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1988 National League (MLB)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1988 National League Awards
    NL Comeback Player of the YearTim Leary
    National League Cy Young AwardOrel Hershiser
    National League Gold GloveOrel Hershiser Pitcher, Benito Santiago Catcher, Keith Hernandez First Base, Ryne Sandberg Second Base, Tim Wallach Third Base, Ozzie Smith Shortstop, Andy Van Slyke Outfielder, Andre Dawson Outfielder, Eric Davis Outfielder
    National League Manager of the YearTom Lasorda
    National League Most Valuable PlayerKirk Gibson
    NL Player of the MonthBobby Bonilla April, Bobby Bonilla May, Will Clark June, Tony Gwynn July, Eric Davis August, Kevin McReynolds September
    National League Player of the WeekKal Daniels April 4-April 10, Barry Bonds April 11-April 17, Keith Hernandez April 25-May 1, Andre Dawson May 2-May 8, Terry Pendleton May 9-May 15, Billy Hatcher May 16-May 22, Andres Galarraga May 23-May 29, Andres Galarraga May 30-June 5, Tom Browning June 6-June 12, Chris Sabo June 13-June 19, Sid Bream June 20-June 26, Andres Galarraga June 27-July 3, Terry Mulholland July 4-July 10, Tony Gwynn July 11-July 17, Tim Leary July 18-July 24, John Franco July 25-July 31, Will Clark August 1-August 7, Mike Scott August 8-August 14, Eric Davis August 15-August 21, Pedro Guerrero August 22-August 28, Danny Jackson August 29-September 4, Gregg Jefferies September 5-September 11, Tom Browning September 12-September 18, Kevin McReynolds September 19-September 25
    NL Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the YearJohn Franco
    National League Rookie of the YearChris Sabo
    NL Silver Slugger AwardBenito Santiago C, Andres Galarraga 1B, Ryne Sandberg 2B, Bobby Bonilla 3B, Barry Larkin SS, Kirk Gibson OF, Darryl Strawberry OF, Andy Van Slyke OF, Tim Leary P
    NL Pitcher of the MonthOrel Hershiser April, David Cone May, Greg Maddux June, John Franco July, Danny Jackson August, Orel Hershiser September
    1988 Batting Leaders
    1Will Clark162
    2Steve Sax160
    3Bobby Bonilla159
    4Tim Wallach159
    5Andre Dawson157
    6Andres Galarraga157
    7Brett Butler157
    8Juan Samuel157
    9Kevin Bass157
    10Dale Murphy156
    At Bats
    1Steve Sax632
    2Juan Samuel629
    3Ryne Sandberg618
    4Vince Coleman616
    5Jose Lind611
    6Andres Galarraga609
    7Andres Thomas606
    8Dale Murphy592
    9Tim Wallach592
    10Andre Dawson591
    1Brett Butler109
    2Kirk Gibson106
    3Will Clark102
    4Andy Van Slyke101
    5Darryl Strawberry101
    6Andres Galarraga99
    7Barry Bonds97
    8Kal Daniels95
    9Barry Larkin91
    10Bobby Bonilla87
    1Andres Galarraga184
    2Andre Dawson179
    3Rafael Palmeiro178
    4Steve Sax175
    5Barry Larkin174
    6Andy Van Slyke169
    7Gerald Perry164
    8Hubie Brooks164
    9Willie McGee164
    10Brett Butler163
    1Andres Galarraga42
    2Rafael Palmeiro41
    3Chris Sabo40
    4Sid Bream37
    5Dale Murphy35
    6Hubie Brooks35
    7Barry Larkin32
    8Bobby Bonilla32
    9Juan Samuel32
    10Tim Wallach32
    1Andy Van Slyke15
    2Vince Coleman10
    3Brett Butler9
    4Gerald Young9
