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1993 National League (MLB)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1993 National League Awards
    NL Comeback Player of the YearAndres Galarraga
    National League Cy Young AwardGreg Maddux
    National League Gold GloveGreg Maddux Pitcher, Kirt Manwaring Catcher, Mark Grace First Base, Robby Thompson Second Base, Matt Williams Third Base, Jay Bell Shortstop, Larry Walker Outfielder, Marquis Grissom Outfielder, Barry Bonds Outfielder
    National League Manager of the YearDusty Baker
    National League Most Valuable PlayerBarry Bonds
    NL Player of the MonthBarry Bonds April, Jeff Bagwell May, Andres Galarraga June, Fred McGriff July, Tony Gwynn August, Andres Galarraga September
    National League Player of the WeekJohn Kruk April 5-April 11, Barry Bonds April 12-April 18, Junior Felix April 19-April 25, Mike Piazza April 26-May 2, Jeff Blauser May 3-May 9, Kevin Mitchell May 10-May 16, Jeff Bagwell May 17-May 23, Tommy Greene May 24-May 30, Andres Galarraga May 31-June 6, Gary Sheffield June 7-June 13, Steve Avery June 7-June 13, Mike Piazza June 14-June 20, Tom Glavine June 14-June 20, Lee Smith June 21-June 27, Sammy Sosa June 28-July 4, Moises Alou July 5-July 11, Mark Whiten July 12-July 18, Todd Zeile July 19-July 25, Andy Benes July 26-August 1, Tony Gwynn August 2-August 8, Greg Maddux August 9-August 15, Robby Thompson August 16-August 22, Phil Plantier August 23-August 29, Greg Maddux August 30-September 5, Darryl Kile September 6-September 12, Mark Whiten September 6-September 12, Charlie Hayes September 13-September 19, Barry Bonds September 20-September 26
    NL Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the YearRandy Myers
    National League Rookie of the YearMike Piazza
    NL Silver Slugger AwardMike Piazza C, Fred McGriff 1B, Robby Thompson 2B, Matt Williams 3B, Jay Bell SS, David Justice OF, Lenny Dykstra OF, Barry Bonds OF, Orel Hershiser P
    NL Pitcher of the MonthKen Hill April, Tommy Greene May, Chris Hammond June, Darryl Kile June, Bill Swift July, Greg Maddux August, John Wetteland September
    1993 Batting Leaders
    1Jeff Conine162
    2Jeff Blauser161
    3Lenny Dykstra161
    4Terry Pendleton161
    5Barry Bonds159
    6Sammy Sosa159
    7Eric Karros158
    8Jeff King158
    9Jose Offerman158
    10Walt Weiss158
    At Bats
    1Lenny Dykstra637
    2Terry Pendleton633
    3Marquis Grissom630
    4Eric Karros619
    5Jeff King611
    6Craig Biggio610
    7Eddie Murray610
    8Brett Butler607
    9Ron Gant606
    10Jay Bell604
    1Lenny Dykstra143
    2Barry Bonds129
    3Ron Gant113
    4Jeff Blauser110
    5Matt Williams105
    6Dave Hollins104
    7Marquis Grissom104
    8Jay Bell102
    9John Kruk100
    10Bernard Gilkey99
    1Lenny Dykstra194
    2Mark Grace193
    3Marquis Grissom188
    4Jay Bell187
    5Gregg Jefferies186
    6Jeff Blauser182
    7Barry Bonds181
    8Brett Butler181
    9Jeff King180
    10Charlie Hayes175
    1Charlie Hayes45
    2Lenny Dykstra44
    3Dante Bichette43
    4Craig Biggio41
    5Tony Gwynn41
    6Bernard Gilkey40
    7Mark Grace39
    8Barry Bonds38
    9Jeff Bagwell37
    10Todd Zeile36
    1Steve Finley13
