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1992 American League (MLB)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1992 American League Awards
    AL Comeback Player of the YearRick Sutcliffe
    American League Cy Young AwardDennis Eckersley
    American League Gold GloveMark Langston Pitcher, Ivan Rodriguez Catcher, Don Mattingly First Base, Roberto Alomar Second Base, Robin Ventura Third Base, Cal Ripken Shortstop, Devon White Outfielder, Kirby Puckett Outfielder, Ken Griffey Outfielder
    American League Manager of the YearTony La Russa
    American League Most Valuable PlayerDennis Eckersley
    AL Player of the MonthRoberto Alomar April, Kirby Puckett May, Kirby Puckett June, Edgar Martinez July, Edgar Martinez August, Frank Thomas September
    American League Player of the WeekMark McGwire April 6-April 12, Jose Canseco April 13-April 19, Roberto Alomar April 20-April 26, Junior Felix April 27-May 3, Frank Thomas May 4-May 10, Mark Gubicza May 11-May 17, Wade Boggs May 18-May 24, Albert Belle May 25-May 31, Jeff Montgomery June 1-June 7, Kirby Puckett June 1-June 7, Joe Carter June 8-June 14, Mel Hall June 15-June 21, Mike Devereaux June 15-June 21, Brian Harper June 22-June 28, George Bell June 29-July 5, Rafael Palmeiro July 6-July 12, Carney Lansford July 13-July 19, Frank Thomas July 20-July 26, Gregg Jefferies July 27-August 2, George Bell August 3-August 9, Joe Carter August 10-August 16, Edgar Martinez August 17-August 23, Paul Molitor August 24-August 30, Carlos Martinez August 31-September 6, Robin Yount September 7-September 13, Cal Ripken September 14-September 20, Rob Deer September 21-September 27, George Brett September 28-October 4
    AL Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the YearDennis Eckersley
    American League Rookie of the YearPat Listach
    AL Silver Slugger AwardMickey Tettleton C, Mark McGwire 1B, Roberto Alomar 2B, Edgar Martinez 3B, Travis Fryman SS, Juan Gonzalez OF, Kirby Puckett OF, Joe Carter OF, Dave Winfield DH
    AL Pitcher of the MonthBill Krueger April, Roger Clemens May, John Smiley June, Kevin Appier July, Roger Clemens August, Cal Eldred September
    1992 Batting Leaders
    1Cal Ripken162
    2Carlos Baerga161
    3Travis Fryman161
    4Frank Thomas160
    5Kirby Puckett160
    6Brady Anderson159
    7Rafael Palmeiro159
    8Tony Phillips159
    9Joe Carter158
    10Paul Molitor158
    At Bats
    1Travis Fryman659
    2Carlos Baerga657
    3Mike Devereaux653
    4Devon White641
    5Don Mattingly640
    6Kirby Puckett639
    7Cal Ripken637
    8George Bell627
    9Brady Anderson623
    10Joe Carter622
    1Tony Phillips114
    2Frank Thomas108
    3Roberto Alomar105
    4Chuck Knoblauch104
    5Kirby Puckett104
    6Tim Raines102
    7Shane Mack101
    8Brady Anderson100
    9Edgar Martinez100
    10Devon White98
    1Kirby Puckett210
    2Carlos Baerga205
    3Paul Molitor195
    4Shane Mack189
    5Frank Thomas185
    6Don Mattingly184
    7Edgar Martinez181
    8Mike Devereaux180
    9Chuck Knoblauch178
    10Roberto Alomar177
    1Edgar Martinez46
    2Frank Thomas46
    3Don Mattingly40
    4Robin Yount40
    5Ken Griffey39
    6Kirby Puckett38
    7Robin Ventura38
    8Gregg Jefferies36
    9Mel Hall36
    10Paul Molitor36
    1Lance Johnson12
