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1996 Carolina League (A+)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1996 Carolina League Awards
    Carolina League All-Star TeamBlake Barthol C, Sean Casey 1B, Sergio Nunez 2B, Freddy Garcia 3B, Alex Prieto SS, Decomba Conner OF, Johnny Isom OF, Jose Guillen OF, Juan Thomas DH, Rick Short UT, Mike Asche UT, Noe Najera SP, Stephen Prihoda RP
    Carolina League Manager of the Year- -
    Carolina League Most Valuable PlayerJose Guillen
    Carolina League Pitcher of the YearNoe Najera
    1996 Batting Leaders
    1Steven Eddie137
    2Jose Guillen136
    3Chip Glass134
    4Juan Thomas134
    5Michael Eaglin131
    6David Miller129
    7Decomba Conner129
    8Freddy Garcia129
    9Mike Asche129
    10Rick Short126
    At Bats
    1Jose Guillen528
    2Decomba Conner512
    3Mike Asche498
    4Steven Eddie497
    5Juan Thomas495
    6David Miller488
    7Johnny Isom486
    8Chip Glass479
    9Freddy Garcia474
    10Rick Short474
    1Juan Thomas88
    2Michael Eaglin84
    3Freddy Garcia79
    4Mike Asche79
    5Jose Guillen78
    6Nick Morrow78
    7Decomba Conner77
    8Derek Swafford77
    9Lincoln Martin77
    10David Miller71
    1Jose Guillen170
    2Juan Thomas148
    3Rick Short148
    4Mike Asche147
    5Freddy Garcia145
    6Decomba Conner144
    7Johnny Isom141
    8Steven Eddie135
    9Chip Glass128
    10Alex Prieto127
    1Freddy Garcia39
    2Rick Short33
    3Sean Casey31
    4John Giudice30
    5Jose Guillen30
    6Eric Chavez29
    7Juan Thomas28
    8Sandy McKinnon28
    9Chan Perry27
    10Johnny Isom27
    1Chip Glass9
    2Lincoln Martin7
    3Alex Prieto6
    4Juan Thomas6
    5Mike Asche6
    6Sergio Nunez6
    7Decomba Conner5
    8Erskine Kelley5
    9Ramon Martinez5
    10Sandy McKinnon5
    Home Runs
    1Freddy Garcia21
    2Jose Guillen21
    3Decomba Conner20
    4Juan Thomas20
    5Ron Wright20
    6Gus Kennedy19
    7Eric Chavez18
    8Johnny Isom18
    9Nick Morrow18
    10Al Shirley17
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Johnny Isom104
    2Jose Guillen94
    3Freddy Garcia86
    4Marlon Allen82
    5Juan Thomas71
    6Shon Walker70
    7Blake Barthol67
    8John Giudice67
    9Ramy Brooks66
    10Eric Chavez64
    Stolen Bases
    1Sergio Nunez44
    2Patricio Claudio36
    3Derek Swafford35
    4Decomba Conner33
    5Amador Arias30
    6Elvis Pena30
    7Nick Morrow28
    8Alex Prieto26
    9Mike Asche26
    10Trovin Valdez26
    Caught Stealing
    1Derek Swafford18
    2Elvis Pena16
    3Alex Prieto15
    4Patricio Claudio14
    5Trovin Valdez14
    6Jose Guillen13
    7Michael Eaglin12
    8Brandon Moore11
    9Decomba Conner11
    10Sergio Nunez11
    1Justin Towle93
    2Brandon Moore82
    3Eric Chavez72
    4Kyle Houser68
    5Elvis Pena61
    6Dan Kopriva59
    7Nick Morrow59
    8Gus Kennedy58
    9Jason Evans58
    10Al Shirley57
    1Al Shirley149
    2Marlon Allen133
    3Juan Thomas129
    4Gus Kennedy124
    5Decomba Conner117
    6Matt Smith110
    7Nate Holdren109
    8Derek Swafford107
    9Tim Jorgensen103
    10Yuri Sanchez103
    Hit by Pitch
    1Michael Eaglin18
    2Danny Magee14
    3Jose Guillen13
    4Blake Barthol12
    5Andre King10
    6Darren Hayes10
    7Al Shirley9
    8Derek Swafford8
    9Lincoln Martin8
    10John Giudice7
    Intentional Walks
    1John Giudice6
    2Shon Walker6
    3Eric Chavez5
    4Matt Smith5
    5Mike Wolff5
    6Carlos Mendez4
    7David Miller4
    8Jason LeCronier4
    9Johnny Isom4
    10Al Shirley3
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Guillermo Mercedes14
    2Elvis Pena13
    3Derek Swafford12
    4Robin Harriss12
    5Chan Mayber11
    6Yuri Sanchez10
    7Ramon Martinez9
    8Sandy McKinnon9
    9Alex Prieto8
    10Darren Hayes8