    2Brett Butler10
    3Jay Bell9
    4Mickey Morandini9
    5Al Martin8
    6Eric Young8
    7Vince Coleman8
    8Darren Lewis7
    9Delino DeShields7
    10Jeff Gardner7
    Home Runs
    1Barry Bonds46
    2David Justice40
    3Matt Williams38
    4Ron Gant36
    5Mike Piazza35
    6Bobby Bonilla34
    7Phil Plantier34
    8Sammy Sosa33
    9Rick Wilkins30
    10Eddie Murray27
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Barry Bonds123
    2David Justice120
    3Ron Gant117
    4Mike Piazza112
    5Matt Williams110
    6Darren Daulton105
    7Todd Zeile103
    8Eddie Murray100
    9Phil Plantier100
    10Mark Whiten99
    Stolen Bases
    1Chuck Carr58
    2Marquis Grissom53
    3Otis Nixon47
    4Darren Lewis46
    5Gregg Jefferies46
    6Delino DeShields43
    7Eric Young42
    8Brett Butler39
    9Vince Coleman38
    10Lenny Dykstra37
    Caught Stealing
    1Chuck Carr22
    2Brett Butler19
    3Eric Young19
    4Craig Biggio17
    5Darren Lewis15
    6Ray Lankford14
    7Alex Cole13
    8Jose Offerman13
    9Otis Nixon13
    10Vince Coleman13
    1Lenny Dykstra129
    2Barry Bonds126
    3Darren Daulton117
    4John Kruk111
    5Brett Butler86
    6Dave Hollins85
    7Jeff Blauser85
    8Ray Lankford81
    9Larry Walker80
    10Walt Weiss79
    1Cory Snyder147
    2Jeff Conine135
    3Sammy Sosa135
    4Orestes Destrade130
    5Phil Plantier124
    6Al Martin122
    7Derek Bell122
    8Jay Bell122
    9Reggie Sanders118
    10Ron Gant117
    Hit by Pitch
    1Jeff Blauser16
    2Derek Bell12
    3Craig Biggio10
    4Jerald Clark10
    5Luis Gonzalez10
    6Carlos Garcia9
    7Kevin Young9
    8Jeff Kent8
    9Kevin Stocker8
    10Bret Barberie7
    Intentional Walks
    1Barry Bonds43
    2Larry Walker20
    3Mark Grace14
    4Kirt Manwaring13
    5Mark Lemke13
    6Rick Wilkins13
    7Walt Weiss13
    8Andres Galarraga12
    9Darren Daulton12
    10David Justice12
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Jose Offerman25
    2Jody Reed17
    3Andy Benes14
    4Brett Butler14
    5Ken Hill14
    6Ben Rivera13
    7Curt Schilling13
    8Jay Bell13
    9Danny Jackson12
    10Darren Lewis12
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Luis Gonzalez10
    2Eddie Murray9
    3Jeff Bagwell9
    4Joe Oliver9
    5Jose Vizcaino9
    6Kevin Young9
    7Mark Grace9
    8Matt Williams9
    9Tim Wallach9
    10Bobby Bonilla8
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Charlie Hayes25
    2Mark Grace25
    3Eddie Murray24
    4Mark Lemke21
    5Jeff Bagwell20
    6Terry Pendleton18
    7Tony Gwynn18
    8Andujar Cedeno17
    9Eric Karros17
    10Jeff King17
    Total Bases
    1Barry Bonds365
    2Matt Williams325
    3Ron Gant309
    4Lenny Dykstra307
    5Mike Piazza307
    6David Justice301
    7Charlie Hayes299
    8Sammy Sosa290
    9Craig Biggio289
    10Eddie Murray285
    Plate Appearances
    1Lenny Dykstra773
    2Brett Butler716
    3Jeff Blauser710
    4Craig Biggio706
    5Jay Bell701
    6Jose Offerman696
    7Marquis Grissom693
    8Jeff King683
    9Ron Gant682
    10Terry Pendleton682
    Batting Average
    1Andres Galarraga.370
    2Tony Gwynn.358
    3Gregg Jefferies.342
    4Barry Bonds.336
    5Mark Grace.325