    5Juan Samuel9
    6Andre Dawson8
    7Andres Galarraga8
    8Ron Gant8
    9Ryne Sandberg8
    10Bobby Bonilla7
    Home Runs
    1Darryl Strawberry39
    2Glenn Davis30
    3Andres Galarraga29
    4Will Clark29
    5Kevin McReynolds27
    6Eric Davis26
    7Andy Van Slyke25
    8Kirk Gibson25
    9Andre Dawson24
    10Barry Bonds24
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Will Clark109
    2Darryl Strawberry101
    3Andy Van Slyke100
    4Bobby Bonilla100
    5Glenn Davis99
    6Kevin McReynolds99
    7Eric Davis93
    8Andres Galarraga92
    9Hubie Brooks90
    10Mike Marshall82
    Stolen Bases
    1Vince Coleman81
    2Gerald Young65
    3Ozzie Smith57
    4Chris Sabo46
    5Otis Nixon46
    6Brett Butler43
    7Steve Sax42
    8Willie McGee41
    9Barry Larkin40
    10Eric Davis35
    Caught Stealing
    1Gerald Young27
    2Vince Coleman27
    3Brett Butler20
    4Chris Sabo14
    5Darryl Strawberry14
    6Gerald Perry14
    7Billy Hatcher13
    8Otis Nixon13
    9Steve Sax12
    10Barry Bonds11
    1Will Clark100
    2Brett Butler97
    3Kal Daniels87
    4Howard Johnson86
    5Bobby Bonilla85
    6Darryl Strawberry85
    7John Kruk80
    8Tom Brunansky79
    9Dale Murphy74
    10Ozzie Smith74
    1Andres Galarraga153
    2Juan Samuel151
    3Will Clark129
    4John Shelby128
    5Darryl Strawberry127
    6Andy Van Slyke126
    7Dale Murphy125
    8Eric Davis124
    9Kirk Gibson120
    10Ron Gant118
    Hit by Pitch
    1Phil Bradley16
    2Juan Samuel12
    3Glenn Davis11
    4Andres Galarraga10
    5Barry Larkin8
    6Billy Hatcher8
    7Candy Maldonado7
    8Gary Carter7
    9Kirk Gibson7
    10Mike Marshall7
    Intentional Walks
    1Will Clark27
    2Howard Johnson25
    3Darryl Strawberry21
    4Glenn Davis20
    5Bobby Bonilla19
    6Dale Murphy16
    7Barry Bonds14
    8Kirk Gibson14
    9Tim Raines14
    10Mike Aldrete13
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Orel Hershiser19
    2Rick Reuschel19
    3Roberto Alomar16
    4Bob Knepper14
    5Robby Thompson14
    6Tim Leary13
    7Jose DeLeon12
    8Jose Lind12
    9Jose Oquendo12
    10Ozzie Smith12
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Andy Van Slyke13
    2Gerald Perry10
    3Will Clark10
    4Darryl Strawberry9
    5Glenn Davis9
    6Keith Moreland9
    7Billy Hatcher8
    8Bob Horner8
    9Bobby Bonilla8
    10Howard Johnson8
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Dale Murphy24
    2Hubie Brooks21
    3Tim Wallach19
    4Benito Santiago18
    5Gerald Perry18
    6Andres Thomas17
    7Keith Moreland17
    8Mike Marshall17
    9Tom Brunansky17
    10Bo Diaz16
    Total Bases
    1Andres Galarraga329
    2Andre Dawson298
    3Andy Van Slyke297
    4Darryl Strawberry296
    5Will Clark292
    6Bobby Bonilla278
    7Kevin McReynolds274
    8Glenn Davis268
    9Barry Bonds264
    10Hubie Brooks263
    Plate Appearances
    1Will Clark689
    2Steve Sax687
    3Juan Samuel685
    4Bobby Bonilla681
    5Brett Butler679
    6Ryne Sandberg679
    7Vince Coleman679
    8Dale Murphy671
    9Ozzie Smith669
    10Jose Lind668
    Batting Average
    1Tony Gwynn.313
    2Rafael Palmeiro.307
    3Andre Dawson.303
