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1990 Arizona League (Rk)

+ Player Register
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  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • The Player Register is a full listing of all players who played in at least one game during this season. Players may have 2 or more rows if they played on multiple teams.
  • Player Register
    John AbercrombieArizona Padres C205-9185R-RCLE: 1988-42-1070
    Jose AcostaArizona Athletics P196-3164R-R--
    Vladimiro AlcarazArizona Angels 1B186-3220R-RCAL: 1990-27-738
    Garret AndersonArizona Angels LF-CF186-3220L-LCAL: 1990-4-125
    Paul AndersonArizona Cardinals SS216-4215R-RPHI: 1988-43-1104
    Phil AngelosArizona Brewers P226-7222R-RNYN: 1986-43-876
    Mark AnthonyArizona Padres 3B196-1195L-RSDN: 1990-5-147
    Luinis AracenaArizona Athletics OF206-0165R-R-
    Joe AversaArizona Cardinals SS225-10155B-RSLN: 1990-45-1170
    Brian AvramArizona Cardinals P206-2190R-RSLN: 1990-33-883
    LaRue BaberArizona Brewers OF186-1188R-RMIL: 1990-2-54
    Hector BaezArizona Angels OF186-0155R-R--
    Reggie BaileyArizona Athletics 1B196-5225R-ROAK: 1990-38-1023
    Clem BarlowArizona Mariners OF205-11175R-R-SEA: 1989-65-1445
    Orlando BarriosArizona Brewers OF216-2205R-R-MIL: 1990-18-493
    Robbie BeckettArizona Padres P176-5235R-LSDN: 1990-1-25
    Bobby BenjaminArizona Brewers 1B-OF226-0210L-RMIL: 1990-7-196
    Joe BertucciArizona Angels 3B146-2190R-RCAL: 1990-12-341
    Donnie BlairArizona Brewers P186-3170R-RMIL: 1990-4-115
    Elgin BoboArizona Angels C206-1200R-RCAL: 1990-38-1021
    Tommy BoudreauArizona Mariners P206-3210R-RSEA: 1989-47-1197
    Marshall BozeArizona Brewers P196-1214R-RMIL: 1990-12-331
    Paul BrannonArizona Mariners OF186-4215R-RSEA: 1990-4-107
    Francisco BritoArizona Angels SS195-11155R-R--
    Jeffrey BrownArizona Padres P196-0165L-LSDN: 1990-46-1194
    Nelson BuldierArizona Angels C195-9175R-R--
    Craig BullockArizona Padres P186-3222R-RSDN: 1990-7-201
    Jeff BumgarnerArizona Brewers P236-6205R-RMIN: 1985-1-13
    Juan CabreraArizona Athletics IF195-9148B-R--
    Juan CabreraArizona Brewers 3B216-0175R-R--
    Francisco CandelarioArizona Mariners C196-3175R-R-
    German CarionArizona Padres 2B175-10165B-RSDN: 1990-44-1153
    Bobby CarlsenArizona Athletics 2B225-11175L-R-
    Kevin CarpenterArizona Cardinals C216-0190R-R-SLN: 1990-23-623
    Michael CoffeyArizona Brewers P216-3195R-R-
    Hector ColonArizona Cardinals IF186-2155R-R-
    Juan CruzArizona Padres OF185-10150R-R-
    Jimmy DavenportArizona Cardinals OF205-11169R-R-SLN: 1990-12-330
    Jose DavilaArizona Padres P216-3210R-RSDN: 1989-41-1066
    Jeff DavisArizona Cardinals P195-11185L-L--
    Tom DeCareauArizona Padres OF206-3215R-R-SDN: 1990-43-1131
    Ted DevoreArizona Padres P226-3190R-RSDN: 1989-13-338
    Stephen DiazArizona Brewers C206-3205R-R--
    Eurben DionicioArizona Athletics OF-3B196-4198R-R--
    Steve DudekArizona Cardinals OF185-11175L-LSLN: 1990-22-597
