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1994 Midwest League (A)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1994 Midwest League Awards
    Midwest League All-Star TeamSal Fasano C, Kevin Millar 1B, Bobby Morris 2B, Lino Diaz 3B, Alex Rodriguez SS, Billy McMillon OF, Richard Hidalgo OF, Joe McEwing OF, Alex Cabrera DH, Matt Mantei RP, - - RP, Mike Sirotka LHP, Jay Witasick RHP
    Midwest League Manager of the YearJohn Mizerock
    Midwest League Most Valuable PlayerSal Fasano
    1994 Batting Leaders
    1Billy McMillon137
    2Santo Mota137
    3Earl Johnson136
    4Mike Barger136
    5Kevin Millar135
    6Danny Klassen133
    7Jonas Hamlin133
    8Ralph Milliard133
    9Vicente Francisco131
    10Dee Dalton129
    At Bats
    1Mike Barger541
    2Earl Johnson533
    3Ralph Milliard515
    4Jovino Carvajal503
    5Billy McMillon496
    6Jonas Hamlin495
    7James Motte480
    8Greg Norton477
    9Kevin Millar477
    10Richard Hidalgo476
    1Ralph Milliard97
    2Mike Barger90
    3Billy McMillon88
    4Jeremy Carr85
    5Aaron Guiel84
    6Jovino Carvajal82
    7David Berg80
    8Earl Johnson80
    9Matt Raleigh78
    10Frank Menechino77
    1Mike Barger160
    2Ralph Milliard153
    3Earl Johnson149
    4Jovino Carvajal147
    5Kevin Millar144
    6Richard Hidalgo139
    7Greg Norton137
    8Gabe Duross136
    9Kary Bridges135
    10Lino Diaz131
    1Richard Hidalgo47
    2Kevin Millar35
    3Ralph Milliard34
    4Bobby Morris33
    5Dee Dalton33
    6Julio Vinas31
    7Aaron Guiel30
    8Leroy McKinnis30
    9Raul Ibanez30
    10Jonas Hamlin29
    1Jason McDonald9
    2David Berg8
    3Jovino Carvajal8
    4Marcus Sturdivant7
    5Alex Rodriguez6
    6Joe Biernat6
    7Juan Thomas6
    8Mike Barger6
    9Richard Hidalgo6
    10Ryan Radmanovich6
    Home Runs
    1Matt Raleigh34
    2Sal Fasano25
    3Alex Cabrera24
    4Todd Dunn23
    5Bob Henley20
    6Kevin Millar19
    7Ryan Radmanovich19
    8Aaron Guiel18
    9Juan Thomas18
    10Tony Moeder18
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Billy McMillon101
    2Gabe Duross95
    3Kevin Millar93
    4Jonas Hamlin88
    5Matt Raleigh83
    6Aaron Guiel82
    7Dave Madsen81
    8Sal Fasano81
    9Juan Thomas79
    10Dee Dalton77
    Stolen Bases
    1Earl Johnson80
    2Jovino Carvajal68
    3Jason McDonald52
    4Jeremy Carr52
    5Chris McInnes45
    6Mike Dumas41
    7Mike Barger40
    8Sandy McKinnon36
    9John Roberts30
    10Juan Dilone29
    Caught Stealing
    1Santo Mota29
    2Earl Johnson25
    3Jovino Carvajal25
    4Jason McDonald23
    5Jeremy Carr22
    6Mike Barger18
    7Keith Jones17
    8Marcus Sturdivant17
    9Eric Walls16
    10Giomar Guevara16
    1Billy McMillon84
    2Jason McDonald81
    3Frank Menechino78
    4Matt Raleigh75
    5Kevin Millar74
    6Ralph Milliard68
    7Glenn Reeves66
    8Aaron Guiel64
    9Dave Madsen63
    10Greg Norton62
    1Juan Thomas143
    2R.J. Bowers143
    3Josue Estrada140
    4Matt Raleigh138
    5Todd Dunn131
    6Willie Brown131
    7Jonas Hamlin124
    8Marc Niethammer124
    9Danny Klassen123
    10Charlie Anderson119
    Hit by Pitch
    1John Roberts20
    2Oscar Jimenez20
    3Alex Cabrera16
    4Jeremy Carr16
    5Sal Fasano16
    6James Clifford14
    7Lino Diaz14
    8Kevin Millar13
    9Danny Klassen12
    10Fred Soriano12
    Intentional Walks
    1Todd Takayoshi7
    2Will Fitzpatrick6
    3Brian Banks5
    4Alex Cabrera4
    5Alex Rodriguez4
    6Bobby Morris4
    7Charlie Anderson4
    8Gabe Duross4
    9Greg Norton4
    10Joe McEwing4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Chris McInnes20
    2Danny Klassen17
    3David Berg15
    4Earl Johnson13
    5Santo Mota13
    6Vicente Francisco13
    7Fred Soriano12
    8Jose Alguacil11
    9Juan Henderson11
