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1992 National League (MLB)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1992 National League Awards
    NL Comeback Player of the YearGary Sheffield
    National League Cy Young AwardGreg Maddux
    National League Gold GloveGreg Maddux Pitcher, Tom Pagnozzi Catcher, Mark Grace First Base, Jose Lind Second Base, Terry Pendleton Third Base, Ozzie Smith Shortstop, Larry Walker Outfielder, Andy Van Slyke Outfielder, Barry Bonds Outfielder
    National League Manager of the YearJim Leyland
    National League Most Valuable PlayerBarry Bonds
    NL Player of the MonthBarry Bonds April, Felix Jose May, Cory Snyder June, Brett Butler July, Gary Sheffield August, Barry Bonds September
    National League Player of the WeekTom Glavine April 6-April 12, Tom Candiotti April 13-April 19, Terry Pendleton April 20-April 26, David Cone April 27-May 3, Tom Glavine April 27-May 3, Andy Van Slyke May 4-May 10, Felix Jose May 11-May 17, Gary Sheffield May 18-May 24, Mike Felder May 25-May 31, Cory Snyder June 1-June 7, Jim Bullinger June 8-June 14, John Wetteland June 15-June 21, Ken Caminiti June 22-June 28, Fred McGriff June 29-July 5, Dave Hollins July 13-July 19, Brett Butler July 20-July 26, Eric Karros July 27-August 2, Terry Pendleton August 3-August 9, Joe Oliver August 10-August 16, Kevin Gross August 17-August 23, Lee Smith August 24-August 30, Jeff Blauser September 7-September 13, Ryne Sandberg September 14-September 20, Bip Roberts September 21-September 27, Steve Finley September 28-October 4
    NL Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the YearLee Smith
    National League Rookie of the YearEric Karros
    NL Silver Slugger AwardDarren Daulton C, Fred McGriff 1B, Ryne Sandberg 2B, Gary Sheffield 3B, Barry Larkin SS, Larry Walker OF, Andy Van Slyke OF, Barry Bonds OF, Dwight Gooden P
    NL Pitcher of the MonthBill Swift April, Mike Morgan May, Randy Tomlin June, Tom Glavine July, Dennis Martinez August, Jose Rijo September
    1992 Batting Leaders
    1Craig Biggio162
    2Jeff Bagwell162
    3Steve Finley162
    4Terry Pendleton160
    5Jay Bell159
    6Marquis Grissom159
    7Mark Grace158
    8Ryne Sandberg158
    9Brett Butler157
    10Dave Hollins156
    At Bats
    1Marquis Grissom653
    2Terry Pendleton640
    3Jay Bell632
    4Tony Fernandez622
    5Andy Van Slyke614
    6Craig Biggio613
    7Ryne Sandberg612
    8Steve Finley607
    9Mark Grace603
    10Ray Lankford598
    1Barry Bonds109
    2Dave Hollins104
    3Andy Van Slyke103
    4Ryne Sandberg100
    5Marquis Grissom99
    6Terry Pendleton98
    7Craig Biggio96
    8Bip Roberts92
    9Gary Sheffield87
    10Jay Bell87
    1Andy Van Slyke199
    2Terry Pendleton199
    3Ryne Sandberg186
    4Mark Grace185
    5Gary Sheffield184
    6Marquis Grissom180
    7Steve Finley177
    8Ray Lankford175
    9Bip Roberts172
    10Brett Butler171
    1Andy Van Slyke45
    2Mariano Duncan40
    3Ray Lankford40
    4Will Clark40
    5Marquis Grissom39
    6Terry Pendleton39
    7Eddie Murray37
    8Mark Grace37
    9Barry Bonds36
    10Jay Bell36
    1Deion Sanders14
    2Steve Finley13
    3Andy Van Slyke12
    4Brett Butler11
