Henderson0.89
    BB per 9 IP
    1Jeff Suppan1.55
    2Rick Reed1.63
    3Mike Fyhrie1.76
    4Tavo Alvarez1.99
    5Mike Gardiner2.34
    6Brad Woodall2.44
    7Mike Hostetler2.49
    8Anthony Telford2.59
    9Kevin Lomon2.81
    10Oscar Munoz2.95
    SO per 9 IP
    1Jeff Suppan8.81
    2C.J. Nitkowski8.35
    3Brian Boehringer7.76
    4Mike Gardiner7.71
    5Derek Brandow7.48
    6Matt Whisenant7.21
    7Tavo Alvarez6.85
    8Oscar Munoz6.77
    9Chris Brock6.72
    10Kevin Lomon6.51
    1Jeff Suppan5.680
    2Rick Reed3.879
    3Tavo Alvarez3.440
    4Mike Gardiner3.289
    5Mike Fyhrie3.121
    6Brian Boehringer2.357
    7Kevin Lomon2.318
    8Oscar Munoz2.297
    9Brad Woodall2.056
    10Anthony Telford2.029

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