    Jeff DuncanArizona Athletics 3B206-1185L-ROAK: 1990-4-127
    Dann EatonArizona Cardinals P226-0185R-R-
    Tim EllisArizona Padres P226-3195R-LCHN: 1988-28-716
    Graciano EnriquezArizona Brewers OF196-1167B-R-
    Brian EubanksArizona Padres P206-2225R-RDET: 1988-33-863
    Mike FermaintArizona Mariners 2B205-10170R-R-
    Julio FernandezArizona Mariners 2B245-10165B-R-
    Carlos FloresArizona Brewers SS185-11170R-RMIL: 1990-36-962
    Tony FloydArizona Athletics P246-1185R-ROAK: 1988-21-541
    Vicente FranciscoArizona Athletics SS-2B176-2150R-R-
    Nelson FuentesArizona Athletics C206-1165R-R--
    Tony FultsArizona Athletics P186-5220L-LOAK: 1990-41-1093
    Bill GaleArizona Cardinals OF226-1178R-R-SLN: 1990-27-727
    Francisco GamezArizona Brewers P206-2185R-R-
    Dion GargagrianoArizona Mariners P196-2200R-LSEA: 1990-33-876
    Tony GechterArizona Athletics P216-1215R-ROAK: 1990-34-922
    Greg GloverArizona Cardinals P206-2170R-RSLN: 1989-53-1320
    Rich GonzalesArizona Cardinals OF-1B236-2195R-RSLN: 1990-32-857
    Orlando GriegoArizona Brewers P225-10175R-RMIL: 1990-24-650
    Brian GuzikArizona Angels 1B196-4175R-RCAL: 1990-22-608
    Jon HallandArizona Mariners 2B206-0185R-R-SEA: 1990-52-1296
    Jonas HamlinArizona Cardinals 1B206-4200R-RSLN: 1990-52-1302
    Mike HamptonArizona Mariners P175-10180R-LSEA: 1990-6-161
    Bryan HartmanArizona Mariners 1B196-2189L-LSEA: 1989-32-819
    Julian HerediaArizona Angels P206-1170R-R-
    Theron HeusmanArizona Angels P206-0195L-LCAL: 1990-35-946
    Freddie HillArizona Athletics P216-1194R-RCHN: 1989-23-590
    Ken HokufArizona Athletics P216-2210R-RMIL: 1988-14-367
    Randy HoodArizona Brewers OF215-11185R-R-
    Ken HouseArizona Angels 3B206-3215R-RCAL: 1989-38-981
    Jeff HuberArizona Padres P196-4220R-LSDN: 1989-27-702
    Gary HustArizona Athletics OF186-4215R-ROAK: 1990-2-66
    Ryan IrwinArizona Brewers C2251-1185L-R--
    Ryan IvieArizona Padres P185-11175L-LSDN: 1990-30-811
    Doug JohnsArizona Athletics P226-2195R-LOAK: 1990-16-451
    John JohnsonArizona Mariners 3B195-10210R-RSEA: 1989-54-1335
    Wayne JohnsonArizona Angels SS215-10150R-RCAL: 1990-16-449
    Michael JolleyArizona Cardinals P196-1225R-RSLN: 1990-39-1036
    Genaro JorgeArizona Angels OF216-0177L-L--
    James JoyceArizona Padres OF186-1190R-RSDN: 1989-40-1040
    Don KeathleyArizona Athletics C226-4215R-R-
    Michael KeatingArizona Cardinals SS246-3185R-R-
    Jeff KelsoArizona Angels OF246-2205R-RCAL: 1988-9-221
    Mike KennedyArizona Athletics C216-2188R-ROAK: 1990-9-262
    Mark KieferArizona Brewers P216-4175R-RMIL: 1987-21-539
    Tom KinneyArizona Cardinals P226-2196L-L-
    Clay KlavitterArizona Mariners 3B206-2205R-RSEA: 1990-35-928
    Bill KostichArizona Mariners P196-0190L-LSEA: 1989-9-221
    Bret LachemannArizona Angels P236-4200R-R-
    Carlos LandinezArizona Cardinals 2B196-1170R-R-
    Nelson LaraArizona Athletics P116-4185R-R-
    David LawsonArizona Mariners OF176-1190L-LSEA: 1990-9-242