    5Luis Alicea11
    6Delino DeShields8
    7Jose Offerman8
    8Mickey Morandini8
    9Ryne Sandberg8
    10Alex Cole7
    Home Runs
    1Fred McGriff35
    2Barry Bonds34
    3Gary Sheffield33
    4Darren Daulton27
    5Dave Hollins27
    6Ryne Sandberg26
    7Larry Walker23
    8Andre Dawson22
    9David Justice21
    10Terry Pendleton21
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Darren Daulton109
    2Terry Pendleton105
    3Fred McGriff104
    4Barry Bonds103
    5Gary Sheffield100
    6Jeff Bagwell96
    7Dave Hollins93
    8Eddie Murray93
    9Larry Walker93
    10Andre Dawson90
    Stolen Bases
    1Marquis Grissom78
    2Delino DeShields46
    3Bip Roberts44
    4Steve Finley44
    5Ozzie Smith43
    6Ray Lankford42
    7Brett Butler41
    8Otis Nixon41
    9Barry Bonds39
    10Craig Biggio38
    Caught Stealing
    1Ray Lankford24
    2Brett Butler21
    3Tony Fernandez20
    4Otis Nixon18
    5Bip Roberts16
    6Jose Offerman16
    7Craig Biggio15
    8Delino DeShields15
    9Marquis Grissom13
    10Bernard Gilkey12
    1Barry Bonds127
    2Fred McGriff96
    3Brett Butler95
    4Craig Biggio94
    5John Kruk92
    6Darren Daulton88
    7Jeff Bagwell84
    8David Justice79
    9Paul O'Neill77
    10Dave Hollins76
    1Ray Lankford147
    2Dave Hollins110
    3Matt Williams109
    4Delino DeShields108
    5Fred McGriff108
    6Mariano Duncan108
    7Darrin Jackson106
    8Darren Daulton103
    9Eric Karros103
    10Jay Bell103
    Hit by Pitch
    1Dave Hollins19
    2Jeff Bagwell12
    3Ruben Amaro9
    4Andres Galarraga8
    5Bret Barberie8
    6Robby Thompson8
    7Tim Wallach8
    8Craig Biggio7
    9Ron Gant7
    10Darren Daulton6
    Intentional Walks
    1Barry Bonds32
    2Fred McGriff23
    3Will Clark23
    4Joe Oliver19
    5Paul O'Neill15
    6Mike LaValliere14
    7Jeff Bagwell13
    8Ken Caminiti13
    9Jose Lind12
    10Tony Gwynn12
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Brett Butler24
    2Jay Bell19
    3Steve Finley16
    4Greg Maddux13
    5Rafael Belliard13
    6Mark Lemke12
    7Ozzie Smith12
    8Tom Candiotti12
    9Mike Morgan11
    10Bud Black10
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Jeff Bagwell13
    2Will Clark11
    3Andy Van Slyke9
    4Brian Hunter8
    5Eddie Murray8
    6Larry Walker8
    7Mark Grace8
    8Barry Bonds7
    9Barry Larkin7
    10Dave Gallagher7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Darrin Jackson21
    2Gary Sheffield19
    3Jeff Bagwell17
    4Terry Pendleton16
    5Eddie Murray15
    6Eric Karros15
    7Mariano Duncan15
    8Matt Williams15
    9Tom Pagnozzi15
    10Benito Santiago14
    Total Bases
    1Gary Sheffield323
    2Ryne Sandberg312
    3Andy Van Slyke310
    4Terry Pendleton303
    5Barry Bonds295
    6Fred McGriff295
    7Ray Lankford287
    8Dave Hollins275
    9Marquis Grissom273
    10Larry Walker267
    Plate Appearances
    1Craig Biggio721
    2Jay Bell712
    3Marquis Grissom707
    4Jeff Bagwell697
    5Tony Fernandez694
    6Mark Grace689
    7Terry Pendleton689
    8Ryne Sandberg687
    9Steve Finley686
    10Andy Van Slyke685
    Batting Average
    1Gary Sheffield.330
    2Andy Van Slyke.324
    3Bip Roberts.323
    4John Kruk.323