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Freddy Garcia12
    2Marlon Allen12
    3Jose Guillen8
    4Sean McNally8
    5Carlos Mendez7
    6Matt Smith7
    7Mike Asche7
    8Ramy Brooks7
    9Raymond Nunez7
    10Ron Wright7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Jose Guillen16
    2Johnny Isom15
    3Juan Thomas15
    4Brandon Moore14
    5Guillermo Mercedes14
    6Rick Short14
    7Steven Eddie14
    8Steve Thobe13
    9Wil Polidor13
    10Dan Kopriva12
    Total Bases
    1Jose Guillen263
    2Freddy Garcia253
    3Juan Thomas248
    4Decomba Conner232
    5Johnny Isom228
    6Mike Asche205
    7Eric Chavez201
    8Nate Holdren190
    9Rick Short190
    10John Giudice189
    Plate Appearances
    1Jose Guillen570
    2Decomba Conner566
    3Juan Thomas556
    4Steven Eddie556
    5Mike Asche553
    6Michael Eaglin542
    7Johnny Isom539
    8David Miller533
    9Freddy Garcia531
    10Brandon Moore529
    Batting Average
    1Sean Casey.331
    2Jose Guillen.322
    3Rick Short.312
    4Ramon Martinez.307
    5Freddy Garcia.306
    6Shon Walker.303
    7Danny Magee.299
    8Juan Thomas.299
    9Chad Gambill.296
    10Jimmie Byington.296
    On-Base Percentage
    1Justin Towle.416
    2Sean Casey.402
    3Shon Walker.394
    4Keifer Rackley.387
    5Eric Chavez.385
    6Patricio Claudio.379
    7John Giudice.376
    8Jason Evans.375
    9Juan Thomas.372
    10Dan Kopriva.367
    Slugging Percentage
    1Sean Casey.544
    2Freddy Garcia.534
    3Shon Walker.511
    4John Giudice.507
    5Juan Thomas.501
    6Jose Guillen.498
    7Eric Chavez.483
    8Danny Magee.477
    9Johnny Isom.469
    10Wady Almonte.467
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Sean Casey946
    2Shon Walker905
    3Freddy Garcia892
    4John Giudice883
    5Juan Thomas873
    6Justin Towle869
    7Eric Chavez868
    8Jose Guillen855
    9Danny Magee838
    10Keifer Rackley828
    1Kyle Houser1.447
    2Dan Kopriva1.341
    3Jim Foster1.219
    4Brandon Moore1.171
    5Chan Perry1.091
    6Justin Towle0.969
    7Elvis Pena0.871
    8Keifer Rackley0.836
    9Sean Casey0.766
    10Lincoln Martin0.758
    1996 Pitching Leaders
    1David Caldwell13
    2Derrin Ebert12
    3Eric Anderson12
    4Noe Najera12
    5Kane Davis11
    6Kevin Pickford11
    7Clay Caruthers10
    8Dustin Brixey10
    9John Dillinger10
    10Mike Vavrek10
    1Allen Halley12
    2Brian Lott11
    3Chris Murphy11
    4Kevin Pickford11
    5Phil Grundy11
    6Ted Warrecker11
    7Anthony Briggs10
    8Clay Caruthers10
    9Julio Moreno10
    10Russ Herbert10
    1Matt Spade53
    2Kerry Ligtenberg49
    3Stephen Prihoda47
    4Jeff Sobkoviak46
    5Rafael Mesa46
    6Pat Flury45
    7Rick Paugh45
    8Michael Trimarco43
    9Bryan Wolff42
    10Chris Schmitt42
    Games Started
    1Clay Caruthers28
    2Kevin Pickford28
    3Derrin Ebert27
    4Brian Lott26
    5Eric Anderson26
    6Julio Moreno26
    7Kane Davis26
    8Matt Saier26
    9Phil Grundy26
    10Ted Warrecker26
    Complete Games
    1Allen Halley4
    2Carlos Castillo4
    3Kevin Pickford4
    4Clint Koppe3
    5Kane Davis3
    6Phil Grundy3
    7Sidney Ponson3
    8Ben Bailey2
    9Brian Lott2
    10Chuck Smith2
    1Phil Grundy2
    2Brent Crowther1
    3Cedric Allen1
    4Chandler Martin1
    5Chris Fussell1
    6Chris Granata1
    7Chris Murphy1
    8Chuck Smith1
    9Clint Koppe1
    10David Nied1
    Games Finished
    1Kerry Ligtenberg42
    2Stephen Prihoda40
    3Rafael Mesa34
    4Brad Tweedlie30
    5Francis Hernandez30
    6Bryan Wolff28
    7Rafael Chaves28
    8Jim Dixon27
    9Del Mathews26
    10Jeff Sobkoviak26
    1Stephen Prihoda25
    2Kerry Ligtenberg20
    3Rafael Mesa15
    4Francis Hernandez12
    5Luis Colmenares12
    6Brad Tweedlie11
    7Alvie Shepherd10
    8Jeff Sobkoviak9