    10Bobby Morris10
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Billy McMillon9
    2Jonas Hamlin9
    3Brian Wallace8
    4Dave Madsen8
    5Jamie Burke8
    6Tim Forkner8
    7Armando Rios7
    8Chad Rupp7
    9Ralph Milliard7
    10Vicente Francisco7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Gabe Duross16
    2Glenn Reeves15
    3Jamie Burke15
    4Billy McMillon14
    5Lino Diaz14
    6Mike Rennhack14
    7Ronnie Brown14
    8Juan Thomas13
    9John Pachot12
    10Kevin Millar12
    Total Bases
    1Kevin Millar240
    2Richard Hidalgo234
    3Matt Raleigh233
    4Alex Cabrera219
    5Ralph Milliard215
    6Aaron Guiel208
    7Billy McMillon207
    8Jovino Carvajal204
    9Juan Thomas198
    10Jonas Hamlin197
    Plate Appearances
    1Ralph Milliard603
    2Billy McMillon600
    3Mike Barger599
    4Earl Johnson590
    5Kevin Millar570
    6Jonas Hamlin550
    7Danny Klassen548
    8Jovino Carvajal548
    9Santo Mota548
    10Greg Norton546
    Batting Average
    1Carlos Mendez.355
    2Bobby Morris.354
    3Joe McEwing.324
    4Lino Diaz.316
    5Mike Berry.314
    6Raul Ibanez.312
    7Mike Dumas.308
    8Todd Takayoshi.308
    9Kary Bridges.302
    10Kevin Millar.302
    On-Base Percentage
    1Bobby Morris.443
    2Frank Menechino.427
    3Mike Sweeney.427
    4Mike Dumas.421
    5John Roberts.415
    6Mike Berry.409
    7Kevin Millar.405
    8Bob Henley.400
    9Todd Takayoshi.397
    10Matt Raleigh.393
    Slugging Percentage
    1Matt Raleigh.585
    2Sal Fasano.551
    3Bob Henley.538
    4Bobby Morris.508
    5Alex Cabrera.507
    6Ryan Radmanovich.507
    7Mike Sweeney.504
    8Kevin Millar.503
    9Chad Rupp.498
    10Richard Hidalgo.492
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Matt Raleigh978
    2Bobby Morris951
    3Bob Henley938
    4Mike Sweeney931
    5Sal Fasano917
    6Kevin Millar908
    7Mike Berry873
    8Chad Rupp866
    9Carlos Mendez861
    10Raul Ibanez861
    1Kary Bridges1.310
    2Mike Sweeney1.279
    3Scott Southard1.176
    4Dickie Woodridge1.133
    5Frank Menechino1.114
    6Ralph Milliard1.079
    7Mike Dumas1.051
    8Todd Takayoshi1.023
    9Jeremy Carr1.017
    10Lino Diaz0.970
    1994 Pitching Leaders
    1Jim Cole18
    2Phil Grundy15
    3Tim Kubinski14
    4Wade Walker14
    5Joe Wagner13
    6Matt Perisho12
    7Mike Sirotka12
    8Ray Davis12
    9Brett Hinchcliffe11
    10Brian O'Brien11
    1Andy Markham15
    2Paul Thornton14
    3Brian Woods12
    4Wade Walker12
    5Andrew McCormack11
    6David Carroll11
    7Gregory Hillman11
    8Jason Tatar11
    9Jamie Walker10
    10Jim Rosenbohm10
    1Jeremy McGarity62
    2Rich Croushore62
    3Bryan Wolff60
    4Jeff Martin55
    5Keith Conway55
    6Sheldon Cain54
    7Steven Day52
    8Neil Atkinson51
    9Sean Maloney51
    10Shawn Hill51
    Games Started
    1Joe Wagner28
    2Troy Carrasco28
    3Wade Walker28
    4Brett Hinchcliffe27
    5Dan Ehler27
    6Jim Cole27
    7Jason Tatar27
    8Matt Perisho27
    9Mike Sirotka27
    10Paul Thornton27
    Complete Games
    1Mike Sirotka8
    2Joe Wagner7
    3Aldren Sadler5
    4Ryan Franklin5
    5Ryan Smith5
    6Will Cunnane5
    7Willie Brown5
    8Andrew McCormack4
    9Fernando DaSilva4
    10Geoff Edsell4
    1Will Cunnane4
    2Brian Williard2
    3Fernando DaSilva2
    4Mike Sirotka2
    5Paul Thornton2
    6Willie Brown2
    7Aldren Sadler1
    8Alfred Kermode1
    9Andrew McCormack1
    10Andy Larkin1
    Games Finished
    1Jeff Martin50
    2Shawn Hill49
    3Bryan Wolff47
    4Jeff Matulevich46
    5Matt Mantei43
    6Sean Maloney41
    7Bryan Ward40
    8Nevin Brewer40
    9Anthony Chavez34
    10Robert Debrino34
    1Jeff Matulevich30
    2Matt Mantei26
    3Shawn Hill25
    4Bryan Wolff24
    5Sean Maloney22
    6Jeff Martin20
    7Nevin Brewer20