    5Tony Gwynn.317
    6Barry Bonds.311
    7Terry Pendleton.311
    8Brett Butler.309
    9Mark Grace.307
    10Barry Larkin.304
    On-Base Percentage
    1Barry Bonds.456
    2John Kruk.423
    3Brett Butler.413
    4Fred McGriff.394
    5Bip Roberts.393
    6Darren Daulton.385
    7Gary Sheffield.385
    8Will Clark.384
    9Andy Van Slyke.381
    10Mark Grace.380
    Slugging Percentage
    1Barry Bonds.624
    2Gary Sheffield.580
    3Fred McGriff.556
    4Darren Daulton.524
    5Ryne Sandberg.510
    6Larry Walker.506
    7Andy Van Slyke.505
    8Ray Lankford.480
    9Will Clark.476
    10Terry Pendleton.473
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Barry Bonds1080
    2Gary Sheffield965
    3Fred McGriff950
    4Darren Daulton909
    5Andy Van Slyke886
    6John Kruk881
    7Ryne Sandberg881
    8Will Clark860
    9Larry Walker859
    10Ray Lankford851
    1Tony Gwynn2.875
    2Mark Grace2.000
    3Barry Bonds1.841
    4Ozzie Smith1.735
    5Brett Butler1.418
    6Gary Sheffield1.200
    7Bip Roberts1.148
    8Barry Larkin1.086
    9John Kruk1.045
    10Craig Biggio0.989
    1992 Pitching Leaders
    1Greg Maddux20
    2Tom Glavine20
    3Bob Tewksbury16
    4Dennis Martinez16
    5Ken Hill16
    6Mike Morgan16
    7Charlie Leibrandt15
    8Doug Drabek15
    9John Smoltz15
    10Jose Rijo15
    1Orel Hershiser15
    2Tom Candiotti15
    3Andy Benes14
    4Anthony Young14
    5Kyle Abbott14
    6Tim Belcher14
    7Trevor Wilson14
    8Dwight Gooden13
    9Kevin Gross13
    10Bud Black12
    1Joe Boever81
    2Doug Jones80
    3Mike Perez77
    4Xavier Hernandez77
    5Jeff Innis76
    6Cris Carpenter73
    7Chuck McElroy72
    8Bob McClure71
    9Jeff Fassero70
    10Lee Smith70
    Games Started
    1Greg Maddux35
    2John Smoltz35
    3Steve Avery35
    4Andy Benes34
    5Doug Drabek34
    6Mike Morgan34
    7Pete Harnisch34
    8Tim Belcher34
    9Frank Castillo33
    10Jose Rijo33
    Complete Games
    1Terry Mulholland12
    2Curt Schilling10
    3Doug Drabek10
    4Greg Maddux9
    5John Smoltz9
    6David Cone7
    7Tom Glavine7
    8Bruce Hurst6
    9Dennis Martinez6
    10Mike Morgan6
    1David Cone5
    2Tom Glavine5
    3Bruce Hurst4
    4Curt Schilling4
    5Doug Drabek4
    6Greg Maddux4
    7Pedro Astacio4
    8Greg Swindell3
    9John Smoltz3
    10Ken Hill3
    Games Finished
    1Doug Jones70
    2John Wetteland58
    3Randy Myers57
    4Mitch Williams56
    5Lee Smith55
    6Rob Dibble49
    7Norm Charlton46
    8Rod Beck42
    9Stan Belinda42
    10Bob Scanlan41
    1Lee Smith43
    2Randy Myers38
    3John Wetteland37
    4Doug Jones36
    5Mitch Williams29
    6Norm Charlton26
    7Rob Dibble25
    8Stan Belinda18
    9Rod Beck17
    10Alejandro Pena15
    Innings Pitched
    1Greg Maddux268
    2Doug Drabek256.2
    3John Smoltz246.2
    4Mike Morgan240
    5Steve Avery233.2
    6Bob Tewksbury233
    7Andy Benes231.1
    8Terry Mulholland229
    9Tim Belcher227.2
    10Curt Schilling226.1
    1Andy Benes230
    2Terry Mulholland227
    3Randy Tomlin226
    4Bruce Hurst223
    5Doug Drabek218
    6Bob Tewksbury217
    7Steve Avery216
    8Greg Swindell210
    9Orel Hershiser209
    10John Smoltz206
    1Tim Belcher104