    2Mike Devereaux11
    3Brady Anderson10
    4Tim Raines9
    5Kenny Lofton8
    6Roberto Alomar8
    7Darryl Hamilton7
    8Devon White7
    9Joe Carter7
    10Paul Molitor7
    Home Runs
    1Juan Gonzalez43
    2Mark McGwire42
    3Cecil Fielder35
    4Albert Belle34
    5Joe Carter34
    6Mickey Tettleton32
    7Rob Deer32
    8Ken Griffey27
    9Dave Winfield26
    10Dean Palmer26
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Cecil Fielder124
    2Joe Carter119
    3Frank Thomas115
    4Albert Belle112
    5George Bell112
    6Kirby Puckett110
    7Juan Gonzalez109
    8Dave Winfield108
    9Mike Devereaux107
    10Carlos Baerga105
    Stolen Bases
    1Kenny Lofton66
    2Pat Listach54
    3Brady Anderson53
    4Luis Polonia51
    5Roberto Alomar49
    6Rickey Henderson48
    7Tim Raines45
    8Chad Curtis43
    9Darryl Hamilton41
    10Lance Johnson41
    Caught Stealing
    1Luis Polonia21
    2Chad Curtis18
    3Pat Listach18
    4Brady Anderson16
    5Greg Vaughn15
    6Darryl Hamilton14
    7Lance Johnson14
    8Shane Mack14
    9Chuck Knoblauch13
    10Omar Vizquel13
    1Frank Thomas122
    2Mickey Tettleton122
    3Tony Phillips114
    4Randy Milligan106
    5Danny Tartabull103
    6Brady Anderson98
    7Rickey Henderson95
    8Robin Ventura93
    9Mark McGwire90
    10Chuck Knoblauch88
    1Dean Palmer154
    2Cecil Fielder151
    3Jay Buhner146
    4Travis Fryman144
    5Juan Gonzalez143
    6Mickey Tettleton137
    7Devon White133
    8Rob Deer131
    9Albert Belle128
    10Junior Felix128
    Hit by Pitch
    1Mike MacFarlane15
    2Shane Mack15
    3Keith Miller14
    4Carlos Baerga13
    5Joe Carter11
    6Kevin Reimer10
    7Pat Kelly10
    8Rafael Palmeiro10
    9Brady Anderson9
    10Mike Bordick9
    Intentional Walks
    1Wade Boggs19
    2Mickey Tettleton18
    3Ken Griffey15
    4Brady Anderson14
    5Cal Ripken14
    6Danny Tartabull14
    7Kirby Puckett13
    8Mark McGwire12
    9Paul Molitor12
    10Chili Davis11
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Jerry Browne16
    2Mike Bordick14
    3Tony Pena13
    4Greg Gagne12
    5Pat Listach12
    6Steve Sax12
    7Harold Reynolds11
    8Jeff Frye11
    9Shane Mack11
    10Walt Weiss11
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Joe Carter13
    2Chuck Knoblauch12
    3Robin Yount12
    4Frank Thomas11
    5Paul Molitor11
    6B.J. Surhoff10
    7Brian Harper10
    8Brady Anderson9
    9Carlos Baerga9
    10Chili Davis9
    Ground into Double Plays
    1George Bell29
    2Gregg Jefferies24
    3Tino Martinez24
    4Lance Johnson20
    5Terry Steinbach20
    6Frank Thomas19
    7Roberto Kelly19
    8Wally Joyner19
    9Albert Belle18
    10Luis Polonia18
    Total Bases
    1Kirby Puckett313
    2Joe Carter310
    3Juan Gonzalez309
    4Frank Thomas307
    5Mike Devereaux303
    6Ken Griffey302
    7Carlos Baerga299
    8Edgar Martinez287
    9Dave Winfield286
    10Paul Molitor281
    Plate Appearances
    1Brady Anderson749
    2Tony Phillips733
    3Travis Fryman721
    4Carlos Baerga716
    5Cal Ripken715
    6Frank Thomas711
    7Mike Devereaux710
    8Chuck Knoblauch707
    9Rafael Palmeiro701
    10Paul Molitor700
    Batting Average
    1Edgar Martinez.343
    2Kirby Puckett.329
    3Frank Thomas.323