    6Jeff Bagwell.320
    7Mike Piazza.318
    8John Kruk.316
    9Orlando Merced.313
    10Robby Thompson.312
    On-Base Percentage
    1Barry Bonds.458
    2John Kruk.430
    3Lenny Dykstra.420
    4Orlando Merced.414
    5Gregg Jefferies.408
    6Andres Galarraga.403
    7Jeff Blauser.401
    8Tony Gwynn.398
    9Mark Grace.393
    10Darren Daulton.392
    Slugging Percentage
    1Barry Bonds.677
    2Andres Galarraga.602
    3Matt Williams.561
    4Mike Piazza.561
    5Dante Bichette.526
    6Bobby Bonilla.522
    7Charlie Hayes.522
    8Jeff Bagwell.516
    9David Justice.515
    10Ron Gant.510
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Barry Bonds1135
    2Andres Galarraga1005
    3Mike Piazza931
    4John Kruk905
    5Jeff Bagwell904
    6Lenny Dykstra902
    7Tony Gwynn895
    8Gregg Jefferies893
    9Matt Williams886
    10Charlie Hayes877
    1Ozzie Smith2.389
    2Mark Grace2.219
    3Lenny Dykstra2.016
    4Gregg Jefferies1.938
    5Tony Gwynn1.895
    6Barry Bonds1.595
    7Eric Young1.537
    8Mark Lemke1.300
    9John Kruk1.276
    10Brett Butler1.246
    1993 Pitching Leaders
    1John Burkett22
    2Tom Glavine22
    3Bill Swift21
    4Greg Maddux20
    5Mark Portugal18
    6Steve Avery18
    7Bob Tewksbury17
    8Curt Schilling16
    9Pete Harnisch16
    10Tommy Greene16
    1Doug Drabek18
    2Jack Armstrong17
    3Anthony Young16
    4Charlie Hough16
    5Andy Benes15
    6Dwight Gooden15
    7Frank Tanana15
    8Mike Morgan15
    9Tim Pugh15
    10Bob Walk14
    1Mike Jackson81
    2David West76
    3Rod Beck76
    4Greg McMichael74
    5Randy Myers73
    6Rob Murphy73
    7Xavier Hernandez72
    8Doug Jones71
    9Bob Scanlan70
    10John Wetteland70
    Games Started
    1Greg Maddux36
    2Jose Rijo36
    3Tom Glavine36
    4John Smoltz35
    5Steve Avery35
    6Andy Benes34
    7Bill Swift34
    8Charlie Hough34
    9Curt Schilling34
    10Dennis Martinez34
    Complete Games
    1Greg Maddux8
    2Curt Schilling7
    3Doug Drabek7
    4Dwight Gooden7
    5Terry Mulholland7
    6Tommy Greene7
    7Orel Hershiser5
    8Pete Harnisch5
    9Andy Benes4
    10Armando Reynoso4
    1Pete Harnisch4
    2Ramon Martinez3
    3Andy Benes2
    4Curt Schilling2
    5Darryl Kile2
    6Doug Drabek2
    7Dwight Gooden2
    8Pedro Astacio2
    9Terry Mulholland2
    10Tim Belcher2
    Games Finished
    1Rod Beck71
    2Randy Myers69
    3Doug Jones60
    4John Wetteland58
    5Mitch Williams57
    6Bryan Harvey54
    7Darren Holmes51
    8Gene Harris48
    9Lee Smith48
    10Jim Gott45
    1Randy Myers53
    2Rod Beck48
    3Bryan Harvey45
    4John Wetteland43
    5Lee Smith43
    6Mitch Williams43
    7Mike Stanton27
    8Doug Jones26
    9Darren Holmes25
    10Jim Gott25
    Innings Pitched
    1Greg Maddux267
    2Jose Rijo257.1
    3John Smoltz243.2
    4Tom Glavine239.1
    5Doug Drabek237.2
    6Curt Schilling235.1
    7Bill Swift232.2
    8John Burkett231.2
    9Andy Benes230.2
    10Dennis Martinez224.2
    1Bob Tewksbury258
    2Doug Drabek242
    3Tom Glavine236
    4Curt Schilling234
    5Greg Maddux228
    6John Burkett224
    7Kevin Gross224
    8Jose Rijo218
    9Steve Avery216
    10Greg Swindell215
    1Bob Walk121