    8Anthony Chavez16
    9Marty Lister13
    10Bryan Ward11
    Innings Pitched
    1Mike Sirotka196.2
    2Andrew McCormack188
    3Joe Wagner185.1
    4Wade Walker178.1
    5Willie Brown176
    6Brett Hinchcliffe173.2
    7Jim Cole173.1
    8Ray Davis167
    9Wagner Arias166.1
    10Paul Thornton164.2
    1Andrew McCormack209
    2Wade Walker192
    3Rodd Kurtz184
    4Mike Sirotka183
    5Gregory Hillman182
    6Fernando DaSilva179
    7Joe Wagner178
    8Jim Cole177
    9Dan Ehler170
    10David Carroll170
    1Wade Walker108
    2Gregory Hillman107
    3Andy Markham101
    4David Carroll101
    5Joe Wagner99
    6Mike Sirotka99
    7Fernando DaSilva96
    8Tom Schneider92
    9Tommy Phelps91
    10Aaron Knieper90
    Earned Runs
    1Andy Markham89
    2Gregory Hillman86
    3Joe Wagner81
    4David Carroll79
    5Fernando DaSilva79
    6Wade Walker79
    7Jim Baron75
    8Andrew McCormack74
    9Willie Brown74
    10Tommy Phelps73
    Home Runs
    1Fernando DaSilva20
    2Wagner Arias20
    3Gregory Hillman17
    4Brett Hinchcliffe16
    5Steve Bourgeois16
    6Andrew McCormack15
    7Matt LaChappa15
    8Andy Markham14
    9Jim Cole14
    10Jason Myers14
    1Billy Wagner91
    2Matt Perisho88
    3Russel Lehoisky88
    4Ivan Montane82
    5DeShawn Warren76
    6Jim Baron76
    7Wade Walker72
    8Joe Wagner71
    9Jason Tatar67
    10Alberto Blanco66
    1Billy Wagner204
    2Mike Sirotka173
    3Jason Tatar163
    4Brett Hinchcliffe160
    5Ivan Montane155
    6Jim Cole150
    7Troy Carrasco146
    8Gregory Hillman142
    9Jay Witasick141
    10Joe Wagner137
    Wild Pitches
    1Russel Lehoisky22
    2Joe Wagner20
    3Heath Altman19
    4Ivan Montane19
    5Ken Ray18
    6Aaron Knieper17
    7Tom Kindler17
    8Tom Schneider17
    9Wade Walker17
    10Wagner Arias15
    1Tim Kubinski10
    2Billy Wagner9
    3Rodd Kurtz8
    4Aaron Knieper6
    5Edward Lewis6
    6Gregory Hillman6
    7Scott Baldwin6
    8Willie Brown6
    9Matt Walsh5
    10Orlando Lopez5
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Will Cunnane1.42
    2Ken Ray1.81
    3Derek Manning2.28
    4Jay Witasick2.33
    5Ryan Smith2.81
    6Andy Larkin2.83
    7Wayne Lindemann2.84
    8Ray Davis2.96
    9Geoff Edsell3.02
    10Mike Sirotka3.06
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Will Cunnane0.96
    2Jay Witasick1.04
    3Derek Manning1.05
    4Ryan Franklin1.08
    5Andy Larkin1.09
    6Brett Hinchcliffe1.09
    7Ryan Smith1.09
    8Toby Smith1.12
    9Kevin Hodges1.15
    10Willie Brown1.15
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Billy Wagner5.82
    2Jay Witasick5.95
    3Ken Ray6.56
    4Derek Manning7.01
    5Will Cunnane7.12
    6Scott Baldwin7.23
    7Brett Hinchcliffe7.24
    8Wagner Arias7.32
    9Ivan Montane7.47
    10Kevin Hodges7.58
    HR per 9 IP
    1Will Cunnane0.13
    2Derek Manning0.23
    3Scott Baldwin0.24
    4Rick Burley0.30
    5Mike Grzanich0.31
    6Willie Brown0.31
    7Ken Ray0.35
    8Phil Grundy0.36
    9Andy Larkin0.39
    10Glendon Rusch0.39
    BB per 9 IP
    1Will Cunnane1.49
    2Rodd Kurtz1.58
    3Wayne Lindemann1.70
    4Andy Larkin1.74
    5Ryan Franklin1.75
    6Ryan Smith1.75
    7Dan Ehler2.00
    8Tim Kubinski2.04
    9Jason Myers2.20
    10Willie Brown2.30
    SO per 9 IP
    1Jason Tatar9.78
    2Glendon Rusch9.63
    3Scott Baldwin9.00
    4Ken Ray8.93
    5Scott Eyre8.92
    6Ivan Montane8.77
    7Tom Kindler8.38
    8Brian Woods8.37
    9Brett Hinchcliffe8.28
    10Troy Carrasco8.16
    1Andy Larkin4.630
    2Will Cunnane4.609
    3Ryan Franklin4.435
    4Glendon Rusch3.588
    5Tim Kubinski3.500
    6Rodd Kurtz3.360
    7Jay Witasick3.357
    8Wayne Lindemann3.286
    9Brett Hinchcliffe3.200
    10Scott Eyre3.000

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