    4Paul Molitor.320
    5Shane Mack.315
    6Carlos Baerga.312
    7Roberto Alomar.310
    8Ken Griffey.308
    9Brian Harper.307
    10Mike Bordick.300
    On-Base Percentage
    1Frank Thomas.439
    2Danny Tartabull.409
    3Roberto Alomar.405
    4Edgar Martinez.404
    5Shane Mack.394
    6Paul Molitor.389
    7Tony Phillips.387
    8Chili Davis.386
    9Lou Whitaker.386
    10Mark McGwire.385
    Slugging Percentage
    1Mark McGwire.585
    2Edgar Martinez.544
    3Frank Thomas.536
    4Ken Griffey.535
    5Juan Gonzalez.529
    6Joe Carter.498
    7Dave Winfield.491
    8Kirby Puckett.490
    9Danny Tartabull.489
    10Albert Belle.477
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Frank Thomas975
    2Mark McGwire970
    3Edgar Martinez948
    4Danny Tartabull898
    5Ken Griffey896
    6Dave Winfield868
    7Kirby Puckett864
    8Shane Mack861
    9Paul Molitor850
    10Mickey Tettleton848
    1Wade Boggs2.387
    2Lou Whitaker1.761
    3Tim Raines1.688
    4Roberto Alomar1.673
    5Gregg Jefferies1.483
    6Chuck Knoblauch1.467
    7Jody Reed1.409
    8Frank Thomas1.386
    9Robin Ventura1.310
    10Randy Milligan1.309
    1992 Pitching Leaders
    1Jack Morris21
    2Kevin Brown21
    3Jack McDowell20
    4Mike Mussina18
    5Roger Clemens18
    6Charles Nagy17
    7Dave Fleming17
    8Jaime Navarro17
    9Mike Moore17
    10Chris Bosio16
    1Erik Hanson17
    2Melido Perez16
    3Jack Armstrong15
    4Jim Abbott15
    5Rick Sutcliffe15
    6Bill Wegman14
    7Mark Langston14
    8Randy Johnson14
    9Scott Kamieniecki14
    10Ben McDonald13
    1Kenny Rogers81
    2Duane Ward79
    3Steve Olin72
    4Derek Lilliquist71
    5Greg Harris70
    6Dennis Eckersley69
    7Doug Henry68
    8Scott Radinsky68
    9Jeff Nelson66
    10Jeff Parrett66
    Games Started
    1Mike Moore36
    2Rick Sutcliffe36
    3Ben McDonald35
    4Bill Wegman35
    5Frank Viola35
    6Kevin Brown35
    7Bill Gullickson34
    8Jack McDowell34
    9Jack Morris34
    10Jaime Navarro34
    Complete Games
    1Jack McDowell13
    2Kevin Brown11
    3Roger Clemens11
    4Charles Nagy10
    5Melido Perez10
    6Mark Langston9
    7Mike Mussina8
    8Bill Wegman7
    9Dave Fleming7
    10Jim Abbott7
    1Roger Clemens5
    2Dave Fleming4
    3Mike Mussina4
    4Charles Nagy3
    5Jaime Navarro3
    6Ron Darling3
    7Scott Erickson3
    8Alex Fernandez2
    9Ben McDonald2
    10Bill Krueger2
    Games Finished
    1Dennis Eckersley65
    2Jeff Montgomery62
    3Steve Olin62
    4Rick Aguilera61
    5Doug Henry56
    6Gregg Olson56
    7Mike Henneman53
    8Tom Henke50
    9Steve Farr42
    10Bobby Thigpen40
    1Dennis Eckersley51
    2Rick Aguilera41
    3Jeff Montgomery39
    4Gregg Olson36
    5Tom Henke34
    6Steve Farr30
    7Doug Henry29
    8Steve Olin29
    9Jeff Reardon27
    10Mike Henneman24
    Innings Pitched
    1Kevin Brown265.2
    2Bill Wegman261.2
    3Jack McDowell260.2
    4Charles Nagy252
    5Melido Perez247.2
    6Roger Clemens246.2
    7Jaime Navarro246
    8John Smiley241
    9Mike Mussina241
    10Jack Morris240.2
    1Kevin Brown262
    2Bill Wegman251
    3Rick Sutcliffe251
    4Jack McDowell247
    5Charles Nagy245
    6Jose Guzman229
    7Mike Moore229
    8Bill Gullickson228
    9Kevin Tapani226
    10Dave Fleming225