    2Curt Schilling114
    3Andy Benes111
    4Dennis Martinez110
    5Kevin Gross110
    6Charlie Hough109
    7Doug Drabek108
    8Chris Hammond106
    9Orel Hershiser106
    10Danny Jackson105
    Earned Runs
    1Bob Walk118
    2Curt Schilling105
    3Doug Drabek100
    4Chris Hammond99
    5Jack Armstrong98
    6John Smoltz98
    7Andy Benes97
    8Charlie Hough97
    9Dennis Martinez96
    10Tim Pugh96
    Home Runs
    1Jack Armstrong29
    2Dennis Martinez27
    3Frank Tanana26
    4Jose Guzman25
    5Greg Swindell24
    6Andy Benes23
    7Bob Walk23
    8Curt Schilling23
    9John Smoltz23
    10Armando Reynoso22
    1Ramon Martinez104
    2John Smoltz100
    3Tom Glavine90
    4Ryan Bowen87
    5Andy Benes86
    6Ben Rivera85
    7Danny Jackson80
    8Pete Harnisch79
    9Jack Armstrong78
    10Mark Portugal77
    1Jose Rijo227
    2John Smoltz208
    3Greg Maddux197
    4Curt Schilling186
    5Pete Harnisch185
    6Andy Benes179
    7Tommy Greene167
    8Jose Guzman163
    9Bill Swift157
    10Doug Drabek157
    Wild Pitches
    1Tommy Greene15
    2Andy Benes14
    3Ben Rivera13
    4John Smoltz13
    5Doug Drabek12
    6Paul Wagner12
    7Charlie Hough11
    8Jeff Parrett11
    9Chris Hammond10
    10Ryan Bowen10
    1Pedro Astacio9
    2Armando Reynoso6
    3Chris Hammond5
    4Jose Guzman5
    5Kevin Gross5
    6Bud Black4
    7Charlie Hough4
    8Dennis Martinez4
    9Jeff Brantley4
    10Ryan Bowen4
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Greg Maddux2.36
    2Jose Rijo2.49
    3Mark Portugal2.77
    4Bill Swift2.82
    5Steve Avery2.95
    6Pete Harnisch2.97
    7Tom Candiotti3.11
    8Tom Glavine3.20
    9Ken Hill3.23
    10Terry Mulholland3.25
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Greg Maddux1.05
    2Bill Swift1.07
    3Jose Rijo1.09
    4John Burkett1.14
    5Terry Mulholland1.14
    6Pete Harnisch1.15
    7Steve Avery1.16
    8Dwight Gooden1.19
    9Tommy Greene1.19
    10Rene Arocha1.21
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Pete Harnisch7.06
    2Bill Swift7.53
    3Jose Rijo7.63
    4John Smoltz7.67
    5Greg Maddux7.69
    6Andy Benes7.79
    7Tommy Greene7.88
    8Darryl Kile7.95
    9Ken Hill7.97
    10Pedro Astacio7.98
    HR per 9 IP
    1Ken Hill0.34
    2Mark Portugal0.43
    3Greg Maddux0.47
    4Tom Candiotti0.50
    5Danny Jackson0.51
    6Tommy Greene0.54
    7Steve Avery0.57
    8Tom Glavine0.60
    9Bob Tewksbury0.63
    10Darryl Kile0.63
    BB per 9 IP
    1Bob Tewksbury0.84
    2Rene Arocha1.48
    3John Burkett1.55
    4Steve Avery1.74
    5Greg Maddux1.75
    6Terry Mulholland1.88
    7Greg Swindell1.89
    8Bill Swift2.12
    9Jose Rijo2.17
    10Curt Schilling2.18
    SO per 9 IP
    1Jose Rijo7.95
    2Jose Guzman7.68
    3John Smoltz7.67
    4Pete Harnisch7.64
    5Tommy Greene7.52
    6Darryl Kile7.38
    7Curt Schilling7.12
    8Andy Benes6.97
    9Ben Rivera6.79
    10Kevin Gross6.68
    1Bob Tewksbury4.850
    2Greg Maddux3.788
    3Jose Rijo3.661
    4John Burkett3.625
    5Curt Schilling3.263
    6Greg Swindell3.100
    7Rene Arocha3.097
    8Steve Avery2.907
    9Terry Mulholland2.900
    10Bill Swift2.855

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