    9Adam Bryant8
    10Tony Dougherty8
    Innings Pitched
    1Kevin Pickford172.1
    2Clay Caruthers169
    3Derrin Ebert166.1
    4Phil Grundy164.2
    5Julio Moreno162
    6Eric Anderson158.1
    7Kane Davis157.1
    8Mike Vavrek149.2
    9Kevin Millwood149.1
    10Brian Lott147.1
    1Kevin Pickford195
    2Derrin Ebert189
    3Clay Caruthers179
    4Brian Lott169
    5Julio Moreno167
    6Mike Vavrek167
    7Chris Murphy164
    8Eric Anderson161
    9Kane Davis160
    10Matt Pool158
    1Ted Warrecker105
    2Derrin Ebert102
    3Brian Lott99
    4Kevin Pickford99
    5Clay Caruthers93
    6Mike Vavrek92
    7Chris Murphy87
    8Jason Rogers87
    9Phil Grundy87
    10Anthony Briggs84
    Earned Runs
    1Ted Warrecker88
    2Clay Caruthers82
    3Mike Vavrek81
    4Kevin Pickford78
    5Kane Davis75
    6Derrin Ebert74
    7Brian Lott71
    8Kevin Millwood71
    9Chris Murphy70
    10Jason Rogers70
    Home Runs
    1Clay Caruthers20
    2Brian Lott19
    3Chris Murphy19
    4Eric Anderson19
    5Kevin Millwood17
    6Phil Grundy17
    7Allen Halley16
    8Kevin Pickford15
    9Mike Vavrek15
    10Julio Moreno14
    1Ted Warrecker88
    2Luther Hackman69
    3Steve Shoemaker63
    4Jason Rogers62
    5Noe Najera62
    6Russ Herbert62
    7Anthony Briggs60
    8Clay Caruthers60
    9Doug Million60
    10Mike Vavrek59
    1Russ Herbert148
    2Julio Moreno147
    3Kevin Millwood139
    4Allen Halley131
    5Noe Najera131
    6Matt Saier129
    7Phil Grundy117
    8Kane Davis116
    9Nerio Rodriguez114
    10John Dillinger113
    Wild Pitches
    1Todd Dyess15
    2Ted Warrecker14
    3Chuck Smith13
    4Chandler Martin12
    5Clay Caruthers11
    6John Dillinger11
    7Kane Davis11
    8Chris Murphy10
    9John Leroy10
    10Matt Pool10
    1Allen Halley4
    2Aaron France3
    3Julio Moreno3
    4Kevin Millwood3
    5Luis Colmenares3
    6Sidney Ponson3
    7Alonso Beltran2
    8Clay Caruthers2
    9Curtis Broome2
    10Damian Moss2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Nerio Rodriguez2.27
    2Doug Million2.52
    3Noe Najera2.70
    4David Caldwell3.30
    5Russ Herbert3.38
    6Dustin Brixey3.44
    7Sidney Ponson3.45
    8John Leroy3.49
    9Julio Moreno3.50
    10Allen Halley3.55
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Nerio Rodriguez1.11
    2Sidney Ponson1.18
    3John Dillinger1.20
    4Phil Grundy1.24
    5Allen Halley1.26
    6Julio Moreno1.27
    7Kevin Pickford1.28
    8David Caldwell1.29
    9John Leroy1.29
    10Dustin Brixey1.30
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Nerio Rodriguez6.73
    2John Dillinger6.89
    3Doug Million7.07
    4John Leroy7.38
    5Luther Hackman7.61
    6Noe Najera7.97
    7Russ Herbert8.06
    8Allen Halley8.08
    9Sidney Ponson8.24
    10Kevin Millwood8.34
    HR per 9 IP
    1Doug Million0.08
    2Luther Hackman0.16
    3Dustin Brixey0.31
    4Robert Theodile0.34
    5John Leroy0.49
    6Sidney Ponson0.50
    7Chuck Smith0.51
    8Matt Pool0.53
    9Matt Saier0.60
    10Jason Rogers0.63
    BB per 9 IP
    1Kevin Pickford1.31
    2Derrin Ebert2.01
    3Julio Moreno2.11
    4Sidney Ponson2.36
    5David Caldwell2.40
    6Eric Anderson2.51
    7Chris Murphy2.61
    8Phil Grundy2.67
    9Matt Pool2.71
    10Brian Lott3.00
    SO per 9 IP
    1Russ Herbert9.25
    2Sidney Ponson9.25
    3Nerio Rodriguez9.24
    4Matt Saier8.66
    5Allen Halley8.61
    6Noe Najera8.42
    7Kevin Millwood8.40
    8Doug Million8.33
    9Julio Moreno8.17
    10John Dillinger7.70
    1Kevin Pickford4.000
    2Sidney Ponson3.929
    3Julio Moreno3.868
    4Nerio Rodriguez2.850
    5Derrin Ebert2.676
    6Allen Halley2.673
    7Matt Saier2.481
    8Kevin Millwood2.397
    9Phil Grundy2.388
    10Russ Herbert2.387

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