    1Rick Sutcliffe123
    2Kevin Brown117
    3Kirk McCaskill116
    4Scott Sanderson116
    5Jack Morris114
    6Ben McDonald113
    7Mike Moore113
    8Erik Hanson110
    9Bill Gullickson109
    10Bill Wegman104
    Earned Runs
    1Rick Sutcliffe118
    2Jack Morris108
    3Ben McDonald107
    4Bill Gullickson107
    5Scott Sanderson106
    6Mike Moore102
    7Erik Hanson100
    8Kevin Brown98
    9Kevin Tapani97
    10Kirk McCaskill97
    Home Runs
    1Bill Gullickson35
    2Ben McDonald32
    3Dennis Cook29
    4Bill Wegman28
    5Scott Sanderson28
    6Ricky Bones27
    7Dave Stewart25
    8Chuck Finley24
    9Jimmy Key24
    10Jack Armstrong23
    1Randy Johnson144
    2Mike Moore103
    3Chuck Finley98
    4Bobby Witt95
    5Kirk McCaskill95
    6Melido Perez93
    7Frank Tanana90
    8Frank Viola89
    9Scott Erickson83
    10Jack Morris80
    1Randy Johnson241
    2Melido Perez218
    3Roger Clemens208
    4Jose Guzman179
    5Jack McDowell178
    6Mark Langston174
    7Kevin Brown173
    8Charles Nagy169
    9Juan Guzman165
    10John Smiley163
    Wild Pitches
    1Mike Moore22
    2Juan Guzman14
    3Jeff Parrett13
    4Melido Perez13
    5Randy Johnson13
    6Ron Darling13
    7Frank Viola12
    8Bill Krueger11
    9Frank Tanana11
    10Calvin Jones10
    1Dennis Cook5
    2Jack Armstrong3
    3John Dopson3
    4Rich Monteleone3
    5Ben McDonald2
    6Bill Wegman2
    7Chris Bosio2
    8Donn Pall2
    9Eric Gunderson2
    10Frank Viola2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Roger Clemens2.40
    2Kevin Appier2.47
    3Mike Mussina2.54
    4Juan Guzman2.64
    5Jim Abbott2.77
    6Melido Perez2.87
    7Charles Nagy2.96
    8Jack McDowell3.17
    9Bill Wegman3.19
    10John Smiley3.21
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Roger Clemens1.07
    2Mike Mussina1.08
    3John Smiley1.12
    4Kevin Appier1.13
    5Juan Guzman1.14
    6Chris Bosio1.16
    7Bill Wegman1.17
    8Jaime Navarro1.17
    9Charles Nagy1.20
    10Jimmy Key1.22
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Randy Johnson6.60
    2Juan Guzman6.71
    3Kevin Appier7.23
    4Roger Clemens7.40
    5John Smiley7.66
    6Melido Perez7.69
    7Dave Stewart7.91
    8Mike Mussina7.92
    9Frank Viola8.09
    10Mark Langston8.10
    HR per 9 IP
    1Juan Guzman0.30
    2Kevin Brown0.37
    3Charles Nagy0.39
    4Roger Clemens0.40
    5Kevin Appier0.43
    6Kirk McCaskill0.47
    7Frank Viola0.49
    8Dave Fleming0.51
    9Jaime Navarro0.51
    10Jim Abbott0.51
    BB per 9 IP
    1Chris Bosio1.71
    2Mike Mussina1.79
    3Bill Wegman1.89
    4Kevin Tapani1.96
    5Bill Gullickson2.03
    6Charles Nagy2.04
    7Roger Clemens2.26
    8Jaime Navarro2.34
    9Dave Fleming2.37
    10Alex Fernandez2.39
    SO per 9 IP
    1Juan Guzman8.20
    2Melido Perez7.91
    3Roger Clemens7.58
    4Jose Guzman7.19
    5Mark Langston6.84
    6Kevin Appier6.49
    7Ben McDonald6.26
    8Jack Armstrong6.14
    9Jack McDowell6.14
    10John Smiley6.09
    1Roger Clemens3.355
    2Charles Nagy2.965
    3Kevin Tapani2.875
    4Chris Bosio2.727
    5Mike Mussina2.708
    6John Smiley2.508
    7Jose Guzman2.452
    8Jack McDowell2.373
    9Mark Langston2.351
    10Melido Perez2.344

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