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1993 California League (A+)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1993 California League Awards
    California League All-Star TeamIzzy Molina C, John Toale 1B, Arquimedez Pozo 2B, Bryn Kosco 3B, Kurt Ehmann SS, Sean Drinkwater SS, Tim Clark OF, Ernie Young OF, Kevin Riggs DH, Sid Roberson P, John Burke P
    California League Manager of the YearFredi Gonzalez
    California League Most Valuable PlayerTim Clark
    1993 Batting Leaders
    1John Toale134
    2Kerwin Moore132
    3Craig Counsell131
    4Jason Hardtke130
    5Mark Sobolewski130
    6Marquis Riley130
    7Tim Clark128
    8Arquimedez Pozo127
    9Brad Gennaro127
    10Quinton McCracken127
    At Bats
    1Jason Hardtke523
    2John Toale517
    3Arquimedez Pozo515
    4Kerwin Moore510
    5Tim Clark510
    6Marquis Riley508
    7Mark Sobolewski507
    8Chris Wimmer493
    9Sean Drinkwater486
    10Quinton McCracken483
    1Kerwin Moore120
    2Tim Clark109
    3John Toale108
    4Jesus Tavarez104
    5Arquimedez Pozo98
    6Jason Hardtke98
    7Bryn Kosco96
    8Dane Walker94
    9Quinton McCracken94
    10Marquis Riley93
    1Tim Clark185
    2Arquimedez Pozo176
    3Jason Hardtke167
    4John Toale148
    5Manny Martinez148
    6Quinton McCracken141
    7Bryn Kosco138
    8Brad Gennaro137
    9Kerwin Moore137
    10Marquis Riley134
    1Arquimedez Pozo44
    2Tim Clark42
    3Jason Hardtke38
    4Ira Smith30
    5John Toale30
    6Joel Wolfe29
    7Sean Drinkwater29
    8Chris Widger28
    9Leon Glenn27
    10Craig Counsell26
    1Tim Clark10
    2Karim Garcia9
    3Kerwin Moore9
    4Jesus Tavarez8
    5Brad Gennaro7
    6Jason Hardtke7
    7Jay Simpson7
    8Quinton McCracken7
    9Arquimedez Pozo6
    10Carl Everett6
    Home Runs
    1John Toale28
    2Bryn Kosco27
    3Mike Figga25
    4Ernie Young23
    5Derek Wachter22
    6Brian Turner21
    7Scott Shockey20
    8Karim Garcia19
    9Tom Schmidt19
    10Dave Staton18
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Tim Clark126
    2John Toale125
    3Bryn Kosco121
    4Derek Wachter108
    5Scott Shockey87
    6Jason Hardtke85
    7Sean Drinkwater84
    8Arquimedez Pozo83
    9Mike Case80
    10Leon Glenn76
    Stolen Bases
    1Kerwin Moore71
    2Marquis Riley69
    3Quinton McCracken60
    4Chris Wimmer49
    5Jason McFarlin49
    6Jesus Tavarez47
    7Ramon Martinez46
    8Calvin Murray42
    9Todd Samples36
    10Leon Glenn35
    Caught Stealing
    1Marquis Riley25
    2Manny Martinez21
    3Quinton McCracken19
    4Dane Walker16
    5Ira Smith16
    6Kerwin Moore16
    7Kevin Riggs15
    8Lamarr Rogers15
    9Leon Glenn15
    10Jesus Tavarez14
    1Kerwin Moore114
    2Kevin Riggs101
    3Craig Counsell95
    4Dane Walker94
    5Marquis Riley90
    6John Toale84
    7Chris Malinowski81
    8Quinton McCracken78
    9Kurt Ehmann75
    10Scott Bream74
    1James Martin131
    2Ryan Freeburg121
    3Mike Case120
    4Marquis Riley117
    5Leon Glenn110
    6Karim Garcia109
    7Tom Schmidt107
    8Mike Moore103
    9John Toale101
    10Mark Sobolewski100
    Hit by Pitch
    1James Martin13
    2Chris Malinowski12
    3Kurt Ehmann11
    4Tim Demerson11
    5Todd Samples10
    6Jason Giambi10
    7Chris Anderson9
    8Jim Bonnici9
    9Matt Filson9
    10Chris Wimmer8
    Intentional Walks
    1Jason Giambi7
    2Greg Shockey6
    3Mark Sweeney6
    4Andy Fairman5
    5Arquimedez Pozo4
    6Brian Turner4
    7John Toale4
    8Karim Garcia4
    9Leon Glenn4
    10Mike Harris4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Quinton McCracken12
    2Mike Huyler11
    3Mark Sobolewski9
    4Tim Demerson9
    5Todd Samples8
    6Jeff Barns8
    7Lauro Felix8
    8Mike Harris8
    9Chris Wimmer7
    10Dane Walker7
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Tim Clark13