    2Orel Hershiser101
    3Terry Mulholland101
    4Bruce Hurst96
    5John Burkett96
    6Steve Avery95
    7Dwight Gooden93
    8Pete Harnisch92
    9Donovan Osborne91
    10Frank Castillo91
    Earned Runs
    1Tim Belcher99
    2Terry Mulholland97
    3Bruce Hurst93
    4Mark Gardner87
    5Andy Benes86
    6Orel Hershiser86
    7Pete Harnisch85
    8Dwight Gooden84
    9Omar Olivares84
    10Steve Avery83
    Home Runs
    1Bud Black23
    2Bruce Hurst22
    3Kyle Abbott20
    4Omar Olivares20
    5Frank Castillo19
    6Pete Harnisch18
    7Trevor Wilson18
    8Doug Drabek17
    9John Smoltz17
    10Tim Belcher17
    1David Cone82
    2Bob Ojeda81
    3John Smoltz80
    4Tim Belcher80
    5Mike Morgan79
    6Kevin Gross77
    7Ken Hill75
    8Chris Nabholz74
    9Steve Avery71
    10Dwight Gooden70
    1John Smoltz215
    2David Cone214
    3Greg Maddux199
    4Sid Fernandez193
    5Doug Drabek177
    6Jose Rijo171
    7Andy Benes169
    8Pete Harnisch164
    9Kevin Gross158
    10Tom Candiotti152
    Wild Pitches
    1John Smoltz17
    2Dwayne Henry12
    3Doug Drabek11
    4Frank Castillo11
    5Ken Hill11
    6Mike Morgan11
    7Orel Hershiser10
    8David Cone9
    9Jim Gott9
    10Kyle Abbott9
    1Bud Black7
    2Trevor Wilson7
    3Bob Scanlan4
    4Darryl Kile4
    5Ken Hill4
    6Bruce Hurst3
    7Jim Gott3
    8Mitch Williams3
    9Steve Avery3
    10Barry Jones2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Bill Swift2.07
    2Bob Tewksbury2.16
    3Greg Maddux2.18
    4Curt Schilling2.35
    5Dennis Martinez2.47
    6Mike Morgan2.55
    7Jose Rijo2.56
    8Ken Hill2.68
    9Greg Swindell2.69
    10Sid Fernandez2.72
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Curt Schilling0.99
    2Greg Maddux1.01
    3Bob Tewksbury1.02
    4Dennis Martinez1.03
    5Doug Drabek1.06
    6Sid Fernandez1.07
    7Jose Rijo1.09
    8Bill Swift1.13
    9John Smoltz1.16
    10Greg Swindell1.17
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Curt Schilling6.57
    2Greg Maddux6.75
    3Sid Fernandez6.78
    4Dennis Martinez6.85
    5David Cone7.40
    6John Smoltz7.51
    7Mike Morgan7.61
    8Doug Drabek7.63
    9Ken Hill7.72
    10Tom Candiotti7.81
    HR per 9 IP
    1Greg Maddux0.24
    2Tom Glavine0.24
    3Bill Swift0.33
    4Charlie Leibrandt0.42
    5Bob Ojeda0.43
    6Curt Schilling0.44
    7Randy Tomlin0.47
    8Dennis Martinez0.48
    9Dwight Gooden0.48
    10Kevin Gross0.48
    BB per 9 IP
    1Bob Tewksbury0.77
    2Rheal Cormier1.60
    3Greg Swindell1.72
    4Randy Tomlin1.81
    5Terry Mulholland1.81
    6Jose Rijo1.88
    7Doug Drabek1.89
    8Donovan Osborne1.91
    9Craig Lefferts1.93
    10Charlie Leibrandt1.96
    SO per 9 IP
    1David Cone9.78
    2Sid Fernandez8.08
    3John Smoltz7.83
    4Jose Rijo7.29
    5Pete Harnisch7.13
    6Kevin Gross6.94
    7Tom Candiotti6.71
    8Greg Maddux6.68
    9Mark Gardner6.60
    10Andy Benes6.58
    1Bob Tewksbury4.550
    2Jose Rijo3.886
    3Rheal Cormier3.545
    4Greg Swindell3.366
    5Doug Drabek3.278
    6Sid Fernandez2.881
    7Greg Maddux2.843
    8Andy Benes2.770
    9Donovan Osborne2.737
    10Terry Mulholland2.717

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