    Lou ListArizona Mariners OF246-3200R-RCLE: 1984-36-783
    Sydney LowmanArizona Cardinals C226-0205L-RSLN: 1990-49-1247
    Jose LozanoArizona Mariners C196-1180B-R-
    Scott LydyArizona Athletics LF-RF216-5195R-ROAK: 1989-2-56
    Jim LykeArizona Angels P236-3215L-L--
    Jeff LynchArizona Athletics P226-3195R-ROAK: 1989-40-1050
    Mike LynchArizona Brewers P216-0185R-RMIL: 1990-31-832
    Jimmy MarchesiArizona Cardinals P176-3200R-RSLN: 1990-19-519
    Brandon MarkiewiczArizona Angels 1B186-3205R-RCAL: 1990-3-97
    Paul MartinArizona Padres P196-4220R-R-SDN: 1990-34-915
    Eric MartinezArizona Angels P186-1210R-RCAL: 1989-16-409
    Francis MartinezArizona Angels P226-2174R-R-
    Jose MateoArizona Padres 2B-SS176-1160B-R--
    Alberto MatosArizona Padres OF-P156-2185R-R-
    Scott McCartyArizona Athletics P206-0170R-LOAK: 1989-18-478
    Brant McCreadieArizona Brewers P196-1190R-RMIL: 1989-8-209
    James McCutcheonArizona Brewers OF216-5220R-RTEX: 1986-18-449
    Ray McDavidArizona Padres CF-LF186-3190L-RSDN: 1989-9-234
    Darryl MeekArizona Cardinals P196-2190L-RSLN: 1990-38-1012
    Rafael MercadoArizona Athletics IF206-4189R-R-
    Larry MezaArizona Cardinals SS176-0175L-RSLN: 1990-28-753
    Richard MillerArizona Athletics P216-1180R-LOAK: 1990-21-584
    Bill MinnisArizona Angels SS226-1175R-RCAL: 1988-23-585
    Izzy MolinaArizona Athletics C195-11224R-ROAK: 1990-22-610
    Pedro MoncionArizona Mariners SS195-11165R-R-
    Norm MontoyaArizona Angels P196-1190L-LCAL: 1989-28-721
    Santiago MorilloArizona Athletics P196-2160L-R--
    Pablo MorisoArizona Athletics 1B206-2170R-R-
    David MowryArizona Padres 1B186-3225L-LSDN: 1990-12-336
    Jose MussettArizona Angels P216-3186R-R-
    Tyrone NarcisseArizona Padres P186-5205R-RSDN: 1990-9-255
    J.D. NeugentArizona Mariners P196-0185R-LSEA: 1990-20-538
    Marc NewfieldArizona Mariners LF176-4224R-RSEA: 1990-1-6
    Mike NewsonArizona Athletics P176-3225R-ROAK: 1990-30-818
    Doug NicholsArizona Brewers P226-5200R-R--
    Kevin NielsenArizona Cardinals P216-3195L-LSLN: 1990-42-1104
    Kevin O'NeillArizona Padres P216-0178L-L-
    Felix OliverArizona Angels OF186-1168R-R--
    Chris OlofsonArizona Athletics OF216-2185R-ROAK: 1990-20-558
    Daniel OrrArizona Athletics P226-2190R-R-OAK: 1989-45-1172
    Julio OsunaArizona Angels C205-10185L-R--
    Antonio PenaArizona Mariners P206-5175R-R-
    Tirson PerezArizona Padres P185-11160R-R--
    Paul PerkinsArizona Mariners P196-4210R-RSEA: 1989-68-1457
    Andy PetersenArizona Cardinals P226-2185R-R-SLN: 1990-41-1082
    Drew PetersonArizona Angels 3B206-4195R-RCAL: 1989-43-1110
    Steve PhoenixArizona Athletics P226-2175R-R-
    Mike PineiroArizona Angels 1B186-0200R-RCAL: 1990-11-314
    Tim PloegerArizona Padres P186-1185R-RSDN: 1990-48-1232
    Carlos PolancoArizona Angels 2B-SS205-9165R-R-
    Giovanni PolancoArizona Mariners P206-5200R-R-
    L.V. PowellArizona Mariners OF206-2210R-RSEA: 1989-45-1152
    Tony PritchettArizona Athletics DH205-11170R-ROAK: 1989-61-1431