    2Sean Drinkwater12
    3Derek Wachter11
    4Izzy Molina11
    5John Toale11
    6Mark Sobolewski9
    7Bryn Kosco8
    8Andy Fairman7
    9Craig Griffey7
    10Mark Dalesandro7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Mike Stefanski15
    2Mike Huyler11
    3Andy Fairman9
    4Leon Glenn9
    5Kevin Riggs8
    6Tim Unroe8
    7Derek Wachter7
    8Todd Samples6
    9Mark Loretta6
    10Mike Harris5
    Total Bases
    1Tim Clark298
    2Arquimedez Pozo271
    3John Toale268
    4Jason Hardtke252
    5Bryn Kosco250
    6Brian Turner224
    7Derek Wachter217
    8Brad Gennaro213
    9Manny Martinez213
    10Karim Garcia206
    Plate Appearances
    1Kerwin Moore638
    2John Toale614
    3Marquis Riley605
    4Jason Hardtke594
    5Tim Clark583
    6Arquimedez Pozo579
    7Quinton McCracken579
    8Craig Counsell578
    9Mark Sobolewski575
    10Chris Wimmer556
    Batting Average
    1Tim Clark.363
    2Joel Wolfe.350
    3Kevin Riggs.347
    4Ira Smith.346
    5Arquimedez Pozo.342
    6Brian Turner.325
    7Tyrone Boykin.325
    8Manny Martinez.322
    9Mike Stefanski.322
    10Jason Hardtke.319
    On-Base Percentage
    1Kevin Riggs.482
    2Joel Wolfe.446
    3Ernie Young.442
    4Chris Malinowski.439
    5Ira Smith.439
    6Jason Giambi.436
    7Tyrone Boykin.424
    8Mark Skeels.422
    9Tim Clark.420
    10Dane Walker.418
    Slugging Percentage
    1Ernie Young.635
    2Tim Clark.584
    3Mike Figga.571
    4Bryn Kosco.556
    5Brian Turner.552
    6Scott Shockey.537
    7Ira Smith.527
    8Arquimedez Pozo.526
    9John Toale.518
    10Derek Wachter.517
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Ernie Young1077
    2Tim Clark1004
    3Ira Smith966
    4Joel Wolfe959
    5Scott Shockey953
    6Brian Turner950
    7Bryn Kosco946
    8Arquimedez Pozo931
    9Kevin Riggs917
    10Jason Giambi906
    1Kevin Riggs2.196
    2Dane Walker1.709
    3Jason Giambi1.553
    4Chris Malinowski1.500
    5Craig Counsell1.397
    6Ira Smith1.341
    7Doug Mirabelli1.309
    8Tony Diggs1.265
    9Lamarr Rogers1.259
    10Joel Wolfe1.214
    1993 Pitching Leaders
    1Keith Morrison14
    2William Van Landingham14
    3Russ Brock12
    4David Adam12
    5Derek Lowe12
    6Jim Gutierrez12
    7Ken Grzelaczyk12
    8Robert Person12
    9Sid Roberson12
    10Byron Browne10
    1Jesus Martinez13
    2Cam Cairncross11
    3Eric Weaver11
    4Jim Mecir11
    5Scott Rose10
    6Bobby Chouinard10
    7Chad Zerbe10
    8Mike Butler10
    9Robert Person10
    10Steve Whitaker10
    1Bubba Hardwick61
    2Mike Kotarski52
    3Matt Herges51
    4Raymond Sutch51
    5John Pricher49
    6Mac Suzuki48
    7Jeff Borski47
    8Tom Martin47
    9Dom Johnson45
    10James Hovey45
    Games Started
    1Byron Browne27
    2David Adam27
    3Eric Weaver27
    4Jim Gutierrez27
    5Keith Morrison27
    6Mike Butler27
    7William Van Landingham27
    8Russ Brock26
    9Cam Cairncross26
    10Derek Lowe26
    Complete Games
    1Joel Adamson6
    2Mark Ratekin6
    3Sid Roberson6
    4Mike Butler4
    5Robert Person4
    6Carlos Perez3
    7Derek Lowe3
    8Doug Vanderweele3
    9Jim Gutierrez2
    10John Burke2
    1Joel Adamson3
    2Derek Lowe2
    3Scott Rose1
    4Dave Evans1
    5Keith Morrison1
    6Lloyd Peever1
    7Mark Peterson1
    8Mark Ratekin1
    9Mike Butler1
    10Rodney Pedraza1
    Games Finished
    1John Pricher45
    2Bubba Hardwick41
    3Jeff Huber41
    4Mac Suzuki35
    5Mike Whitten33
    6Mike Kotarski32
    7Jeff Borski28
    8Rob Pierce27
    9Ken Kendrena25
    10John Sutherland24
    1John Pricher26
    2Jeff Huber18
    3Tony Phillips15
    4Bubba Hardwick14
    5Rob Pierce14
    6Mike Whitten13
    7Mac Suzuki12
    8Mike Kotarski11
    9Brian Dour10
    10Kyle Duke9
    Innings Pitched
    1Mike Butler179.1