    4Andres Galarraga.302
    5Gerald Perry.300
    6Barry Larkin.296
    7Mark Grace.296
    8Vance Law.293
    9Willie McGee.292
    10Kal Daniels.291
    On-Base Percentage
    1Kal Daniels.397
    2Brett Butler.393
    3Will Clark.386
    4Kirk Gibson.377
    5Tony Gwynn.373
    6Mark Grace.371
    7Barry Bonds.368
    8Bobby Bonilla.366
    9Darryl Strawberry.366
    10Eric Davis.363
    Slugging Percentage
    1Darryl Strawberry.545
    2Andres Galarraga.540
    3Will Clark.508
    4Andy Van Slyke.506
    5Andre Dawson.504
    6Kevin McReynolds.496
    7Barry Bonds.491
    8Eric Davis.489
    9Kirk Gibson.483
    10Glenn Davis.478
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Darryl Strawberry911
    2Will Clark894
    3Andres Galarraga892
    4Kal Daniels860
    5Kirk Gibson860
    6Barry Bonds859
    7Eric Davis852
    8Andy Van Slyke851
    9Andre Dawson848
    10Bobby Bonilla842
    1Ozzie Smith1.721
    2Barry Larkin1.708
    3Brett Butler1.516
    4Mark Grace1.395
    5Jose Oquendo1.300
    6Tony Gwynn1.275
    7Rafael Palmeiro1.118
    8Bill Doran1.083
    9Bobby Bonilla1.037
    10Gerald Young1.000
    1988 Pitching Leaders
    1Danny Jackson23
    2Orel Hershiser23
    3David Cone20
    4Rick Reuschel19
    5Dwight Gooden18
    6Greg Maddux18
    7Tom Browning18
    8Ron Darling17
    9Tim Leary17
    10Eric Show16
    1Tom Glavine17
    2Rick Mahler16
    3Shane Rawley16
    4Jamie Moyer15
    5Pete Smith15
    6Don Carman14
    7Jim Deshaies14
    8Jimmy Jones14
    9Kevin Gross14
    10Rick Sutcliffe14
    1Rob Murphy76
    2Jeff Robinson75
    3Juan Agosto75
    4John Franco70
    5Kent Tekulve70
    6Todd Worrell68
    7Jim Gott67
    8Greg Harris66
    9Scott Garrelts65
    10Craig Lefferts64
    Games Started
    1Rick Reuschel36
    2Tom Browning36
    3Danny Jackson35
    4Dennis Martinez34
    5Dwight Gooden34
    6Greg Maddux34
    7Jose DeLeon34
    8Orel Hershiser34
    9Rick Mahler34
    10Ron Darling34
    Complete Games
    1Danny Jackson15
    2Orel Hershiser15
    3Eric Show13
    4Rick Sutcliffe12
    5Dwight Gooden10
    6Dennis Martinez9
    7Greg Maddux9
    8Tim Leary9
    9David Cone8
    10Mike Scott8
    1Orel Hershiser8
    2Danny Jackson6
    3Tim Leary6
    4Bob Ojeda5
    5Mike Scott5
    6David Cone4
    7Ron Darling4
    8Dwight Gooden3
    9Greg Maddux3
    10Joe Magrane3
    Games Finished
    1John Franco61
    2Jim Gott59
    3Todd Worrell54
    4Mark Davis52
    5Steve Bedrosian49
    6Randy Myers44
    7Roger McDowell41
    8Scott Garrelts40
    9Dave Smith39
    10Lance McCullers39
    1John Franco39
    2Jim Gott34
    3Todd Worrell32
    4Mark Davis28
    5Steve Bedrosian28
    6Dave Smith27
    7Randy Myers26
    8Jay Howell21
    9Tim Burke18
    10Roger McDowell16
    Innings Pitched
    1Orel Hershiser267
    2Danny Jackson260.2
    3Tom Browning250.2
    4Greg Maddux249
    5Rick Mahler249
    6Dwight Gooden248.1
    7Rick Reuschel245
    8Ron Darling240.2
    9Dennis Martinez235.1
    10Eric Show234.2
    1Rick Mahler279
    2Dwight Gooden242
    3Rick Reuschel242
    4Rick Sutcliffe232
    5Greg Maddux230
    6Shane Rawley220
    7Ron Darling218
    8Dennis Martinez215
    9Jamie Moyer212