    Don PrybylinskiArizona Cardinals OF226-0175R-RSLN: 1990-20-545
    Martin RamosArizona Mariners OF196-2170R-R-
    Todd RefnesArizona Angels P226-3193B-R-CAL: 1990-44-1157
    Greg ReidArizona Athletics OF216-2185B-ROAK: 1990-18-505
    David RiceArizona Angels P236-2200R-RCAL: 1989-22-565
    Chris RiosArizona Angels OF226-1185R-R-CAL: 1989-49-1245
    Tim RobertsArizona Mariners P216-0165R-LSEA: 1990-75-1464
    Tommy RobertsonArizona Mariners OF186-1190L-RSEA: 1990-11-296
    Francisco RodriguezArizona Brewers C206-2185R-R-
    Pascual RodriguezArizona Angels H205-10160R-R--
    Victor RojasArizona Angels P226-3215R-R-
    Michael RolfesArizona Brewers P226-0185L-L-
    Scott RoseArizona Athletics P206-3200R-ROAK: 1990-31-844
    Lagrande RussellArizona Mariners P196-2175R-RSEA: 1990-17-458
    Julian SalazarArizona Brewers 3B-SS215-11170R-RMIL: 1990-32-858
    Tony ScharffArizona Athletics P226-0195R-ROAK: 1990-36-974
    Israel SedaArizona Mariners SS195-11175R-RSEA: 1989-34-871
    Blas SeverinoArizona Angels P216-4168R-R-
    Samuel ShannonArizona Padres 2B186-0175R-RSDN: 1989-21-546
    Steve SiebertArizona Padres 2B-OF216-0185R-RSDN: 1990-45-1174
    Domingo SierraArizona Angels 2B-3B195-11176R-R--
    Steven SiglochArizona Brewers 2B225-11190R-RMIL: 1990-43-1127
    Victor SilverioArizona Angels P216-4199R-R-
    Mark SimmonsArizona Angels 2B176-0180B-RCAL: 1990-9-260
    Duane SingletonArizona Brewers CF-LF176-1170L-RMIL: 1990-5-142
    Brian SpearsArizona Brewers 1B226-5205R-R--
    Derron SpillerArizona Cardinals P206-5220R-LSLN: 1988-44-1139
    Jose StelaArizona Angels C205-11175R-R-
    Reginald StephensArizona Padres OF-2B215-9168R-R-SDN: 1990-28-759
    Brad StoneArizona Brewers P235-11185R-R--
    James StowellArizona Angels OF216-3210R-L--
    Tanyon SturtzeArizona Athletics P196-5205R-ROAK: 1990-23-636
    Ron TallentArizona Angels C196-3210R-RCAL: 1989-31-799
    John TatumArizona Brewers 3B176-0175R-RMIL: 1990-15-412
    Jerrey ThurstonArizona Padres C186-4200R-RSDN: 1990-3-92
    Matthew TomsoArizona Cardinals P195-11180R-RSLN: 1990-51-1284
    Jesus UguetoArizona Cardinals IF176-0145R-R-
    Sal UrsoArizona Mariners P185-11190R-LSEA: 1990-36-954
    Jose ValentinArizona Mariners IF195-10155R-R-
    Osvaldo ValverdeArizona Mariners 3B206-2190R-R-
    Trinidad VargasArizona Brewers IF215-11170R-R-
    Victor VargasArizona Cardinals 2B215-11175R-R-SLN: 1990-54-1337
    Pedro VasquezArizona Padres 2B206-0155B-R-
    Jose VelezArizona Cardinals 1B-OF176-1160B-LSLN: 1990-11-303
    Jimmy WalkerArizona Brewers OF206-1170R-R--
    Stafford WallaceArizona Mariners P176-2195R-RSEA: 1990-10-269
    Todd WallesArizona Mariners 1B196-0190R-R-
    Ron WatsonArizona Angels P216-5240L-RCAL: 1990-37-997
    David WhiteArizona Brewers P226-6195R-R-MIL: 1990-20-546
    Michael WhitneyArizona Mariners P215-1160R-R-
    Charles WileyArizona Mariners P196-0170R-RSEA: 1990-46-1184

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