    2Keith Morrison176
    3Scott Rose173.1
    4Jim Gutierrez171.1
    5Doug Vanderweele171
    6David Adam169
    7Robert Person169
    8Sid Roberson166
    9Ken Grzelaczyk165.1
    10William Van Landingham163.1
    1Keith Morrison200
    2Mike Butler197
    3Derek Lowe189
    4Doug Vanderweele188
    5Scott Rose184
    6Robert Person184
    7Cam Cairncross182
    8Jim Gutierrez182
    9David Adam180
    10Ken Grzelaczyk180
    1Robert Person115
    2Cam Cairncross112
    3Mike Butler112
    4Scott Rose110
    5Keith Morrison108
    6Derek Lowe104
    7William Van Landingham103
    8Jesus Martinez95
    9Jim Gutierrez95
    10Eric Stonecipher94
    Earned Runs
    1William Van Landingham93
    2Mike Butler92
    3Derek Lowe90
    4Cam Cairncross88
    5Robert Person88
    6Scott Rose82
    7Keith Morrison81
    8Ken Grzelaczyk79
    9David Adam76
    10Eric Stonecipher76
    Home Runs
    1Doug Vanderweele17
    2Scott Rose16
    3Keith Morrison16
    4Ken Kendrena16
    5Steve Shoemaker16
    6Bobby Chouinard15
    7Jim Gutierrez15
    8Jerry Stafford14
    9Mike Rossiter14
    10Joel Adamson13
    1Eric Weaver118
    2Byron Browne117
    3Steve Whitaker114
    4Robbie Beckett93
    5Todd Malone89
    6William Van Landingham87
    7Cam Cairncross81
    8Carlos Thomas75
    9Chuck Wanke75
    10Jesus Martinez75
    1William Van Landingham171
    2Korey Keling131
    3Mike Butler123
    4Cam Cairncross122
    5Russ Brock121
    6Fernando Hernandez121
    7Steve Shoemaker116
    8John Burke114
    9Byron Browne110
    10Eric Weaver110
    Wild Pitches
    1Robbie Beckett25
    2Dom Johnson19
    3Todd Malone17
    4Eric Weaver16
    5Mike Eiffert15
    6William Van Landingham15
    7Byron Browne13
    8Carlos Thomas12
    9Derek Lowe12
    10Juan Acevedo12
    1Cam Cairncross9
    2Ken Grzelaczyk8
    3Sid Roberson4
    4Robbie Beckett3
    5John Crimmins2
    6Joe Waldron2
    7Clint Compton1
    8Donnie Blair1
    9Don Pruitt1
    10Fernando Hernandez1
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Sid Roberson2.60
    2Rodney Pedraza3.17
    3John Burke3.18
    4Korey Keling3.28
    5Carlos Perez3.44
    6Jim Gutierrez3.79
    7Russ Brock3.82
    8Steve Whitaker3.83
    9Doug Vanderweele3.89
    10Mark Ratekin3.90
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Sid Roberson1.15
    2Carlos Perez1.25
    3Rodney Pedraza1.25
    4Russ Brock1.30
    5Korey Keling1.35
    6David Adam1.37
    7Jim Gutierrez1.37
    8Robert Person1.37
    9Mark Ratekin1.38
    10Ken Grzelaczyk1.40
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Byron Browne7.31
    2Steve Whitaker7.51
    3Eric Weaver7.69
    4John Burke7.87
    5Carlos Perez8.24
    6Sid Roberson8.51
    7Korey Keling8.60
    8Russ Brock8.87
    9Jesus Martinez8.88
    10Juan Acevedo9.00
    HR per 9 IP
    1Jim Mecir0.19
    2Mark Ratekin0.31
    3John Burke0.38
    4William Van Landingham0.39
    5Sid Roberson0.43
    6Rodney Pedraza0.44
    7Korey Keling0.51
    8Derek Lowe0.53
    9Mike Butler0.55
    10Byron Browne0.56
    BB per 9 IP
    1Sid Roberson1.84
    2Joel Adamson2.08
    3Rodney Pedraza2.09
    4Robert Person2.56
    5Barry Parisotto2.59
    6David Adam2.72
    7Ken Grzelaczyk2.78
    8Jim Gutierrez2.79
    9Keith Morrison2.81
    10Russ Brock2.85
    SO per 9 IP
    1William Van Landingham9.44
    2John Burke8.62
    3Steve Shoemaker8.22
    4Juan Acevedo8.09
    5Russ Brock7.83
    6Mike Rossiter7.71
    7Korey Keling7.42
    8Cam Cairncross7.08
    9Barry Parisotto7.02
    10Raymond Sutch6.95
    1Rodney Pedraza2.879
    2Russ Brock2.750
    3Barry Parisotto2.706
    4Sid Roberson2.559
    5Joel Adamson2.400
    6Robert Person2.229
    7Carlos Perez2.227
    8Mike Rossiter2.133
    9Korey Keling2.113
    10Steve Shoemaker2.071

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