    10Don Carman211
    1Rick Mahler125
    2Shane Rawley111
    3Tom Glavine111
    4Don Carman101
    5Kevin Gross101
    6Dwight Gooden98
    7Jimmy Jones98
    8Nolan Ryan98
    9Tom Browning98
    10Greg Maddux97
    Earned Runs
    1Rick Mahler102
    2Tom Glavine99
    3Rick Sutcliffe97
    4Don Carman96
    5Kevin Gross95
    6Tom Browning95
    7Jose DeLeon92
    8Shane Rawley92
    9Dwight Gooden88
    10Greg Maddux88
    Home Runs
    1Tom Browning36
    2Shane Rawley27
    3Ron Darling24
    4Eric Show22
    5Dennis Martinez21
    6Doug Drabek21
    7Danny Darwin20
    8Don Carman20
    9Jamie Moyer20
    10Jim Deshaies20
    1Kevin Gross89
    2Mike Dunne88
    3Pete Smith88
    4Nolan Ryan87
    5Jose DeLeon86
    6Greg Maddux81
    7Bruce Ruffin80
    8David Cone80
    9Shane Rawley78
    10Andy Hawkins76
    1Nolan Ryan228
    2David Cone213
    3Jose DeLeon208
    4Mike Scott190
    5Sid Fernandez189
    6Tim Leary180
    7Orel Hershiser178
    8Dwight Gooden175
    9Kevin Gross162
    10Danny Jackson161
    Wild Pitches
    1Bob Walk13
    2Bruce Ruffin12
    3Mike Dunne12
    4Jeff Robinson11
    5Kevin Coffman11
    6Rick Sutcliffe11
    7David Cone10
    8Jose DeLeon10
    9Nolan Ryan10
    10Larry McWilliams9
    1David Cone10
    2Dennis Martinez10
    3Pascual Perez10
    4Bob Walk9
    5Sid Fernandez9
    6Joe Magrane8
    7Mario Soto8
    8Rick Mahler8
    9Bob Ojeda7
    10Kevin Gross7
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Joe Magrane2.18
    2David Cone2.22
    3Orel Hershiser2.26
    4Jose Rijo2.39
    5Don Robinson2.44
    6Pascual Perez2.44
    7Bob Walk2.70
    8Danny Jackson2.72
    9Dennis Martinez2.72
    10Bob Ojeda2.89
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Pascual Perez0.94
    2Mike Scott0.98
    3Bob Ojeda1.01
    4Orel Hershiser1.05
    5Sid Fernandez1.05
    6Danny Jackson1.06
    7Bryn Smith1.07
    8Tom Browning1.07
    9Eric Show1.08
    10Tim Belcher1.08
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Sid Fernandez6.11
    2Pascual Perez6.37
    3Mike Scott6.66
    4Jose Rijo6.67
    5David Cone6.94
    6Orel Hershiser7.01
    7Danny Jackson7.10
    8Jim Deshaies7.13
    9Tim Belcher7.15
    10Joe Magrane7.25
    HR per 9 IP
    1Bob Walk0.25
    2Bob Ojeda0.28
    3Dwight Gooden0.29
    4Joe Magrane0.33
    5David Cone0.39
    6Jose Rijo0.39
    7Rick Reuschel0.40
    8Tim Belcher0.40
    9Danny Jackson0.45
    10Greg Maddux0.47
    BB per 9 IP
    1Bryn Smith1.45
    2Rick Mahler1.52
    3Rick Reuschel1.54
    4Bob Ojeda1.56
    5Eddie Whitson1.98
    6John Smiley2.02
    7Eric Show2.03
    8Doug Drabek2.05
    9Dwight Gooden2.07
    10Dennis Martinez2.11
    SO per 9 IP
    1Nolan Ryan9.33
    2Sid Fernandez9.10
    3Jose Rijo8.89
    4Jose DeLeon8.32
    5David Cone8.30
    6Mike Scott7.81
    7Tim Belcher7.60
    8Calvin Schiraldi7.59
    9Tim Leary7.07
    10Dwight Gooden6.35
    1Bob Ojeda4.030
    2Bryn Smith3.813
    3Mike Scott3.585
    4Tim Leary3.214
    5Rick Mahler3.119
    6Dwight Gooden3.070
    7Tim Belcher2.980
    8Pascual Perez2.977
    9John Smiley2.804
    10Eric Show2.717

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